19 November 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
If you think we're having a wonderfully MILD November, get set for some "changes" here in the Heartland.
Naturally, the "global-warmists" are drooling all over, but that's what they do best, because accurate predictions (using computer models alone) of  what the world is doing is missing the mark.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us in a state of transition - and that means that today, although it will be sunny and breezy with a high of around 50, the next few days will see markedly COOLER temps with highs in the 40s and within  a couple days, only in the 30s. Dress accordingly and get set to see some (dare I say it?) SNOW over the weekend.
So, with that behind us, let's all get that morning drink poured as we take a look at what's been going on elsewhere.
*** First off of the kitchen counter is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith."
This was spoken by Alexis De Tocqueville (29 July 1805 - 16 April 1859) who was a French political thinker and historian, best noted for his work DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA (2 volumes published in 1835 and 1849), and THE OLD REGIME AND THE REVOLUTION (1856). And here is the complete WIKI on him:
We may be closer than we think here.
Without getting into all the historical aspects, dates and people, let's just say he didn't like despotic rulers, was against Napoleon Bonaparte, and was hoping to bring the kind of stability to French political life that would permit the steady growth of liberty unimpeded by the regular rumblings of revolutionary change.
It's a really good read and he is often quoted by many American conservatives for his views about the manner in which OUR nation was founded and the political structure that ensured freedoms and liberties to it's people.
*** Next up we have our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
November 18 -
(anyone remember the old JOLT cola? Those were the days)
(there are SO many damn versions, and I would love to play each one at least once.)
---It's also the GREAT AMERICAN SMOKEOUT – Thursday Before Thanksgiving
(nothing that great about it to me...smoke 'em if ya got 'em.)
*** Next up, our Crybaby-in-chief is looking to VETO a bill that would "pause" the influx of Syrian refugees.
Here's the story link from FOX news:
This is my "pissed when I don't get my own way" look.
Now WHO is NOT willing to "discuss" such things NOW, hmm?
(and who is NEVER willing to discuss anything but what HE wants?)
It's not like we DON'T have a radical presence here.
Apparently, our (what is passing for a president) leader doesn't think (and that's his problem) that having the FBI overwhelmed with TRYING to vet all these refugees is no big deal.
France allowed sections of Paris to become havens for Muslims and Sharia law...how's that working out for them lately?
The higher the number, the greater the threat.
All WE want to do is not permit a like scenario to occur HERE...what's wrong with that?
Naturally, Obummer has to attack the republicans for this bill. That's something else he does well, even if he's almost always in error. Can't fault the message? Attack the messenger.
Typical libtard asshole mentality.
*** Next, and because the J-G website is DOWN for some reason, I've got to find other stories from the ones I wanted to comment on, so hang in there.
There was an interesting story (from WANE) about misleading correlations between mental illness and mass shootings. Here's the link:
What we're hearing these days is that mass murderers tend to be loners, abuse drugs and/or alcohol, with around half being bullied, and fantasized about violence.
But only 23% of those studied  had a DOCUMENTED psychiatric history, with a mere SIX PERCENT deemed psychotic when committing a crime.
"These mass killers may NOT be mentally-ill, but they're socially and morally DEPRAVED. It's evil. Evil in it's purest form" states Dr. Stephen Ross (clinical and forensic psychologist)
But, what about THIS study, doc?
So, if you say these killers are not mentally-ill, then WHAT do we call them other than EVIL?
A LARGER version of this is at the link
I would tend to believe that EVIL people do suffer from SOME form of mental-derangement, otherwise they wouldn't be so...well, EVIL, right?
There has to be SOMETHING in their body chemistry or genetic makeup that gives them a predisposition to BE so damn bad. It's got to be more NATURE than NURTURE.
*** Next, and as we approach the holiday season, stories like these make me wonder is this is the best use of resources. Here's the link:
I see, so the ISP can create and enforce sobriety CHECKPOINTS. Thought that was supposed to be "unconstitutional"? Guess not.
Well, that's re to make the HIGHWAYS and INTERSTATES safe...but what about our city STREETS?
I don't think the FWPD or the ACSD can conduct similar checkpoints...and if anyone should, THEY should. Actually, I'm all for NOISE checkpoints, but that's not gonna happen.
I'm sure we;ll hear that the ISP managed to pull over SEVERAL drunks who were trying to drive.
We could use THESE in Ft. Wayne.
Meanwhile, in Fort Wayne, tens of dozens of drunks will keep on rolling (hopefully not into people, houses, or other vehicles). And, IF arrested, they will be "released on their own recognizance", as is SOP downtown.
(hope it's not okay for them to drive themselves home, but knowing this city...)
*** Next, leave it to a liberal newspaper to want to nit-pick THIS story about a small town in Missouri.
Here's the link:
The small town of Pagedale, MO is catching some flak over some of it's neighborhood "policies", and the libtards are crying "foul".
Now, yo tell me if THESE items are representative of a normal neighborhood or it's occupants:
1) Mismatched curtains
2) Wearing your pants BELOW the waist
3) Weeds growing over 7 inches high
THIS is what Pagedale, MO wants to avoid.
Sounds like the city doesn't want to see a GHETTO evolve
I see ALL of those in OUR area, and it's TYPICAL of the inhabitants around us.
Hell, we see SHEETS being used as "curtains". and LOTS of males have the saggy-baggys going on, and weed violations are numerous during the season.
SO, what's the problem with wanting a NICE neighborhood anyway?
I guess a lot, as mentioned HERE:
The liberals cite the "tactics" as a revenue-snatching ploy. I look at it as proactive law-enforcement.
Don't want the fines? Follow the rules.
Other things eligible for citation include:
--Holes in screens (seen those on the SE a lot)
--wading pools or basketball hoops in FRONT of one's house (ditto)
--BBQ grill in FRONT of the house (ditto)
Nothing screams "ghetto" like THAT crap, does it?
The story says it's like a home-owner's association from hell.
And some see it as "policing for profit".
I beg to differ. It's a common sense approach to keeping property values UP, keeping those living in the houses RESPONSIBLE, and making the area one that people can be proud of, plain and simple.
Wish we had the resources HERE in Fort Wayne to do likewise...that would be a damn good start.
I know Cindy Joyner (Neighborhood Code Enforcement) always thanks me for reporting blatant areas of citation to her department.
And VACANT houses are even worse
If it were not for that, our area would look a damn sight WORSE, that's for sure.
We could stand to take a page or two from Pagedale, MO if our city wants to recoup ALL the revenue it's lost over the past couple decades on the south side.
*** Last back to the refrigerator... there comes a time in your life when you know it's high time you started to pay attention and act a bit more "grown-up".
That's not to say you totally dismiss the ability to be child-like once a while.
The innocence that children have is something we should cherish, for it never lasts that long.
What it DOES mean, is that we learn to become responsible people...to own up to our mistakes, and call out those who do wrong, even if it's ourselves.
It means we practice what we've been taught, and if we have questions or lack the tutelage we should have received as we were growing up, we should educate ourselves so as not to be a hindrance on society, but rather a contributing factor...just as our parents were, and their parents before them.
That's the way things SHOULD be, right?
Well, that doesn't always work out, because we have all these programs in place that were designed to HELP people, but instead, act to carry people through their lives when they should be carrying themselves.
Our task can be both simple and complex, depending how we conduct ourselves.
We can make it simpler by doing what is right, or complex if we choose the other road.
As can be expected, it's ALL about making CHOICES in life.
Let's make whatever choice we decide upon to be the best one.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Aww...heck. Can't it be Friday yet? Sigh. Great post. This world war thing is giving me fits. I am ready. Just need more coffee and wine stocked up. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Coffee and wine?
Hell to the yeah...we got BOTH of those here at the "Fortress" in abundance...AND ammo, too!

