18 April 2016

Monday Musings...
What a difference a week makes, right?
This time LAST week, we were still firing up our furnaces. This week, we're looking for that A/C setting on the thermostat. Crazy-ass weather, ain't it?
We made it all the way up to 79 degrees on Sunday, and today, well...
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly sunny skies, and a high of around 81 degrees.
But, never fear, we'll be stepping back to more seasonal temps tomorrow (with some rain, too).
So, what say we get any loose items stowed, return our stewardess to her upright position, and prepare ourselves for landing into this week. Oh, and don't forget that refreshing morning drink. You're probably going to need it.
*** First off of the runway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 18 -
(Liked them as a kid, but I do prefer the Marx Brother's movie these days)
(leftards need not apply. Many of us prefer the TRUTH.)
(don't have to be in Wichita to salute all those brave enough to risk electrocution on a daily basis)
*** Next, had to make that executive decision yesterday: "Do I mow the back yard?"
Well, I did, and it doesn't look bad.
All the gear worked as it did when last I had to mow, so no worries there. And wouldn't you know it...wasn't two hours passed after I mowed that FOUR dandelions showed the hell up (but not for long). That's what happens when no one else takes care of THEIR lawn...you get the results lf their inattentiveness.
Coming THIS weekend, the side and front lawn (oh...joy).
*** Next up, since it IS Springtime in Indiana's urban landscape, you know the boomcars are back out in force.
Here we go AGAIN.
We, here at the "Fortress of Reason", located firmly in the crotch of Fort Wayne, have been "blessed" to usually have fewer than TEN of these annoying assholes drive past every day when it was cold outside.
NORMAL people enjoying the nice weather on the SE side
But, since the advent of warmer weather, we're easily making it PAST that number, and there doesn't seem to be a single police officer (of the 440+ we have) around to halt the noise...imagine that.
You'll NEVER see THIS sign where WE live.
Granted, there are more "immediate" calls to answer, like the 911 hangups, domestics, thefts, rape, burglaries, vandalism, fights, stabbings, shootings. and all the other things these government-sponsored primates enjoy pursuing every hour of every day, but laws ARE laws, and those of us remaining down here, who DO believe in those laws have every right to EXPECT them (all) to be enforced.
I mean WTH are we paying for, anyway?
How to ruin good cars - give 'em to the WRONG people.
I'm always keen on noting how much more quiet it must be in our "king's" (read mayor's) neighborhood, as opposed to ours. Goes to show where the REAL priorities lie, doesn't it?
(and it's not down anywhere close to here)
Other locations can post signage.
All those potential tickets that could be written...and are not. And the city whines about never having enough "funds".
It's right down HERE, you morons, just asking for you to avail yourselves OF it.
*** Next up, when it comes to being relegated to the crap-pile, the south side of Fort Wayne always finishes in FIRST PLACE (not the best way to finish at all).
And, it's not just me noticing such things.
Here's a letter to the editor in today's J-G that tells a similar story:
(( South side shorted again
I am compelled once again to address the lack of any tangible concern for the south side.
In December, Mayor Tom Henry said on television that Fort Wayne had hired a firm based in Michigan to seek and advertise to investors the many opportunities the south side has to offer.
WPTA-TV announced on April 11, a month short of the six months and $5,000 later, the firm had nothing to report other than it had been to New York and Las Vegas, prospecting for investors.
What struck me odd was this statement: “These things normally take a year or more.” Therefore, we will continue on a month-to-month basis at $5,000. If the city knew this is a year-long project going in, why sign a six-month contract?
This is the kind of diversion that south side Fort Wayne has encountered over the years. South side is greater than 46806. South side is composed of 46803, 46806, 46807, 46816 and 46773.
How many investors were contacted? What was their response? Why is there not a response? In the meantime, our quality of life is at best C-/D+ and continues in a downward spiral.
Fort Wayne ))
Wow, another "Bob" gets it. I will say he's generous with his grading of what passes for our "quality-of-life" down here. I give it a total FAILING grade.
Not seeing it on the SOUTH side of Ft. Wayne.
And never a word from the community that SHOULD be pissing a fit the most - the black community. Guess it ONLY matters when an officer draws a weapon on one of them in the commission of some crime...then, they're all being picked on because of their color, and not the quality (or LACK thereof) of their character. Sad to say, in too many cases,  iit s non-existent, right?
*** Next up, I tuned in to FNC last evening to watch a special report , hosted by Bret Baier on our armed services (Rising Threats - Shrinking Military).
It was a very eye-opening 44 minutes (commercials don't count for me).
Here's a 6-minute snippet:
This special originally aired back on 18 March, and how I missed it THEN,  amazes me.
Still, it's worth a watch (when they air it again), because much of what we're dealing with in the world, when it comes to America's PLACE (and how we're slipping a bit) is revealed.
Normal "wear and tear" adds up over time.
A few years back, the entire F-15 fleet of fighters was grounded due to structural fatigue cracks in the airframes (it's been fixed), and now, we're seeing the same thing occur with our aging F/A-18 fighters used by the navy and marines.
Thing is, with such deep budget cuts, these branches of our military have taken to a once "required" method (of repair) in an attempt to keep AS MANY of the planes airworthy as possible - cannibalization.
That leaves other planes still in need of parts, so that doesn't solve anything on the long-term.
And these planes are driven by OUR young pilots. Many of the top flight mechanics have LEFT the military to pursue careers in the private sector, and it has less to do with wages, than it has with FRUSTRATION.
Like him or not, you KNOW he's right.
Not to mention, our "Feckless Leader", Barry-O, has chosen to make our armed services less of a MILITARY "might" , and more of a "social experiment".
Sorry, but a "feel good" approach doesn't mean squat when you're under fire or otherwise engaged in the heat of something called COMBAT.
The ONLY time anyone in uniform feels good is when the enemy is DEFEATED...period.
(and when everybody gets to go HOME again)
The show is pretty damn good and tells a lot of what people need to know when their son (or daughter) is placed in harm's way.
*** Next up, A drug house get shuts down in Fort Wayne (just not around our area) and nets three losers.
Here's the story link:
This took place around 2200 hrs. on Friday, at a house located in the 1600 block of Third St.
Anderson                   Fry                         Mills
If it's not blacks, it's the good old WHITE TRASH.
All in their 30s. You'd think they'd get this kinda crap out of their system by that age. Guess not.
*** Next up, I am a Pennsylvanian, born and raised in Philly, and today I am almost ashamed to admit to that.
Why, you ask?
Well, THIS story should shed some light on my feelings.
Yeah, MY birth-state is doing the"medical" POT-gig...just like 24 other states.
Now, you just know where this is going to wind up.
There are some nice CAVEATS.
Here's a bit of recent "history" in the PA statehouse and it's governors:
The LATEST douche-bag to run my birth-state
THAT is what you get with democrats in charge. Philly has had democrat mayors for damn near FIFTY years, and by the looks of MUCH of that city and the way it's been going DOWN-hill, it certainly SHOWS!
It's almost like losing another relative.
*** Last back to the hangar...There are too many days when I wake up and wonder:
COUNTER-EARTH! - well, THAT explains it!
I'm sure, many of you feel likewise.
This is not the country I remember growing up in.
And I, like many people in our nation, I am getting pretty damn fed up with all this "change". with none of the hope for a better tomorrow.
A "mirror image" of the REAL one. Everything is REVERSED.
We are being accosted like some subway rider just trying to get his ass to work.
There seems to be no let up at all, either.
Dealing with dipshit OBJECTS (that don't perform as designed) is ONE things - dealing with dipshit PEOPLE is another, and these days, we're getting hit with "both barrels", as it were.
Getting damn hard to dodge all that incoming fire, that's for sure.
And, we're all running out of places to retreat to, along with any appreciable and appropriate cover to hunker down and wait it out.
I want to think that in the grand scheme of things, all this will sort itself out to the mutual betterment of everyone, but, I'm just not really seeing any evidence to back that belief up.
We have to get our feet wet, our hands dirty, and our message out there that this is (and always will be) OUR America, and not that of those whose only mission is to change so much of  it, so as to have us no longer able to recognize it.
Time has come to take a stand, and, if need be, to fight for what is ours, and not just settle for whatever "scraps" we're tossed, like some salivating, chained-up junkyard dog.
People made this nation great, kept it that way, and by God, people can STILL do that once again. No reason NOT to.
We just require the proper motivation, and the potential loss of this country to factions bent on remaking this nation into something it's not, nor ever should be, MUST be that driving factor.
What I wouldn't give to recoup some of that "greatest generation" spirit about now.
We could use some.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Aww, the poor widdle dandelions...

