20 November 2015

Friday Follies...
Finally, the end to another week, and this one will have you believing that it is indeed the month of November.
I have a feeling that Indian Summer is now in the history books for this year.
Our Hoosierland weather today will see us with mostly sunny skies, but with temps only reaching into the MID-FORTIES. Oh, and it will be windy again (hopefully not as bad as yesterday...sheesh!)
Tonight we will see a rain-snow mix after increased clouds roll in, and by tomorrow afternoon, it will be all snow, with from 1-3 inches of accumulation (or grassy areas mostly) to the north and NW areas of our fair city.
Time to sand off and wax up the runners of the old Flexible Flyer, right?
(I'm assuming people STILL know that reference...lol)
So,  let's all get our cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close-at-hand, as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out the door is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
November 20 -
(a day without fudge is like a day without sunshine)
(and here I thought that was EVERY day for the last SEVEN years?)
*** Since it's the weekend, let's see what things are going on over the next 72 hours:
November 21 -
(I'd say they missed that by about FIVE days)
---And, it's NATIONAL ADOPTION DAY - Saturday before Thanksgiving
(as for our patio critters - we got this one covered. They're ALL "adopted")
November 22 -
(actually never had this, but I would try it...maybe. Just not on a hot dog.)
So there you go...everything to keep you off the streets and out of jail.
Moving on...
*** The J-G website is back up (no clues as to why it was down yesterday), and  this story comes at just the WRONG time - the holiday shopping season. Here's the link:
It seems we have some "funny money" circulating in Northern Indiana (South Bend), and you can be sure that it will not be confined to that area.
Fake $20s are the most common, but $50s and $100s are also in the mix here.
I thought with ALL the new "bells and whistles" on our paper currency, that this was no longer an issue.
Guess we've got us some very "innovative" counterfeiters (who I hope get caught soon enough).
*** Next up, it seems the FWPD are being even MORE reluctant to release information concerning crime in Fort Wayne, as evidenced by THIS "police brief":
Well, they DID provide pictures.
All "good boys"?
Thing is, police didn't even say WHERE the robbery took place.
Guess having a JOB is way down the list?
But, we know police DO "need our help"...with WHAT, exactly?
They don't provide date/time, location, getaway on foot? Vehicle description?
This is getting real old real fast in this city.
Got's me a gold chain, though.
Didn't USED to be that way until York's last year as chief and Hamilton's "reign" as police "capo"...WTH is going on here? And don't tell me THEY don't know a damn thing.
That would not be reassuring to we, the law-abiding citizens.
*** And speaking of "law-abiding", there is a good op-ed piece by local NRA-certified firearms instructor, Bob Aldridge. Here's that link:
He takes to task the articles the J-G published about crime stats, and how the survey used in citing the stats is "flawed", and not a good barometer when it comes to firearm usage.
It seems the survey cited (NCVS) does NOT take into account the DEFENSIVE use of firearms to avoid or deter criminal activity.
Many times, liberals will provide a "convincing" argument, based solely upon ONE side of a given story...and people buy into the deception.
Since there are always TWO sides to ANY story, it's better to hold off on rash judgments until you know ALL the facts, right?
That's what an INFORMED public should always do.
But, as long as you portray ONE side as more entertaining than the ENTIRE story, many fall for all of the PC-BS.
Defensive use of a firearm has been proven (just by it's display alone) to deter criminal activity.
And THIS well thought out blog post proves the point even FURTHER:
This is the information that is conveniently left out in certain surveys, and it should not be, if we are to know ALL the facts.
Aldridge does a masterful job of pointing that out to the ill-informed. Nice job, Bob.
*** Next up, I listened in to WOWO last night to hear a 90 minute program dedicated to the history of that station.
And, I have to say, I learned a LOT about this area and the advent of radio in Fort Wayne.
Included in the program were archival recordings from different eras and various on-air personalities.
Originally, the station sounded a bit like NPR, with music (and farm programs) tossed in.
Many of the ground-breakers on the station LIVED on the SE side...imagine that.
Here is a website that will do a much better job of letting you get to know the history of the station:
WOWO has been around since 1925...and that alone is pretty damn impressive.
*** Next up, it's time for "What the hell is Bob buying now?"
I'm glad you asked, because I knew you were curious...heh.
While I would love to get all sorts of Star Wars stuff, you always have to practice a modicum of control when you see things. I mean a two-foot tall Yoda (that talks) IS pretty cool, but I don't feel like dropping a couple "Franklins" over it.
