19 February 2016

Friday Follies...
Sorry about any delay...had some "hardware" issues.
(don'cha just love technology some days?)
Welcome to the end of the week at long last.
And it looks to be quite a NICE  couple of days ahead of us in the Heartland.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will be have us with mostly cloudy skies, with highs trying to bust a record as we head up to the upper FIFTIES (gonna feel a lot like Springtime - maybe the groundhog was right?)
But, the mild weather comes at a cost, with some strong winds (we have an advisory until 1900 hrs this evening), perhaps with gusts as much as 40 MPH+. so watch for stuff blowing about out there.
Yeah folks, nothing is ever really "free".
Now, let's get that cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured as wee what awaits us for today and the following forty-eight hours, hmm?
*** First off of the motherboard is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
February 19 -
(bat 'em if ya got 'em...or flog 'em if 'ya got 'em)
(so a caretaker does the opposite?)
(yes, another day involving chocolate...love it)
*** And because it IS the weekend, let's see what we can get into over the following two days:
February 20 -
(I'm still working on a blueberry one myself)
(isn't that one more like a lifetime event for them?)
February 21 -
(I like mine with raisins and butter...with a cup oif java)
And there you have it...things to keep you well-occupied and out of the local jail.
Moving on...
*** I mentioned that I has some hardware issues with this one computer.
Apparently, for no reason, the OPTICAL mice don't want to work with the system.
The pointer just freezes, and I have several "backups" in case one craps out.
So, being the resourceful person who believes in not only a "Plan-B", but plans "C" through "G" (when it comes to electronic technologies like computers), I dug out the old TRACKBALL mouse...and that works fine (if a tad slow).
I have no idea what could be the problem, as the optical mouse worked fine last night before I shut it down.
Gonna mess around later and see what gives.
*** Next up, a few briefs (no boxers) in the news:
---The Pope and Trump are "at odds" with building a southern border wall.
The Pope said that instead of walls, Trump should be building bridges (because they're easier to burn behind you?) This can be taken literally OR metaphorically.
Trump fired back that a religious leader taking issue with a person's religion is "disgraceful".
Can we STOP with this 3-ring circus (which seems to have FOUR rings these days)?
--- Obummer doesn't attend Justice Scalia's funeral (he's ending Joe Biden), BUT has the time to hang out with some "black lives matters" leaders (who are all stuck in the 1960s).
I suppose that conservative white Supreme Court Justice's lives DON'T matter (to him). Same can be said for all the slain police officer's funerals. He doesn't have any time for THEM, either.
I'll be glad when America doesn't have any time for HIM for a change (we can believe in).
---Speaking of Obummer (wish I didn't have to)...he is planning a trip to "our new best friend" - CUBA - next month.
Yep, cozy up to the Castro brothers, while your own country is divided by your OWN hand.
Made for each other - NOT America.
The first plane from the US to land there (willingly) in about 50 years will be Air Force One.
Many forget that during the 1970s, we clocked about ONE hijacking per week (to Cuba).
But, at last those planes weren't trying to be either blown up or flown into skyscrapers in the USA.
---In a related story, the Cuban citizens are praising da prez...but not so much in America.
Here's the story link:
Hell, even THEY "get it".
And you bet there are a LOT of former Cubans who fled here that are ROYALLY-PISSED at the president (as well they should be).
Hey, Maybe Obummer can get a lift around Havana in one of those "vintage" 1950s Plymouth taxi-cabs?
*** Next up, there is a "plan" in the works to ease the teacher shortage in Indiana.
(and NO, it doesn't have anything to do with hiring TALLER ones)
Here's the story link:
Millions of scholarships might become available should a state senate proposal go through.
The cost to the state, should it be implemented would be about $6 MIL a year.
But, is this the best recourse?
Funny you mentioned that. The House bill (1002) doesn't PAY for the program (huh, wha???).
It only sets up the "structure" of the plan.
Methinks there needs to be a bit more discussion before any knees become "jerked", hmm?
*** Next, for some reason, I'm still getting about a dozen or so "sex spam" emails to my yahell account. IPs appear to originate from India, Taiwan, Brazil and Ukraine.
The weird this is that the "addresses" are really peculiar and cannot be traced like if(dot)org or cckrsl(dot)net - totally random addresses. They all say the same thing, but with different "names", and NO, I do not "click the link to not receive further messages"...that's ASKING for trouble, right?
This began in earnest late last year, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.
Wish that Yahell would do something to keep this crap off our mailboxes. While the emails DO go to my SPAM folder, I'd prefer to not have them even show up. I can see why Yahoo is struggling in the finance department.
At least with AOHELL, you can block ALL addresses EXCEPT those on a LIST you create. That solves a world of problems, and I never get spam to that address at all since I implemented that tactic many years ago.
Technology at it's worst in some instances, isn't it?
*** Next, and because I want to, here are a few pictures of "Patches", the second most photographed squirrel in Fort Wayne:
Now, this little guy doesn't always come along EVERY day, and when he does, it's always when it's just starting to get dark out.
That makes getting really good pictures difficult (at best)..
But yesterday, we made some progress. He came up and took a peanut from my fingers.
And he kept on doing it. Around 8 peanuts in all. I tossed more on the ground before I went in.
I suppose he likes "dining alone"?
Well, there's no competition when I'm out there with him.
We do get the cardinals (one couple) that also like the later hours in the early evenings.
So there we go then...hopefully, this will be the continuance of a beautiful friendship.
He's no Mr Wrinkles, but he's the next best thing...and therapeutic for me.
(( Breaking News - FWPD chef Garry Hamilton is being "reassigned". -
Here's the story link:
Guess Christmas just came early this year for a LOT of people in uniform as well as the citizens of Fort Wayne. Someone must be paying attention to this blog...lol))
*** Last back to the  CPU...it would appear that the harder we try to embrace the technological "marvels" that permeate our culture these days, the MORE we are beset with problems.
Whether it's the spammers we are exposed to, the cyber-bullying of our children, the hardware  issues (nothing built to last), the software issues (constantly upgrading when the current things work fine), or bringing out new tech to replace the "old" tech you JUST bought a couple months ago...it's all a lot of nonsense (to me).
And with all the inclusion OF this tech into everything we have (from houses to appliances to vehicles, to those damnable computers...and more) we can't seem to keep the hell up and make our lives better.
If anything, our lives are becoming COSTLIER...and more annoying.
That certainly is NOT anything close to BETTER, is it?
Most of us on a "good" day?
So, when I see a large part of the world in some sort of "crisis" or at least, displaying levels of anger at everything and everyone, it doesn't take much for me to conclude WHERE it all stems from.
We have created the means by which we have become enraged, and the outlet for such rage is (you guessed it) - everything and everyone.
Sure explains a LOT about society.
There should be an answer to this that does not take away from us, but rather adds to our journey to seek knowledge and wisdom in our lives.
That's what I'd like to believe, and some days, it's pretty hard to do so.
But the challenge comes from the attempt, and the success will be measured by the way we work to minimize the effects upon ourselves as well as the rest of us.
Now THAT sounds like a plan to me.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Mint is a terrible thing to do to chocolate....

