14 December 2015

Monday Musings...
Welcome to a rather moist start to the week...could we be looking at a WET Christmas this year?
(would not be the first time, folks, and won't be the last)
I remember times when we had snow in MAY as well as 70-degree temps in JANUARY, and this was LONG before those "global-warmists" crawled out from under their rocks to vex us all.
Our Hoosierland weather today finds us with early rain...perhaps heavy at times, with breezy conditions and (you guessed it) no sunrise to speak of , although it's becoming more partly cloudy as the day progresses.
Temps are in the upper-50s now, but will drop throughout the day into the upper-40s.
Beats shoveling over a foot of snow, but I would not mind having a WHITE CHRISTMAS.
The mood is everything...or should be, right?
Anyway, let's all get a soothing cup or glass of our favorite drink nearby, as we see what the rest of the day has in store for us, okay?
*** First off the rooftop is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 14 -

Here's the WIKI for all you fish-stew enthusiasts:
---It's also MONKEY DAY

(Living where we do, I am not gonna touch this one...LMAO)
*** And I reached another MILESTONE last week (blew right past me, too). This blog has surpassed the TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED POSTS mark...(sound the trumpets and loose the pigeons).
Now, who would have thought there would be SO much to rant, rave, discuss and debate these days? ROFLMAO.
We didn't have to THINK it...we already KNEW it. We barely scratched the surface.
*** Next up, Concord High School worked around that lawsuit the Freedom From Religion and ACLU jerkoffs tossed at them and their LIVE nativity scene.
Here's the story:
I admire the spunk and  chutzpah this school showed against the powers of evil...about time someone stood up against these heathen liberal assholes.
Rather than have a live Nativity, MANNEQUINS took the place of the students to showcase the birth of Christ.
The school also tossed in some Kwanzaa music and Hanukkah music, so take THAT you leftards.
Shove THAT up your alimentary canal and sit on it!
Now, if MORE people like these folks (at Concord) pushed BACK...we could get Christmas back where it belongs, and that's OUT of the sight, sound, smell, touch and feel of the atheists and their ilk.
After all, they don't celebrate ANYTHING anyway, so why do they try to DENY others their right to celebrate as THEY wish? Screw them, and the horse they rode in on.
*** Next up, an Indianapolis police officer shoots and kills a knife-wielding (white) man...uh,oh. Here we go again? Where are the WHITE Lives  Matter crowd?
Here's that story link:
Okay, so a "crazed" individual wearing only boxer shorts, and carrying a big knife comes at officers after a TASER is used (twice), so the police shoot his ass dead...sounds about right.
But witnesses are trying to find inappropriate actions where THERE ARE NONE (gotta be the low-information crowd). Sounds open and shut to me.
Naturally, there WILL be the nay-sayers...who have no frigging idea about police PROCEDURE and really need to STFD and STFU.
*** Next up, goes to show that you actually CAN fool MOST of the people MOST of the time with this latest swipe at fossil fuels and alleged warming of our planet.
Here's the story:
Shake hands with the devil.
Obummer musta shot a load in his drawers over THIS one.
We have this huge push for ALTERNATIVE energy sources...how's about an ALTERNATIVE to all this global STUPIDITY? Don't see anyone looking into THAT one, do you?
Geez, those morons NEVER give up.
Just "suppose" that the world goes ahead, does everything mandated, jumps through every hoop and then finds out that the planet goes into another mini-ICE AGE?
THEN what?
Or suppose the planet KEEPS heating up after carbon emissions go the hell away altogether?
THEN what?
NONE of these alternatives have proven AS viable as what we have, and no one wants to invest in fixing the current (deteriorating) infrastructure of what we already have, so this is just asking for disaster, isn't it?
Buncha morons wouldn't know COMMON SENSE if they tripped over it.
*** Next up, the lead story in today's paper was about GUNS, and not about CONTROLLING them.
Imagine that. Here's the story link:
After all this leftist rhetoric, states are actually LOOSENING gun laws...talk about an EARLY Christmas gift!
And, in KANSAS, they're now NOT requiring a license to carry.
Cripes, that makes me wanna pack up and move THERE.
Funny thing, I haven't heard of any anarchy break-outs or massive numbers of shootings since that state went that route...have you?
In Texas, they're about ready to institute OPEN CARRY. I kinda like that, too.
Wish Indiana would follow that Kansas model...might have a lot FEWER victims.
The growing public sentiment is that "gun-free zones are magnets for the bad guys"...and they're CORRECT.
But, it's not like we never knew that much, is it?
The day after Thanksgiving, gun sales broke a record for background checks.
(well, at least our president did SOMETHING right in the last 7 years...thank God for small miracles...lol)
The number of CCPs have TRIPLED since 2007 to 2014, and that's astounding.
In some states, guns are permitted in bars, churches and parks, while other states allow a person to carry in many public buildings. Seems our country CAN become safer...one state at a time, one citizen at a time.
*** Next up, Wifey and I are getting prepped for Christmas...with COOKIES.
And not just ANY cookie, but HELLO KITTY and TARDIS sugar cookies.
Well, there are some details to flesh out, like making sure the cutters are covered in FLOUR (lest the dough stick to them), and then there is the "swell" factor.
And by that I don't mean they do not TASTE SWELL (they really do). but the dough "swells" in the oven, and distorts the cookie (damn, can't find a way around that one).
You have to SEE them in person to know what they're SUPPOSED to be, because a photo doesn't do them justice.
And, I got the tree up on Friday, so the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G and I spent part of Saturday placing the ornaments on it.
The BEST part is that all the lights worked on the FIRST try.
And with all the lights coming from CHINA these days, that ain't an easy task to accomplish, (is it, Chris?). We have multiple replacement sets...just in case.
The FIRST ornament (always a cause for celebratory reveling in the "Fortress") to be placed upon the tree was the newly-acquired TARDIS (what else?)
Last year, it was Doc Brown's DeLorean from BTTF2, and before that, it was Captain America (from The Winter Soldier) and Iron Man from The Avengers.
We've got the movie angle covered nicely there, along with Garfield the cat, Star Trek, and some TV shows (Knight Rider, Prep and Landing, and now, Doctor Who).
Not a "traditional tree", but a SINCERE one. Even got a can of spray PINE  scent.
*** Last back to the basement...I like to think that Christmas is more "a state of mind" than anything else. It's also more heart than  pocketbook, too.
And I believe I'm not alone in thinking that.
Sure, it's NICE to have snow on the ground Christmas morning, lots of gifts under the tree, a huge dinner, and the after Christmas SALES, but it's so much more than just those things.
Those I mentioned are the icing on the cake. The REAL and lasting aspect to Christmas are the lessons we learn through literature, music, and yes, even the Good Book.
Like I said before, it's a time of RENEWAL, and Lord knows we can use that more than just a few days each year.
We need it DAILY, and if we don't take the time to realize that, we operate in a spiritual "deficit" the rest of the rolling year. And playing "catch-up" when it comes to important things like that fast becomes a chore rather than a blessing.
That's where many fall into another trap...
Following the example set by God (and more importantly, His SON) is not an easy task, nor is it for those with A.D.D.
But it is for everyone, nonetheless. It requires work..and strength, and persistence.
It requires our attention, our time, and our devotion.
Better to spend more time on one's KNEES than picking up oneself off one's BACKSIDE, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Here in Colorado we always have a fairly warm Christmas. The real snow doesn't hit until February, so it's usually t-shirts and shorts on Christmas... which, well, doesn't feel very Christmas-y. A white Christmas definitely sets a better mood.

