24 May 2016

Tuesday Tidbits...
Welcome to a carbon-copy of yesterday(aside from a local Fios outage which set me back a tad). No, you're not imagining it, and it isn't a sequel to the movie Groundhog Day. And in case you weren't noticing, we're fast closing in on the Memorial Day weekend, and the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 race. All that - in just a few short days.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us with mostly sunny skies, rising temps, which will top out in the low 80s (yeah, it's A/C season...no getting around that now). Rain moves in tonight and starts a "pattern" of sorts with showers over the next several nights (should make sleeping for me a lot easier...lol).
Now, how's a bout we all get our morning drink poured, as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out of the garden is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
May 24 -
(if you love eating snails, this one's for you)
(Doesn't the FWPD do this every time there's a homicide?)
(to all those who work to keep aircraft parts from shaking away from one another)
*** Next up, as is typical for Tuesday, it's time once again to bring you ALL the police calls for shots fired and armed robberies that the media doesn't tell you about (because they're too busy spinning other stories):
MAY 16 -
16F064168 21:16:58 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 SUTTENFIELD AVE E
16F064174 21:23:39 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 HOAGLAND AVE
16F064178 21:27:57 113 SHOTS FIRED 100 WILDWOOD AVE E & CLINTON ST S
((NO armed robberies))
MAY 17 -
16F064258 02:32:23 113 SHOTS FIRED 900 KENSINGTON BLVD
16F064387 10:59:02 113 SHOTS FIRED 1600 ECKART ST & LILLIE ST
16F064838 23:57:03 113 SHOTS FIRED 2900 BOWSER AVE
16F064256 02:30:19 58 SHOOTING 1700 WAYNE ST E
16F064259 02:35:34 58 SHOOTING 2200 RANDALLIA DR
((NO armed robberies))
MAY 18 -
16F065362 23:03:01 113 SHOTS FIRED 3900 OLD MILL RD & RUDISILL BLVD W
16F065363 23:03:52 113 SHOTS FIRED 3200 BEAVER AVE & PACKARD AVE W
16F065375 23:54:50 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 GAY ST & HURD ST
16F065368 23:16:48 58 SHOOTING 9100 BRICKSHIRE PKWY
((NO armed robberies))
MAY 19 -
16F065381 00:05:29 113 SHOTS FIRED 2000 MAUMEE AVE
16F065904 22:06:01 53 ARMED ROB 3300 COLISEUM BLVD W
16F065555 13:54:26 58 SHOOTING 3200 LA JOLLA CT
MAY 20 -
16F065979 01:03:22 113 SHOTS FIRED 3900 BARR ST S
16F065980 01:06:41 113 SHOTS FIRED 100 WOODLAND AVE W & HARRISON ST S
16F066010 03:19:18 113 SHOTS FIRED 1700 WAYNE ST E
16F066423 19:47:58 113 SHOTS FIRED 4300 GAYWOOD DR & SENATE AVE
16F066477 21:13:08 113 SHOTS FIRED 4700 PINE CREST DR
16F066491 21:50:31 113 SHOTS FIRED 4900 MCCLELLAN ST & LENOX AVE W
16F066531 23:00:32 113 SHOTS FIRED 7500 DECATUR RD
16F065988 01:41:39 53 ARMED ROB 5200 CLINTON ST N
MAY 21 -
16F066602 01:49:04 113 SHOTS FIRED 7500 DECATUR RD
16F066648 04:51:10 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 ESMOND ST
16F066864 16:46:35 113 SHOTS FIRED 9400 GARMAN RD
16F066956 19:47:19 113 SHOTS FIRED 7000 HAZELETT RD
16F067060 23:18:22 113 SHOTS FIRED 1200 OAKLAND ST
16F067063 23:22:12 113 SHOTS FIRED 2100 WINCH ST
((NO armed robberies))
MAY 22 - 
16F067103 00:44:55 113 SHOTS FIRED 4200 SOUTHWAYNE AVE
16F067155 03:17:24 113 SHOTS FIRED 1500 PRODUCTION RD
16F067174 04:18:42 113 SHOTS FIRED 4300 HOLTON AVE & SENATE AVE
16F067173 04:20:40 113 SHOTS FIRED 2200 CLINTON ST N & STATE BLVD E
16F067394 16:28:37 113 SHOTS FIRED 7100 HICKORY CREEK DR
16F067574 23:58:03 113 SHOTS FIRED 4000 SOUTHPARK DR
16F067171 04:06:08 53 ARMED ROB 4200 WELLS ST
16F067134 02:12:03 58 SHOOTING 1700 WAYNE ST E
16F067186 05:00:40 58 SHOOTING 2200 RANDALLIA DR
16F067288 12:29:32 58 SHOOTING 4400 SPATZ AVE
MAY 18 -
16F065311 20:34:58 44FW 7300 COLDWATER RD & COOK RD E
MAY 20 -
16F065981 01:09:13 44FW 6800 WOODCREST DR
MAY 21 -
16F066900 18:05:49 44FW 4700 MANISTEE DR**
 (**what..AGAIN with this chronic numbnut??? Don't the police pay attention?)
*** Next up, more on that "wheel tax", and this is a good read. Here's the story link:
Ahh, so now it's being called a "vehicle OWNER tax", as the words EXCISE and WHEEL suddenly took a holiday.
Well, it does sound a bit "friendlier", and supports the FACT that this tax is because we spent all that money to OWN a vehicle. I mean, it's not like we were (and are) taxed on that car or truck, right?
Anyone remember that GAS TAX? Or what about the SALES TAX?, or the COUNTY WHEEL TAX already levied (for decades)?
This seems a bit more than just a "double-dip" here, folks.
It's like someone is TAXING you for your PRIVILEGE to spend money to own, register and insure a vehicle.
Yeah, sounds FAIR to me (from a politician's standpoint)
Gets me wondering what OTHER privileges we'll be paying more for in the future, because you know THIS (if passed) will be the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps Fort Wayne will impose a CITY WAGE TAX (like Philly did).
I fully realize that everything costs something (there is no "free-ride" no matter what the libtards say), but to selectively charge people for the things they've worked to acquire (and need to get to workwith) seems a bit harsh. Didn't we fight a war of Independence OVER such things once?
Time will tell...it always does.
*** Next up, and speaking of taxing situations, I hear that Philly has some sort of "soda tax" being floated by it's newest democratic (progressive-socialist) mayor. Here's the story link:
Okay, so who gave mayor Kenney former NYC mayor Bloomberg's "playbook", anyway?
There was also another story from earlier this month:
This is a "WTF???" moment for my city of birth.
And this "soda" tax (labelled an experiment) is not EVEN for funding roads and street repair...it's for (get this)...UNIVERSAL PRE-KINDERGARTEN...are you shittin' me?
Are we THAT bad off?
