12 November 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
If nothing else, it's WINDY out there this morning.
And we, here in America's Heartland are due for more of it throughout the day.
Could always be worse...like being in Colorado and dealing with a foot of SNOW, which is making road conditions hazardous as hell.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with the aforementioned winds, with gusts expected to reach around the 50 MPH mark.
Mostly cloudy skies will follow along with some rain tossed in just to make "interesting".
Expect highs today to be in the mid-fifties - the same temp is is outside before 0700 hrs. After taht, temps will drop and wind up in the high FORTIES.
If you travel today, be advised there may be fallen limbs, outages which could cause non-functioning traffic signals, and some scattered trash-bins or other debris blowing around...you never can tell these days.
Meanwhile, let's take it as easy as we can under the circumstances, get a soothing morning drink poured and settle back to see what is going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the storm cellar is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the futureto run over them."
This was spoken by our good friend, former president Dwight D. Eisenhower (October 14, 1890 - March 28 1969)
And here is his WIKI:
While Ike launched programs like the Interstate Highway System and DARPA, he was also a MODERATE republican, and continued some of the new deal programs and expanded executive privilege.
He DID manage to expand Social Security, and tried to pass civil rights laws (something we wouldn't see until LBJ came along).
If you haven't read the WIKI,  you might want to give it go, and even if you have read it before, the parts about his presidency and specifically his policies regarding the Middle East are worth it, especially the "Eisenhower Doctrine" to maintain control (with Britain) of Iranian oil fields.
Don'cha miss THOSE days?
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
November 12 -
(Okay, that's rather pointless, but any day WITH pizza gets MY vote. And I prefer pizza without all the greens, olives and such, and definitely NO "Hawaiian" or Buffalo wings pizza. That's just UN-AMERICAN!)
(who knew it had so many uses?)
*** Next up, I was following this whole Missouri university flap by some "angry" black students that resulted in the firing of the college's top TWO officials.
All I can say is welcome to anarchy. No other way to express it.
We would seem to have handed the keys of the asylum over to the inmates, at least in academia.
Here's one of the more "critical thinking" stories:
And here's a more concise analysis from Breitbart:
THIS is what you get when liberalism takes hold and doesn't let go (read allowed to blossom).
Once again, we see no REAL evidence of the racial slights we're supposed to believe happened.
Sounds like the Duke lacrosse rape charges all OVER again (and we know what a hoax THAT was).
If there was no evidence about race hatred charges forthcoming, then WHY didn't the college president just dismiss the case (and the offensive students) ? When and why do we allow STUDENTS to rule the educational system?
The Art of War
And you KNOW this is spreading to OTHER colleges around the country.
You see, this is ALL part of a much larger puzzle. This is just one of the pieces.
One of the best ways to keep people "off-guard" is to DISTRACT them.
Hell, Sun Tzu knew as much
This is a FAR cry from the "old" protest days I remember from the 60s and 70s.
Sit-ins have been replaced with outright  violence and school officials leave rather than stand THEIR ground...
I do like the phrase in the second story : "Emotionally-Incontinent".
That marvelously expresses what these anarchists really are...lol.
*** Next up, J-G columnist Frank Gray brings to light a topic I'm sure ALL of us are tired of.
Here's the story link:
Yes, this whole being offended at every whim IS offensive...and tiresome for many of us.
You can't get away from it...seems everyone is cheesed off at the slightest thing OVER the slightest thing...and for no good reason.
Just grow a pair, put on your BIG people pants, get some thicker skin, and get the hell over it...!
It's part of life...grow the f$ck up, you infantile morons.
Now, I get my "Dutch" up at many things and people...BUT, I have a reason for doing so, and I make it clear as glass.
Yet, like any person who has more than a few brain cells that DO function as designed, I "pick my battles".
I don't rant and rail against the trivial, and certainly not against anything that cannot be validated in any way, shape, or form.
Still, when it comes to the "youts" of America these days, the more frivolous and trumped-up a cause...the better (for them).
I just shake my head at this crap and wonder where will it all end.
Momma Fargo (The Boogie Man is My Friend blog - link at left) had a great post on this yesterday (11 Nov,) with two fantastic videos that sum it all up...check them out, please.
And then you can nod in agreement, just like I did.
*** Next up, I did a post or two ages ago referencing a little-known movie from the late 60s - WILD IN THE STREETS.
Here's the WIKI on this dystopian gem:
Now, we are witnesses to an eerily similar series of events, that hopefully will not culminate in the results that were portrayed in the movie.
The movie became one of those "cult-classics" of the counterculture movement.
It has to do with the baby-boomer generation coming of age, but losing control of American society.
When young people rise to power and enact a series of "laws" determined to keep "those old people" at bay, the domino effect of such tactics is predictable...and inevitable.
Imagine a nation where anyone OVER 35 is sent to a "re-education camp" and that young people rule the country.
Given the many circumstances we're seeing at universities across the nation, such things are not as "far-fetched" and well within the realm of reality, should be allow the present state to evolve (or is that devolve?) and continue.
It's worth a watch, if you can find it around.
*** Next, an update on the man found dead in a car yesterday.
And, it IS homicide NUMBER TWENTY-EIGHT (as I predicted it would be).
Here's the story link:
The man was ID'ed as 18 year old Jose G. Razo-Rodriguez and the cause of death was due to gunshot wounds Nice of the neighbors to NOT hear anything, too. Apathy can be hard-of-hearing as well as blind.
*** Last back to the bunker...our nation IS reaching a tipping point in many ways.
We have at least one generation that could use a serious spanking, with another generation that simply needs a good swift kick in their ASSES...and their complacency.
Those of us who had parents that were part of the "greatest generation" - living through the Great Depression as well as WW2 still retain many of the values that those in our families passed down to us, and it's THIS type of mindset that is sorely need in today's America.
Gone are the days of Beaver Cleaver...that much is certain, but by God, we need to wrest back all that we have lost along the way when it comes to AMERICAN culture, values, and principles.
The anarchists and socialists are making a push to take our liberties and freedoms from all of us, and we need to start pushing the hell back in any and all ways possible.
We need to make sure that our moral compass is pointed in the right direction, and we also need to call out every single one of these bastards that would turn us into a nation that is as far from what the Founding Fathers envisioned as the east os from the west.
We need to stop with ALL of the POLITICALLY-correct bullshit and start applying all the MORALLY and SOCIALLY correct aspects of humanity once again. It's still OUR country...and OUR choice. Let's make it the right one...and stick to it, for OUR sake, and this nation's.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Bob, you are a pizza man after my own heart. Do you deliver?

