09 October 2015

Friday Follies...
Here we are again...end of another week, and we're also a bit soggier as we enter today.
Had some nice overnight showers (saves me from watering things), and whatever precipitation we did have will be moving away from our area as the morning progresses..
The rest of our Hoosierland weather will find us with gradually clearing skies and temps reaching into the mid-60s (and that's all she wrote).
Not much else to tell...looks to be a nice start to a nice weekend...how nice...lol.
So, without any further ado, let's get our morning drinks beside us as we see what the world has been tossing at us since yesterday.
*** First out of the downspout is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
October 9 -
(Not to be confused with Leif Garrett or Christopher Columbus)
(You just know this will honk off the abortion advocates...good!)
(Yeah, I don't make this up, I just report the stuff)
*** And since it's a FRIDAY, let's see what there is to do over the weekend:
October 10 -
(feels like we just had one of those)
(check...and mate)
October 11 -
(aka pastor appreciation day of minister appreciation day)
There you have it...stay out of trouble along the way, hmm?
*** Next up, we have couple of THOSE stories from OUR part of the ghettohood that demonstrate how much "quality-of-life" we are enjoying
(note to the Mayor)
---The first story is about a double shooting that took place in the 3900-4000 block of Bowser Ave (near Rudisill) around 1915 hrs last evening.
If you recall, this was the same area where a homicide took place back on 23 May this year (a fun place to live, no doubt).
Here's the story link
As can be expected, no descriptions of suspects, two people taken to hospital in serious condition, and apparently no other witnesses.
The story doesn't even mention if shell casings were found on scene.
One account from WANE said that one of two people shot left the scene and was found a few blocks away on Euclid St.
Bet it won;t be long before the FWPD "needs our help"...again.
---The other story has to do with a "home invasion".
Here's the story link:
This took place around 2210 hrs last night at a house in the 3600 block of Avondale Drive (less than a half mile from our "Fortress".
Two men (one armed) came into the house and went through a pregnant woman';s freezer in search of "something".
They left with frozen meats vegetables and waffles (a nice repast, I suppose).
The men also went into a child's room, and moved a dresser away from a wall.
Both men then left, running westbound.
Police found food as well as a bullet in the kitchen, but were not able to find the suspects (who were most likely BLACK).
What this story does NOT say is that when the woman gave descriptions to police, she "thought" she knew one of them, but that part of her statement was REDACTED from the police report.
Now, I wonder WHY that was, hmm?
Oh, the meats were found in a nearby alley.
Seems you can;t even let your damn dog outside without having to lock the door, lest you have gunmen looking for something.
My guess would be drugs, because they tossed the meats (probably after finding it was not a "stash".
Why this woman would be a focus of two armed men looking in a SPECIFIC place for what it was they were looking for bears closer scrutiny, don'cha think? And why the information was redacted from the report is sure suspicious, too.
Moving on...
*** Time to make some mountains out of some mole hills...at least that's the our federal government is doing to Volkswagen.
Here's the latest:
Now, (to me) there is HUGE difference between THIS claim of an "unsafe" vehicle" and those regarding faulty brakes, airbags, ignitions as well as engine fires or electrical malfunctions.
What VW sis was nothing more than "creative thinking"...and they got caught. No big deal. Fine them a nice amount, and call it DONE.
But NO, the big, bad EPA thinks this is the worst thing to come along since global warming (that we know to be a fallacy).
To me, the EPA is an agency that need not exist.
You can only make the water SO clean...and the air SO clean. Give up this whole cleaner than clean nonsense.
You're ALWAYS going to have SOME type of crap in the water or air...that's the nature of things, people.
As long as we're not dropping dead because we can't breathe, or croak because of poisonous water from our taps, we're doing okay in my book.
The EPA needs to get off it's own high horse and just crawl away...permanently.
*** Next up, a little soiree into the world of gun ownership and preparedness (because the season premiere of THE WALKING DEAD takes place this Sunday night at 9 PM on AMC).
Yes, that WAS a gratuitous plug...heh.
So, if you own a gun, you SHOULD know there is a personal and moral responsibility that goes along with it, right?
But how PREPARED are you if a situation arises?
Here's an article that sheds some light on things:
Bet'cha didn't know that defensiveness had a COLOR CODE, hmm?
Well here goes:
---Condition White — Unaware and unprepared.
Caution - MOST people fall into this category and they don;t even have a gun - all THEY need is a smartphone...lol
---Condition Yellow — Relaxed awareness.
This is the condition we SHOULD be at all the time, and it's something that needs PRACTICE.
And this includes INSIDE your home as well as outside...KNOW your surroundings.
We call it "situational awareness" for a REASON.
---Condition Orange — Specific alert. 
Something is not quite right and has your attention.
This could noticing a person or persons milling about a parking lot, or a "twitchy" individual in a store.
Know what to look for and what you might have to do (contact store personnel, call security, etc)
---Condition Red — Specific threat. 
I will use deadly force if it becomes necessary.
This condition occurs when there IS a threat and it becomes immediate and potentially lethal.
Hopefully, we don't have to have this happen, but know what to do IF it does.
Cooper's levels of awareness
The article focuses on CONDITION YELLOW, and with good reason: It's the one condition where YOU are in more control of any given situation.
And while it works well as a solo venue, it's even better with someone else, like a spouse or friend.
Remember, head on a swivel.
The more AWARE you are, the BETTER PREPARED for any eventuality, kapeesh?
*** Last back to the shooting range...the human condition is something that has as many facets to it as a perfectly cut diamond, and is something that is worth much more in the long run, because what you learn in life is priceless, not just for yourself, but for those you choose to share such knowledge with.
FEAR is one of those facets, and is probably one of THE most important ones.
It's fear that motivates us...and to varying degrees.
To some, it provides a way out by fleeing. To others, it causes one to act against that which they fear - to eliminate the threat, as it were.
To still others, it is a way to get their point across to those who can do something these people cannot.
Fear does something else to people....it changes the nature of the way we are living.
And, if utilized PROPERLY, fear can be a tool to use in a world that would have us cower, rather than act.
Many times, in combat, fear is the one thing that often keeps one alive.
It speeds up and heightens the reflexes.
It keeps you aware of thing, keeps you moving, and keeps you from becoming another statistic.
It empowers you in ways you could never imagine, but it has to be tempered...kept under control so you can focus.
Anyone that is in ANY situation that requires a level of "life and death" action or reaction (military, police, firefighters, etc) will tell you they are scared many times.
And anyone that tells you they're NEVER scared is a damn liar.
But the biggest problem with our fear is the CONTROL of it.
When WE control our fear, it works FOR us.
When our fear controls US, it works against us...it's that simple.
So, it's important that we acknowledge our fear, accept it, face it, and then take the proper steps to keep it on a short leash.
It was once said that one difference between a hero and a coward was the manner in which their fear was controlled. Because they are BOTH scared.
Therein lies the lesson for the week...and the rest of our lives.,
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I was wondering why you posted twice, until I remembered I didn't read anything yesterday, lol!

