22 October 2015

Thoughts On Thursday...
Well, we're almost at the end of another week in the Heartland (and pretty much everywhere else).
Today will be a close copy to yesterday when we topped out the temps around 76 degrees. Sure doesn't seem like the latter half of October to me, but I like it anyway, even with a bit of drizzle outside this morning,
Our Hooiserland weather has us with temps making it to around the 70-degree mark.
Partly to mostly cloudy skies will follow us around as well. And it smells good out there (for a change)...love that.
So go get that morning drink, I'll get mine and together, we'll see what's been going on...
*** First out of the DeLorean is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one."
As most of you probably guessed, this was spoken by Emmett "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd) in the Back To The Future trilogy of films.
And because all of you are such good people, we're going to toss you a "two-fer" today.
Here is the WIKI for Doc Brown:
Here is the WIKI for actor Christopher Lloyd:
And if you want to talk COINCIDENCE, TODAY just happens to be Christopher's BIRTHDAY.
Happy 77th birthday!
Lloyd was born in 1938 in Stanford CT, and raised in New Canaan, CT.
He got his start in neighborhood theater at the age of 19.
His first movie role was as a mental patient (Max Taber) in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1977).
His most notable TV role was that of "reverend" Jim Ignatowski, (Taxi) for which he won an Emmy for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy role.
As could be expected, his filmography is lengthy, and for someone who can play everyone from Commander Kruge (ST III - The Search For Spock) to Doc Brown  to Willie Loman, he's done okay for himself.
Nice job, "Doc".
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
October 22 -
(That should keep the squirrels busy)
(that should keep the artists busy)
*** Next up, I hear that we're back to bringing  shooting victims into hospital in transport OTHER than ambulances.
Here's what's known so far:
This took place at Parkview Randalia around 0445 hrs this morning.
The shooting victim was listed in critical condition with a wound to his neck.
The person who dropped off the victim left shortly after police tried to speak with them.
So, this is what you do when you don't want police to know WHERE a shooting has taken place.
Keeps them from the crime scene...nice.
*** Next up, what happens when good grant money goes "missing"?
Well, here;s one story that sheds some light on some possibilities, when it comes to funds given to charter schools in Indiana
Now, this is one of those "OOPS" moments.
Where's the money?
Why have these schools failed?
Do we even NEED these schools?
Where's the oversight for the disposition OF the grant monies?
Yep, the questions keep on coming, don't they?
These schools seem primarily in the INDY area, but it makes you want to check out LOCAL charter schools to see if similar issues exist.
Unlike PUBLIC schools which seem to have some level of accountability, CHARTER schools spending is "...largely a black hole".
Well, that sounds like SO many (other) gov't programs that are supposed to bring people out of poverty, but have done little to nothing in over 50 years, doesn't it? Perhaps it's time the public were provided information to alleviate such "problems" in the future?
*** Next up, I've been going over in my mind the stuff that happens in the western region of the USA. They suffer record DROUGHTS, and then whenever it DOES rain, they get FLOODED THE HELL OUT.
Here's a possible solution - build some UNDERGROUND aquifers or reservoirs to CATCH all that flood water (whatta concept).
It's kinda like the movie DUNE, where the Fremen had all these caches of underground water for their use in the wasteland.
And so can the WATER...
Hey, you never know until you TRY something, right?
Not to mention, it would create some very nice JOBS in the process...REAL jobs, and not the imagined ones the DEMS keep tossing at us.
Don't thank me now...you can thank me later, AFTER you've reclaimed our deserts and made them verdant once again.
*** Next, I had a visit yesterday from a fellow blogger and Fort Wayne resident, Phil Marx (the gentleman whose house was fire-bombed back in 2006 by street thug drug-dealers).
He's recently been into gardening (more like small-scale FARMING), and he brought us some of his "bounty"
Cripes, I never expected that much...LOL.
But, it IS well-appreciated.
We sat and chatted for damn near three hours (which always passes too quickly).
I offered him some scrap wood I had in the garage so he can build some above ground planters, to which HE was appreciative.
And he promised some seeds for us in the future...who knows what we'll get, and that's kinda fun.
Hopefully, it won't be a couple years between visits when next he stops by.
Our "drawbridge" is ALWAYS open to those in the realm who have befriended us and they are welcome at our 'Fortress".
*** Next, it's time for "What's Bob been getting online lately?"
I'm glad you asked...
As Chris Martin knows, I like my sonic screwdrivers (as would any self-respecting "Renegade Time Lord"), so imagine my surprise when I managed to snag a Tom Baker era FOURTH DOCTOR'S SONIC SCREWDRIVER, and for a little over $11...!
(thanks, eBay)
That's considerably LESS than you can find anywhere online...I know. I checked.
So, we're up to FOUR sonics now...never hurts to have a SPARE...or several.
Gotta love hobbies...especially when they're more "interactive" than say stamps and coin collecting...heh.
*** Last back to the garage...good people always seem to beget a good attitude (for me, anyway).
And, although my time in Fort Wayne has barely scratched the 20-year mark, I consider myself fortunate when it comes to those few who I call FRIENDS.
I don't have that many, but the ones I do are GOOD friends, and I kinda prefer it that way.
Now, I don't profess to be any sort of expert at finding friends, but I do know what works in my life.
Friends cannot be had like items purchased in a store...not TRUE friends, anyway.
I suppose friendship is much like gardening...they GROW in nature.
And, it's the diligence of the gardener that makes a plant grow and thrive...or wither and die.
Sounds a lot like cultivating friends to me.
I think the parable of the seeds that fall upon various soils is a good example.of not only what our walk with God is like, but also it carries over in how we pursue most anything or anyone in our lives.
Amazing how many things come back to religion, isn't it?
More amazing still, is how we manage to meet the souls we do throughout life. It's all about opportunities, isn't it?
In that, there is again that total equality, just like we hear when we talk about SOCIETY.
Our society is based on EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for all, but NEVER does it speak to EQUAL RESULTS.
That's where a lot of people get tripped up - they think equality means just that...the same results for everyone.
Sorry, doesn't work that way, because EACH of us is different to begin with.
Now, think on this...in ALL the world, throughout ALL time, one person befriends another, and mostly through chance encounters.
What are the frigging odds of such things happening? (pretty astronomical)
There just HAS to be more than mere "chance" involved...perhaps a higher authority?
Friends are one of those blessings we get in life. Our job is not to squander such things.
Here's hoping we're always up to that task, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Yep, just landed the musical Tardis in Friday and forgot all about doing Thursday! So back in the module I go and here's my take:

