26 February 2016

Friday Follies...
If you liked the second half of yesterday, then, you'll find today right up your alley.
And this weekend proves to be even nicer than that.
Welcome to the end of the week...at long last.
Sometimes, you just don't think it will get here.
Our Hoosierland weather for today finds us with partly to mostly cloudy skies, temps reaching to around  the 33-35 range, and some light breezes. Might see some early flurries, but no accumulation here.
Everything you need to get your weekend off to a fine start, hmm?
So what say we all get our cups of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close by, as we see what's been going on in some other places, shall we?
*** First off of the coat rack is our "What the hell happens today, Bob" feature:
February 26 -
("Once upon a time, there was a city called Fort Wayne, that had NO crime..." How's THAT for a fairy tale? lol)
(but they're so bloody expensive these days...what happened there?)
---And, it's CARNIVAL DAY
(too cold and no place is open FOR a carnival where we live - fegeddeboudit.)
*** Since it's a FRIDAY, let's see what we can get into over the next 48 hours:
February 27 -
(now, we're talking - goes great in coffee. Wonder WHY? heh, heh, heh)
(shortcake, yogurt, soda, chocolate-covered...all works for me)
(funny, they're not griping about global warming, are they?)
February 28 -
(why don't they call this homeless day?)
(Is the LGBT gang okay with the whole fairy thing?)
(yes, straight people know how to do this, too)
(always thought that was done with eggs? Maybe they use CADBURY eggs?)
So there you have it...plenty of things to make sure you don't wind up in jail.
Moving on...
*** Well, the FWPD still have not released information about the Lewis St "trifecta" (homicides) they found yesterday, BUT, others are coming forward with details about the house AND it's occupants.
Here's the story link:
Now THAT is pretty revealing, and sheds much light on what possible MOTIVES might be, right?
A man who used to live near that house for a decades paints an interesting picture of the residence and it's occupants.
A house with 12-15 kids, older boys who get new vehicles when they graduated, retribution for shootings, loud music...sounds like something dubious going on there.
Allow me to toss out some pertinent questions...
Were the FWPD aware of or have anyone living there under suspicion or surveillance?
Those living there who were acquainted with the police were arrested for minor infractions, and didn't have extensive rap sheets (according to the story).
We know the victims were AFRICAN males...perhaps they were refugees...from say...SUDAN?
BTW, the largest concentration of Sudanese refugees is in NEBRASKA...just thought you should know that. Here's the proof on this:
Sudanese refugees...and a gang.
Perhaps they were all SHOT to death?
Maybe one or more of the males found by police were high-school age?
Maybe they attended North Side High School?
Perhaps it was a "clash of cultures" or territorial dispute?
Maybe it was a possible (new) Sudanese gang trying to flex it's muscle?
I'm just "speculating" here, and I'm not assigning any FACT to these postulations.
The story is a good one, and leans toward the description of a drug house.
It has too many of the signs of one.
And since FWCS has not mentioned ANYTHING regarding this incident saying IF any of the males were (in fact)students (due to the CRIMINAL nature of this investigation - a bad press thing) is VERY telling.
Policy is that such information is not forthcoming, unless a students ides in an accident, fire, or any natural causes.
Time (and others on the periphery of this) will tell, even if the FWPD does not...right?
((  ** Editor's Update - 1205 hrs - Looks like the coroner and I are on the same page (again). Here's the latest on the three HOMICIDES:
Easy enough to make the right call when you're INFORMED))
*** Next up, let the "tech-wars" begin...at least between parents and their children.
Here's the report (from WPTA), and it's a good read:
As if parents and teens weren't ENOUGH at odds, by all means, let's make it EASIER for that to happen. And let's use all the TECHNOLOGY we have in our cars today to accomplish this.
I'll grant you that the tech is safety-related, and makes good sense, but isn't GOOD SENSE what these kids need by way OF their parents doing their job, rather than the technologies they've all embraced and become dependent upon?
It's like I say...people take the easy way out, instead of the RIGHT way (which is often more difficult...but not impossible).
LOL - an onboard report card for teen drivers.
Kids will no doubt "fight back" with other apps designed to defeat whatever the parents are using to keep their kids safe, because that's what kids do.
*** Next, in a related story, how SAFE are those APPS you download?
Maybe not AS safe as you're led to believe. Here's the story:
Yeah, that "harmless" FLASHLIGHT app for your phone COULD be opening the door for people in BEIJING to spy on you, and there's lots more apps that have similar effects.
Kinda makes you MISS those old-fashioned phones NOW, hmm?
When I saw this, I just shook my head, because I could see this coming, and my phone is a "dumb" one.
All this tech, and so many ways to subvert it...by the wrong people.
You can become a victim these days (and maybe see your bank account wither away) without leaving the comfort of your home, OR having anyone break in unannounced. Now THAT is real progress, isn't it?
*** Are you one of a growing number of people who have a WIRELESS mouse for your computer?
(I am NOT)
Well, if you are, you COULD be at risk for being "mouse-jacked"....seriously.
Here's the story link:
A "flaw" in the security software of these mice can lead to others being able to hack into your entire system.
Now, I'm not a "technophobe", but you can easily see my reasoning behind my reluctance to glom onto all this crap. I never get something because of it's novelty, or any other gimmick. I prefer things that have been TESTED and are as close to "bullet-proof" as the manufacturer can make something.
Maybe that's why I put up with the annoying daily "Chrome will no longer support XP" prompt across the top of my screen.
Just because something is "new and innovative" doesn't mean it's ANY better, and now we're seeing the proof.
Caution should be the mainstay when even thinking about any electronic gizmo that comes along.
Remember the hoverboards and their ability to spontaneously combust?
*** Last back to the umbrella stand...technology is a cornerstone of the progress and evolution of a society.
Fortunately, the animal world has no such encumbrance, does it?
With new tech comes new ways of thinking...and acting (we know that last one to be too true), but it also opens a Pandora's box of problems, that, if not addressed before an item is rolled out, creates more problems for the users and companies making this stuff.
The manufacturers of these devices and software have stopped learning to think like the bad guys, and that costs the rest of us a LOT...in time, money, and sanity.
In order to defeat (or catch) a criminal you have to think LIKE a criminal.
That's basic investigation and preventive law-enforcement 101.
Technology does have it's place in today's world. Much of it keeps us safe, keeps us warm, keeps pour houses, sores, schools and churches lit, and much much more.
But even those things are at risk to others who would hack into the systems driving our utilities, or that which defends our nation.
In some strange way, we had things a tad better when we didn't have this reliance upon all the tech at the disposal of the "regular folks". We knew how to write letters, used proper etiquette when speaking to others, or when on a phone.
We drove without all the (infotainment) distractions we have today.
We had children we could monitor a lot easier, and better parents who knew HOW to properly raise their children.
The more you think on it, the more things you can come up with to prove the point.
And perhaps, back then...we were a people filled with a lot less angst...and rage.
Sometimes in life, you might have to back up a few steps so you can proceed forward again.
I know it works when your car is stuck in the snow, doesn't it?
Just a little something to ponder.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

