29 February 2016

Monday Musings...
It's been one of those weekends in many ways (for me, anyway).
A roller-coaster of emotions, the crazy-ass Midwest weather, the crazy-ass news stories that never seem to end, and a touch of introspection tossed in for no good reason.
Welcome to the last day of February, and a day which only comes along every FOUR years.
(and no, it's not election day...please enough of that sideshow already).
Our Hoosierland weather for today finds us with much more settled conditions than we had over the last two days.
The winds will be calming down (thank God), the rain has been reduced to a mere drizzle, and although temps will not be reaching the record high (yesterday) of 66 degrees, it will still be up around 50 degrees.
And, we might even get to see some sun, too. Expect rain later on.
So, sit back, get that morning cup of your favorite beverage, and let's see what else has been going on, shall we?
*** First out of the bookcase is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
February 29 -
(sorry, don't feel much like leaping, but you go right ahead)
(last day in February and only in the USA?)
*** Next up, another person crashes their vehicle into another house in Fort Wayne.
Getting to be a real nasty HABIT around the city. Here's the story link:
This took place along S. Clinton St near Pontiac and Leith Sts yesterday morning around 0337 hrs, and once again, excessive SPEED is to blame. Bet'cha some other impairment, too.
I've driven this stretch a LOT,  and there's NO problem with the roadway AT ALL.
(unless you're going around 100 MPH+ and can't handle the vehicle you're supposed to be driving - then, it gets a tad tricky)
The SUV took out a corner of a 2-car garage, knocked down a fence, and struck the house, coming to rest inside the back of the structure.
Helluva way to wake up (too damn early), isn't it?
*** Next up, a Virginia police officer on the streets for just ONE day is killed in the line of duty.
Here's the story link:
Starting as a domestic shooting call, officers of the Prince William County Police Department rolled up to a residence, and an altercation ensued between the suspect (ID'ed as Ronald Hamilton, 32, a Pentagon employee) and the officers. These calls can go very wrong...very fast.
There is no such things as a "typical" domestic call.
Officer Ashley Guindon was sworn in just one day prior to being shot and killed.
BLUE Lives Matter - R.I.P. officer Guindon.
Two other officers were shot in the exchange of gunfire, but the severity of their injuries was not known.
A capital murder charge is being sought against the shooter, who is being held without bond.
In my opinion, here's one black life that DOES NOT matter...!
*** Next, an Ohio pastor is shot and killed by his brother.
Here's the story link:
Pastor William Schooler of St. Mary's Missionary Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio, was shot and killed by his brother, Daniel Gregory Schooler after service yesterday around 1230 hrs, while in his office.
His brother is being held on a murder charge.
What the hell is it with these blacks going around with all this anger inside and thinking that shooting someone will somehow alleviate whatever they're feeling? Something's not right with a lot of these people.
They SHOULD be sitting down with pastors...instead of killing them (or police officers).
*** Next up, Wifey and I had an "excellent adventure" on Saturday (after grocery)
But, let me back up a bit and take Kroger to task.
First, they stopped carrying SCRAPPLE.
Next, they ran out of PAPER shopping bags TWICE (so far) this year. They had them this week.
Then, the don't carry HOT banana pepper rings any longer. I looked ALL over the store.
Now, it looks like they stopped carrying CANNED HOMINY (sorta).
They DO have the "feed an illegal immigrant family of twenty" cans, but none of the 15 oz cans in either golden OR white.
WTH is up with this? I get this for Wifey.
I don't like foods processed with LYE or LIME (the white powder used for soil and not the fruit). Call me old-fashioned.
Anyway, enough of that...
Wifey and I drove down to Decatur and went to somewhere I've never been before - RURAL KING.
Oh, this place is KISMET for someone like me, which isn't easy to say, coming from Philly.
Still, it's a great place to get lots of things cheaper than other places.
And, it's well staffed with very friendly folks...I like that a lot, too.
They sell LOTS of live chicks there, too. Ducks are also coming soon.
And, they even have some  RABBITS!
(No, Wifey would not let me get some for pets for our cat...LOL)
These chicks are for raising...and eating (and getting eggs from)
Nicely laid-out store. Easy to find things.
They even let you park your horse and buggy there.
Drivin' with the top down, too.
I snagged a pair of relaxed fit jeans for UNDER $10, some floodlight bulbs for the garage, some little plastic toy critters (well molded and painted) that were too cute to pass up (I love my critters).a few furnace filters (at 70 cents each!), and two ammo boxes for (what else?) my ammo. They were only $3.99 each and lock shut.Got a FORTY-POUND bag of bird seed, too...and at the SAME price we usually get a 20-lb bag around here. Also got some bulk sunflower seed (for Patches and friends)...saved more money there.
I didn't get another pistol,. because they were sold out of the one I wanted (at the prices they sell some guns at, it's not surprising). But, I will keep looking there in the future.
And the drive down and back was wonderfully uneventful.
Just a nice 1/2 hour drive each way on a good chunk of highway - the way it USED to be (and should be).
Not a bad way to "spend some bucks".
And it's close enough to make a few trips a year (with maybe a luncheon at the Back-40).
Sure is a huge cultural difference from where we live in Ft. Wayne. I'm kinda liking Adams County in the manner I like Jay County...lots less "hassle" in those places.
*** Last back to the living room...you know that I'm an animal lover.
Just leave the fingers. I need those.
(as long as they love me, and not as a midday snack...lol).
I enjoy my time with the squirrels and feeding the birds that stop by.
Hell, I even saw a RABBIT last week, but I couldn't convince him/her to come by and get some food.
Maybe when Spring gets here.
During my years gathering experience through interaction as well as observation, I've also come to have a better respect for them than I do many people.
These critters don't operate on pretention, nor do they seek to disrespect you, or show animosity toward you because of who YOU are. And the same is said for our domesticated pets in our homes.
So, yes...when a little critter like "Mr Wrinkles" takes his leave of us, it affects me.
Same is true with Penelope...every day.
Same is said for a rookie police officer killed one day on the job.
When I see, hear, or read about such a loss, it bothers me.
I suppose that's one of the down sides of growing older...all the losses.
My parents, Robert Sr. and Kathryn
You lose parents, other relatives, friends, pets, and yes, even the critters that used to stop by to get fed.
And with every loss, a part of who you have become, goes away as well.
You never really get used to it, nor should you, because those that leave us leave behind that which we came to embrace through who THEY were.
It becomes a curious mix of subtraction and addition to our lives, and hopefully, we can come to appreciate how they affected us when they were with us.
I know my parents are with me to this day, as are others I have lost over the years.
And while I miss them all greatly (every day), I can still find that place where they left their mark on my life.
And perhaps some day, others may feel the same for all of us.
Time will be the test of that, will it not?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
((See you all next month))


