15 April 2016

Friday Follies...
If the weather forecasts are correct, then we should have one of the best weekends thusfar this year.
Seeing will definitely be believing.
And, I don't see a lick of rain coming along either.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will find us with fair condition, sunny skies, and a high approaching 70 degrees (here comes the oversize satin shorts brigade for another year)
I would say this is the perfect weather for me - not too hot and not too cold.
So, why don't we all settle back, get that morning drink, and have ourselves a look at what is (and what will be) going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out of the flower beds is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 15 -
(my eyes are glazed over just thinking about that)
(how best to correct all those mistakes?)
(good reason to keep that eraser nearby)
(as if life isn't "taxing" enough, right?)
(When the unthinkable happened to the unsinkable)
(ROFLMAO - well THAT is not going to happen in OUR part of the ghettohood - nice try)
(organ donation, of course)
---Now, if you watched the Ken Burns film on Jackie Robinson on Monday and Tuesday nights, TODAY is the day when Robinson made his very FIRST appearance in the major leagues, playing  for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
And baseball became a whole new sport for a lot of great players. as well as all the myriad fans.
*** Since it's the end of the week, let's see how best to enjoy the nice weather over the following 48 hours:
April 16 -
(not even gonna try and grow those)
(Time to reward those who DID your taxes)
(okay, now I'm getting hungry)
(how about we decide to DUMP Obamacare and start over?)
(yeah, I can see that one NOT working for too many folks on their job)
(Barrett and Jackson much?)
April 17 -
(Bet'cha Bruce Wayne is loving this one)
(Eat it if 'ya got it)
(when people entered this country LEGALLY - I miss those days)
(Can't say I was really into this, but you go right ahead)
And there we are...PLENTY of things to keep you active, off the streets, and OUT of jail.
*** Next up, this (local) story BEGS to be spread around the Internet, and for the obvious reason.
Here's the link:
I'm wondering if this really belongs in the "local" section, OR the "crime" section of the paper.
I kinda see a crime being committed, and I'm always leery when I hear the phrase "eminent domain:" being tossed about.
This is that wonderful OVERREACHING aspect to government when they tell YOU (the property owner) that you don't matter and they'll pay you "fair market value" for what you spent years investing in - sound about right?
Now, an offer had been made for the properties mentioned, but, I suppose it's not enough (and rightly so), considering the value WILL go up...AFTER the riverfront is completed.
But that begs a more important question: "Do we REALLY need this to make our city look like OTHER cities, or can we do more with less to keep our city more UNIQUE?"
---Perhaps we should see what one person thinks (in today's opinion column) about the downtown arena proposal, which is part of this whole "downtown redevelopment" gig:
(( Costly arena unnecessary
Now is the time to stop Mayor Tom Henry’s downtown arena. We do not need another arena downtown. The mayor’s hand-selected committee estimated the cost to be $43 million for an arena that will sit empty most of the year. The estimate now has reached $85 million. This estimate does not include the cost of buying property. The mayor again will force citizens and businesses to move or close their doors.
The downtown library is rated as one of the best in the United States. The library was not even contacted about the takeover of their parking lot. What will happen to the three or four fast food businesses that the local citizens rely on for their meals? Obviously, the arena committee does not care.  Fort Wayne citizens should care.
Realize that when or if the final estimate is released, the cost will be over $100 million for an arena that will sit empty for the most of the year. If the chief financial officer of Sweetwater had made an error of more than $60 million, the CFO would have been fired.
The Greater Fort Wayne committee said the community could take out a $350 million bond to pay for the arena and other projects. Citizens will be taxed to death. Obviously, a new arena downtown is more important for the mayor than his 235,000-plus citizens The sad part is: The arena will never make enough profit to recover the millions of dollars to build the arena.
The City Council must set aside personal opinions and speak up for the 235,000-plus citizens of Fort Wayne. Say no to the arena.  Don’t help bankrupt Fort Wayne. Millions are going to be asked for riverfront development. How do you expect citizens to pay? A home and food on the table are more important than another pretty building downtown.
Fort Wayne ))
Ron "gets it", and he is NOT alone, either in this particular venue or the riverfront project.
How many does Fort Wayne NEED?
Hell, I was even against the Costaplenty Square project that gave us a new ball park (that the city still owes $60 MIL in bonds on, but what do I know?) The "old" ballpark (for the Wizards) was barely THIRTEEN YEARS OLD as it was.
If this city is going to try and "keep up" with other cities, then it has to accept the down sides to that, which means learn to deal with the crime that comes along with such rapid growth.
*** And speaking of crime (and how best to handle it), there's this little gem:
So, when I think Chicago, it's all about black-on-black crime (primarily), and how the police seem unable to stop this in their city. Yet, now, another monkey wrench in being tossed into law-enforcement there.
Lori Lightfoot - (with the HEAVY hand) for police.
Let's go and change the manner in which the police DO THEIR JOB even further, which means another "task force" designed to keep the cops more "at bay" in certain ethnic communities.
This lame-ass "panel" that was created to oversee CPD and procedures, reported that "Chicago officers have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color."
Whatta load of bullshit!!!
No mention about how BLACKS value the same "sanctity" of life WITH THEIR OWN PEOPLE in their OWN community, does it? More like the LACK of value and sanctity in THOSE areas, tight?
Another direct slap in the face of law-enforcement.
NOT a police issue, but a CRIMINAL one.
You "cure" the problem (of rising homicide rates)  by diverting attention AWAY from it (change the way the police work) - typical liberal PC-BS, and it's WRONG for everyone.
*** Next up, and along those lines, Bill O'Reilly had a great article this week ( I get weekly emails). Here's the link (This is the 14 April column):
That finger's loaded and pointing at ALL the pinheads.
Have to say, when he's right...he's RIGHT. The crime bill that Clinton back signed in 1994 was probably the BEST piece of legislation that came across his desk, and served to LOWER crime.
But, that was then...
The racial component at work against blacks in America is insidious, and costly to everyone else.
And, it's being perpetrated by blacks (and liberals).
Pretty sad state of affairs.
*** Last back to the patio...there seems to be this "disease" in our nation, and it's been festering for a long time.
People are not content to practice the whole "live and let live" concept. They can't seem to either keep to themselves, control themselves or stay the hell out of other peoples' lives.
Doesn't matter if you're driving, at your house, at the movies...whatever.
Now, I realize that life IS a "participation sport", but when people feel the need to "inflict" themselves upon others for no reason at all, something is wrong. And this doesn't just apply to the criminal element of society. Although, if a refresher course is desired, here's some of our "local mooks at work":
We also have SOCIAL MEDIA, that has not only enticed, but actually encouraged people to force themselves into the lives of others, simply because they CAN.
And when the usual result happens, the first knee-jerk is to take way the means to enforce the laws we have out in place to keep such things from occurring.
Ignorance will beget more ignorance. It's that simple.
This is becoming a vicious cycle, and we really need to stop this crap. It's costing lives, and not only through the physical loss of them, either.
Think about cyber-bullies. Or ID theft. The list of "crimes" grows every year.
And all the while, the attention of the American people is diverted with a political "sideshow", or some other bit of tripe meant to keep us from seeing what's REALLY going on behind the scenes.
It's no wonder people are as PO'ed as they are, but that anger has to be properly channeled and not permitted to just be "let out". That is asking for even more trouble, and right now, that's the last thing we all need. We have too much to handle as it is.
Something you CAN bank on.
As the lack of moral and ethical behavior increases, so does the evil that is spawned from it.
I'm no saint, but I do have a pretty good idea of knowing right from wrong, as do many of us, and, many times,  we learned it the hard way.
But we DID learn from it, and not just ignore it, like many seem to do.
KNOWLEDGE is still the best weapon we can use against our problems.
And, it does require effort on OUR part.
But, what we get OUT of it is worth so much more than what we put into it, or, better yet, what we settle for when we do nothing.
Therein lies the lesson for the week.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I will start by saying "Friday follies" was as apt a description of my day as could be, and leave it at that... for now.

