11 December 2015

Friday Follies...
And the countdown to Christmas continues...only TWO weeks to go.
Dunno if we'll have a white Christmas, but it won't be the FIRST time, will it?
Our Hooiserland weather will see us with higher than seasonal temps with a high around the upper 50s, along with partly cloudy skies and the possibility of some rain sometime during the period (grab an umbrella just in case).
BTW, screw "global warming"...we've had warm temps in winter decades ago before any of this climate crap  was ever mentioned.
So, without any further ado, let's get this show on the road, get ourselves a cup of Friday Fortitude poured and set about seeing what is going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the linen closet is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 11 - 
(makes you wonder who sits around and punches those little buggers out)
(what? Nothing about our  NATIONAL mountains?)
---And, it's the birthday of UNICEF
(blow out the candles)
*** Since it IS week's end, let's take a look at what will be going on over the next 72 hours:
December 12 -
(used to love this at church dinners)
(no, not THAT ding-a-ling - it's BELLS)
(and not one single "board-up" there)
(keep them away from family pets)
December 13 -
(that can every day for me)
(time to fiddle around?)
(for all the graves of the fallen)
(they still have that stuff?)
(do I really HAVE to?)
(whispering IS permitted)
---Lastly, it's ASARAH B'TEVET
In case you're wondering, here's the WIKI:
So there you go...plenty of things to keep you occupied and out of the local jail.
(don't recall any Sunday being THAT busy)...Enjoy.
Moving on...
*** It would appear that our Whiner-in-Chief (the self-anointed one) wants to pull his own version of LOCK AND LOAD and fire off an executive order on (more) GUN CONTROL.
Here's the story link:
Yep, when you want MORE power, bypass CONGRESS. Perfect M.O. for a dictator-in-training.
What this self-imposed moron in the White House does NOT understand is the following:
1--- The vast majority of prisoners convicted of gun crimes obtained their weapons through THEFT.
(no background check needed THERE)
2--- Many crimes are committed by individuals who STEAL weapons from family members, as demonstrated by Sandy Hook shooter Lanza.
(No background check needed THERE, either)
3--- Criminals often obtain weapons through STRAW PURCHASERS, which background checks cannot prevent
(I'm seeing a pattern here)
4--- The gun show loophole is being exaggerated to foster a false impression that THIS is how the bad guys get their guns. In a 2013 article in the Washington Times, it said that firearms dealers at gun shows are fully-licensed and MUST adhere to the FBI background check laws at the time of sale OF a firearm.
So any further background checks (aside from the laws we already have that COULD be enforced better) would be a waste of time, money and be a severe intrusion onto our 2nd Amendment rights...got it?
THIS is precisely how freedoms die...by abusive displays and execution of POWER by a disgruntled man-child who finds ways to move around our Constitution whenever he fails to get "his own way"...little spoiled brat.
Take your damn ball and go the hell home, you cry-baby.
*** Next up, a local bank robbery (and kidnapping) takes place in Fort Wayne.
Here's the story link:
Naturally, the LOCAL police cannot (or WILL NOT) provide much details to the media, but will be asking for our help...how the f$ck does one do THAT, hmm?
Anyway, this took place around 1930 hrs on 10 December at the 1st Source Bank located at 7821 Carnegie Blvd.
(well, it AIN'T on the SE side, for a change)
Now here is something you might find interesting:
Funny, the SAME bank was hit back on 12 FEBRUARY this year. Only THAT robbery took place in the early MORNING hours, instead of evening. Here's that story:
Same bank back in February.
We didn't hear any news source mention THAT, did we? Guess I keep better records.
This time robbed at night
In THIS latest robbery, the suspects took a bank employee at gunpoint from their driveway and drove back to the bank where an undisclosed amount of money was removed from the safe.
The employee was not hurt during the kidnapping and heist.
Police have a vehicle description, but are NOT revealing it to the public.