Pro-life cupcake day? Good cause, dumb celebration.

Not a fan of the moldy stuff. Make mine processed!

Costume swap day?? I wanna see Green Arrow swap with Wonder Woman!

SAUSAGE PIZZA! Damnit, Bob, I was already hungry...

My question is, what was the woman into that made two thugs think "meat" was "stash". They shoulda checked the toilet tank...

With ya on EPA. I remember having to get your vehicle inspected each year. If you ain't gonna do that, why worry about emissions?

Color code- Halleluia! I can be white and not racist finally!

Bob G. said...


--I don't think I'd like to see the "pro-choice" cupcakes...(horrors!)
The pro-life ones look MUCH better.
--I kinda like all the costumes as they are...except maybe Aquaman...lol.
--Sausage pizza...mmmmmmmmmmmm!
--I'm only speculating on a stash in the freezer.
Would definitely throw any K-9 of track, and heroin or crack stays "fresh" in the freezer... (as does Marie Callender) lol
--We did "yearlys" back in Philly...never flunked w/ the Firebird.
Personally, I don't miss them, but I don't drive a vehicle that looks like I'm fogging for mosquitoes.
--LOL...white and NOT racist (don't ell Rev Al)...heh.

Hey, thanks for commenting - have yourselves a good weekend & stay safe up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

Sorry I didn't make it over here Friday. It has been crazy for me. I am ready for your Monday post! All this turmoil in America is making me crazy. Fort Wayne is still under criminal fire I see. LOL. Erg.Be safe, Bob!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
S'OK...no worries.

Yeah, I think the zombie hoard is here...they just haven't figured out the whole "look" yet...LOL.

Don't go crazy on us...we care about 'ya way too much for THATot ever be allowed to happen.


Thanks for the comment, Kiddo.

Roll safe down there, dear.