The Closing Argument (Y'know, you oughtta make that the title for your last part... or not): That was very good. Nice catch on the connection to the parable!

Wow, a Baker sonic too... What's a Hartnell run?

I had saw that Mr Marx was planning on stopping by... sure has a green thumb.

If California had any brains, they would have done your plan back in the WPA days... Now, hell it'll be easier just to let them erode themselves out to sea and let a new wave of Okies put in the Bob plan. Take care of a lot of other problems out there at the same time, IMHO.

Happy Birthday, Reverend Jim!

And with that I'll be off to daer rouy golb more yadot fi I nac ylno esrever eht ytiralop onnooonnoo this damn thing!

Bob G. said...


--I like that idea about a closing argument (Leo Morris's blog at the J-G is the OPENING argument).
"Sixty-Second Sermon" might work, too.
I might think on that over the weekend (so, if you smell something BURNING....lol)

--I have never seen a Hartnell one. They started using it with Troughton (#2).

--Man, he's got a GREEN ARM, buster!

--LOL..."The Bob Plan". That's cool.
I just like to see LIFE IMITATE ART (from the big screen)

--The Youtube vids of Lloyd are funny!!!

--ROFL...ahh, that dang polarity shift. Gets 'ya EVERY time.

Thanks for dropping by to comment.
Stay safe up there, brother.