They DID say the robbers were heavily clothed, and wore masks.
Well, THAT certainly gives concerned citizens a LOT to go on, doesn't it?
Be assured that the FEDS have entered into this case, and that a DESCRIPTION of the perps WILL be forthcoming, because the FBI doesn't screw around when it comes to allowing the populace the ability to help ID the suspects...unlike our local police, who have taken away OUR ability to assist THEM.
*** Next up, I really dislike opinion pieces like this, because it takes the entire aspect of Muslim citizens and rubs your nose in it, like YOU'RE some sort of infidel if you don't think bringing refugees 10,000 miles HERE isn't a good thing.
Here's the link:
I wouldn't consider Muslims a "key-part" to the fabric of our society any more than I would consider Hindus, or Taoists, or Nihilists, in spite of the fact that Thomas Jefferson carried a Quran into this country over 200 years ago. (he needed a doorstop?)
See, you have to tread lightly whenever a certain group of people start touting THEIR particular belief as one that needs to be at some forefront.
This nation was not founded by men of  ISLAMIC principles and values, but men of CHRISTIAN principles and values. End of discussion there.
I will concede that most every major religion has SOME similar aspects and universal truths when it comes to core beliefs and aspects of the creation of man (copycats?)
But they still differ greatly, and that is what needs to be remembered.
I'm sure the author means well enough, but all too often, the road to hell is paved with GOOD intentions, and we must always be aware of that. I really don't prefer to have any ONE group shove anything in my face, as it were, and that goes for those over-zealous, bible-thumpers as well.
ANY extreme push of ANY religion isn't good...it tends to turn people off, rather than bring them into the fold.
Let's try to keep the religion away from the POLITICIZING arena.
We've seen what happens when damn near everything ELSE becomes politicized, and none of it is good, is it?
*** Last back to the laundry room...If there is ONE thing I'm getting too sick and tired of hearing...it's almost ANYTHING connected with "diversity".
I've come to despise that word in some ways.
You really don't want to be a "Danny-Downer" at this time of year but it's the truth.
Where America was once a true "melting pot" of citizens from all over the world, we've since become steeped in this "protective" aspect of any and all nationalities within our OWN borders.
E PLURIBUS UNUM...(remember that?) - out of many...ONE. Pays to take Latin in high school.
From the E Pluribus Unum Project.
We're falling over ourselves trying to preserve the ethic cultures of OTHERS while all but denying our OWN heritage, OUR culture and OUR basic tenets that helped found this country.
And, while some say to not embrace such other cultures is "not who WE are", I beg to differ.
That's EXACTLY who we are. Immigrants that flocked to our shores in decades past came to America for ONE purpose...TO BE AMERICANS (first and foremost).
I don't like seeing this on OUR shores.
They left their OWN homelands to come HERE...embrace OUR culture and what it means to become a citizen of THIS nation...not theirs.
Today, we've flipped that idea completely on it's ass, and we're told that if WE (the real Americans) don't subscribe to THIS, we're the bigots, the racists, the Islamaphobes...whatever.
If we continue to fall victim to such nonsense-based rhetoric, we might well go the say of SWEDEN, which, because of the massive influx of Muslims THERE, is expected to have a Swedish MINORITY populace in less than 20 years, in favor of an Islamic majority...in SWEDEN, for God's sake!
I think our nation is strong enough to survive such an onslaught, but it will take EVERY REAL AMERICAN to pay attention, learn the truth, be courageous to pass on that truth, and be ever vigilant for those powers and principalities that would seek to turn our country into something it never has been, or should ever be allowed to become.
Never forget that this is America first and WE are Americans. History has proven that we were founded on and are guided by divine providence. Sounds like a plan to me. And, it's worked pretty damn good so far.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, AMERICA!


