25 December 2015

Friday Follies - CHRISTMAS Edition...
Or Christmas for that matter...
Welcome to the last Friday of this year, and more importantly, it's CHRISTMAS DAY.
Not that often this occurs, is it?
What say we get that morning cup of comfort and set about this wondrous time of year.
Our Hoosierland weather will find us with some morning clouds and then mostly sunny with a predicted high of around 50 degrees. So, it's not a WHITE Christmas.
We made it through similar years, hmm?
*** Now, let's see what awaits us over the next 72 hours:
December 25 -
---Today is CHRISTMAS 
(personal thought farther down)
(Any day works for me on this one)
---And, it's A'PHABET DAY, also known as NO "L" DAY
(oh, I get it...cute)
December 26 -
(should be half-priced, too)
(quite apropos)
(Well, Obummer is in Hawaii - shouldn't hear him THAT far away)
---And, it's BOXING DAY
(It's a UK thing - look it up.)
December 27 -
(guess that SAME one is being passed around?)
And there you have it...everything you need to know to enjoy the festivities.
*** Now, it's time for the GOOD stuff...
I want to thank every one of you who takes the time to drop by and read this humble blog.
And I think that we ALL come away from the words typed here with a better understanding of what goes on around us, as well as who we are and how we fit into this huge mosaic called life.
At THIS particular time of year, we can glean the knowledge that we are all part of a much better and well-designed plan by our Creator, and be happy as well as content in knowing that.
We can celebrate the birth of OUR SAVIOR in the manner that brings glory to HIM, and we can do it unafraid of the powers that be.
We can put aside the daily rote, and rest easy knowing that something more eternal awaits us all, for believing in Him and taking comfort in the joy that is TRULY God-given.
So...from our house to yours...may you ALL have the most blessed of Christmases, and that the greatest gift you can get is not found under any tree.
It was given to us MANY many years ago.
May you all enjoy the day and always be mindful of the true reason for this season.
God Bless you all.
And if it's determined that we never meet again, we'll meet together on the OTHER side.
A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you.
Have a fantastic weekend, be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

No "l" Day... someone had to stay up all night to conceive that...

Anxiously waiting to get the Christmas news from Darkest Ft Wayne tomorrow!

Bob G. said...

Lots to chat about tomorrow...
And ANOTHER Who-a-thon...can we stand the strain?

Thanks for commenting today.

Stay safe up there, brother.