07 November 2015

Sorry about the "New Look"...
This is the closest I could come and get things AS complete as they once were...
Some elements of my navbar went missing today after I logged on, so I TRIED to fix things...even uploaded a copy (I have two) of my OLD template...zip, zero, nada, nothing worked.
Why THAT has suddenly gone M.I.A. is anyone's guess.
And you kinda need it, if you want to search the blog, sign in, sign out, create a new post...yeah, that IMPORTANT stuff.
So I guess I'll be muddling by with this craptastic version of what my former blog (or damn near TEN years) looked like.
Bear with me...I will try and contact blogger and see what can be done.
Right now, the sign OUT part is still missing, as are the quick-edit "screwdriver" icons. Gotta do things the "long" way for a while.
At least people can still post here (I think).
Let me know if you have any problems.
Thanks for bearing with this clusterf$ck...if BLOGGER hadn't screwed up in the FIRST place and lost my navbar, we'd still have the comfort of the familiar here.
Bobby G.
((Update - 1515 hrs ))
I managed to get BACK the COMPLETE NAVBAR...it WAS a GOOGLE/BLOGGER issue, as usual (when you block 3rd party cookies to make the pages load faster, you apparently kill the navbar - did not know that, nor did anyone else). It was trial and error (lots of the latter). Now, I don't know if my OLD template is intact with everything I USED to have on it as it was saved back in 2012) so I will keep this one for a spell and see what happens. I may mess about with the layout over the weekend. Crossing my fingers on this. I did manage to amaze myself on this one.
Bobby G.


CWMartin said...

Blogger= idiots...

Bob G. said...

I was sating some things that were a bit more "severe"...LOL.
(dockworkers went running)

Think I can MAYBE get it set back, but that TARDIS sound link is missing, so I [patched another link to the picture.

If I wasn't so damn persistent, I';d never figure any of this out, brother.