13 November 2015

Friday (the 13th) Follies...
Welcome to one of THOSE Fridays.
(and certainly not the ones you sit down and have a meal at).
Those winds were sure kickin' up a fit over the past 24 hours, and finally, we'll have an end to it sometime today.
In spite of gusts reaching around 50 MPH, not that much damage was sustained by people in and around town (thankfully).
Our Hoosierland weather today will see us with partly cloudy skies (yes, that IS the sun you see rising), and temps, although getting off to a cool start will reach into the upper 40s.
Don't see any rain on the immediate horizon, but this IS Indiana, so you never can tell, right?
All one has to do is stand still for a minute and you'll find SOME change in the weather.
(the unpredictability is the ONLY thing predictable around here...LOL)
Now, grab yourselves a nice hearty cup of Friday Fortitude as we set off and take a look at what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the driveway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
November 13 -
In case you're wondering, I've taken care of that
---It's also Friday the 13th
And here's some of the lowdown as to WHY such days have fearful or cautionary aspects to it:
That might set things straight.
*** Since it's also week's end, let's see what will be going on over the next 72 hours:
November 14 -
(All I can say is try not to get INTO one.)
(sorry, don't eat it...don't care)
November 15 -
---Sunday is NATIONAL BUNDT (pan) DAY
(need one to make a bundt cake)
(always good to do something nice for someone)
(time to lose those "mystery" items wrapped in foil)
(never knew hermits made cookies, but I knew that elves did)
(keeps one regular...trust me)
(don't tell me - tell the "neighbors" - and our lawn is NOT a drop-off site)
So there you have it...all the things to keep one out of trouble (we hope).
Moving on...
*** Next , There are many underlying "causes" for this flap out in Mizzou with black students (now growing to 20 other colleges) getting their asses up over relatively nothing, but our local paper has a story that nails a large part of it down fairly well. Here's the link:
The key word to all this is MICROAGGRESSION.
Remember it, because we'll probably be hearing this for some time (until the next "cause celebre" gets the attention of the uneducated masses).
It's just more PC-BS coming our way.
You tell 'em, Chuck
Now, the word "microaggression" is a CONTRIVED word, because Merriam Websters could not find it. I can't wait until some leftard ADDS it to our lexicon...you wait and see if they don't.
While we wait, that doesn't mean we can't figure out what it is or means, right?
Here's we go, kids...
And not nice for everyone ELSE.
Okay, so this is all a THEORY, but unlike the Broken Window Theory or Pavlov's Theory, there is no substantive proof it exists, other than what (or how) people "feel", and remember it's ALL about feelings, and NOT about facts in this case. Sound familiar?
Personally, I see it as the next ploy some are using to get those "reparations", and there are those who are making it look easy by "crying wolf".
There are ALWAYS liberal ears listening for such things.
The weird part is, with this latest societal "fad" (like those flash-mobs from several years ago), it takes very little to instigate a microaggression.
You roll your eyes or even walk past someone, and some ethnic thinks you're RACIST..or a transgender thinks you're HOMOPHOBIC.
See how EASY it is? Don't even have to try hard at all, right?
And these people that perpetrate this tactic are all about what's EASY in  life.
The WIKI is rather insightful and proves the basic beliefs behind this growing "trend".
Here's another website you may fine useful:
( a very interesting place to visit - power, privilege, hmm?)
And this from a year ago:
Or this
It's easy to see that in such an increasingly permissive culture that's tripping over all it's "diversity" and choking to death on it's political correctness gets caught up in such nonsense.
And social media with it's "instant gratification" helps feed it to no small end here.
When you allow a nation of wusses to gain a level of control, THIS is how they do it...pick on every...little...thing.
Like a thousand gnats buzzing all around all the time...a real nuisance.
Funny, back when I was their age, we had a lot THICKER skin...were a LOT more TOLERANT (a word this new-gen loves to toss around with abandon without knowing the contextual applications), and letting all these "slights" roll off our backs.
Can't do THAT today, however...better (and EASIER) to take a college president to task and have him removed.(wonder why no one wants to do that in D.C.?)
*** Last back to the garage...whatever happened to the whole premise of "live and let live"?
Sticks and Stones? Water off a duck's Back? Yeah, THAT kinda stuff.
Self-declarations not withstanding
Sure, life is gonna throw some morons your way (more often that not, unfortunately), and some idiots (sometimes on a daily basis), and even some bullies.
You tell 'em, Cap!
How we handle such people AND the situations they bring into our lives goes a long way to build character in ANY individual.
But with all this "new-found" nonsensical microaggressive behavior, all I'm noticing is some perverse way to LEGITIMIZE BAD BEHAVIOR.
Sorry, that dog ain't gonna hunt for me.
When many of us were young (and a lot less knowledgeable and wise) we managed to deal with such things in a very BASIC way - WE IGNORED SUCH CRAP!
(our parents drilled that into us)
We never gave pause to acknowledge the utter stupidity of either the statement OR the person mouthing it.
Can't do that today, though...gotta get it on YouTube, or some other liberal media outlet for ALL the world to see.
Buncha f$cking CRY-BABYS...that's all these young people are, and as long as ANY segment of our society provides a stage for them to "act out" upon, the rest of us won't sleep near as well as we should.
We need people who WILL stand up to them, teach them that life might toss a few lemons at them once in a while, and that they should learn to make some damn lemonade instead of protesting their lazy asses off, and giving them the power they should not have without the knowledge and wisdom to wield such power.
One might say it's like giving a Neanderthal a nuclear device.
Yeah, we used to just ignore them, and perhaps that time is past. I'd like to think otherwise.
We need to confront them and show them the folly of their behavior, and that a NORMAL society has no room for such abhorrent activities.
Remember...what you ALLOW is what WILL continue. It's that simple.
And therein lies the lesson for this week.
DO have yourselves a very good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

As I just told another friend, I'm on the good side of the 13th- work done, the new ELO lp- just released in entirety- playing (Zoom was better, sadly), so I'm good.

Love the Heston quote. Truth from the mountaintop, as it were.

Microagression? I have a good solution- my middle finger. Invalidates any claim they make and you walk away smiling.

"...some perverse way to legitimize bad behavior..." He shoots, he scores!

Bob G. said...

--Glad to know things panned out well on THIS day.
AND you got ELO tickling the inner ear...well done.

--Nothing like having "Moses" tell it like it IS, right?

I would have said "with their smile INTACT", but your way is fine by me...lol.
Don't wanna COMPOUND things, hmm?

--Not a bad shot from outside the BLUE LINE...at my age!
Always helps to have the goalie screened (by the truth).

Hey, thanks for stopping on by to comment today.
Have yourselves a great weekend and stay safe up there, brother.

John DuMond said...

Gotta love that whole "microaggression" thing. Now you're not just responsible for the things you do and say, you're responsible for how other people FEEL about things you do and say. And that, my friend, is a rabbit hole that has no bottom.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
You are EXACTLY correct.
Now, I'm certainly no sociology or psychology major (only initials I have after MY name are Jr...lol), but this thing was just too damn intriguing to not pay attention to.

It would seem to put us all another step closer to Orwellian "rule" (here comes the THOUGHT police).

I think that WE should be the ones responsible for what WE do, say or think (individually)...period.

Anything else, and you are indeed inviting trouble the likes of which we could never imagine.
Very good assessment, John.

Thanks for rolling by and commenting.
Have a great weekend & do stay safe out there.