29 June 2016

Humpday Happenings...
Now THIS is a nice way to wake up - very pleasant outside this morning with temps in the 50s, and low humidity.
It's also our LAST midweek crisis for the month of June.
Today will begin the "official fireworks season" in Fort Wayne, and this will (unfortunately) continue until the 9th of July. That's way too long a season for my liking.
The family pets are going to be loving this...NOT!
Our Hoosierland weather for today sees us with plenty of sunshine and a high into the upper 70s.
Open the windows early and air the place out. You'll be glad you did.
Now, without any further ado, let's see what has been going on elsewhere...and don't forget to have yourselves a refreshing drink poured and parked nearby.
*** First off of the hard drive is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate."
I can appreciate such quotes especially this week and definitely with the Wifeymobile 2.0 sitting in our garage.
So, WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at "The Schoolhouse in the City"...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 29 -
(that's for cooking - not for writing...sorry)
(looks like a confection, so it must be okay)
(it's kinda hard to make waffles without one, isn't it?)
(smile and say "wheel taxes suck")
*** Next up, our 17th homicide victim has been ID'ed. Here's the latest:
Emmanual Freeman, 18 is the latest victim to SE side (black) violence.
I had said his brother (Elijah "Mookie" Freeman) had been killed a couple years ago (2013).
He had been shot and killed by Deadrian Boykins (you remember him). Check back to my archive post of 9 April 2013 for the lowdown.
Here's the archive link from WPTA:
(it still works...amazing)
*** Next up, our "king" still has desires for his annexation to go through, rather than a city wheel tax. How's it feel to want?
Now, I thought this was all over and done with...apparently not (in his mind).
So, our highness doesn't think it fair to have city residents pay BOTH a city AND county wheel tax...BUT is perfectly fine with sucking in 23K people to our city when they have said no to being annexed?
Well, that annex would serve to make it (falsely) appear that our crime rate has gone "down", but this wheel tax, while not the best (imho) way to proceed will bring in needed revenue.
That's REVENUE that HAS BEEN LOST over time because the SE side has been allowed to fall into rising crime as well as to LOSE businesses AND tax-paying RESIDENTS...
THERE'S where your city's revenue SHORTFALL lies...simple as that.
Sometimes, I get tired of taking these "leaders" around by the hand like a damn 3-year old.
*** Next, we had another shooting PLUS a hit and run (take a guess)...on the SE side.
Here's the latest:
"Oh yeah, THAT left a mark, Sarge..."
Yep, we have (obviously) impaired drivers with (most likely illegal) GUNS roaming our streets down here.
Would have NEVER seen that one coming...(lmao -yeah, right).
This took place just after midnight (this morning) in the 400 block of Baxter St. (near Smith).
Four parked vehicles were struck when a person didn't make a good turn and sideswiped them.
Some one in the area tried to prevent the driver from leaving the scene, but wa shot in the leg BY the driver of the car, who fled the scene on foot. The wounded man was taken to hospital in good condition.
At least the FWPD has a car full of potential (forensic) evidence.
No gun was found at the scene, so we can conclude the suspect is still in possession of it (lucky us).
Never a dull day down here, that's for sure.
*** Next up, and changing gears...Wifey went out yesterday (solo) in her new ride and got a second key-fob-transmitter for her Impala.
Only cost around $70 (WTH?). It could be worse, I suppose. Remember when getting a second key cut for your car (usually at the neighborhood hardware store) ONLY cost about a buck or two?
Kiss those days goodbye, folks!
Today, we (that means me behind the wheel) get to tank it up and see how we fare with mileage about town.
Eventually, I'll take the "Batmobile" over and get that topped off.
I will most likely spend a part of today "acquainting" myself with some of the basics on this car, like the following.
Where the hell do I BEGIN?
--How to set radio channels.
--How the wipers work.
--How to turn off those damn daytime running lights!
--How to reset the trip odometer.
--How to set the clock (when we shift times in the fall).
That will be JUST for starters, and that's aside from how many DIFFERENT WAYS you CAN start this car...lol.
(yes, there are several, so says that manual)
And, of course, we had some curious critters stop by to see what's been going on...
"Can I see the new car?"
"Me too...I wanna see it".
Nice to have concerned wildlife, I will concede that much.
*** Last back to the CPU...today's quote seems SO appropriate in today's world.
People in general have become distracted, overly-occupied, and basically beset with a plethora of "things" meant to keep their attention diverted from matters in which we used to concern ourselves.
In some cases, the culprit for such behavior is NOT attributable to any "item" but the people who, for some reason,. have chosen to not follow in their parents' footsteps.
It's like having IKEA issuing a recall for a chest of drawers that fell on some toddlers, killing them. Excuse me, but such pieces of furniture were NEVER meant to become an ad hoc "Jungle Gym".
We had massive (mahogany) chest of drawers and dressers when I was growing up, and I was told early on NOT to mess with them...period.
So, I didn't, because what my folks said MEANT something (like dodging a spanking if I listened to them). Besides, THEY weren't climbing all over them.
The supervision WE (as toddlers and children) got in my day (probably in yours, too), was a LOT better and a lot more constant than we see today, and that's why we have all these bans, recalls, and other lawsuits all over the damn place. Government as the "doting parent". Not a good thing.
If something is built incorrectly, that's fine and should be pointed out, but when everyday items that harm none but a few are blamed, you have to wonder WHY this happens. And the answer is simple - lack of parenting skills. Same goes for everything from firearms to automobiles to kitchen appliances and yes, even family pets.
You treat anything the WRONG way...expect to get hurt (or possibly worse).
Way back when, if we cut our finger on a toy, our parents fixed the problem, squirted some Bactine on the cut, slapped a band-aid on it, and off we went, none the worse for wear. We also learned to BE CAREFUL along the way.
That was not on the government to do...that was our "personal" ONUS.
Welcome to LIFE-101, folks.
When we relinquish our OWN responsibilities to any form of government, we diminish ourselves.
What is needed is that good old return to times when we were unafraid to challenge ourselves, take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for what we do...or do not do.
Let it never be said that we are too proud to not learn anything from our past, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Funny you should use that caption on Camera Day... Stay tuned for my post.

If you physically took these leaders by the hand (preferably neck) maybe they might actually listen to something...

"Yes, you can see the new car... but no chewing of wires, and no nests. DEFINITELY no acorns."

Agreed on the IKEA issue. I would submit that parent with small children OUGHT to be smart enough to secure such items- it's called child proofing, people.

Bob G. said...

Just got back from YOUR post today...loved it.
---Yes, another "great minds" moment, brought to you by the so-called "leaders" at our Downtown City Hall and presented by the "Warriors Two".
---I will say I have a pretty FIRM grip (when need be)...lol.
Might have to take 'em to the WOODSHED first (right after they pick out their OWN switch).
---No, NO acorns...it runs well enough on 87 octane, thank you.
(more about that on the morrow - you'll like it).
---Yeah, our parents didn't NEED to have that term tossed at 'em.
They already KNEW about it...(from THEIR parents)
That's why WE'RE here to talk about it!

People ARE the craziest things (at least nowadays).

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You folks (and Scrappy) stay safe up there, brother.