09 November 2015

Monday Musings...
No, your eyes are not deceiving you...things look a lot different, don't they?
You can thank...I mean BLAME Google/Blogger for this mess.
Saturday's post kinda tells the tale.
Anyway, it's not THAT bad a look, and I'm too lazy to try and set everything back the way it used to look.
That doesn't mean I don't miss the "original" presentation of my humble blog, and I might "try" and get the template restored. Just not today.
The weekend weather caught us marvelously OFF-guard this weekend, with temps dipping BELOW the freezing mark...and not ONE SINGLE mention of a FREEZE-WARNING on the TV about it. Didn't even hear anything when they mentioned the 7-day planner the previous day.
Thanks for helping to hasten the demise of some of our plants, you idiots.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will find us with a more seasonal high of around 55 degrees, with mostly sunny skies. Still was cold last night, though. And it probably will be until Spring rolls around next year.
Have to get used to it, right?
So, let's all get a nice warm cup of some soothing drink, as we set off into another week that's sure to send along some of life's good, bad and ugly...
*** First from under the comforter is our "What the hell happens today,Bob?" feature:
November 9 -
(a very personal favorite of mine)
If you want the skinny on this, here you go:
A "proper" breakfast.
Now, obtaining this product was NEVER a problem in Philly, but here in Indiana, it's harder to come by than a decent neighbor.
I was raised on the stuff, and no, I don't want to know everything that's in it...LOL.
Scott's groceries USED to carry it, and when Kroger bought them out, THEY also carried it...for a time, and at a good price.
($2.50 for Kuntzler's brand).
About 2-3 years ago, they stopped carrying it (?), and I haven't seen it since, but when they did have it, I wasn't the only one to buy it, because it disappeared from the shelf fast enough, and I only would buy TWO "loaves" every few weeks.
(wonder if Wal-Mart carries it?)
Some folks don't know WHAT they're missing.
Moving on...
*** And speaking of things that are "hard to come by", let's try THIS on for size:
This is one of the growing number of crimes that happen around Fort Wayne, that SHOULD have you scratching your heads in disbelief.
And, it's NOT because of the type of crime.
It's because of the amount of "information" that's been provided to WE, THE PEOPLE.
This armed robbery took place at the BP station located at 909 E. Coliseum Blvd around 0300 hrs Saturday morning.
That's about ALL the information that police told the media, and the story has been all but buried
Now, NO arrests were made (obviously), NO information as to if or how much CASH or other items were taken, and NO description of the suspect.
And the tag line is: "If you have any information, call police".
I'm getting pretty damn sick and tired of the LACK of information the public is provided, and yet somehow "expected" to assist police.
With what? the public has NOTHING to go on...how the hell can you truly expect ANYONE to help when they have no information?
What...you want me to "guess" who pulled this off?
How about a BLACK GUY? (too obvious?) Maybe a WHITE GUY? Maybe a DWARF with attitude? Perhaps it was a a WOMAN?
And since the place is well-lit, we don't even know WHAT kind of clothes he/she/it was wearing. Maybe they were NUDE?
That would explain the lack of a clothing description, right?
It was an ARMED robbery...well, since everyone has ARMS (a left one and a right one), that's a bit ambiguous, too.
Did the perp have a GUN? A KNIFE? A MACHETE? A pair of 3-month old gym socks?
And we don't know WHAT was taken? Money? Ciggies? 3 Musketeers bar? A cup of coffee (with cream and sugar)?
For cripes sake, we live in a bloody age of "The Information Superhighway".
And here we stand in the middle of a stinking "dirt road".
C'mon now...let's get some information OUT to the public, so THEY can help the FWPD.
And to the FWPD, I'd say stop this shit with the "gag orders"...you want OUR help, then by God start by giving US something to go on, other than "a robbery happened". This kind of "silence " is deplorable, even IF it does speak VOLUMES.
*** Next, along those lines, there was a good letter to the editor in today's J-G:
Here is the letter (verbatim) from the paper:
Citizen observers aid solid police work
Until I took military leave from the FBI during World War II, I learned police work is hard, dangerous and tedious. Developing investigative techniques, personal contacts and street smarts takes time. Good intelligence works from the bottom to the top, not top down. Knowledge and patience go hand in hand.
Ordinary citizens can stop crime: Notice strangers in your neighborhood, write down license numbers of suspicious cars roaming. Listen to your children/teenagers. Become involved in their lives. Investigate whether they have a gun. Do your own home investigation before trouble or untimely death invade your family life.
One professionally trained officer is worth any number of volunteers. A prime example of excellent team police work – coordination by many federal, state and city police departments such as the recent arrest of hundreds of individuals in major cities across America, resulting in the shutdown of the largest juvenile sex ring in America. No quick arrest, good record-keeping and patience in investigation tied this  countrywide crime together.
Crime Stoppers is effective and works – report, verify, investigate: the lifeblood of successful police work. Citizens, tell the officer what you know or suspect, give them a lead and let the professionals do their job.
ELDON ZAHM, Fort Wayne
Have to hand it to Eldon...HE "gets it".
He cites "citizen involvement". and he's right, the people CAN and DO help the police all over the place.
But all of this is predicated upon the public being MADE AWARE of what goes down...it's called INFORMING the people.
He says that good intelligence works from the bottom up, and not from the top down.
Seems the FWPD could take a page from THAT notebook. Funny, they USED to do just that.
*** Last back to the barn...I'll bet you might be wondering what's been going on around the "Fortress", so here's a bit of a catch-up
Our house - our leaf pile.
Wifey and I raked the leaves again (that makes 5 times for me,...and hopefully the last).
My back is letting me know how much "fun" it was, too.
From "air-guitar" to raking.  Who'da thunk?
Gotta remind myself, I'm not 25 anymore. Or 45 for that matter.
And some of the critters are stopping by.
Mr. Wrinkles hardly misses a day.
Haven't see our rabbit friend for over a week, though.
You come to expect them, and miss them when they don't show up.
Yo, Bob...feeder's EMPTY again.
The birds are loving filled feeders, too.
A cup of seed never goes to waste.
I swear they can eat several times their body weight in seed.
And the cat just sleeps through most all of it, until he wants to get fed...then you can't shut him up.
Do you MIND? I'm nappin' over here.
It's not an exciting life around here, just kinda cool, but you DO see some pretty odd stuff.
(Like a stretch-limo parked on a FRONT LAWN?)
How often do YOU see THIS kinda odd?
I could do with more calm...and a lot less exciting...or odd.
We've way too much odd in the world.
And it shows.
One way to look at things.
There was once a time when we would say that everyone is different...or unique...remember those days?
Now, you just have to look at some of the stuff that goes on and the people that create (read cause) it say they're not different.
WEIRD perhaps, but certainly not different. And not unique...just plain frigging Weirdsville.
Thank God that you or I could never hope nor want to ever be the mayor of THAT town.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Now I need to ask someone about obtaining my birthday scrapple. I wonder how one goes about doing that in a place where such a food is uncommon.

