22 February 2016

Monday Musings...
That was certainly a nice change of pace as far as the weather goes over the weekend, wasn't it?
Almost made you want to get out the gardening stuff.
(or make you want to drive around other neighborhoods in a 1967 metallic purple Chevy Impala with those big rims...with the top down (that last one DID happen, so I know what kinda goof-mobiles to look for this summer). Aside from that, wasn't bad at all.
Welcome to another week of roller-coaster forecasts here in the Heartland.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us with colder temps (only going up to around 40 degrees), and partly to mostly cloudy skies. Nothing in the way of precipitation (yet).
So what say we get that morning drink poured as we take a look at what is going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the cereal box is out "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
February 22 - 
(my question is...WHY?)
(okay, that's more like it)
(Gonna have to take a pass on this one - over to you, Chris)
---And, it's BE HUMBLE DAY
(somehow, I got a feeling Trump isn't  celebrating this)
(ROFL...if the world DID more of that, we'd have a lot fewer problems)
*** Next up, It is also the birthday of our nation's FIRST PRESIDENT - GEORGE WASHINGTON.
If you want the Cliffs Notes edition of his life and times, here's his WIKI:
I remember the days when we actually celebrated this as well as Lincoln's birthday...none of this "Presidents Day" stuff with mixing them into ONE day. Then again, that was a different time altogether.
*** Next, it looks like we're back to WAITING on the paper...again. Well, we did have a couple months of GOOD SERVICE (for a change).
Now, I can work with THIS carrier. Good kitty!
Thing is, that kinda stuff NEVER seems to last down where we live.
So, I might have to get back on the "nasty-gram-wagon" and start emailing people at the J-G...AGAIN.
And we call this kind of thing...progress?
*** Next up,  there was a house fire this morning (the second in 2 days around the same time) and NOT where you'd expect it to occur. Here's the story (so far):
This house is a little south of Jefferson Pointe (no on was home at the time).
The house was located in the 4800 block of Ridgeway Drive and the FWFD was called around 0515 hrs.
There was another fire yesterday morning
---The 1700 block of Oakland St (near St. Mary's Ave. and Sherman Blvd) and took place around 0420 hrs yesterday..
No one was home at that house either.
A little bit on the odd side, if you ask me.
Can't think it was spontaneous combustion, or that we have so many people that never check things before leaving the house. Just doesn't sound right.
*** Next, Wifey and I took to the streets Saturday to grocery shop, and THIS week at the Bluffton Rd Kroger (formerly Scotts) they DID have PAPER BAGS.
I had contacted Kroger about the lack of such amenities last week, and their reply was that I should contact store management (what I thought was the source of the problem).
I spoke to one of the shift managers there (Becky - very nice person) and she told me that a wrong order number had been entered and that, as a result, no one knew how low the stock of paper bags was until it was too late.
Someone on 3rd shift found the problem. Maybe what's needed is someone checking the "checkers"?
Two stations in FTW so far.
After that, we went to get gas, and the station we went to allowed me to pump first and then go inside to pay with our card (didn't want to get skimmed). Although the pump I was at seemed secure enough (the face-plate was not loose and nothing looked amiss).
This doesn't mean there's not an INTERNAL skimmer which fits into the slot where you place your card.
Best thing to do - either pay with CASH, or go inside and pay there by card...until this issue with credit card skimmers is taken care of.
And our last stop was at the Walgreens that's slated to close TOMORROW (Southgate Plaza), and it was sad to see.
Another store almost stripped to the walls...just like our K-Mart...and our Target, and many many other stores (and our mall)/ We did talk to the cashier and she's got another location to be transferred to, like most of hte others working there. As far as any "sales"...well it was mostly ALCOHOL-related, which meant I made a killing...LOL.
Got a bottle of bourbon -  Wild Turkey 101 (that's "sippin" bourbon, folks...NOT for guzzling, trust me!) for only TEN BUCKS (retail is over $22) plus a bottle of white zinfandel for $2.25!.
Other than that, it was still pretty depressing to walk through yet another place we frequented often (seeing empty shelves and aisles) around our part of the ghettohood.
Makes you wonder who will be next.
*** Next, it didn't take long for the "locals" to fire up their loud car stereos in all that nice weather we had this weekend.
Another loud summer looms.
Perhaps Garry will address such issues when he's "reassigned" later this year.
And that begs the question, WHO would be taking his place as the FWPD "capo"?
Well, Councilhack Glynn Hines came up with the ONE name I did not want to hear - Derrick Westfield.
Naturally, he's black (and has a mugshot - uh, oh), but I'm sure that's allowable when consideration for a police chief job is in the works.
This whole black police chief (from the SE quadrant command) doesn't mean "jack" when it comes to crime down here.
The blacks (and Hispanics) don't give a damn WHO runs the department, and ANY minority placed in the job isn't going to make things miraculously change for the better. (unless they have a VERY strong hand against crime)
York states that 4 years is about average for a police chief, due to the demands of the position (and yet HE served for FOURTEEN years, so what's THAT say?) Ten years too many?
Got some "leadership" issues here.
Hell, Garry was "in over his head" when he took command of the SE quadrant (after Captain Nancy Chamberlin retired), so what made anyone think we'd make a good chief?
Short answer - very few, and hardly any in uniform.
If he wanted to get out in the community more, maybe he should have been a preacher?
*** Next, I hear I was co-starring in a video "short" over the weekend that made it's way to FB. It's not the first time I was in a performing "role", OR on video.
"Patches" is the real star here, make no mistake.
And yes, he's still coming by later in the afternoon (when it just starts to get dark).
Maybe we're NOT ready for the film festivals...or even YouTube, but what the hell.
Thing is which category would this come under?
And where IS Sir David Attenborough when I need him, anyway?
He's with the LEMURS, where else?
His narration would be marvelous.
*** Last back to the kitchen table...I enjoy my time with my squirrel friends...guess you couldn't figure out something THAT obvious...lol.
I also enjoy going various places and meeting people.
But, there are times when I grow very concerned about the state of humankind, when I see people randomly shoot others, or terrorists across the globe push whatever misguided agenda they have.
There are days when you really WANT to embrace everyone and everything, but such days are few and far between.
I simply can't blindly give everyone all the benefits of every doubt ever created all the time.
(So much for being like Jesus along those lines).
I am wary of a lot of people these days...ever more than I would be with a snarling dog.
At least with the dog, you KNOW what you're in for (for the most part).
With people, it's a lot more "subtle", as they will smile and stab you in the back in the same breath. I've seen all types over the years, and thank God for the truly GOOD people (and you know who you all are). A cynical path for me? Perhaps.
Over time, humankind has mastered the art of deception, and a great many of us fall for it.
That's not to say that we're destined to be a welcome mat for everyone.
With age comes knowledge...and wisdom...and experience.
We KNOW not to approach an angry animal...ditto for a lot of people.
But, what we come to know (hopefully) is what our OWN limits are, and how they impact on others.
If we never come to realize such basic things, we will never be able to master them.
If there is to be any control within our lives, it starts (and ends) with being able to control oneself.
Animals can't reason to do that, but WE can...and should.
Such a thing could change the world...for the better. And that wouldn't be that bad a thing, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"If there is to be any control within our lives, it starts (and ends) with being able to control oneself."