Also, Tardis cookies AND a Tardis ornament? Color me jealous.

Bob G. said...

After 63 years on this rock, I've come to know that ALL "climate change" is cyclical, and that the climate has BEEN CHANGING since the world was formed.

Trying to change what the universe does (on it's own) is so damn stupid and arrogant on he aprt of some so-called "experts".
I LIKE a snowy Christmas, but life doesn't end if there isn't one THIS year, right?

--Oh, yeah...a very "TARDISEY" Christmas around the "Fortress".
Time travel never tasted THAT good before...lol.
I'm a WHOVIAN from WAY back.
The cookie cutters are easily had (thanks, eBay) as is the ornament, but the PLASTIC one is better detailed than the glass one (and a lot less prone to breakage).

Thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Stay safe (an classy) out there, guys.

CWMartin said...

Congrats on 2,500!!!! Next one's free, right?

You should know why tardis cookies swell.... they're bigger on the inside!

No, lights are difficult, just as they've always been. You figure with all the great long lasting tech out there, they might spend a little time improving THOSE things, but nooooo....

Sooo.... began working my way through season 3 of the good Doctor....Martha Jones, I am in love....

Bob G. said...

--If not free, then DEFINITELY quite reasonable...LOL.
--ROFL...good one,
I should have KNOWN that. Thank you!
--I have to commend you on your "particular" method of dealing with troublesome light sets...(and always save the good bulbs for spares)
--The Martha Jones stories are better than a lot of people think.
And you already know she will make a few guest appearances during the 10th Doctor's run (...spoilers...)
She does okay, and I SO wish we had more like HER in this city.

Thanks for "trans-matting" in today to comment.
Stay safe up there, brother.