28 December 2015

Monday Musings - Post Christmas Edition...
Well, that certainly seemed like a WEEKEND, didn't it:
I think we need a lot MORE Friday holidays, instead of those Monday ones, hmm?
And, we're starting off this week with a freezing rain advisory.
(Getting a bit dicey out there already this morning - use CAUTION while driving)
The rest of our Hoosierland weather will take us through a mostly (quite) soggy day with temps creeping a wee bit above the freezing mark to the upper 30s I would not count on seeing anything but CLOUDS in the skies today.
Winds will increase as the day progresses.
Could always be worse, like down in Texas.
Prayers go out the those who lost everything, including the families that lose loved ones.
NO ONE should have to endure that during ANY time of year, let alone THIS time.
You can ALWAYS replace "things"...it's the PEOPLE that matter and can never be replaced.
Remember that.
*** First off of the slip and slide is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 28 -
(right after the 1/2 off Christmas sale, too)
(keep 'em "close to the vest")
Here's the WIKI to "splain it":
(it seems to be making a slow comeback in many schools)
*** Next up, it was a pretty good weekend (as weekends go), and even the "locals" behaved themselves for the most part. I knew they could refrain from being LOUDASSES if they TRIED.
Boomcar noise was way down (a welcome change), but there was still crime around if you watch the news (naturally NO details from any of it).
---Wifey and I prefaced our weekend by stopping by the SPCA on Christmas Eve with bags of food for the cats and dogs, like we've done for more than a few years now.
And, we got to "visit" with the cats they have there.
Got me some "Sugar", baby!
Immediately, one particular cat came right up and rubbed all over me...she was named "Sugar".
Yeah, I fell in "love" all over again.
Also did likewise with a cat named "Tornado" and a  male named "Sloane".
All of these cats were at least 2 years old, too.
Call me the "cat whisperer" (works with some squirrels too...lol)
They get set in their ways at that age (as have I), but I guess they know a kind old guy when they see one.
Wifey and I started out on the 25th by opening the Christmas gifts AFTER breakfast.
We didn't go hog-wild, but rather only a few gifts each, and that's okay with me (and her).
Get outta the trash-bag, Rass!
Our cat, Rassie got a bag full of jingly-feathery toys, but instead found a length of red ribbon MORE to his liking...go figure. Plus, he had to check out the bag with the wrapping paper remnants.
Wifey got some tops, a book, a Hello Kitty hot cocoa mug set and the monarch butterfly earrings she wanted. Those were hand-crafted by the same person who made her hummingbird earrings from last year.
For next year's Festival.
(gotta know where to shop and who makes this kind of stuff).
As for me, I got my health (always a blessing), some items from a Rural King that Wifey visited when she was in Vincennes (she got to visit one before ME...I'm envious...lol).
Got a nice t-thirt, ball cap and watch-cap and I got a Star Wars Rebels figure playset I had my eye on.
Boys and their toys
I also got a neat book on Churchill plus "Killing Jesus" by  Bill O'Reilly.
But the coolest thing was the "spin and fly" TARDIS with light and sound!
(naturally, also got a "driver" for it - a 10th Doctor figure).
You have to dress for the venue.
I also got a HALO 5 (Athlon) figure.
Never played the game, but the figures are cool, very well-articulated and THIS one is an "exclusive" figure found at only ONE store (Walgreens of all places).
My dear high school friend from Delaware sent me the first season DVDs of the classic TV show THE UNTOUCHABLES.
Like I said...not a lot things, but enough for us. Besides, it's not like we can't get anything else we wanted during the other 364 days, right? I'm appreciative just to be here to enjoy the season.
---We had a good dinner (baked ham with pineapple, homemade macaroni and cheese and dinner rolls with hominy for the missus and peas and corn for me.
Again, this was a humble affair, and it IS only the TWO of us. I made some brownies that Wifey says caused a "fudge-gasm". I used TWO packs and baked them near the minimal time, and they were VERY moist inside.
And they were thicker than with the one packet deal.
We also made more sugar cookies the night before, so we're LOUSY with cookies for the holidays.
---Saturday, we went to the grocery and they did NOT have any "cheese trays" made up...you know the ones...the CUBES of different cheeses people have on New Year's Eve...not a single one prepped or out for sale. WTH?.
THIS is what we were looking for. And found NONE.
So, we bought several BLOCKS of cheese and will do it ourselves, and at a substantial SAVING from the pre-made platters...so THERE!
We DID get some shrimp and had to get spuimante for the toast at midnight (a MUST).
---This morning, The lovely Mrs. Bobby G. and I take the Wifeymobile in for routine service (oil change, etc), and also the get the trunk lock cover - the infamous metal CHEVY BOWTIE  (bowties are cool), because
Saturday, when we were out and about, the thing damn near fell off in my hand when I flipped it up to put the key in the lock.
Seems the pop rivets broke off (with age, no doubt), so I'm going to ask the guys at Yeomans if they can drill out the old rivets and put two new pop rivets back onto the thing so it's affixed back where it belongs. I miss having the tools I USED to have.
Lord knows how much it would cost to get a brand NEW one (for a 20-year old car as of next year...lol)
---Had a lot of birds come by over the weekend...and I mean LOTS.
I did manage a picture of a TITMOUSE as he stopped by frequently (there are actually TWO of them - just like the Nuthatches. You can tell when they're near.
The really cool birds seem to travel in pairs (in our neighborhood, it's pretty much REQUIRED to do so for anyone...lol).
Those birds never seem to stay put long enough to get GOOD pictures, and you have to be patient when trying to photograph them. Same goes for the new batch of squirrels we have...skittish as all get out.
There's Patches..chowing down.
We did get to see Patches come by a couple time...not AS skittish, but he ain;t coming onto my knee any time soon, sad to say (I miss Mr Wrinkles so damn much).
---That Doctor Who takeover did not disappoint, either. I watched as many episodes as I could, taking breaks to sleep and eat, naturally.
And on New Year's Eve, we get to do it AGAIN...with a Who-year's eve marathon...LOL.
That's as cool as wearing a fez!
Wifey is already rolling her eyes over this...YOWZAH!
---Unfortunately, all wasn't peachy-keen...last night before we went to bed, Wifey called the po-po on two men sitting out front our house smoking weed in a dark grey sedan.
Naturally, by the time she could complete the call and get officers rolling to check it out, the car drove off, and one guy got out and walked up the next block.
Hey, do that shit at YOUR place...NOT ours...'effin druggie MORONS|
And, this morning around 0200 hours...hadda drive the porcelain bus for a spell.
Dunno know what caused it, but it might be a small stomach bug or something similar. Wifey was fine, so I know it wasn't the food. Could be a dose of post-holiday stress or maybe it's the rollup to all the gunfire we'll be hearing on New Year's Eve (as usual). Not going to fret about it (and obviously the FWPD won't either). I feel better now.
*** Last back to the sleet-laced streets...There you have it then...all the lowdown on the Mr and Mrs Bobby G. holiday festivities at the "Fortress".
Now, all we have to do is get past the new year, and we'll be alright, God willing.
I trust all YOUR holiday cheer was well spent, and that the remaining days of THIS year will find you hoping for a much better time for us all in the year to come.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! The new Star Wars...awesome! I am trying to figure out the Halo thing. It seems to be the rage in video games, but not familiar. Storms..they are a coming. Hopefully not for us. Poor Texas. :( and Missouri :(.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
ANY Christmas is great as long as your heart is in the RIGHT place, hmm?

