24 June 2016

Friday Follies...
Finally, the end of the week - a week that saw the beginning of Summer (break out the Coppertone), a "sit-in" by spoiled brat libtards in Congress, and another one of the six officers charged in the Freddie Gray case exonerated.
Yeah, that helped put a smile on MY face.
Our forecast isn't too bad either, if you like hot conditions (always worse in Death Valley - remember that).
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with cloudy skies to start out, with the sun shining soon. Temps will top out in the 83-degree range, and the humidity is much lower than yesterday evening.
So, if you have anything to do about the house, lawn, or garden, a word to the wise: Get out early and get it done.
Now, let's all get ourselves a cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured and parked at the ready, as we see what's been going on elsewhere on this crazy planet...
*** First out of the bird bath is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 24 -
(It's a confection. That's ALL I need to know)
(I know Chris would love to do this, JUST to prove that dogs ARE smarter than some people...lol)
*** And, since this IS the weekend, let's see what takes place over the following 48 hours:
June 25 -
(The Cincy Zoo had one of the BIGGEST ones I've ever seen - over FOUR feet long...seriously!!!)
(opposite of NOEL - 6 months from Christmas,  coming OR going)
(ANY parfait gets my vote)
June 26 -
(Doing blowjobs for decades, and getting tips along the way...ROFL)
(chocolate...pudding...need I say more?)
There you have it. Plenty of things to keep you occupied and out of the hoosegow.
*** Next up, our Whiner -in-Chief doesn't get his OWN way, and I am smiling like the Cheshire Cat. Here's the story link:
The 4-4 tie vote between the 8 "Supremes" is just SO damn good, it simply HAS to be fattening...lol.
This deals with the immigration deal Obummer forced through by executive decision.
And, it's totally UN-Constitutional, as Speaker Paul Ryan called that one out.
He said that "The executive branch of government does not make the laws...Congress does".
About time Barry found that out, even if almost 8 years have passed before he was reminded of what many of us learned in 6th grade American History class... guess they don't teach such things in THAILAND, do they Barry?
*** Something else that got me to smiling today was the BREXIT vote in Jolly Olde England (aka the UK).
Bloody good show, chaps!
They voted to LEAVE the European Union...finally.
Here's the story link (with videos):
And PM David Cameron also resigns as a result OF that vote.
The British Pound takes a nosedive (to 1985 levels), but I expect it to bounce back.
Personally, I LOVE the UK and I feel this WILL be a good move for them to reclaim their sovereignty.
Wales and England carried the vote to LEAVE, while Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to REMAIN (what's with you Scots? Thought you lads and lasses would lean to the CONSERVATIVE side of this fence).
Going to be interesting who gets the nod to become the new PM.
(and when are they bringing DOCTOR WHO back???)
We "colonials" need to be kept abreast of this type of stuff, don'cha think?
*** Next up, more GRANTS for more PROGRAMS to help more POOR folks.
Head of HUD - Julian CASTRO (that can't be good)
This is on the local level in Fort Wayne,
Here's the story link:
Wow, the CITY awards $360K...must be nice to have that kid of "tossin' around" money available. Ten Fort Wayne non-profits will benefit from the block grant money.
Our "king" was in attendance explaining this to the peasants at a presser yesterday.
Unlike city money, THESE can't be flushed down the crapper...lol.
This is for low to moderate income "families" intended for shelter (in nicer neighborhoods, no doubt), "basic needs" (which doesn't include new Cadillacs, BTW), employment skills (good luck with that one), and youth development (which hasn't worked out well so far).
MY type of HUD.
This money comes to our city via (you guessed it)...HUD. I mean, where else can you find taxpayer money to toss into a black hole of waste, right?
I'm not against non-profits, but there has to be a better way to garner funds.
NOT my type of HUD.
These nonprofits even say they DEPEND on these grants, and HUD has to justify their own existence, so, it becomes a match made in someplace OTHER than heaven. You get the picture.
*** Next, it's time once again to take a page from Albert Einstein's book of pertinent quotes with this story:
Yep, the (black) community plans to stage another walk "against the violence" that seems to permeate our streets (mainly on the SE side).
Now, didn't they TRY the exact same thing a couple years back when we had that RECORD number of homicides (45 - the majority of which have NOT been solved)?
How's that been working out for their community?
Obviously, not all that well, otherwise crime down here would be on the DECLINE, rather than on the rise, right?
But, what will happen is these folks will (quote alert!) "DO THE SAME THING EXPECTING A DIFFERENT OUTCOME".
Einstein defined that as...INSANITY, if memory serves.
Albert "got it".
Well, maybe the shoe fits, and maybe the law of averages will catch up and change things for the better, and maybe I'll become Master of the Universe along the way. Yeah, I'm still smiling over this, too.
*** Last back to the bird feeder...try as we may, we never seem to solve the problems that are vexing us.
And, as I've stated here (and many of you feel the same way), the PROBLEM that begs for a solution is never properly addressed.
Yet there are those who grasp at any straw and see that as a "solution", when in fact, it's a stop-gap measure at best, and total FUBAR at worst.
When we, as a society take some time and look at our CULTURE, and how THAT has been affected by the myriad of issues these days, we can find out the causes OF our problems.
Rampant (and illegal) immigration, poverty, class-struggle, crime, and more serve to place an ever-growing strain on our nation, and yet, all the programs created to take care of these situations have done little or nothing to quash or slow these problems down where they can become manageable.
When we, as a people begin to realize that we have a CULTURAL problem, and that IGNORANCE is at the root OF that problem, then we can get on the road to solving it, but not before.
Evil loves to have a place to "play", and all too often, we have provided the perfect venue for that.
But, let's understand that poor people are not evil people. Nor are the disabled among us, or the indigent, the down-trodden, or the unemployed. They are the victims of our cultural problems, and as such, have been kept AS victims by a (liberal) system determined to perpetuate the mindset to serve it's own purpose, and not to aid those truly in need.
When we see past this deceit, and educate ourselves to become motivated to change this, we help ALL of us.
We are much more than the mediocrity we have allowed to dwell in our country, and it's time we proved it.
Remember that old saying: The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a SINGLE STEP.
Therein lies the lesson for the day.
DO have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Scrappy at work- no thanks, he has too many intellectual matches there, lol...