I have a not so smart phone that is half working and I can't download any apps. All it can do is text and call. Seems I don't have all those other problems everyone else talks about with their smart phones. I think technology has gotten bigger than us. We can't keep up with the hackers but the whole world falls apart if we go offline. I don't get it.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Well, that puts you FAR ahead of all those peeps with so-called smarter-phones...and you're safer and better off for that.

Technology has SO FAR out-paced our ability to keep up with it or use it properly...make NO mistake about that.

It's a shame to see SO many people dependent on stuff like this.
To me, it seems like another ADDICTION, and some folks in other countries are exploiting that, as well as becoming the new-age "pushers" in the virtual world.

But, that's just what I'm noticing.
(and I'm just an old fart...LOL)

Thanks much for rolling up today and commenting.

Have a great weekend & stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

I think we'll be making Public Sleeping Day Friday... I stayed up for the debate and commentary, and had to work today...

I hope this isn't a Sudanese thing- my South Sudan co-worker has missed the last two days...

We have had a wireless rodent in the past, but not currently.

Bob G. said...

We could make Public sleeping day a MONDAY, instead, right?
Lord knows I'd still rather have something made on a Friday than a Monday...ANY day...LOL.

Yeah, well never discount ANY of the refugee populations we have in our fair city that not many people really know (or have been told) about(they have gangs, too).
To borrow a line from Rush Limbaugh:
"Don't doubt me on this".

There 'ya go, then...another step (backward) for safety sake and personal security.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Have yourselves a great weekend & do stay safe up there, brother.