I'll bet the new SW flick is good. Abrams is a fine director, and the "universe" has been established for decades.
Made over ONE BILLION so far.

HALO...think of it as am EMERGENCT RESPONSE TEAM (SWAT)...on MEGA-STEROIDS...fighting aliens (and NOT from Syria or Mexico)...LOL.

We got some crap weather all over it seems.
Someone needs to STOP messing with those HAARP ARRAYS!!!
Weather-control is not something MAN needs to screw with.
That's GOD'S job, right?

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Not only Texas, but throughout the south. It was odd to read about Tornado warnings in Dallas while watching it spit snow in El Paso during the Sun Bowl...

Don't need the wiki for Holy Innocents... born Catholic, eh?

Saw your trip to the SPCA too. Kudos to both of you...

Those earrings are cool!

Sounds like a decent haul... you know you never seem to get everything you did when you were a kid, but if you really look at it, you get the things you want. I have Henry the farting Hippo, thus I am content.

Those brownies sound SO good...

I tried a cube of some Kentucky Bourbon cheese at the store the other day. Tasted like a coke-soaked dirt clod. I was glad I had a doggie-poop bag on me to spit it into.

Sorry you took to feeling bad... maybe it is stress, with the ne'er-do-wells invading your sanctuary. Or maybe I should avoid those brownies, lol!

Bob G. said...

I heard that...this storm is moving all over the deep south, and even "we" up here will be feeling effects from it.
---Interestingly enough, the HISTORY CHANNEL aired a program about "America's Secrets", and they featured PLUM ISLAND and the Alaskan HAARP ARRAY, and spoke about using weather-control as a weapon...(and testing it HERE).
The SCIENCE behind it is irrefutable, but no one's fessing up to using it for that purpose...wonder WHY?
(ask those in TX)
---LOL...I know.
I tossed in the Holy Innocents because they should be remembered by people of ALL faiths.
---I would LOVE to work at the SPCA, but I get TOO attached to ALL those little buggers too quickly. I'd be an emotional wreck...heh.
---The fellow I get the earrings from does some nice work, and doesn't break the back in the process. Always helps to "support the arts", as it were.
---That's an excellent point.
I feel a post on JUST that topic coming up. You're a very good muse.
Hard to argue with getting "Henry" the Farting Hippo! (wonder how he got THAT name...a mayoral slight?)
---Those brownies TASTE as good as they look, smell AND sound.
I can see WHY you chucked it...I prefer my bourbon WITH my cheese...BOTH taste MUCH better.
---It was NOT the brownies (no way)...they went down fine.
Probably some "PTHD" (post-HOLIDAY stress Disorder)...yeah, that's it...HA!

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe, dry & warm up there, brother.