28 August 2015

Friday Follies...
It's the end of the week, and damn near the end of the month...I like when that happens.
Now, "technically", the month ends on Tuesday, but why split hairs, hmm?
The forecast continues to warm up gradually, as well
Our Hoosierland weather for today will be partly sunny (or cloudy - kinda half and half) with temps reaching a bit higher than yesterday to around the upper 70s. And we might start to feel a touch of humidity in the air. Over the weekend, we might get some rain, but nothing bad enough to wash out the gullies, so no big deal there.
In the meantime, let's get ourselves a nice cup or glass of Friday fortitude poured and parked nearby, as we look to the day and see what is going on elsewhere (sounds like a plan to me).
*** First off of the gun rack is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
August 28 -
My mouse is WIRED (and NOT on caffeine), so I dunno how that's gonna work out for me)
(yep, I can work with that real well, especially with a cup of java)
---It's the birthday of my late father, who WOULD have been 94 years old today
Always nice to remember the days when he was around, PLUS there was CAKE.
(still miss 'ya, Dad)
*** And since we're at week's end, let's take a gander at what goes on over the next 72 hours:
August 29 -
I'm more of a LO MEIN kinda guy, anyway.
(Seriously, is that an AMERICAN event???)
Why not use BOTH?
(Depends itf you're COOKING with them or SMOKING them, actually)
August 30 -
(well, I have a feeling that Wifey will want some of those)
It's pronounced "FRONK-EN-SHTEEN"
(A good time to watch the original flick with Boris Karloff - beat the Halloween rush)
*** Next up, the FWPD SWAT team  was out and about yesterday afternoon.
Here's the story link:
"Johnny brought the donuts, sarge"
This took place around 1600 hrs yesterday in the 3500 block of Gaywood Drive (which is deep in the heart of the ghettohood)) with the report of "shots fired" (signal 113). Police arrived on scene and determined that the shots might have come from a specific house.
They rolled out the V-150 armored car and established a perimeter and tried to communicate with whoever was inside the house.
They made entry a short time later, and it was determined that NO ONE WAS HOME.
By 1825 hrs, the area was back open again and police cleared the scene.
It might scare you to know.
Now, I think this is the third time this has happened, so we're starting to see a "pattern" here.
The cost alone to have such a response ain't cheap, people...plus it takes away from the ability to respond to another threat, should it occur.
If I didn't know better, I'd think "someone" was trying to determine the method of operation of the FWPD.
Perhaps seeing how FAST a response, or how MUCH of a response.
This just does not smell right.
*** Next, an update to the police chase Tuesday,
Here's the story link:
Cedric Carter - Ladarious Drew
The chase actually reached speeds of 95 MPH (not recommended within city limits, BTW).
And all this for a bottle of BOOZE (stolen from Meijers)???
I don;t give a damn HOW "top shelf" the liquor was, it just isn't worth the hassle (and the jail time).
But THESE are the types of idiots who feel that OTHER LIVES DON'T MATTER, because of the cavalier manner in which they placed a LOT of people at risk (and injured their passenger and the person in an SUV they struck when they crashed).
Why, with such lengthy rap sheets they STILL: a) NEVER learn a damn thing, and b) Are BACK on our streets time and again beats the hell outta me.
Smug-ass jerks...and losers to boot.
*** Next up,  A drug bust, but not where you would think.
Here's the story link:
Freimann Square - SANS drug dealers.
Well, how about THAT.
A CITY PARK was raided by the FWPD for people dealing drugs there.
Maybe we could rename the place to "Needle Park"?
This took place around 1520 hrs at Freimann Park where "various people" were busted on drug charges. Thirty officers were involved (and even chief Garry came outside for a change)
After numerous calls by people noticing open-air drug-dealing, the FWPD vice and narcotics division began around-the-clock surveillance of the park, which led to several arrests yesterday.
This is considered an OPEN investigation and more arrests are expected.
(which means these druggies will go someplace else to do the deals).
Sure not returning library nooks
I know I see a couple two-car deals along our streets every few months, so it's not abating down here, in spite of letting police know about it.
Their website doesn't allow for anonymous tips other than for SPECIFIC houses (drugs, guns or gang activities), so the ability to catch curbside dealing is highly limited, and calling it into dispatch doesn't allow a rapid enough response to catch the perps in the act.
Like I ALWAYS say...MORE PATROLS would alleviate a lot of this crap, and help restore some level of livability to our area.
But, Garry and Rusty are more concerned with their own neighborhoods AND the DOWNTOWN area.
We, on the SE side are WAY down that list, trust me.
The FWPD can't even seem to stop all the boomcars, or those with no license plate bulbs, or barking dogs, or gunshots and fireworks, or many of the OTHER assorted crimes that happen DAILY down here...it's ALL reactive - and not proactive.
*** Last back the garage...my "Batmobile" has returned to it's "lair".
Back home again...in Indiana.
Actually, I got her back yesterday around 1400 hrs. Donny (from Yeoman's Service Center) called me up and said the turnaround time for the rebuild was faster than expected (from Russ Moore), and that it was ready to go.
Coming through in the clutch, WITH a clutch!.
I had a "gut feeling" too, as I asked Wifey to l;eave the checkbook yesterday.
The FORCE is strong with me.
Yeah, guess it's a Jedi Mind Trick thing...LOL.
Besides..it's also a BLACK CARS MATTER thing.
Final cost was on the high side of $1100 bucks, and it drives a LOT better.
It FEELS right once again, and SOUNDS right.
Might have to take her out and shake the cobwebs out Sunday...maybe a drive along Winchester Rd...always a fun time. Or maybe a run out to the airport and back.
Not to mention, I got a 2016 calendar and two pens from Yeoman's...I like those lovely "parting gifts"...LOL.
---This is the kind of Indiana I HAVE come to appreciate - people who do good work and have a passion for work ethics, and are just damn nice folks.
Yeoman's is one of those businesses that has NOT left the area, in spite of the crime and changing face of the neighborhoods. I told Donny I'd talk them up...and I have.
You have to admire people who refuse to knuckle under to situations that would scare off lesser folks.
The boys in the band.
And, it says a lot about WHO WE ARE as a people.
Living down here these days is a lot different from when Wifey and I first moved into the "Fortress" here (1997), and it's not for the squeamish, that's for sure.
And that's just how I feel.
There are those few of us that REFUSE to bend to external forces and bug out...not an option in my book.
You stay and fight for what you have..and you fight any way possible to keep what you have acquired and strive to be a good steward of...that's the way you were brought up, and eventually, it will pay off.
Maybe not today, or next week...but eventually, and the wait WILL be well worth it.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Giving out calendars already? Nice...

Good to see the car back where it belongs.

So sick of these low-lifes creeping like weeds into every good thing... while the "Beltway mentality" of city hall goes, "la-la-la everythings fine..."

Think you're right on the stand-off thing. Either that or (perish the thought) someone likes making fools of the FWPD... or just wanted them elsewhere.

Time for more ny-quils- cough is rearing its ugly head too much today.

Bob G. said...

--Never too early to get a jump on NEXT year...as long as it gets here...lol.
--Yeah, I like a "crowded" garage much better.
--I know..and DOWNTOWN of all places . I'd LIKE to think that City Hall will acknowledge that the drug problems in this city are becoming SO blatant.
But given their track record SO far...I got my doubts.
--I could see ONE empty house or MAYBE two per year, but THREE (so far) this year?
Something's up, and it's not a "training session".
--You take care of that cough, too.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe up there, brother.