12 October 2015

Monday Musings...
It sure won't feel THAT much like autumn today around our neck o' the woods.
But, if you look at the ground, the ever-increasing number of fallen leaves should keep you knowing otherwise.
They're slowly starting to come down.
Looks like it's time to dust off the leaf blower and rakes.
Welcome to another action-packed week in the Midwest.
( it does depends on how YOU define action, doesn't it?).
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with clear skies, a good amount of sunshine, some breezes, and a high today topping out in the upper 70s.
And from here on, the temps will be a lot more in tune with fall conditions, so enjoy it while you can.
You go get your morning drink, I'll get mine, and we'll all see what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the bird feeder is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
October 12 -
(do it now, before it's TAXED, BANNED or REGULATED like the leftards want)
(yes, the people who REALLY feed and clothe America)
(Red Lobster stopped serving their gumbo...that sucked!)
(sorry, I prefer face-to-face - less hacking involved.)
(oh, can we have fun with this one, but it refers to SMOKES...aw, man.)
( to acknowledge those who were hear before ANY of us were)
---Lastly, it's COLUMBUS DAY
(who really discovered all the stuff in the Caribbean and from whom ALL the sales toll.)
*** Next up, as can be expected, we had some idiots out and about this weekend.
---The first story is not a followup to the Bowser Ave  shootings from last Thursday...it was just ANOTHER separate shooting in the SAME damn area.
Here's the story link:
This took place around 2015 hrs Friday night in the 4000 block of Bowser Ave.
Weren't we JUST here yesterday, Sarge?
Here's a few blocks of our city that no one would miss if they "just went away".
Trouble is, we're seeing MORE areas like this, and in more parts of the city...thanks, Mr. Mayor.
---The next story takes place in the Mad Anthony brewery parking lot:
Here's that story link:
This also occurred Friday night around 2325 hrs in the parking lot of Mad Anthony's, located at 1109 Taylor St.
Three people were hospitalized from injuries sustained in the fracas, but, AS USUAL, hardly ANY information is forthcoming as to victims, weapons used, suspects, arrests...you name it.
---The NEXT story involves another shooting and another parking lot.
Here's the story:
This one took place in the parking lot of a bar called The Pantry, located in the 1500 block of N. Wells St. around 0230 hrs Sunday morning.
And police actually HAVE SOMEONE IN CUSTODY...can you believe it?
That's ONE for how many again?
Guess going to a bar in this city is gonna start taking a hit (no pun intended) with all the goings on.
And THIS is something else I've been noticing in the police blotter lately - a LOT more ASSAULTS AND FIGHTS.
This is a DAILY occurrence, too, and seems to say we have an awful lot of people with some serious anger-management issues.
And they're choosing to "settle" such actions with either a gun or a knife.
Maybe we should outlaw HANDS...can't shoot a gun or wield a knife without one, right?
With some of the mooks out there, it would be a godsend to the rest of us.
Moving on...
*** Now, we've been fortunate of late with ANOTHER "nasty habit" that some people have practiced...that of driving a vehicle into a house.
Looks like we're back in the "impaired driver" mode again.
---Here's story number one:
This took place along the 1100 block of Lower Huntingdon Rd and Airport Expressway around just after midnight.
Damn shame - used to be a decent-looking Mustang.
The story said the car stopped when it hit the house ...gee, 'ya think?
That's why we don't live in tents...lol.
I'd wonder what the hell happens if the house was not constructed well enough to STOP a damn car?. Can I get my deposit back?
No explanation why the car went off the street and struck the house (try impaired driving?).
This kinda stuff doesn't happen at 25 miles an hour. The driver is listed in serious condition.
---Here's story number two:
Now, in THIS case, which took place in the 6600 block of John St. around 1930 hrs last night,  the police  state that the driver (male) had a seizure, and hit another vehicle before jumping the curb and hitting the house.
Damage to both vehicles and the house were not extensive.
I can't wait for a police pursuit to end up with a car married to someone's house...because you just KNOW that one's coming.
*** Next up, could this be an "oops" moment for the outgoing City Clerk in Fort Wayne?
Here's the story link:
Sandy Kennedy              Colin Keeney
Now, Sandy Kennedy has been in her job for 32 years, is way past retirement age,, and (imho) has overstayed her welcome for quite a while.
What gets me, is that this newspaper tends to be LEFT-leaning, so why take a crack at a democrat?
Allegations of electioneering from the Clerk's office have been raised, and the video sounds evidential enough.
Guess this is what can happens when some people possess a level of power for too long? I'm just asking. Colin Keeney is the Parking Enforcement "super" who (in good conscience) resigned over what was on the video.
Time will tell, but let's not toss a senior under the bus just yet...she's probably got cookies to bake.
*** Last back to the yard...if all goes well, Wifey and I will be able to participate in one of those many "Martin Nature Walks" this weekend.
I know I'm looking forward to it, and hope to get some nice pictures of all the critters Chris manages to see when he goes strolling with Scrappy.
I also know that when Wifey procrastinates with getting the bills in the mail AND it's a postal holiday (like Columbus Day), you can be privy to a late charge, and I detest paying people MORE than what they don't even deserve.
Still, "clerical errors" happen, and it's no real big deal. Lesson learned there, hmm?
But what about all the SOCIETAL ERRORS that occur with other people, like those mentioned in the above story links?
Starting fights in bar parking lots, driving into houses, and ALL the assorted "fun" things that we've come to know
All serve to show us that no matter how EVOLVED we "think" we are...we've still got a very LONG way to go.
As neighborhoods (themselves) devolve, city leaders concern themselves with downtown and riverfront projects. Political candidates send mailers to us touting their "successes", when in fact many (if not all of them) can be refuted with FACTS.
As we always seem to see, it comes down to the TRUTH of such matters.
Try as some might, there is just NO escaping the truth, is there?
I would much prefer that people own up to things, rather than sweep them under some carpet.
After all, that rug IS getting kinda LUMPY these days, isn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

