03 August 2015

Monday Musings...
Have to say, those were some pretty loud storms that rained through here early this morning around 0200 hrs. Woke me up...as well as the cat.
Nice thunder and light show.
But,  I suppose we have to "water the plants" as they got spoiled by ALL the rain earlier this summer.
The rest of our Hoosierland weather today will find us with clearing skies later on, and an eventual high around the lower 80s - up from an overnight low in the mid-50s All in all...not that bad for AUGUST.
So, let's all get our morning beverages poured as we take a loot at what all has been going on since "last" month...
*** First off of the rain-washed street is out "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
August 3 -
-- Today is (oh, cripes...) NATIONAL WATERMELON DAY
Now, I COULD go off on a tangent about the "locals" here, but I'll save that for later.
Let's just say that watermelon is something I never quite developed a liking for, and leave it at that, shall we?
*** Next up, and as we often usually begin many of my posts...we had (yet) another shooting...in another apartment complex...in another "hot spot" in the city...on the SOUTHEAST side

Here's the story link:
Another "garden spot" of the SOUTHEAST.
This took place yesterday around 1322 hrs at the Waterloo Garden Apartments located in the 6000 block of Bunt Drive.
Two men were arguing in an apartment, one shot the other, and the victim called police. The shooter is still at-large, while the vic was taken to hospital in serious condition, but he was later downgraded to critical condition with a wound to the chest.
"Our job would easier if they could shoot better."
Police are looking fr our help. If we had a damn DESCRIPTION of the shooter...well, THAT might help US to help the police...don'cha think?
Moving on...
*** The murderer of a Memphis police officer has been ID'ed and a manhunt is on to find him.
Here's the story:
Tremaine Wilbourn - LOSER!
And yes, I'm calling him a murderer, JUST like the media calls a police officer who shoots a perp.
Only in THIS case, the shoe fits a LOT better, and this thug-ass coward runs away.
All this over a drug deal that was interrupted by Memphis Police officer Sean Bolton.
Also, dealing drugs in a Mercedes parked illegally in a SE Memphis neighborhood does NOT warrant an office checking it out?
(WTH is it with ethnics and the SE sides of cities?)
To me, this is ONE black life that does NOT "matter" as much as the life of the officer he took so brazenly and without conscience.
We should be saying BLUE LIVES MATTER in this instance.
Let's see the the "lame-stream" media gives THIS story as much attention as those where the perps are killed instead of the officer.
(or even a story about a lain lion in Africa)
*** Next up, and from our "Oh, shit, THIS can't be good for America" Department comes THIS little gem:
Yep, our "Fearless Leader" is at it AGAIN...finding something ELSE to f$ck the hell up...and he's back on the EMISSIONS bandwagon once again.
Oh, wait...that's a picture of CHINA'S pollution.
Guess that trip to Kenya was more "emotional" that usual?
Yeah, he's going (back) after our power plants, making it damn near impossible to have them operate.
This president MADE me an alcoholic.
You know...if we DO (somehow) manage to drastically cut those nasty "greenhouse" gases like say...CARBON DIOXIDE...what the hell will happen to the PLANT LIFE on this planet?
Don't plants like KALE (Michelle Obama's favorite food source) need CO2 to SURVIVE.
This presidents gives me a headache!
The last time I checked (and my science is better at my age than most people's guesses) plants (including trees) NEED carbon dioxide to be able to maintain the whole PHOTOSYNTHESIS gig...giving off oxygen in the process.
Even CHILDREN can figure THIS one out.
Seems like an amicable arrangement for the rest of us "non-plants" sharing the planet, does it not? And, it seems to have worked well enough over the millennium, even with man's intervention into the creation of CO2.
Community-Activism in action.
I look at it as a sort of SYMBIOTIC relationship: we need oxygen, and the plants and trees give it to us for free.
They need carbon dioxide, and we give them that...don't see an issue with that.
But, if we were to "starve" plant life and our trees with LESS CO2...then what (besides less kale)?
This buffoon-in-chief cannot find ENOUGH ways to take our minds and resources from the problems that REALLY matter.
He's the type of guy that would bitch when his bank account is overdrawn (due to reckless spending), and he boldly says:
"That can't be true...I STILL have checks left in my checkbook".
Whatta freaking moron .
Go back to Kenya, stay THERE, and stop THEIR greenhouse gases.
*** Next up, what happens when you cut down several trees and then leave the cut wood in front of the SE side property?
If you said "get cited by Neighborhood Code Enforcement"...sorry, wrong answer.
But, if you said "create some play toys for the locals' children by welfare baby-mama", then YOU win the gold star.
Wez jus rollin dem logs.
Because that is exactly what happened over the weekend...several kids rolling CHUNKS of tree trunks to a rental crib.
(for what, you ask?)
For something we like to call "AUXILIARY SEATING". when he have a fire pit out back (and too close to a house per fire codes).
That's SUPPOSED to be a DRIVEWAY, idiots.
Yep, more proof of what it means to be...:"ghetto".
If there is a way NOT to do something, rest assured that THESE "people" will find a way to DO it.
Guess it's never too early to start showing the kids HOW to be an idiot.
*** Last back to the patio...got to see a great full moon over the weekend - a "blue moon" in fact (second of a given month).
Sorry...best the camera could do at full zoom
AND, Wifey and I saw the International Space Station fly overhead Friday night around 2300 hrs., moving from the south to the NE...that was cool.
I also mowed the side and front lawns...so I'm good for another two weeks, and they look fine once again.
Wifey and I "tag-teamed" calls to the FWPD for loud music (44LM ) at a nearby house...only took a few HOURS to shut them up...not a good sign when it comes to "customer service" from our city and it's police department, is it?
The black-eyed Susan's are out.
And yet, through all this, we manage to yank a little bit of solace from the noisy ignorance that has become a hallmark of this part of Fort Wayne.
Wrinkles on the fence
We still have our critter friends stopping by, and I get to feed the neighbor's cat and talk with her neighbor (nicest black gentleman in the whole area, and try to make our property looking better than all the others combined (a Herculean task with the littering).
And our little bunny buddy
Still, the benefits are still outweighing the liabilities...for the time being.
But, as with all things, that could change at any time (unlike the demeanor of this part of the ghettohood).
Makes you long for days when people were a lot more civil...and respectful...and not prone to violence at the drop of a hat (that was never worn backwards unless they were the catcher for a ball club).
You ask yourself is it all worth it?
Well, in order to have a clear conscience and sleep at night (as the noise allows), yes...it is.
When you're brought up with certain values, beliefs, and ethics, it's like learning to ride a bicycle - you never forget how to do it, even if you get a tad rusty from time to time.
Yes, it is worth it...even if it doesn't always seem like it.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Ha! You know, the exact first thing I thought of when you mentioned emissions was China. Even just going to Thailand once upon a time ago, I can tell you that Bangkok is a black cloud of disgusting smog. So how about fix that, instead of making me take in my 5 year old car every 2 years for emissions (which passes with flying colors)?