Y'know, you COULD every once in a while slip one of your neighbors a sawbuck to cruise the royal neighborhood around 2-3 AM...

As another "other Bob" found out, it's not like King Tom READS...

White trash: I cannot comprehend why anyone with an ounce of sense or self respect would tat themselves in such a "I'll never get a job now" way.

Counter-Earth? Shame on you, you only wanna get cozy with HER...

(On the other hand, maybe the High Ev does special orders...)

Of course you know that I completely agree with the closing homily- I just wish there was a way to accomplish something...

God knows, I try with Sunday Message and Project IS, but is there anything that we can do that DOESN'T feel like pissing in the ocean?

Bob G. said...

I am "speaking" to you from behind the wheel of our brand-new "hot rod Lincoln" AKA the new computer.
Although it will take this old bird some time to get used to windows 10 (still working on Win 98...LOL), I'll give it a go.
---I would, but they ALREADY DO THAT damn near every other night.
---The king ONLY reads his OWN press releases...heh.
---White trash - the NEW blanched ghetto blacks!
---Re: Counter-Earth - why, whatever do you MEAN?? (vbeg)
I kinda MISS that guy, BTW.
---I think what we need to do is look at ANY accomplishment (progress) as being the smallest of the small for now. That at least keeps us humble AND from getting our expectations dashed, eh? You do OK with your messages, believe me.
We just don't see what goes on everywhere else, do we? Not our job.
Besides, I much rather piss in ANY ocean than piss in ANY wind, right?

Hey, thanks for rolling by to comment today.
Stay safe up there, brother.
(bring the sonic along this weekend - you'll see why)