22 June 2016

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of the week once again. Halfway home.
Had a nice time yesterday (for our anniversary), but we can't say the same for other parts of the ghettohood in Fort Wayne (more about both in a bit).
Our Hoosierland weather will see us having mostly cloudy skies (did see the sun peek out earlier) over the course of the day with storms rolling in later this afternoon and through the evening hours, and we're being told that some of them might be severe, depending on if the weather front holds together. Highs today will top out around 80 degrees, so it won't be that bad outside, but we will have rising humidity.
I have my drink nearby, so you all get yours and together, we'll see what's been transpiring elsewhere...
*** First out of the ammo store is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"True freedom requires the rule of law and justice, and a judicial system in which the rights of some are not secured by the denial of rights to others."
I think you may find this appropriate in lieu of recent events on our streets in Fort Wayne. I know I had that moment of clarity when I read this. So, who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the United Synagogue in England...
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 22 -
(Hey, finally "I" get a day. Used to work on residential systems a couple decades ago)
(Haegerle's Bakery in Philly had the BEST eclairs ever. Love to have some now!)
(Around here, Penguin Point makes some fantastic ones. Much better than BK)
Wow, three things here I can totally relate to...that usually doesn't happen...lol.
*** Next up, an update to our latest homicide (number FIFTEEN, if you're updating your "dead-pool") for this year.
Here's the story link:
MY biggest sticking point is WHY would a teen be outside (alone) at 4AM???
A promising future at Bishop Luers taken away.
Police have said these recent shootings were GANG-related.
I would be curious to see if the teens recently shot (and killed) were IN a gang...OR, if they were part of an initiation by members OF a gang. You join the gang after you shoot someone (easier than a "beat-in").
---The next story relates to the (black) community leaders reaction to the YOUTH violence. Here's the link:
Sure, it only takes several shootings and two deaths of people to get THESE people motivated enough to SAY something. Now, if they'd only DO something.
Remember a couple years back when they had this group showing up at shooting sites in the S.E., and how they gathered for prayer. Don't hear about them that much now, do we?
And not word one from either councilman Glynn Hines (6th district - where most of this crap takes place), quadrant captain Derrick Westfield, FWPD chief Garry Hamilton, or even Rusty York (public-safety capo).
Our "king" (mayor Henry) made a statement, and I was surprised he didn't blame GUNS for this spate of shootings.
(guess the STABBINGS and other assaults we also had over the last few weeks made that a wash-out?)
You SHOULD assess the blame to this thug-culture.
---Now THIS story features someone I met a few years back (on Kevin Leininger's The Fort Report telecast) - Roderick Parker, and he's got some STRONG words for the black males down here, as mentioned in THIS story link:
Good for Rod for saying what the "leaders" won't say...call them all out. He "gets it".
*** But, we're not done with all this just yet.
There was another shooting, and this one was a POLICE-ACTION shooting.
Here's that story link:
This took place around 1325 hrs in an alley between the 2800 blocks of Smith and Gay streets.
So, we have an officer sitting in his (unmarked) patrol vehicle, part of a Violent Crime Unit operation to deal with the recent shootings. Police have been PATROLLING the area (wow, what have I said SHOULD be done for the last several years?).
Anyway, three teens approach the vehicle, officer sees one of them brandishing a handgun. Officer steps out and commands them to drop it. Teens take off running. Officer pursues and opens fire, hitting one teen, while the other two escape.
The victim is in serious but stable condition., The officer is on paid admin leave.
The other two teens remain at large. Bing, bang, boom...done.
You know, if you're gonna pull some sort of crime against someone in a vehicle, DON'T pick the vehicles that the POLICE tend to use. Steer clear of Impalas, for example, even if the THUGS are driving them, which seems to be the case around here - they love EX-police cars, just like the old Crown Vics, and will drive around without wheel covers to make people THINK it may be an unmarked po-po-mobile.
A bit intimidating, yes?
(( Editor's Update - 1330 hrs - There is a potential "dust-up" on this story, as Garry Hamilton made a statement saying the teen who was shot did not have the handgun. More on this tomorrow.))
This a powder keg with a short fuse. Hope no one lights that bugger up.
*** Next, Wifey and I celebrated our 19th anniversary by taking a jaunt up to Red Lobster and "blowing the wad".
Wifey even took a picture of me next to the Wifeymobile out front of the place.
Well, she TRIED to take a picture.
Nice finger, "DEAR"! Better not be the middle one...LOL.
Hey, it's once a year, and we SO deserve a break from all the craptastic behaviors we're exposed to daily where we live.