Never been big on Catfish- dad wasn't good at rinsing the mud-taste outta them.

Leon Day, I thought maybe it was for Director Vance on NCIS...


One thing oddly enough that might take a Brexit hit is British entertainment. The Game Of Thrones-ers are already in a panic, and our spring 2017 return of the regular series may be getting nervous. Me, I'm kinda mixed on the Brexit (luckily I don't live there) but if they hadn't treated the voters like a bunch of low-rent imbeciles who should know enough to agree with their elected officials, they might not have gotten the Donald Trump treatment FROM them. This is all about insuffereable elitism and our parties are just as slow to catch on as theirs.

Plus, Laurie just told me the 2nd biggest trend in the UK on social media is, "what is the EU". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If this is true, the question isn't why did they vote to leave as much as what the hell did they give the vote to these morons in the first place for? Maybe their elitism has a reason...

Bob G. said...

---Is that a compliment for the co-workers or a swipe at the Scrapster? I just want to know is he can fix your machines (despite not having opposing thumbs)!
---Yeah, if they're not prepped right, you won't like it.
---Close, but no cigar...lol.
(breakfast of champions)
---You called that right, and I think the drop of the British Pound might be a good thing - the EXCHANGE rate is great for anyone going there or trading with them. Bet their supply will play catch up to demand of things THEY produce.
The down side is that the pound will be weak (for a time) against other currencies like ours. They'll fix that one, too.
---I heard that trend was attributed to Germany? Interesting.

I think the British people (the majority) felt that the UK belongs to the UK...period. And that THEY want to control their OWN destiny, rather than have some strangers in Brussels dictating policy.
Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You folks (and Scrappy) have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.