Who could have foreseen that such troubles in the world would be from camel-jockeys who still practice beliefs from the 10th century?

Maybe we should bomb them BACK there, so they feel "more at home"?
Be nice to give it a go.

Thanks much for rolling up here today and commenting.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Well, you've hit on a lot of things that really piss me off. Most beginning with the word Liberal.

My Friend on his blog is now purporting to explain "Conservative thought" on the Syrian immigrant crisis. By use of a meme with Mary being shut out at Bethlehem. Which is pretty rich, seeing's as he's Jewish and thus is insulting both Christians and conservatives in one turn.

Catholics and Jews- the only aggravating thing about both is they always vote against their own best interests.

Bob G. said...

Hey, I enjoy a good game of politically-incorrect "whack-a-mole",...sorry if I picked at any scabs.

Your blog-friend is JEWISH and doesn't "get" the gist (and erroneous impact) of the SYRIAN gig versus the FIRST Christmas gig?
Totally our of context.
Well, that one's on them, isn't it?

Sure aren't the Catholics and Jews I remember when I was young...with whom we ALL got along one w/ the other, and left politics to the politicians (who were also a better lot as well back then).

When you go against your own interests, then (to me) that means you have abrogated the right (or is that a privilege?) of bitching about them when they don't pan out, right?
Better to be the dog than the hydrant on things like this, hmm?

Thanks much for dropping by and commenting today.
Never give up hope that people will find a way to remove their blinders.

And do stay safe up there, brother.