25 November 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week, and it's the day BEFORE Thanksgiving.
So, what all are YOU thankful for...and why?
We'll visit that in a minute, but let's take a look at that forecast.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with more warming up and sunny skies today and breezy conditions.
Temps will reach a high of around 50 degrees, and no precipitation on the immediate horizon.
Not a bad way to greet a Wednesday, is it?
So, let's get our morning drinks poured and parked alongside as we see what is going on in this crazy world.
*** First off of the analyst's couch is our WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"There is one day that is ours. Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American."
I think this only fitting given the turmoil we seem to encounter on many of those other 364 days of the rolling year.
So, WHO sad that, anyway?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at some "banana republic"...
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
November 25 -

(better than jello imho)
---It's also BLASE DAY
(certainly a day to give less of a damn about something, and NOT to be confused with Comrade mayor DiBlasio of NYC, who doesn't give a damn about our country all that much)
(I never need a reminder to shop, and neither do you)
(Oops, sorry, I thought it meant something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT...lol)
Wonder if bow ties count?
Because we know there are some that feel that bowties are cool.
(I wish they'd use the shorter WHITE RIBBON DAY instead)
The only violence against ANY women I would sanction, would be if a woman was bent on stabbing, shooting or otherwise maiming me and wanting to cause harm to me or Wifey...then, all bets  (and gloves) are off.
*** Next up, and speaking about violence against women, they caught the two perps that broke into that Indy home and shot to death the pregnant wife of a young pastor there.
Here's the story
Young black males (possibly involved with gangs) committing burglaries...yeah, I called that one the day it came on the news. just had a "feeling"
When you live where Wifey and I do, and see the antics, you KNOW who is responsible...and who isn't.
The thing about this that pisses me off, is that these two have plead NOT guilty...
You're kidding me, right?
Give 'em the death sentence and be DONE with them. No more revolving doors in the judicial system
Such animals don't deserve the breathe the same air as everyone else.
*** And on the flip side of this skewed narrative, we have two cities facing "protests" from the Black Lives Matter group of assholes.
Here's the story from Minnesota:
Now, this comes in the wake of the Jamar Clark shooting (by police) and the most recent report has FIVE others shot near where the (Black Lives Matter) protests were happening.
Police there have arrested three involved in that fracas.
And here's the story from Chicago:
Damn, that's one nasty-ass "protester" trying to egg on a CPD officer, isn't it?
Wonder why there's NEVER any protests about all the BLACK LIVES being snuffed out by OTHER BLACKS in the community? Only the lives that are taken by POLICE are the ones that "matter"?
Whatta crock of bullshit!
Thing is, we're  concerned about terrorists from OUTSIDE our country getting INSIDE...while we have a more clear and present danger ALREADY in our midst.
Calmer heads don't seem to be prevailing in these situations, except on the side of law-enforcement.
This can happen in ANY city across America, and most likely will, given the nature of hostilities between certain sectors of the black community and police.
If people would just OBEY THE F$CKING LAWS, none of this would occur, but for some, doing the RIGHT thing is not only a moral impossibility, but obviously a social one, too.
Moving on...
*** Seems that Turkey knows how to shoot at things...like Russian fighters that continually cross over into Turkish air space. Here's that story:
That DEFINITELY left a mark.
NATO is taking a stand WITH Turkey on this one, and that's got Putin's undies in a bunch.
(bullies tend to react that way)
I think it's nice to see Russia given a black eye, although shooting at (and killing) one of the pilots from that plane is not being a "good sport", but warfare tends to block such things in the minds of those waging it.
Besides, the Turkish air force has a LOT of our "hardware" both on the ground AND in the air.
They're even working on a 5th gen fighter, called the TAI-TFX.
Not a bad looking ship, Has elements of both the F-22 Raptor and the Northrop YF-23.
And the Swedish firm SAAB has a hand in the development of this aircraft.
Yeah, those guys "came to play"...and they have "us" to thank.
Here's the WIKI on them - see for yourself:

