25 May 2016

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week already. Where does the time go?
Just seems like we started this month in a few respects. This time next week, it'll be JUNE.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with conditions sort of like yesterday, but with partly cloudy skies, a chance of rain later on and temps reaching back into the low-80s. Beware the humidity, too  .
Now, with that behind us, let's get that morning drink poured as we take a gander at what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the cedar chest is our "WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
 "Look, we want freedom and we want liberty in this country. But we've also got to have the guts to stand up and run a tight ship in America. Morality is now a word that many people consider very square and outdated. But if we don't stand up for it, we deserve what we will get in the end - unprincipled anarchy." 
Now, I will tell you that this was said NOT by some politician (or socialist), but it should be someone you're familiar with. So, who said it? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the National Aviation Hall of Fame...
*** Next, it's time once again for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
May 25 -
(was a staple when I was growing up)
(sadly, many are never found)
(Remember Jack Imel from Lawrence Welk? He's a Hoosier, and was a fine hoofer)
(not to be confused with Obama's other 364 WHINE days)
(geez, something else for me to manage...lol)
*** Next up, a case where our technology did what it's supposed to do. Here's the story link:
Caught you little bastards!
How about that...two cases solved in a LOT less time than one might think.
And Columbia City owes this to social media...who'da thunk THAT?
In Fort Wayne, it's more like people snapping pictures OF a crime taking place to brag about it later on Fakebook.
As is the case, it's the people who choose to do right...or do wrong through their ignorance.
That's why I post stuff that happens around our place...not afraid to call out those that need calling out.
Like to see a lot more people in OUR city follow suit and do the right thing.
*** Next, another city councilman weighs in on the wheel tax (and annexation).
Here's the link:
Mr "If we got it, spend it"
The 5th district councilman, Geoff Paddock (another "sir spends a lot" in the king's court) said the "vehicle ownership tax" could have been avoided if the annexation (North IV) of 23K residents had passed.
Yeah, and if the dog hadn't have stopped to crap, he would have caught the rabbit, too.
There is a REAL reason why a lot of this "junk lawmaking" shouldn't see the light of day.
---You (Anytown, USA) decide to levy a tax to fix roads...sounds good (on the surface), but there is something that will not only ENSURE that a tax such as this one remains a permanent addition (or rather SUBTRACTION) to people's paychecks and savings, and will actually wind up INCREASING over time. What's the reason for that?
RISING COSTS to do the exact same work that was performed in years past (for less).
Got ENOUGH signage there, Bub?
This is not due to trickle down capitalism, either. You can mostly thank UNIONS for constantly increasing wages and ergo, the cost of materials (probably also made by union labor). You wind up with a nice "cycle" that never goes away.
Toss in rising healthcare costs (thanks Obamacare) and it adds up way too fast, costing more every time this carousel makes another turn. Sound logical enough?
Try and cut a few corners and you only exacerbate the problem with deteriorating streets, and cost more people even MORE money...
Makes me wonder what ever happened to using all those recycled TIRES to pave roads, highways and streets. Don't hear much about that these days.
*** Next up, so yesterday, I'm working on my blog post one minute, and the next...nothing (?!?)
Every page I try to access shows up as "not found". I have no Internet.
Well, THAT'S not normal. I check the router and reboot that...all seems fine there. I scan both systems...everything okay there, too. So, what's the story with Frontier Communications?
Well, I decided to call, and got a very nice technician named Thomas.
He checks out our connection and it appears like our router isn't there...(again - ?!?)
Now, I'm not aware of any road work going on that might cause an outage (when someone hacks through an underground FiOS line), and the tech on the other end of our phone decides to call his supervisor and see about any outage.
Turns out I was one of the FIRST to call this in, as more calls started to trickle into the help center.
(getting up early has it's advantages once in a while)
Thomas tells me they will get the comms up ASAP, and that works for me. Sure enough, within and hour, we were back online again, and I wasn't that late posting yesterday (by 1030 hrs). Pretty good customer service, if you ask me.
Perhaps a bad "card" in the hub caused this. I have no idea, but it is nice to see action taken with such promptness and professionalism.
Guess being offline still doesn't make anyone ANY money. That's motivation, folks.
*** Next, another plea deal from the (local) justice system that has forgotten the meaning of that word. Here's the story link:
Still a LOSER!
Another "Buster Badass" who is looking at a much reduced sentence for shooting someone (in the face) back in January. I posted the shooter's rap sheet back on 14 January. He has got a nice violent history.
But, if the plea deal is accepted by the judge, this loser won't see more than SIX years in jail...tops!
He's a REPEAT offender with handguns, so that should mean something...you'd think.
Aggravated battery and criminal recklessness only? Are you serious? He's got a "past" that includes multiple bodily injuries AND resisting law-enforcement. What's there "not to like" (and prosecute)?
And people wonder why we have a violent crime problem with minority communities?
Not hard to figure out WHY, is it?
*** Last back to the footlocker...I heard where thefts from vehicles are UP in Fort Wayne...to the tune of around 30% over last year's numbers.
Goes to show that people will find some way to amaze others, and not in a good way. Wonder if any of this could be handled with a curfew?
Sooner or later, there has to be some sort of proactive things a city can do to head such crimes off at the pass.
Not everyone has the luxury of a garage, but you can be targeted just as readily at a mall or even in front of where you live. These perps have nothing better to do than take what is yours and make it theirs.
And with unemployment as low as it is, you'd think there were better ways to acquire one's desires.
Nah - take the easy way out in life.
Let someone else worry about shit, and do as little as possible when it comes to being a productive citizen. When did this nation cozy up to that and get comfy?
THAT is fast becoming the "new norm".
And that should bother a LOT more people than it currently does.
But, since the government is in this part and parcel, actually HELPING the lazy-asses to remain lazy, not much is going to change. If anything, it will get a bit worse.
I'd like to see people learn that it's better to help themselves in life (and not to other people's stuff).
Something along those lines of self-reliance would go a long way to getting or nation back on track.
We used to be more like that...and we can once again.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Here we are doing the "Bob to music" thing again, as I have been talking myself in and out of the M10 all day. I was actually certain for about 20 seconds this afternoon...

