23 October 2015

Friday Follies...
And here we are again...end of another one of those "action-filled" weeks in Fort Wayne.
I trust none of you are the worse for wear.
We've some interesting things to cover today,which should set a tone as we enter the last week of October.
Our Hoosierland weather will have us starting off with clear skies (the constellation of Orion is up there, right where we left it), but as the day progresses, clouds will be rolling in as tomorrow will bring some showers.
The high today will reach into the mid-60s, with some winds out of the east.
Not a bad way to start the end of the week.
So, let's all get that morning drink of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close-at-hand, as we see what has been going on and what we can expect over the next 72 hours...
*** First out of the gun store is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
October 23 -
(one of my personal favorites, and I'm not even from Boston)
Bet'cha thought it had to do with something ELSE, right?
Kinda feelin' left OUT over here.
(but, seriously...we need a day for THAT???)
(the late Johnny Carson's b'day)
(at least they're not digging drug tunnels)
*** And since it's a FRIDAY, let's take a look at what transpires over the weekend...
October 24 -
---Saturday is NATIONAL FOOD DAY
(that's kinda EVERY day to everyone, isn't it?)
(Wifey is participating today, and if you knew how it's made...well let's just keep eating it anyway)
ROFL...too late, you made me LAUGH.
(be nice of it was the day they LEFT the USA)
(that's what we need...more developed information)
(something I attempt to encourage with every post here)
October 25 -
(depends on HOW greasy...hey, even I have standards there, but I always let BACON slide past...lol)
(gonna have to pass on that one)
(spaghetti for everyone)
Gimme dem newports!
(which is every day in Fort Wayne where a robber wears one in a holdup)
(on the heels of National Color Day - how apropos)
---It's also THE SOUREST DAY
(time for some sweetarts...or, a word from "Bill"...)
(Never got into that, or him, or his lousy Nicholson imitation)
Now you can plan your time accordingly, and please observe the posted speed limit signs.
*** Next up, looks like we finally SURPASSED my prediction of twenty-five homicides in our fair city.
I had a sneaking suspicion, since we started having shootings yesterday morning (see yesterday's post).
By MY records, we now stand at TWENTY SIX HOMICIDES (so far), and we've still got plenty of time to reach 30 this year, don't we?
---The first shooting that resulted in a fatality happened late yesterday morning around 1145 hrs in the 5100 block of Plaza Drive.
Here's what's known so far:
There's a nice picture (in the story link) of the FWPD PIO of the day, Mike Joyner, doing what he does best...advise the media of not very much.
Two people were shot at a house located at 5111 Plaza Drive. One managed to run down a block before police found him outside a house in that block. When police went back to 5111, they found another male dead inside.
This makes homicide number TWENTY FOUR for the year.
WANE had a good story on this and here's that link:
One neighbor who lives in that area (Robert Walker) said much the same thing that you hear me gripe, rant, piss and moan about in OUR area.
He said "...it's a good neighborhood, but there have been some undesirables that moved into the area, and they're the ones causing the trouble".
Isn't that the SAME way it happens in MY part of the ghettohood?
Walker also added that "...the police need to have MORE PATROLS".
Gee, what the hell have I been saying (for years)???
Guess you gotta have a first name of ROBERT  to see things down here with any CLARITY...lol.
Seems like Mr. Walker has this gift of speaking the TRUTH, and it would behoove the FWPD to pay the hell attention to what HE has to say (then they can come over here and listen to ME for a couple hours...heh).
What pisses me off about THIS call is that people saw TWO vehicles leave the scene after the shooting...BUT, the FWPD would not release a DESCRIPTION of the damn vehicles. (Still, they "want our help".)
Okay, so how the F*CK can I look for a suspect vehicle when I have NO damn description, you idiots?
Cripes, come on now...help the PEOPLE to help YOU...THAT is community-oriented a lot more than what you're serving up to us these days.
That is SO exasperating! But wait...we're not finished yet, boys and girls...
---The NEXT and latest shooting involved two people found shot to death in a blue SUV along the 900 block of East Wayne St around 0045 hrs this morning when a 911 call went out for a signal 113 (shots fired).
Police responded and found a male and female shot in the SUV.
Police did recover 5 shell casings at the scene which was consistent with the number of shots heard by others in the area.
Naturally, no suspects around, no witnesses, and not much else.
How about a description of the SUV where the D/Bs were found...that might lead people to remember WHO owns it, and then they might know who their friends were or if they pissed anyone off.
Then again, the way this city is shaking these days, this could have been a one-off "crime of opportunity".
We might or might not find out, but that DOES bring us up to TWENTY SIX homicides for the year (so far).
This is really screwing with my dead-pool predictions...might have to "raise my expectations"...
Like I said...reaching 30 should be easy for the mooks down here.
Gotta love the PRO-ACTIVENESS exhibited by the FWPD of late...don'cha?
Yep...more of it is..
It's about as easy to find as an honest democrat in this city.
(or decent shopping on the SOUTH side)
Moving on...
*** Next up, maybe the name Randolph Holder doesn't mean that much to many people, but to about 40,000 people it means a LOT.
Here's the story link:
R.I.P. Officer Holder
Officer Holder, of the NYPD was shot and killed by a suspect that had been on the lam for a while in East Harlem.
And Holder is the latest in the growing number of LEOs being killed in the line of duty
Holder was the 4th officer of the NYPD killed in the past 10 months.
Damn shame the shooter wasn't killed, even if it would have been small compensation for losing one of New York's Finest.
But, small compensation is better than none, I suppose.
*** Next, another drug tunnel into San Diego is discovered.
Here's the story link:
I've lost count of all the tunnels we've found...
This one was more sophisticated - rail lines, ventilation, lighting...everything but a fast food joint along the 80 football field length of the tunnel from Tijuana to San Diego.
Yo quero, Taco Bell?
About TWELVE TONS of MARIJUANA was discovered in a warehouse in San Diego...
Guess a LOT of people won't be getting high THIS weekend...LOL.
That just breaks my heart...
*** Last back to the shooting range...First of all, I'm very glad Chris and Laurie invited us up to "Fortress Martin" LAST weekend, instead of this weekend.
Fortress Martin in all it's splendor.
With the rain expected tomorrow, slogging through the woods isn't really fitting for women-folk.
Doesn't bother me none, but the chances of catching a cold are heightened nonetheless.
Like I stated earlier in the week, good friends beget good times, and if any bad times are encountered, they are lessened with such friends.
Bobby G's Fortress of Reason.
Same goes for Phil's visit to OUR "Fortress" a couple days ago.
Now, maybe we're all the WEIRDOS here, because we espouse the things in life that are BETTER for us than say...crime, but I would take a nice visit to see a friend (or from a friend), or even plain old sheer boredom to criminal activity (in my life) ANY damn day.
The main reason for that is that such visits or that solitary boredom rarely causes the types of consequences that pursuing crime does.
Banality just exists...it never escalates into the serious crimes from the smaller crimes that are passed over which we are privy to daily.
And at the bottom of any of this...we have PEOPLE.
People, who will either put the spring in life's steps, or the people who make crap-sandwich choices in life, are ALL destined for the results of their actions (good or bad)...it's that simple.
When you've managed to exchange bad behavior for good, or rearrange your priorities in life, THOSE results have a better outcome. And others will pick up on this.
That produces integrity in yourself and respect from others.
What is troubling in times such as these, is that people in general never look at ANY long-term aspects of anything they do.
Everything affects something, if not NOW...then definitely later on.
The only time you look for any short-term solution is as an interim action while you are actively looking FOR that long-term solution to a given problem.
You splint a broken leg until you can get to someone who can properly reset it and immobilize it in a correct manner, but you NEVER stick some band-aids on it and call it done.
Sadly, we see too much of the latter going on...and it shows.
We should strive to become better "personal physicians" in our lives, and friends are there to keep us mindful of such things whenever we forget.
They show us more about life...and tend to keep us looking down the road (where trouble can be lurking), rather that at our feet, admiring our footwear.
And I'm thankful for such insight.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