CWMartin said...

Funny that this dumb butt has that wreck just a couple of weeks after WANE did a story on how stupid you would have to be to do so. "You can't fix stupid... you can only shoot it."

And the a-hole that shot the lady cop was an active duty staff sgt assigned to the PENTAGON? He need to be tried military and given a firing squad.

You know, I read Laurie three stories about shootings last night, and all three of them ended, "a black guy..." How many blacks do blacks have to kill before whites are allowed to say, "You blacks hadn't ought to kill each other" and not be called racist?

Looks like you guys contracted Laurie disease, symptoms of which are: having a product disappear from the shelves as soon as you really fall in love with it. Believe me, it spreads across shopping options.

I heard about you only being allowed one chick to take home from RK- your wife. Not a bad deal, all in all...

Back-40! Back-40!

What a well put-together closing homily- maybe your best.

Bob G. said...

--Yes, STUPID makes for some GREAT target-practice.
--That's a good call. Since he IS "active" military, he could well come before a tribunal. Dunno if the army is saying anything about that yet.
--In some ways this type of killing OF blacks BY blacks is akin to a microcosm of the Nazis "final solution".
--LOL - Laurie Disease...sweet.
(amazing how that can become an ACUTE affliction as well)
--LOVE the BACK-40!
--That homily kinda sums up how I felt after your emails...let's just say it's "for a mutual little friend" (that we knew for too short a time), hmm?

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe up there, brother.

catererin said...

Rural King is a fun store for sure! I was at the one in Fort Wayne last week, on US 24 across the street from Kroger Marketplace. seeing the baby chicks is so entertaining, so cute!

Bob G. said...


I saw where we have on here in Fort Wayne.
Wifey just wanted to take a drive, and she knew exactly where the Decatur store was located.
I LOVE the place.
The chicks and the rabbits are so damn CUTE.
Used to be a time when I lived in Philly, and you could get chicks at a lot of stores.
I'll have to relate that story sometime soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe out there.