John DuMond said...

Your arguments about guns rely way too much on facts, Bob. You know that'll never fly in what passes for debate these days. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I know...I've this NASTY habit of FACT-BASED conclusions and speaking the TRUTH (dammit all)...LOL.

Sorry to be so politically-incorrect, my friend.
It's such a huge character flaw in today's world. (sighs).
(BUT, I'm gonna keep it up anyway, JUST to piss off the leftards)...HA!)

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.
Have yourself a good weekend & stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

"Noodle ring day?" "National Mountain day?" What, no "Toenail fungus week?"

My question is- if Muslims are such a "key part" of OUR society, why aren't our women wearing burkhas? Or to flip it, why ARE theirs? You see, to be part of a fabric, you have to be BLENDED into it... that's why they USED to call us "the great American Melting Pot." Sure, you have hunks here and there of unmelted stuff, but if you questioned the guy at the kosher deli or the pizza shoppe or the Irish pub, he'd say, "I'm an American, damn you!" Now we can't even get some Americans to say that. This place sucks, I'm moving to Trenzalore. The workday is 5 minutes long and every day is Christmas! See ya!

Bob G. said...

--LOL...I don;t think even THEY will have a day like THAT one!

--I'm quite relieved that we are of similar minds here. I thought I might be crawling out on a limb with a running chainsaw.
That's just the way I feel and it's based on the manner we were TAUGHT growing up as to what AMERICA stood for, and how people DID assimilate INTO the AMERICAN CULTURE (while still reading the Torah, or quaffing down a Guinness, or flipping a pizza...whatever.

It makes me shudder to think of what "we" (collectively mind you and NOT individually) are becoming. People need to STOP being tossed about by whatever politicized wind is blowing and get back to being AMERICANS first.

Trenzalore, hmm?
You mean the (pre-siege) Village of Christmas, and not the devastated "after" venue, right?
Might be worth a serious look-see.
(All I have to do is find out WHERE I parked my TARDIS...and what configuration I left it in - that should take a bit)

Thanks for materializing on by and commenting.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.

Jana said...

The "funny" thing about Obama talking about gun control: his "hometown" of Chicago has the highest murder rate in the country, and all the guns belong to the criminals and the illegals...

I just noticed you're a Whovian. Yay! Me too! Did you watch the season finale last week? Ready for the Christmas special next week?

Bob G. said...

Always good to see you here.
--Yepper , you and many OTHERS can see the truth about Chi-Town..except those that can DO SOMETHING about it...they're too busy adjusting their blinders and being socialists.

--Oh yes, I've been a WHOVIAN since the mid-70s...(The Pertwee-Baker years). Got to meet Tom Baker once, too.
I was even a member of the official DOCTOR WHO FAN CLUB for years. Then, I moved, and didn't renew it (damn).
Used to get "The Whovian Times" paper monthly.

--This season';s finale was brilliant (imho). Glad the Doctor got a new "Sonic", too!
(I know someone at Underground toys and I'll be checking to see when they make a replica of the new one).
And, I'm always dropping some picture or reference to DW on the blog - check out the very BOTTOM of he blog - a link to sound effects from the show.

Don;t be a stranger here.
Thanks for commenting & do have a good week out there.
Stay safe.

Jana said...

I try to check in, just more often online via my phone, and the browser has tantrums with blogspot sometimes.

I think I've got it sorted (more or less), so I'll try to visit more.


CWMartin said...

Bob, is this Jana Kramer? You dog, you!

(sorry- if you knew me, Jana, you'd know I had to do it.)

Bob G. said...

Ahh, browser issues...tell me about it. I;m starting to detest Google now.

I don't know how you folks manage to read anything on a smartphone...so damn SMALL!
I have to enlarge the type so I can read it (I just love getting old...NOT!).

Take it easy and come back often, dear.

Bob G. said...

LMAO...no. THIS Jana is a dear friend (lovely southern belle) from many online years ago.
She's been a dear friend of both Wifey and myself.

But thanks for thinking I was THAT "connected"...
Guess we can BOTH take that as a compliment?