ereht I kniht ev'I finally got this thing going straight and in the right order. Well, then! Let me have at it.

OOH, Boston creme pie!

Avogadro, isn't he the one who invented Guacamole? (JK)

Now you said it's Swallows depart Capistrano day, but your sign says return. Is this damn thing still on the fritz?

FOOD DAY! I knew I went to the store for a good reason!

I won't be celebrating UN Day. That would be like celebrating I'm A Dumbass Day. BTW, what date does that fall on?

Only difference I'll be making tomorrow is at work for 6 hours...

GREASY FOOD! What a wonderful weekend!!!

Does Bandana day include "use a maxi pad for a disguise" day?

Chuckie Day should be on Monday so John Gruden (aka Chuckie) can celebrate on Monday Night Football!

I don't disagree anything you said on the LEO matter, but here's something to consider: Another blogger friend posted the simple story titled "No Words" A client where she's a paralegal got stabbed to death by POS ex-boyfriend. She had a restraining order but he had broken into her house 6 times since October 5th. And the cops did nothing- because he was also an ex-cop. That police department needs to look in the mirror when they wonder why all these attacks are happening. People don't see the good cops, they see the assholes. IMHO, that entire department needs torn down.

Did they find any swallows in the tunnel?

Once again, I have to protest the depiction of Fortress Martin here. I want the public to know, I have other means of defense. For example, my daughter dropped by earlier this week. She wanted to take her bff upstairs and show off my sketches.

I said, "Go ahead. Don't mind the underwear lying around."

Who needs a parapet when you have dirty underwear?

Bob G. said...

--Avogadro and guacamole (well, the MOLE thing's going on there.
--I could NOT find a swallow/Capistrano "return" sign, except a USPS "return to sender" one...does that count?
--So, YOU get to run the show at work?
Better have some serious O/T coming in from those guy's payroll account to your pocket!
--LOL...I forgot bout THAT jerk...HA!
--Don't watch MNF, so I'll take your word on that one.
--Oh, I totally agree that the R/Os out there are not well enough enforced, whether it's a former cop or whoever.
Cops NEED to look in the mirror FIRST when it comes to ethical conduct. And they SHOULD be held to higher standards.
"With great power comes great responsibility", right?
-- NO swallows (per se), but there were some perps that swallowed their PRIDE when caught...lol.
--I dunno, I think both fortress pictures look a LOT like our respective dwellings.
Besides, you can always throw down all that dirty underwear FROM those parapets...better than boiling tar or flaming oil, so I'm told.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.