The Mizzou thing is a no-dog-in-hunt thing for me, but here are a few observations. Mizzou, like most of our universities, is run by the liberal elite. Let their young eat them for a change. Who cares? AND, were I the president, here's what I woulda done, outside of acting before it became a mess while he fiddled: The whole thing is unheard about if the football team, including the coaches, don't support it. The moment the coaching staff stands with the protesters, they are GONE, don't let the screen door hit you. Second, any player who misses class (not athletics) due to the strike is permanently academically inellegible (a word I apparently have no hope of spelling right). Then, I take their list of demands before a responsible panel one by one addressing the concerns in the best interests of ALL students and faculty. Anyone missing classes within 24 hours of posting the response is dismissed for the school year, with all grades incomplete. I think you can guess what I would do with any profs supporting the nonsense.

If the President had balls, he'd still have a job. The one thing the protesters were absolutely right on- he didn't have any.

Wild In the Streets- MAX FROST AND THE TROOPERS! That is all.

And on your final thoughts... Rush mentioned today that when Ronald Reagan was Gov of the land of fruits and nuts, he just sent the National Guard in. Might have to add that to my program, too. Make sure to send a unit that still has a chaplin, too.

I understand, these kids are simply doing what they were taught. But at a certain point you have to be an adult and look at things through OPEN eyes and make your own choices based on evidence, observation, and deductive reasoning.

I remember when I first got registered to vote. I told dad I registered as an independent.

"We're Democrats, " He told me.

"Maybe you are," I replied. "I want to figure things out myself." Be nice if any of these halfwits could educate themselves.

But since they are unwilling to, at least, at Mizzou, hand them back their scissors and let them run.

Bob G. said...

--I have been known to "deliver" in times past, but that was due to OTHER acquired traits...LOL.
Yeah, I LOVE pizza, and I would never steer you wrong when I say that a certain place was TOP-SHELF!
--Mizzou - Agreed with the dismissal of the mediocre team AND they lose any and all SCHOLARSHIPS on the way out the damn door.
I take it that you would fire the profs from whatever cannon you could find?
-- AH Max Frost for president...(better not). A decent soundtrack.
--BY ALL means, send in the TROOPS with a CHAPLIN (and a Rabbi, too...lol)
People have to (learn to) view the world SANS the blinders of liberalism, because that is NOT the way this nation runs...period.
Oh, and smear some Crisco on that floor they're running on (with those scissors...just to be "safe)...HA!
If it doesn't CHALLENGE them it won't CHANGE them, right?

Very good thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there, brother.