Also, if life has taught me anything, it's that you can't always bet on the black guy. Personally, I'd bet on the dwarf with attitude with the 3 month old gym socks (it's like the world's worst game of Clue). I've never met a little person that wasn't secretly a criminal mastermind. But seriously, that's how all of the crimes are reported around here too. No wonder we never catch anyone!

Bob G. said...

Hey, if they even HAVE scrapple out ion Colorado, I'd be amazed!
Apparently, it hasn't it west of the Mississippi (unless locally-made)

Hey, maybe it WAS a dwarf...WITH 3-month old gym socks.
Never thought of THAT.

If (in cities like yours and mine) if police DO catch a per, it's by accident (happened to be around the corner at the time).
Or the perp drops a cell phone (easy).

People NEED to be be informed...and not JUST "entertained", specially when it comes to public safety.
(that's the ADULTHOOD in me talking...lol).

Thanks much for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe (and always classy) out there.

Momma Fargo said...

Hey...nice air guitar. I like your fat squirrel. He looks a lot like the ones that hang out at my house. You have any black ones up there? We are getting many now spreading from Winchester and Ball State. More diverse around here. Sorry about the frost dealio. I check my accuweather.com silly. Local yocals are not reliable.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Not EXACTLY Ted Nugent...nut I still TRY...lol.
(need an air-amplifier, no doubt)

We don't have any that stop NY, but the hiking paths further north by IPFW have black squirrels.

Only ones I ever saw used to be in CANADA.
Never saw any back east, but they DID have flying squirrels (more like GLIDING ones).
THOSE were cool to watch.

As long as they don't commit any "armed robberies" on the patio, they can ALL stop by...LMAO!

Yeah, hard to watch the local weather when they stick on ALL those COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMES.
Gonna have to keep The Weather Channel on the "fave" list from now on.
(never saw ANY sports there)

Thanks for rolling up to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear

catererin said...

When you mentioned Scott's today, made me sad. the Scott's at Chestnut Plaza, which is across the street from my house, they have been doing many renovations in there, absolutely destroyed it, opened in 2002 when I was 11. they were taking the letters down when I went by it this morning :(. depressing.

Bob G. said...


SCOTT'S was the FIRST grocery we shopped at in Fort Wayne (Waynedale area) and when we moved into Wifey's parents house, we used to shop at the Scotts on Decatur Rd.(the one with the landmark "cornucopia" on top of the roof), because it was SO close.

That closed more than 5 years ago...never reopened and still sits IDLE.
We won't shop at the Krogers at Southgate Plaza (don't want to get mugged and don't want our car stolen...lol)

So, we're back at Waynedale, but ever since KROGER bought out ALL the Scotts around town, it just isn't the same. The item selection alone has changed a lot.

Thing is, sometimes having something "familiar" around makes all the difference.
Kinda like a sense of "home" to some extent.

I hear 'ya...it can be depressing.

Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

You stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Scrapple- something about the word "congealed..." puts me in mind of head cheese.

So a nude black dwarf woman robbed the gas station. Should have her picked up in no time...

After the latest pics, I'm going to give you an advance heads up. Sunday AM I went out to get some pre-dawn shots of Jupiter and Venus. But when I tried to download them, the camera sent me to the menu screen... and kept doing so. I believe the culprit is the USB cable and a new one is on its way, but until then, no new Scrappy pictures.

Bob G. said...


LOL...eating something that's "congealed" is nothing worse than eating something with the word CRAP in the middle of it, hmm?

Never bothered me with THIS delicacy, however.

Sorry to hear about the USB cable.
When it comes to modern electronic hookups, I ALWAYS have several cables that I can connect from the cams to the puter.

(then again, we have SEVERAL of the SAME CAMERAS, that came w/ identical cables)

I could give 'ya one, but knowing engineers like I do, no TWO cables are EVER the same (all you have to do is ask any cellphone user there).

Can't wait until we get a new LED flat-screen TV and have to get those HDMI cables or whatever ELSE we need...((cripes)).

You just cannot get AHEAD of this crap.

Thanks for dropping on over to comment.
Stay safe up there, brother.