And, you just HAVE to admire an air force that has the SAME emblem on their aircraft as the TARGET store LOGO, right?
Could we call this akin to what the movies anf television refer to as "product-placement", and, who gets any royalties, the TAF or Target?
On the eve of "Turkey Day", we have the country of Turkey gobbling up a Russian fighter, and with good reason.
The irony here is so good, it has to be fattening...just like tomorrow's dinner, right?
*** Next, Wifey and I trekked out to get her some oral surgery (OMSA) yesterday, and to say I was trying to NOT have an anxiety attack, would be an understatement.
Whatever cleaning stuff they use gives me flashbacks out the wazoo...and the FTW airport uses it too (must be popular and cheap). Once it gets up your nose, it STAYS there, trust me.
Anyway, she checked in, the Doc came and got her prepped (IV to knock her out) and I waited in the outer area.
Seemed like a long enough time when the nurse came and said she made it through fine and was recouping in a side area.
Yep, Wifey was definitely "out of it", but was starting to come 'round.
Short answer - ENOUGH!
Took a few attempts to sit up.
So, the final verdict was ALL wisdom teeth pulled, sutured up, ice pack strapped around her face, and a good case of the "staggers"...and it only cost a little over 7 Franklins (half of the total).
Nice job if you can stand the blood.
So, we drive home, an Wifey is getting more "awake" by the minute.
I stop at Walgreens to get her prescripts filled while she waited in the car. If it was going to take longer than 10 mins, I'd come back, but the pharmacist there said he could do it right away - cool.
That only cost under $10, and I made a friend there. Nice older black man who asked if I was in the military (had my camos on, what else?). I told him I "DID used to work for the federal government - treasury dept", and he thanked me...took me by surprise. Told him I did my small part (that was a GS-4 position in those days). Anyway, when he headed away from the pharmacy counter, he wished my wife well.
On my way out, I saw him in another aisle and wished HIM a happy thanksgiving.
Had a little trouble with the "handshake" - I was "out of practice" and told him I was VERY old school...lol.
We laughed and waved to each other
Good people.
I never get tired of them, no matter what ethnicity they are.
So, Wifey is home, got her pain-killers, cold-pack face wrap (that we refreeze every hour), and is on warm soft foods today.
Yesterday, nothing but room-temp Rush Limbaugh's "Two if by Tea"...heh.
Applesauce and pudding were also okay.
She slept on the family room sofa, and I slept in the living room, in case she needed anything.
She had some scrambled eggs this morning.
Went down okay, she said.
Her cheeks are a bit puffy, but the swelling will subside in a couple days.
Nowhere CLOSE to this...
Gonna take the better part of a week to get back to being "normal" again...just hope she's not any LESS "wise" from losing those 4 wisdom teeth.
*** Next up, still nothing on Mr. Wrinkles, but our other squirrel friend, "Patches" came by today. LOT more tentatively). Hell, we take what we can get. I have the peanuts...and the patience.
This is our "Patches"
Looks like the hind leg is better, because he's a bit more active, and he will ALSO take a peanut from my fingers (albeit a LOT more tentatively, and not AS often.).
Hell, we take what we can get. I have the peanuts...and the patience.
*** Last back to the out-patient facilities...times like what I experienced yesterday help bring home the fact that I did indeed have MUCH to be thankful for.
I have always been a WORRIER...you know the type. That's me in a nutshell.
But all the concern I have tends to make me AWARE, and CAUTIOUS, and able to "sess up" a situation.
And, believe it or not, I AM thankful for that, whatever it costs me.
When we stop to take some time and realize WHO we have become in life, that list of thankfulness gets pretty damn LONG, doesn't it?
It's not JUST the people who have touched our lives - parents, the mentors, educators, friends, co-workers and the like. It's all those "people passing through", as I like to call 'em. They're the ones you meet only ONCE, and they make an impressions on you (and hopefully you on them). The unknown souls in our lives...I'm thankful for THEM, as well.
I'm thankful for whatever money is in the pocket, a roof over the head, food on the table, all the basic necessities of living, many of which we take for granted every single day.
I'm thankful for friends, who are few and far between, but I appreciate them more this way.
I'm thankful for God's gift of life...DAILY.
I'm thankful for having God allowing me the opportunity to enjoy His creation as best I can.
And, I am thankful for our country, that has provided the freedom and liberty to pursue all the possibilities
that life has to offer all of us. Without that, things would be a lot worse, right?
It's only proper that we spend some time in quiet thought (or prayer) to remember everything and everyone  that got us to this point in time..
Have yourselves a great and Happy Thanksgiving. We'll catch you on the flip side.
And remember that a multi-dessert event is NEVER to be passed up.

Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I can sum up half your post in one sentence: Black lives matter... just not to blacks.

Lives, period, don't matter to most of these so called people.

You want to eliminate racial prejudice, profiling, and bigotry? Start by not raising any more thugs like these.

We've hit on the Turkey thing before- I hope Putin shows them how a real leader reacts. Turkey is a cesspool of corruption and religious hatred that the world would miss not one bit.

Hopefully the Russkies can hit a few of those big bullseyes.

I got my wisdom teeth out a long time ago... not a lot of fun, but I never missed them. Hopefully their loss won't "impact" her teaching job, lol!

Amen to all your thanks-giving. I posted something similar on FB last night:

"Before I forget, before we eat, before we start a long weekend and get swept up in the heartache that is Black Friday.... Lord, I am thankful for what you have given. You loved me too much for betrayal to make a difference. Too much for the price to make a difference. I am humbled by your mercy."

And with that, have a great Thanksgiving!

Bob G. said...

--I agree. There is ALWAYS some "provision" w/these folks...damn shame they can't even figure it the hell out.

--Not raising thugs? Get rid a LOT of the libtards (and their do-nothing programs) and it WOULD be much easier.

--And yet we sent ALL that US hardware to them JUST so "we could have a base in Riyadh".
Doesn't seem like a FAIR trade
--If the Russians can't HIT them, maybe they can SHOP at them & help our GDP!

--LOL...always leave 'em laughing, especially when they can't laugh.
Love it.

--Glad you liked the Thanksgiving amenities..the list gets longer every week, it seems.

--VERY well said, my friend.

You all do the same and embrace HIS blessings.
Thanks for commenting, and stay SAFE up there, brother.