The luncheon did NOT disappoint (unlike someone's photography skills...heh).
The Lobster Lady cometh.
Wifey got her "usual" - Maine lobster and this bugger must have been a grad of the ROCKY BALBOA SCHOOL FOR TOUGHNESS AND BADASSERY, because he had claws with a shell thick enough to punch a hole in the hull of an Arleigh-Class warship!
We had to call in some "muscle" to crack it, and even HE had some difficulty, but the claws finally succumbed.
Wifey said it tasted very good, and I have no reason to doubt her. Anything worth THAT much trouble HAD to be good...lol.
Wifey had Pepsi and I had Dr. Pepper, but I so much wanted to have a Manhattan.
Meal time - all business.
As for my lunch, I opted for the "make your own combo" (ever the unconventionalist), selecting the garlic-grilled shrimp (on a skewer) and the garlic-grilled SEA scallops (wanted to make it easy on the chef).
Sea scallops are about the size of golf balls, whereas the BAY scallops are marble-sized. A half dozen of the sea scallops will run you close to TWENTY BUCKS if you can find them at the grocery. Got some good french fries, too, and some clam chowder. We had fried clam strips and mozzarella sticks appetizers, too.
We finished up with Chocolate Wave cake for Wifey, while I took the "east-coast" route with some strawberry-covered NEW YORK CHEESECAKE (once an east-coaster, always an east-coaster).
We even had the same server (Bruce) we had LAST year and he remembered us. Excellent person and has a great work ethic. Then, as all good things must do, it came to an end, and we traveled back to our "Fortress".
Be it ever so humble...
I will say it's ALWAYS good to get away from the NOISE from the boomcars down here.
Didn't used to be like that a dozen years ago, but when the good (and white) folks leave the area, and the flotsam moves in, things WILL change and never for the better.
And yes, I go from one extreme to the other. Today, I plan to clean out some gutters before the storms come along, with Wifey riding shotgun at the bottom of the ladder.
No escapist lunch today, just cold cuts and chips.
 What the hell, it's all good when you set your mind to it, right?
*** Last back to the shooting range...one thing I like about Fort Wayne, is that you don't have to go that far to see and experience the BETTER side of the city.
That alone speaks volumes as to how bad OUR part of town has declined over the last decade and a half.
The headlines and breaking news stories also offer testimony as to how the PEOPLE have changed.
I will confess that there are times when my faith in humanity gets tested, and I also will admit that being "on guard" 24/7 from whatever lurks outside will wear on you.
We should ALL know what our problems are, especially down here.
I've known for YEARS what they are, but that's because I've seen the same issues manifest themselves back on the streets of Philly.
FIX the damn windows, morons!
Thing is, there are many (downtown) that for some reason, are in some state of denial, and while they will "acknowledge" the problems, will not openly speak to them directly, and that will impact on how best to proceed in finding solutions for solving them. I often mention here what needs to be done, and we see what gets done (and those two are pretty far apart).
For example, when one perp shoots someone in the face and only gets 6 years in jail, while another perp who was convicted of an ATTEMPTED rape gets 20 years...something is drastically wrong.
I'm not saying to lessen the rape charge, but, for God's sake, UP the ante with the shooting conviction!
Let's try a mandatory FIVE year sentence for any single crime committed with a firearm, and an additional five years for extra offenses.
You brandish a gun at a store or bank for purposes of armed robbery? FIVE YEARS.
You SHOOT or otherwise assault someone in the commission OF that first crime? ANOTHER FIVE YEARS.
See...simple solutions. and NO plea deals...period.
I mean, if we are going to have LAWS in the first place, let's make them EFFECTIVE, because we all know that the ONLY reason we even HAVE laws are...(all together boys and girls)...FOR THE LAWLESS!
(you're in fine voice today)
This doesn't just have to apply to our city. Such workable solutions can and should apply all over our nation, if only we have people we elect who are true to OUR values, and not pursuing their own agenda.
And don't seek to add more trivial laws, just revamp the system to reflect the consequences of people's actions.
Also, ENFORCE the laws already on the books, They WERE put there for a REASON, right?
Finally, make such laws apply to EVERYONE...EQUALLY. No favoritism, no free-passes, and no "for the sake of diversity" exclusion bullshit.
THAT is how you get this city (and the nation) back on the proper track.
And you know what? Such a novel idea might just catch the hell on.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Not taking ladder chances anymore, eh? Don't blame ya there, buddy. The most innocent things can end in disaster. For instance: Playing with a wound up Scrappy last night, he tried to jump onto the couch- from right BELOW me, kneeling on the floor. His head hit the bottom of my jaw at about warp 3. Didn't faze the adrenaline charged, hard headed doggie- but I got a slight concussion out of it, and thus I'm chillin' today.

