30 June 2016

Thoughts For Thursday...
If you felt like yesterday was a wonderful day to do anything, then today will kinda follow along those lines.
If we never get close to 85 degrees again, that would suit me just fine.
Alas, such will not be the case in a few days here in the Heartland. It's going to start getting warmer again. (well, it IS summer, right?)
Looks like we'll be sending June off in fine style.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us starting out with partly cloudy skies, turning to mostly sunny with a forecast high of around 80 degrees.
And no rain today (that comes later on overnight).
So, let's get this day started with a cup of glass of something refreshing, something soothing, and something sure to begin today on a proper note, as we see what's going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the patio table is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate".
This is attributed to Alvin Toffler (Oct 4 1928 - Jun 27 2016) and your eyes are not deceiving you...he JUST passed away this week. He was an American writer and futurist.
Here's the article:
Took ME by total surprise, as they JUST posted his passing...talk about a strange kind of "weird".
Anyway, Toffler was best remembered for his book FUTURE SHOCK.
Here's Alvin's WIKI:
He was also known for his works discussing modern technologies, including the "digital revolution", and the communications revolution. I won't bore you with his early life - that's YOUR "homework assignment".
When Future Shock came out, I was still in high school (getting ready to graduate) and it was the talk all over. This became the 4th largest selling book through the 1970s.
He did a follow-up book titled THE THIRD WAVE, which came out in 1980.
And, in 1990, he, with wife Heidi, came out with POWERSHIFT, which focused on the military hardware and proliferation of new technologies.
He didn't do bad for being "just a kid from Brooklyn".
(where have I hear THAT before?)
The WIKI is a good read, as is Future Shock, and after all these years, I finally found out that I "suffer" from future shock. But the good news is...I'm not alone.
Moving on...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 30 -
(Theory goes, in Roman times, it was meant to keep your hand off your sword)
(amazing they STILL have these around, but they cost MORE)
(they would have to be pretty substantial to be seen during the DAY, right?)
---Lastly, it's SOCIAL MEDIA DAY
(like every OTHER day ISN'T???)
*** Next up, our "king" (read Mayor Henry) holds court on the Wells St. Bridge, and the royal "family" was in attendance. Here's the story link:
They (city "leaders") are still pushing this Riverfront development gig down our throats.
There's only one "hitch"...the NEW cost is damn near DOUBLE what was originally said.
Now WHERE have I heard THIS before???
Parkview Field? Ash Brokerage Skyscraper?
Call this "Costaplenty Square THREE". We're gonna get fleeced AGAIN...you watch.
---And then he later addressed the growing number of homicides of black youth in our city. Here's that link:
Wow, he is PARROTING the same rhetoric FWPD (soon-to-be-ex) Chief Garry Hamilton said a couple weeks ago.
I'd bet they know a FEW of the "playaz" out there, but given the transience of many of these perps, they will NEVER know who ALL of them are, and you can also thank the black community for covering for them.
The blatant distrust of police took care of that generations ago, when all the cops were doing is preserving the peace and doing criminal profiles on people in that community (much as they do elsewhere).
*** Next, and right in line with all the transient perps coming to OUR city, there's THIS story:
Imagine that...a murderer wanted in MISSISSIPPI is caught HERE, in Fort Wayne.
Last year's mugshot
(and not by out local constabulary?)
It would surprise you the number of people here from other states. I see plates from at least a DOZEN other states just in OUR area (every year), and they're not "just visiting", trust me.
Brand NEW mugshot.
People seem to come to Fort Wayne to "hide", and maybe that's because they feel they CAN, which is not that far from the truth. I've never seen this many people from so many other states even in Philly (which is ten times LARGER than Fort Wayne), so that's got to tell you something about these people.
I will say this was a good catch by the U.S. Marshal's Service.
*** Next up, time to lighten things up as we take you all on a little sojourn I will call:
Wifey and Bob's Excellent Adventure
---Yesterday began nice enough (for a change down here), and we had decided to tank up the Wifeymobile 2.0 at the Shell station at Winchester and Bluffton (nice 4.6 mile run). Well, that went well, and gas prices were at $1.99 a gallon (87 octane)...suh-weet.
After that, Wifey wanted to get some more ALEVE (wonder why, considering all that's been going on earlier this week?), so we stopped at Walgreens at Lower Huntingdon Rd. and got some.
Looks just like me, too...LOL.
Oh, I almost forgot...while in there, Wifey picked up a 6 inch tall, plush MINION BOB figure for me (as an anniversary gift) from the Despicable Me movies.
He's positively, a keeper,
Then, when back at the car, Wifey said: "What's across the street?"
"No, the OTHER way"
"Oh, Azars Big Boy?"
"Yeah, and..."
"And what?"
"Did you eat yet?"
"No, why?"
"Well, we could get breakfast."
(long pause) 
"Sure, what the hell."
Not bad for a first attempt, and, "...Not a scratch."
So, in we went after I parked the car perfectly in between the lines (amazed myself there) and found out the breakfast BUFFET is only on weekends (damn).
Not to be the kind of folks who WASTES a trip, we got breakfast anyway...damn good, too. Three eggs (scrambled) toast, hash browns and bacon...and a Dr. Pepper.
We didn't have to go through THIS gate.
After that, I suggested we take a run down to the 122nd ANG "air-park" along Ferguson Rd. I mean, we did have to walk that meal off, right?
So, away we went, and I must say, I'm getting a bit more "comfortable" with the Impala
I've been wanting to go to the air-park for some time, and they have nice static displays.
It's basically a visual chronicle of the aircraft the 122nd have flown over the decades, and was pretty cool.
You can see for yourself.
F-80 Shooting Star
F-84 Thunderstreak
F-86 Sabre
F-100 Super Sabre
F-4 Phantom
F-16 Fighting Falcon
A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog)
After that, we came back to "homestead-heights" via the airport expressway, where I got the Impala up to SEVENTY MPH! And I still had room before I hit the rug...lol.
NO, I'm NOT swapping the Firebird for THIS.
So, this car's got some "get up and go", even with that 4-banger under the bonnet.
There are a few buttons behind the steering wheel that tend to get in my way. I hit one by accident and changed the media mode to some satellite crap and our radio station went off.  Had to figure out how to change it back. Ditto for those "daytime running lights". You have to manually disengage them EVERY time you start the car, otherwise, they remain on...that's a bit of a pain (unless you want to join a passing funeral).
I have managed to figure out how to program FAVORITE stations on the FM band, Also, the doors automatically lock when you shift the car from P to D. The fob locks them ALL when you exit and hit the button. Unlocks the same way.
(keyless-entry - more future shock for me...lol).
A nice but "busy" interior (imho).
Today, I might tackle the various modes of lighting for the road (in the garage), as well as the wiper modes (easy to bump the knob and turn them on, too - already done that)
I will say there is a LOT of crap going on inside this car, and that's when it's off and sitting still...LOL.
Hey, at least I can park it, lock it, unlock it, and start it. That's a good beginning.
---I even got a call from my nephew in Virginia, and he told me during our conversation they ONLY pay $15 for a CCP (for 8 years)...WOW!
There's a law there where they cannot charge OVER $50. Indiana needs to follow that one.
Had a nice long talk...always good to hear from him and that he and his family are safe and doing well.
*** Last back to the patio chair...there's no denying it - we live in "interesting" times.
Where's the passing lane?
And, as is always the case, if it's not one damn thing, it's another, whether it pertains to world events, goings on in the city, problems in our neighborhoods, or what we choose to purchase.
Technology has become both a blessing as well as a curse to mankind, and for many of the reasons the recently-deceased Mr. Toffler addressed.
During the time that humans have walked the Earth, every stage of progress in ANY form of technology has had sufficient time for "us" to adapt to it, and usually find the best manners to utilize it. This can be the use of FIRE, the metal ages, the middle ages, and right through the industrial age into modern times.
Mankind had TIME to learn and adapt to the use of whatever technology came along.
Welcome to "me", folks.
Today, that methodology has been turned on it's (technological) ass.
There is NO way in creation we (as a species) can keep up with the almost daily advents of technology and the progress it's making. In some ways, it seems to be doing it without human intervention, which would leave our species further in the dust.
We don't NEED this.
The easiest thing to do with ANY technology is find some way to exploit or bastardize it, and we've been doing a masterful job of late with that. We're not even concerning ourselves with being able to "keep up" with the tech...we just plow ahead, sight unseen, never knowing what the result or consequences will be, and seemingly not caring all that much how it impacts on us OR our fellow man.
Like I say, I'm not totally adverse to things that have made our lives better (through technology), but I hesitate when I'm all but forced into lock-stepping with ALL the tech flowing our way. I prefer to examine, determine and then decide WHAT is best for me at this point in time. I think many of us feel something similar.
Those that don't, well, they could be in for a rude awakening some day, like when the tech starts dictating to US, rather than having mankind in total control.
Hopefully, it will NEVER come to that, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((See 'ya NEXT month.))