Before we get too much farther, your technical problem this morning indirectly led to the post you will see here Monday morning, FYI.

And, Laurie wanted me to thank you VERY much for the valentine e-mail. She really liked it!

Moving on, with you on the pie; Love Your Pet day is everyday here; and I came uncomfortably close to the sticky bun thing with our predawn walk. Suffice it to say I have something in common with bears I'd rather not have...

The Pope thing I mentioned in an earlier comment on another blog. It read:"I think we have to understand two things. First, the Pope SHOULD come at issues with the ability to strip it down to its simplest level, which he does. Second, THIS Pope is a "liberation theologist" and has a vested interest in coming out against capitalism in all its forms. Like you said, we have to chop through his words and ask WHICH of these two views he was speaking from. Or, as I saw a Catholic FB commenter say, get him "a PR team and a censor"! "

I noticed NPR made a point this morning in mentioning that the POSUS and his FLPOS were going to be viewing the body today at SCOTUS.

My email is windows live. Seems to take care of the brunt of it, and Norton redirects a lot as well. After seeing about 10 spam emails supposedly from friends who have Yahoo accounts, I deleted mine.

Nice to see Patches again... glad he's taken a shine to the "Squirrel Whisperer."

Bob G. said...

And this from a guy who touts "cheese-hos"...ROFL!
That made my day.
You mean that JUNIOR MINTS are great?
And what about chocolate chip mint ice cream?
--The tech issue is taken care of (for now(). I think I have a bad USB-PS1 adapter going south.
--Glad Laurie liked it.
I got something else for her (and you) whenever you two can drop down.
--Same here with my pets (both tamed and "wild").
--That wouldn't be BEAR CLAWS, would it?
--I agree on your call w/ this Pope. Be sure ain't no JP-2nd.
Maybe THIS Pope needs to change the incense he's burning in his "censor"?
--And to think that Obama wanted to filibuster the appointment of Alito.
--the only use of my emails is paypal, ebay, other purchases, and spot crime (for the most part. I also get some newsletters from REPUTABLE sources.
It's like getting robocalls on a private-unlisted phone that's on the state and federal DO-NOT-CALL lists.
(assholes, every one of them)
--I hope Patches comes around more...I can use the therapy (especially when you live down HERE).

Hey, thanks for swinging by today to comment.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.