16 December 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the middle of the week, and the middle of the last month of this year.
My, how time has flown in 2015, hmm?
And it looks like some "wet" will be hanging around us again today, only later on..
We might be getting a rain/snow mix to start our weekend.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us seeing clear skies to begin with, but that changes over to cloudy skies, some rain showers in the afternoon, and temps topping out in the mid-50 degree range.
Heard that Denver got nailed with some snow yesterday. Between 7 inches to 2 feet fell out there, and that wasn't good for driving at all. For how, we are lucking out.
Hope we get ourselves a white Christmas, even if it's just for the day.
So, with that behind us, let's get that morning drink parked beside us and take a peek at what's been going on elsewhere, shall we?
*** First out of the mailbox is our "Who said that?" quote of the week:
"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis."
This sure sounds like something this country is suffering from...a MORAL CRISIS.
At least the politicians will have plenty of company when they do wind up in Hades. So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at 13th century Florence...
*** Next up is our :"What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 16 -
(let's make sure it's EDIBLE first. Chocolate covered ROOFING NAILS or BROKEN GLASS doesn't sound that appealing. Same goes form chocolate-covered BROCCOLI.).
(sounds a bit contrived to me, but Moms and Dads CAN deny that either one exists and turn off the CDs and DVDs)
*** Next up, a robbery (what...again?) at a Fort Wayne Phil's One-Stop.
Here's the story link:
This took place at the Phil's One-Stop located at 3203 E. State Blvd around 2300 hrs last night.
A robber, armed with a handgun and got away with COINS (jingle all the way? LOL) and after police arrived, a K-9 unit tracked towards the Baldwin Creek Apts, but police were unable to locate a suspect (God knows they have plenty there).
An article of clothing was found behind the robbery scene near a wooden privacy fence. It's unclear if that is related to the robbery.
This makes the THIRD (different) Phil's One Stop robbed this year. The last robbery was on Goshen Rd back in October, and another one was hit back in February this year. Looks like someone knows these are prime for the pickings.
*** Next, do you remember how I would mention that as far as this part of Indiana (and specifically, this city) was concerned , it was all part of some "MASTER PLAN"?
Well, it appears this plan has finally been revealed, and there's a LOT of bucks attached to it.
Here's the story link:
This whole "regional" thing we've been hearing about, with someone (?) wanting to see this area reach 1 MILLION people (why?) has received $42 million in matching funds from the state.
Where the REAL funding will come from is (as the story says) IN LIMBO (for the time being).
All the "usual players" are touting this as something akin to the The Second Coming or something similar (like sliced white bread?) and say it's for development. Aside from OUR part of Fort Wayne, we're already pretty DAMN developed. And the area "capos" all want to move on this ASAP...wonder why the "time" thing is so important?
I can't help but fell there's more at work here than we're being told.
And, I also feel the TAXPAYERS will be figuring into this to no small degree.
(turn out the pocketbooks again?)
Let's all keep a close eye on this one. It's OUR money after all.
*** Next, this story continues to piss me off, because it's more of the same PC bullshit forced upon students at North Side High School, which has had the same team name since it opened back in the 1920s - THE REDSKINS.
Here's the story link:
Until the end of 2015, anyway.
I wonder how many native-Americans REALLY created a stink over this, and why the vast majority is caving to a few (as is too much the case these days)?
The students HAVE to vote for one of four remaining names.
I think they should ALL write in REDSKINS and tell the school what THEY wanted...as a show of protest and solidarity, but we ARE raising a generation of wusses, aren't we?
The REDSKIN name was deemed a "slight" against Indians...gimme a damn break. SO, now we change an established and beloved name because of a f$cking SLIGHT???
So much for freedom of choice (and speech) in this case. Just shut the hell up kids,  and go jump the hell off the cliff with the REST of the P-C crowd...you apparently earned it.
Go sit with the Goshen students...they also wussed out.
And don't forget your BLINDERS, kids!
*** Next, Got a nice compliment from Wifey yesterday on my "mythology" write up on the Star Wars hype (and feigned racism).
The Doctor agrees.
She told me it was spot on.  And she should know.
When she was in college, she took a COURSE on mythologies and the psychology behind them.
Thanks, Hon...I DO appreciate that. Not bad for a college drop-out (that would be me).
I guess being a fan from DAY ONE when it comes to Star Wars still means something.
Still think I'd make a good Jedi.
And educating oneself still serves a greater good...as does adherence to the powers of THE FORCE...lol. Where's my light-saber? I got me a universe to save.
*** Last back to the post office...when did it become more popular to be led around "by the nose" as we see so many wanting to do these days?
Sounds about right, and ALL too often
Whatever happened to standing up for what one believes in?
The atheists do it all the time...and everyone ELSE is told to cave in to THEIR wishes, no matter how few in number the heathen might be.
The race-baiters also do it consistently, and everyone else falls in lockstep with whatever political-motivated desire comes down the pike.
Amen to that.
No one seems willing to stand up and RAIL against things we know to be WRONG in life. Sure, there are a few who will (and are to be commended), but they are quickly silenced by the PC-brigands.
Perhaps once in a great while there is a victory for the things we know to be not only SELF-EVIDENT, but MORALLY CORRECT.
I think this is done to keep much of the majority "at ease" so as to avoid a harsher conflict...and people go along with those victories and never push back harder...or further.
If we keep allowing a very few to dictate to the rest of us what "we" need to do...or say...or even how to think or behave more "correctly" (acting just like those in the PC crowd), we will cease to be who we were meant to become. Not something I want to look forward to.
We will stop being individuals (as well as Americans), capable of doing what we know to be right, and instead become lemmings searching for that next cliff. It's already started, and people's attention is being diverted too much and too often for them to even notice.
To be avoided at all costs.
That's a sad state of affairs, and one which needs a remedy.
Call it a revelation...a kick in the ass of our complacency, or even some sort of moral or (God forbid) spiritual awakening...whatever.
America needs it and needs it as soon as is possible. We are headed in the wrong direction.
Sheep are traditionally led to the slaughter, whereas sheepdogs GUARD the sheep, as does the shepherd.
We need to stop being the damn sheep. It's that simple.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Yep, definitely missed it.

Barbie and Barney Backlash day? Someone's reaching, Lord, Kumbaya...

I still say call 'em the Foreskins. Don't have to change the logo on the uniforms that way.

It's not like the opponants of the team ever called them by their right names anyway. I went to school in the country, and the city schools all called us "goat-ropers". Never roped a goat, but doesn't piss me off.

I saw a comment on FB where some "apache chief" called another guy a "racist moron" for saying they were still the Redskins to him. My question to apache chief- why are you so ASHAMED of your heritage?

Kids used to look at the native American- whatever name they were called- as a symbol of bravery against impossible odds. These duckturds are doing nothing but replacing supposedly offensive names for them with truly offensive truths that they don't even see.

Bob G. said...

--Reaching, and falling short, they are, hmm?
--LOL - foreskins...THAT will cheese off those atheist gay vegan native-Americans who were circumcised.
--Goat ropers? I suppose some Irishmen might find that a bit "attractive".
--Exactly how I feel. The teams were all named IN HONOR of Native-Americans...NOT to shame or ridicule them. These morons need to build a damn bridge and get OVER it.
--That's a good way of putting it - replacing SUPPOSEDLY offensive names with TRULY OFFENSIVE TRUTHS that they don't even see!
(thunderous applause on that one)

Thanks for catching up and commenting today.

Stay safe (and well-learned) up there, brother.