Bob G. said...

---Ladders still don't bother me, but I admit I no longer BOUNCE as well as I used to...LOL.
---Yeah, those canines have yet to master the art of the FIST-bump.
They'll use whatever other part is at-hand (or head).

Take it easy and don't concuss yourself further, kapeesh?
Good heads contain good minds, and we can't afford to lose one of them.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.

A Beer For The Shower said...

Wow, happy 19th anniversary! Celebrating with a big fat lobster, shrimp, and sea scallops sounds like a great time to me. Also, I'm incredibly hungry now.

And yes, laws SHOULD apply to people equally, especially in regard to sentencing. About 20 years ago, my older cousin got caught with 1 oz of marijuana and got TEN YEARS in jail. And believe you me, she served every last day of it. There was no leniency whatsoever. I know murderers that didn't even get that much. She screwed up, sure, but was that crime really worth her not seeing her kid grow up?

Bob G. said...

---Thanks. It's been a challenge at times, but a blessing for most of the ride so far.
---When I was prepping this post, I was getting hungry as well, so don't feel bad...heh.
---I will grant you that TEN years is a bit much for an ounce of "mary-jane". Totally lop-sided (imho).
But those at the OTHER end of the criminal spectrum - the murderers and sex offenders get off WAY TOO easy.
(hence the quote for today)
There is a gross INEQUALITY when justice is being handed out, that's for sure.
And THAT needs to change.

Thanks for taking time to drop on by today and comment.

Stay safe (and classy) out there, guys.

Momma Fargo said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hump day. Sigh. Where is Friday? LMAO.

Although your ideas are great, they make sense, therefore no one will listen. LOL. Ugh. I long for the days when we just worried about tracking mud into the house. Now we have to worry about common sense disappearing off the earth.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Thanks, Kiddo.
I gotta work on Wifey's picture-taking...LOL.

---You know, you are 100% CORRECT...those ideas MAKE SENSE, and probably will never see the light of day.
That's damn sad, too.

---Yeah, agree with you again. At least we were made to CLEAN UP that mud, too. Lesson learned to NOT track it back inside...lol.

Lack of sense in others makes it hard for folks like US to operate, doesn't it?
(because we're still doing the right things for the right reasons).

I swear there are some out there who don't even have the sense they were BORN with (present company and blog followers EXCLUDED, of course).

I'm still game for that marble you mentioned a while back too.

Thanks much for rolling up and commenting.
You stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Stopped back to make sure I commented here... wasn't sure until I saw D's thumb, lol.

Bob G. said...

Thumb fun, wasn't it?