Truer words were never spoken (or typed).

BTW, Trump is the most humble person in the world. Actually, he's the most humble person in all of human history. Just ask him, he'll tell you. :)

A Beer For The Shower said...

You know, you joke, but when my grandpa passed, he left behind his pristine 1967 Chevy Impala (all original). My hoodrat cousin was going to take it, but then she revealed she was going to turn it into one of those ghetto donkmobiles (as they call it)... and everyone else in the family stopped her. It's now in storage. Some people don't have appreciation for the classics...

And yeah yeah, rub it in that you can buy cheap liquor at places like Walgreens (RIP)! Here in Colorado we can't buy any kind of alcohol in regular stores, just cheap college kid beer with under 3.2% alcohol (that's the law). Don't ask me why.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
LOL...I had a feeling someone (here) would say that about Trump.
It was just a matter of time.
I just had to "bait the hook" as it were.
Nice one.

Thanks for dropping by to comment.
Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

--I only joke about what some people DO to such WONDERFUL automobiles. THAT is the REAL crime.
I'd LOVE to have damn near ANY car from that era.
Glad your family managed to SAVE that car from being remade into a donk-ass ghetto-thumper.
You are correct, there ARE those that cannot appreciate what this country has made in the past.
(unfortunately, they can also VOTE...heh)

--The Wild Turkey 101 find was BY ACCIDENT.
The store's closing and all the hooch was being sold off WAY below retail. I was "WTH?" and then I told Wifey this is for "medicinal purposes" (mine).
Shoulda got TWO bottles at THAT proof and price!

Thanks much for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe (and "kid-beer" free) out there!

CWMartin said...

"my question is...WHY?"- well-put.

You shoulda seen the Marg that Jessica had this weekend- the size of her head, it was. You can have that stuff, pass me a Long Island.

"Gonna have to take a pass on this one - over to you, Chris"... Got it! Dog is happily snoring after a pleasant mile or so.

"Trump isn't celebrating this one..." HAH!

World thinking day- is that a every-20-year deal?

A recent walk I took, I muddled over the question "who were the greatest Presidents?" The list I came up with, from the top- Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, JFK, and TR... none of the others in that class.

Paper carriers in a lot of cases are in that category of people who say, "I give an effort commensurate with my pay." Funny how that group doesn't seem to develop that extra work ethic if they get better pay, either...

Holy crap- Wild Turkey for TEN BUCKS? And they still had some? Jeez, I shoulda called and had you pick me something up, lol!

I hope King Henry realizes that another failed pick for police chief will only make him look like a big(ger) boob...

That video was great... You should take a starring role more often.

Bob G. said...

--I got nothing AGAINST sweet potatoes, just don't wanna be TOLD to cook one...lol.
--They're not bad, but with age comes "pickiness" when it comes to novelty drinks. Plus every bartender has their OWN take.
--KNEW I could count on 'ya there (and Scrappy has my thanks as well)
--A 20-year deal...LMAO!!!
--That's a very good list.
--Yeah, it's like they get in that "pay" rut...and STAY there. No wonder THEY con't seem to succeed.
--Yep, I shoulda got ALL the bottles (two were left). You don't come across a 101 proof hooch EVERY day at THAT price!
(gonna age that bugger another few yrs...at least)
--I wonder if such a feat (or boob) is actually POSSIBLE???
--I was just a supporting player.
And always remember, there are NEVER any SMALL PARTS - just SMALL ACTORS...HA!

Thanks much for stopping over to comment.
Stay safe up there, brother.