(Let's get, lets get away in the nighhhhhhht...")

A prayer for the missing children. Nothing can help the lunch...

Maybe we should talk to FB about offering rewards...

So let me get this straight: King Tom has overspent on some budget item that WON'T come out until he leaves office, and tried to cover it with the annexation. That fell through, so now he's out for revenge. Sound about right?

Bob, are you blaming our $#!t economy on the UNIONS? Those innocent protectors of the working man? Why I never...(Giggle snort GUFAW)

Okay, so can Frontier explain why THIS post didn't come up in my reader until I went "In Search Of..."? Claims it was posted "0 seconds ago" (This at 4 45 PM...)

And the Blonde Phantom strikes again. I wouldn't want so much blood on my hands just because the "court system is clogged/jail is overcrowded/prosecutor's office is broke".

Bob G. said...

Nice to know this blog goes WELL with song...lol.
---Dunno about the lunch. Mom used to pack a bloody MEAL in those bags! Agreed on the prayer.
---Yes, I 5think you nailed our King's "desire" down nicely.
---Unions...what, no chortling?
(Oh, if my Dad were alive, the stories he could tell about HIS time in a union)
---That would be a BLOGGER brain-fart. Can't call out Frontier on this one.
---Anyone besides US think the Blonde Phantom needs to go "bye-bye", before we have nothing BUT crims on our streets?
(CLOGGED, CROWDED & BROKE - hmm, sounds like a new downtown LAW FIRM...LMAO!)

Hey, thanks for stopping by to make me smile today...and to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there, brother.