CWMartin said...

Note to Bob: Don't use me for a quote. Not yet, anyway. After my vacation, feel free, lol!

National Handshake day- Laurie tells me that Justin Trudeau managed to make me look correct on my "smartest man in the room" joke with his attempt to shake mits with Presidente Julio of Mexico and our POSUS. And that the commentator on Fox then mentioned "We have a song for that-" and played "Blame Canada" from the South Park movie. My good laugh for the day.

Meteor watch day- hee hee, must be a liberal thing, eh?

I heard a tetch of the presser on crime the Mawster gave yesterday on the way out the door this morning, exhorting the community to have courage. I muttered something about his testicular size and left.

I wondered what disaster the "Excellent adventure" was coming too- luckily, I had forgotten about your stop off at the ANG.

We have the door lock deal too- only we have two doors that are, shall we say, a bit sporadic in their cooperation. And the light, thing too, although once I convinced myself that they would indeed go off when I left the car, I was okay with it.

Fudge, I get my future shock over change spread out over long periods, too!

Bob G. said...

---I would consider YOU one of the MOST quotable people I know (is my bias showing?)
---Greg Gutfeld showed that "gleesome-threesome...cripes the Marx Bros or the Three Stooges were MUCH more enjoyable (what did I say about those 3 in that room being "men"?)
Blame Canada...great song and a good movie (have the soundtrack - hilarious!)
---Yeah, most definitely.
---I wasn't far off in your call on that. I mentioned the NUMBNESS of the same accoutrements.
---Hey, if disasters are as GOOD as yesterday was, I can work with that.
---Yeah, the lights (inside AND out) stay on for 30 seconds...WTH??? I'm out of the bloody vehicle. GO OUT!!!
---Wonder if "future shock" can cause a form of PTSD?
I would like to believe that it (in some ways) does indeed.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment.

Stay safe (and keep cool) up there, brother.
See 'ya NEXT month...lol.