Naturally, the "blame game" is in full swing, as Kenney denounces the soda industry (and it's profits), for it's marketing and targeting those in (rolls eyes) poor communities and minorities.
Well, maybe we should REALLY blame those minorities for BEING poor (and loving it), or blame the poor for being minorities? either way would be a more proper way to address this potential clusterf*ck.
Libtards LOVE to champion causes that only serve to provide something to someone while hurting so many more in the process.
Push back...you "might" just win this one.
 And besides, who even needs PRE-kindergarten in the first place (except those posing as parents to lazy to raise their kids and even provide breakfasts for them). Love the see the soft drink industry fight this mayor (and shove him off the nearest cliff). Leave the soda alone.
*** Next up, did you know that our technology MAY be keeping you from getting the sleep you need? It's true, and here's the proof:
THIS will NEVER be me.
Yeah, all those devices that SO many people have come to have all but surgically-attached to them is causing sleep to become disruptive. Who'da thunk THAT?
Again, this is NOT me.
If you recall, I mentioned here (not so long ago) about the effects of "blue-light" that was given off by most all of today's smartphones, tablets, etc., and now, more proof that not disconnecting earlier before bedtime is not good when you need to "bag some Zs". 
They seem to be doing fine.
And there are OTHER things that can also impede your slumber...like PETS (sorry, they're wrong there), ALCOHOL (I dunno, a shot of scotch or bourbon makes ME sleep), VITAMINS and SUPPLEMENTS (I prefer to take them when I get UP), CAFFEINE and SUGAR (That's in my coffee...AFTER I get up). Can't agree with ALL of these, but to each his/her own.
When did we start getting EIGHT hours of sleep?
Think of this stuff as screwing with your personal Circadian Rhythm.
And you really don't wanna do that...do you?
I have "neighbors" who've been doing it FOR me over the last 20 years...LOL.
*** Next, there are those who (also) believe that skipping breakfast isn't good for teens.
Here's the story link:
What? Too much? Looks okay to me.
TOO important? You're kidding me, right?
I think I can count all the times I sat down and had a proper breakfast during high school on ONE hand, and I turned out to have an 88 average when I graduated. As a child, Mom MADE SURE I had breakfast BEFORE I went to school.
Ahh, those halcyon days...when parents gave a shit about their children and KNEW how to provide for them WITHOUT the help of some government agency...
"Eat it...it's good for 'ya". Remember THAT parental line?
I miss that.
Today, it's ALL about how the SCHOOLS can do what parents USED to...WTH is wrong with that picture?
And, the government wants to do this pre-kindergarten? Might as well steal the fetus from the damn womb, and bring it up yourselves (which could well happen if we stay this course). This is becoming too ridiculous.
*** Next, what's this about LEGOs becoming "too violent"?
Lego Star Wars is COOL!
Sounds like another loonie leftard escaped from the asylum again. Here's the story link:
Okay, so building blocks are becoming the new "toy guns", right?
What will be left for kids to play with, if this shit keeps up?
And so is Lego marvel superheroes!
At this rate, we'll be BACK to rocks and sticks in NO time (and in parts of our ghettohood, that's already being played out with neighbor kids. Toss in a basketball for the hell of it).
I guess Barbie promotes prostitution too (how else could she get all that stuff with no REAL job?)
And we already know that Ken has no balls, so the emasculation of the male in this country continues.
Um, is that KEN...or KENDRA?
Hey, maybe Ken is a transgender. Wonder which bathroom HE prefers?
Violent LEGO figures...nah, they're just SAVING THE (make-believe) WORLD, you morons.
Besides, isn't it better for someone to "act out" a violent tendencies playing with toys than in the real world, where shit happens too fast and too often? Well, with no parental guidance to show fantasy from reality, the latter will occur.
Screw them, I'm fed up.
SO say we ALL...!
Leggo my LEGOs!!!
*** Last back to the flower beds...childhood is meant to be a special time in ANY child's life.
Are those toys free of toxins?
It's time when you still have the innocence you were born with (and will soon lose when the real world comes along). And, it's a time to be anyone you want, anytime you want. That is called PLAYING.
Tea party? Is that tea safe from carcinogens?
The main thing, is that you don;t need a video-game console to achieve that state of being.
You can play (ofetn better) with figures, models, toy cars and the like much more easily.
Don't get splinters or choke on the rubber band.
I think the main thrust of all of this comes down to one little saying:
"Just because NO ONE says you CAN'T do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD."
(you may quote me)
That goes for falsely claiming that LEGO blocks are violent, or that pre-kindergarten is "mandatory", or that schools NEED to feed all schoolkids because their parents can't roll outta the sack and work with cereal, a bowl, a spoon and some milk, because they were up too late staring into some smartphone (there, tied all those up nicely, didn't I? LOL).
There needs to be a "renaissance of awakening" in this nation...and soon, too.
And we ALL start out as children - make the MOST of that.
There has to be a better way of managing everything, and it's not through giveaways, taxing, or even avoiding one's responsibilities.
Maybe a better sense of morality would be a good place to begin, and then, from there, we can proceed back to the basics when it comes to our human condition. We won;t know until we decide to give it a go, will we?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Holy buckets of ammo. Too many shots fired again. Sigh.