Wild guess day and tax day on the same day is oddly appropriate... sounds like Bernie's tax plan.

I'm sorry but that silence day for LGBT just makes me think of that old SNL skit with George wendt and the other guy doing the sports talk show from Chicago ("Da Bears...") and one of them mentions the 49ers favored in the Super Bowl. The other says, "Well, you know whose gonna like that..."
Both in unison: "Da queers..."

I got an e-mail from MLB commish Manfred about Ken Burn's Jackie show. He seemed as impressed as you are.

Well, as my "pajamas" are the same as my work clothes sans pants, I think you are right on that one...

Bat appreciation? Laurie will have to tell that damn joke of hers again...


Ron does indeed get it, and I hope he gets heard.

I do have to put in though that the Tin Caps stadium is night and day better than the glorified high school park the Wizards had... but no arena that we can afford will be any better than what the Coliseum has been made into. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

I feel bad for Chi-Town cops... but not the city. They vote the dumb bastards in, let 'em wallow in it.

In closing, I have to echo Mad Jack's friend Mariner on his post from today: "Tall tree. Short rope. Some assembly required."

Bob G. said...

-- Follies - we ALL get 'em, like it or not!
--I thought the LIBERAL tax plan was more like
Step 1) How much do YOU make?
Step 2) SEND IT IN.
That's their 1040 (very) EZ form.
-- Now THAT was a nice comedic blast from the past. Thank you.
-- I was impressed (considering Burns is a liberal). Lotta good ball players came outta that era, black AND white.
-- Yeah, wonder how that works for those sleeping in the BUFF?
-- Got as much of a chance as I do, my friend (them's CRICKETS you hear from downtown, BTW)
-- Our old ballpark DID have "room for growth", but no one was acting on that. I agree the COLISEUM is the BEST venue for SO many things.
-- Well, although I'm not totally the vigilante this city could use (age is against me there), there ARE times when you just HAVE to borrow a page from "The PUNISHER'S handbook".
Maybe not EXACTLY "righteous indignation", but oft times NEEDED.

Thanks much for taking time to drop by and comment.

Have a great weekend & do stay safe up there, brother.