"The story said the car stopped when it hit the house." Ha! That's hilarious. See, that's how you know it's only a V6 Mustang. If it was a V8, it would have just kept going and going...

(Not really)

Also, I don't like paying bills via the mail. Too easy to procrastinate that way. I just do everything online and save myself some stamps/envelopes. That, and the mailman is kind of an idiot. Seen him drop outgoing mail more than once.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, it's one of those older models...90s era.
The overstatement of te OBVIOUS is something we're seeing MORE of in the media...
AT least it gives us something to laugh at BESIDES the real cartoon pages...ha!

IO thought about online bill-payment, but the more I read about hacking of certain utility companies & merchants, it just doesn't give me that "warm and funny", but you DO have a good point about procrastination thing.
instant is better than writing checks and mailing things.

Used to be we could stay several steps AHEAD of the criminals...now, we're running our asses off JUST to keep up with them.
Times sure have changed.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe (and classy) out there, guys

CWMartin said...

Columbus Day and Native American Day, as I recall, are PC opposites. Frankly, they can fight over it, I don't care if I'm not getting a day off- and boy, I sure didn't!

It sure seems to me that there are a lot more people who should have went home before bar time than there was when I could stay up that late...

When you get your "I can't wait" moment you will see the wisdom in "the car stopped when it hit the house", I'll wager...

I hear Sandy is going home to bake as we speak... too bad they couldn't catch the Blonde Phantom doing this crap.

As you can see from Monday's post, we are almost set here. It may have to be an "early afternoon" thing do to work, I'll have to see if I can wheedle the boss into a 4-hour headache later on this week. At worst it'll be a nooner, and I'm taking Monday off, anyhoo.

Bob G. said...

--I think the ONLY people that got the day off today were those in the USPS!
--It seems like a completely DIFFERENT "culture" than when either you or I went bar-hopping or clubbing.
And it does SHOW.
--LOL...the logic in that seems indisputable (blame physics).
--I'd bet that Richards is SO "connected" she has staff to do the CYA for her.
This does say a lot for the democrat "rule" in this city, though.
--I'll get in touch with 'ya via email about either Sat or Sun and times.
(we got an elder cat to feed after all...lol)

Thanks for swinging on by today to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.