And it's only Tuesday. Yuck.

Circadian rhythm? Yeah. I need sleep. I am having issues with lack of. And it's only Tuesday.

Weekend ready, I am.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---LOL ("holy buckets of ammo")...yeah, they MUSTA had a welfare check sale on live rounds at WAL-MART...!
---I'm not buying that crap about PETS causing lack of sleep.
I mean Eskimos do OK and they have lots of "three-dog-nights"...heh.
"I think every third day we should have a weekend, and if elected..." LMAO!
(we both know that's never gonna happen)

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe (and rested) down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Today's days- swing and a miss, one two three for me!

Philly could make more money for pre-k just selling the pop to the kids, IMHO...

Pets causing sleep problems... just because Scrappy's barking at the Raccoon eating birdseed at 3 AM? nah....

All I had to say on the lego thing you said in the last two sentences. PC my ass, I'm gonna kill someone, lol!

A bit distracted here listening to the m10 shuffle (Liana, Liana, don't answer, just tangle around me... works here!)

I never ceased to be amazed at all the adults out there who seem incapable of either remembering childhood, or bent on seeing no child has better than they did- and I think their's was miserable. Comes from the commie parents that dug that tall gray wall thing...
(Well you-u-u you might give your hear-r-rt... you'll always be lonely... you'll always be lonely...)

God dudes, just grab a song that makes you feel ALIVE... and watch the kids play... THAT is life, not your income equality, homophobia, racial profiling garbage. Try LIVING life a while- and let the next guy live, too.

Bob G. said...

---Good idea w/ the toddler and the pop!
---LOL, at least he's not dreaming of peeing while snuggling with you!
---The LEGO TV shows and movie are really FUNNY. We got some very misguided people out there looking out for our children.
---Today's "adults" have a much different slant on childhood than OUR parents did. Ours WANTED better for us, and many times, cut corners to make that happen. God bless them all.
---You summed it up MUCH better than I did, and you're to be commended for such "revolutionary" thought and words.
We call that THE TRUTH, and it still means something.
(right there with 'ya, too)

Thanks for swinging by to comment.
You stay safe (and politically-incorrect) up there, brother.