I have been trying to get some (more) Doctor Who items, and I recently got the DVD of TIME OF THE DOCTOR (last Matt Smith episode), as well as the ENTIRE first series (with Christopher Eccleston). I wish BBC America would show these eps, because they lend continuity to the other Doctors down the road. Now, I no longer have to wait, do I?
I also found a 10th Doctor action figure (last one) at Gamestop in Glenbrook Mall two weeks ago. and while Toys R Us had some GREAT deals for these figures online (at $4.98 each - WOW!), they didn't have a single figure at the damn store - ARGH!.
(currently out-of-stock - OY!)
What they DID have (and not many of) was the "spin and fly" TARDIS with lights and sounds...and for $20!
(that's WAY cheaper than the trending prices of $25 and UP...I've been checking around).
I was chatting with the clerk at Hot Tropic, and he even said that was a great price.
Plus, I did get one Star Wars item - the Rebels Epic Assault command series of figures.
(like the old "green army men" - static positions)
That cost around 82% off the retail price (about $7), and to me, that says "worth it".
Plus, you get some cool TIE fighters and rebel ships, even if they're not painted.
They are well detailed.
I might just wrap them and stick them under the tree...say the cat got 'em for me...LOL.
*** Next up, Mr. Wrinkles (still, THE most photographed squirrel in Ft. Wayne) stopped by yesterday for some food, and what surprised me was that when I went out with some peanuts, he came over, crawled up onto my leg...and he STAYED there to eat his food.
Mr. Wrinkles, and my denim-clad leg.
He's never done that before, and it took him a while to eat it.
Now, to me, he didn't quite seem like himself...you know this after a time.
He was more calm (slow) and less "squirrely" - the way they dart about and eat fast.
I hope he's not ill or anything...hate to lose another one of my little "buddies".
And yes, that's MY foot there.
He's been a staple of our patio for two years running, and will always have a place to have his fill of food at the "Fortress".
It kinda bugs me when I get "attached" to these critters.
Maybe that's why I could never work at an animal shelter...
I'd get too damn attached to ALL of the dogs and cats.
It must be the St. Francis in me...and I'm not EVEN Catholic. Go figure.
*** Last back to the garage...this time next week, Thanksgiving will be history, people will be fighting one another on Black Friday, and the holiday season will have hit it's stride...can I stand the strain?
The stores that offer Black Friday deals ONLINE would be something I'd like.
I simply will not go and venture into the "fray" when it comes to the day after Thanksgiving.
Guess I'm getting bothered by crowds these days.
Perhaps it's the attitude THEY display - not as civil as times before.
Maybe, it's because I miss a slower time - a time when everyone was NOT in such a damn hurry to go practically nowhere immediately.
The holidays seemed a lot more protracted when I was younger..now, it's shoved at us long before Halloween, and then given the bum's rush out the door before it actually arrives.
Who the hell can keep up with such a frenetic pace...and should we even try?
We should take in ALL the holidays have to offer, and when they GET HERE...not months before.
That makes things seem better, and more deserved.
Holidays past, and the people included in them. That's what I suppose I miss the most.
But let's leave next week in the future, for the time being, because it will all be history before we know it, right?
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Laurie has to work Thanksgiving night til 1 am, but escapes the rest of Black Friday.

Wrinkles is AWESOME! You are indeed the Squirrel Whisperer!

I got into spoilers for the next three episodes... won't tell you what you don't wanna know, but there are some BIG changes coming...

I grew up on the Little Red Barn show, with Bob, Jay, young Chris, and Nancy Lee and the Hilltoppers. WOWO was the best back then...

Shameful plug: Time Machine posted Friday morning as usual... my venture into the Syrian refugee crisis just a bit ago. More bang for your no-buck!

Bob G. said...

I'm glad to hear that Laurie gets out of being at work on the balance of BF...wouldn't want to be anywhere near any of it.

Don't know how much LONGER I'll be whispering to Wrinkles.
Lives come and go all the time.
He's definitely not as "spry" as he once was (guess that makes two of us these days)

I DO know that "Clara" will be leaving the show. Sad to see that.

I figured many of you living in and around here knew a lot more about WOW than I did, but it was great LEARNING about it.
They're gonna RERUN the broadcast on Thanksgiving Day.

The Syrian refugee gig..the Doctor never had to deal with stuff like tats...only the END of the damn universe.
I envy him that.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Much appreciated.

Have a great weekend and do stay safe up there, brother.