I read an article in the newspaper a while back that said if we stopped all emissions testing for cars that were 10 years old or newer, we would save millions of dollars, and it would be highly feasible, as 99.5% of cars in that age bracket pass.

But no, you won't see that happening. Got to keep the money rolling in, and got to act like testing someone's brand new car is going to save the environment while third world countries belch pure black smoke into the ozone.

Bob G. said...


The way this president shakes, shimmies and obfuscates, I can PREDICT what's going on...he's THAT transparent (yes, we CAN See right THROUGH him).
Asia is (and has been) NOTORIOUS for pollution...all those motorbikes alone...LOL.

I hear 'ya with the emissions inspections - used to have that in PA. The mechanic there wanted to know HOW my car (for over a dozen years) blew away brand NEW cars on that test...
(Um...knowing your car & keeping it maintained?)

I like your idea...but last week, I posted where people are keeping their cars LONGER (over 11.5 years, in fact), so I dunno HOW well that might work in years to come.
Still, any money saved us a good thing.

All those curly-fries light-bulbs aren't saving a damn, either...I refuse to use them because of the MERCURY (hazmat) danger if broken.

We are NOWHERE near the levels of pollution we USED to have back in the 70s when all this garbage began...I'd call THAT a win by itself.

Just defund the EPA and save a CRAPLOAD of $$$.
(even more than switching to GEICO...lol)
The ONLY way to proceed, hmm?

Thanks for spending part of your day here and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (and classy) out there, guys.

Momma Fargo said...

Oh hell. I love your bon fire neighbors. Now that is funny. Why? Because I bet it stirs the shit out you. (just some snark sent your way). Am I the only one who slept through the loud thunder storms?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I suppose it can ALWAYS be worse with the "neighbors"...they COULD be cooking INSIDE and burn the damn house the hell down (like many others do).

Some days it IS funny to see how people do stupid shit.
Other days it scares the bejeezus outta us.

Once in a GREAT while, it does BOTH at once...LOL.

Thanks for rolling up today top comment.

You stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

I 'll say more about watermelon- I tried it, I gagged. Now, I'm done.

"Blue lives matter". I like that.

Nice pics. Wish I'd have gotten a glimpse of the ISS. I saw Donna's post a bit after me and Scrappy came back in.

Bob G. said...

The two of us must just be TOO...DAMN...CAUCASIAN...ROFL!

I figure that "Blue Lives Matter" might start a controversy SOMEWHERE...you heard it here FIRST, though.

The ISS looked like a morning star (Venus), and it was "haulin' the mail" across the night sky...lol.

Wifey never tells me what she posts...I'm in that "white cane zone" over that social media...HA!
(Oh, and the Schoonmaker looks cool on Google maps...nice overhead view)

Hey, thanks much for taking some time to drop by and comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.

catererin said...

I read something today about Southtown Mall "Southtown Mall closed for good when the last of the tenants were evicted in February of 2003" sounds a little rude and harsh to evict businesses! have any new stores or other businesses come to this area, like at the former Kmart, since it is the only building I know of in that entire area?!

Bob G. said...


I guess you could say they were EVICTED - mall management didn't seem to give a rip, and the place was in major disrepair when it closed. It was a slow, "painful" death to a very nice mall.

It took close to SEVEN years to get the so-called "developer" (from Michigan) out of the picture, because THEY didn't make ANY improvement AT ALL.

After the mall was torn down, the lot sat VACANT until a MENARDS and WALMART moved into part of the area.
A WENDY'S was added along with a Firestone tire place and a cell phone place.

Other than THAT...nothing else has come along.
The K-MART across Rt 27/33 closed over a year ago. Nothing there since either.
Target nearby closed YEARS before that.

The mayor can't seem to GIVE the land away to developers...and businesses won't come because of rising CRIME and the lack of safety for vustomers and employees.
But you WON'T hear that from downtown...they can't admit to the truth...and that's sad.
Chase out the crime - and retail WILL return.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment.
I do enjoy your questions and thoughts.

Stay safe out there.