13 June 2016

Monday Musings...
Although the weather outside is a lot nicer than the past couple days, it's been overshadowed (as has damn near everything else) by the Orlando nightclub situation, but we shall continue forward as best we can under the circumstances.
I'll follow up on that shortly.
Our Hoosierland weather for today sees us with partly sunny skies, low humidity and a high of around 83 degrees.
A good day to get out and finish up (or start) some yard work. I did mine yesterday morning.
The rain moves in tonight and doesn't let us go for several days (lots of off and on stuff), so, be warned.
Now, let's all have that morning drink as we get this ball rolling and see what's  been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the darkness is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 13 -
(This applies to the gov't-sponsored "locals" and NOT to us (or you)
(Elias Howe must be smiling)
(been there, STILL doing that...job-security, I guess)
*** Next up, let's deal with the BAD stuff first, and finish up on a more positive note, okay?
By now (with our 24/7 news cycle) you all have heard MUCH about the shootings...no, make that mass murdering of about 50 people at a downtown Orlando nightclub that also left another 50+ wounded.
Let's toss the local coverage up for perusal first. Here's the link:
And a story from a graduate living in Orlando:
---There is a plethora of coverage from every news source on the damn planet, and deservedly so.
But, let's back up and look at the facts BEHIND the run-up TO this worst mass shooting in our nation's history.
The shooter, 29 year old Omar Mateen, was born HERE, on U.S. soil.
(Got those creepy "Fort Hood radical Muslim shooter" eyes)
He was described as RACIST, BELLIGERENT, and "TOXIC". He beat his wife, was known to spout radical rhetoric at work (for a SECURITY COMPANY of all things), and was interviewed by the FBI not once, but TWICE in recent years.
And, for some odd reason, NONE of this was worthy of a red flag being sent up.
He was also on the terrorist "watch-list" but was taken off. Some people are placed on that list wrongly and NEVER get taken off, so what's the deal HERE?
Mateen also pledged allegiance NOT to the UNITED STATES, but to ISIS (in a 911 call).
Muslim radicalism also detest homosexuals and those of the LBGT community, and think nothing of killing them outright in the Middle East.
The locale in Orlando was a GAY nightclub (named PULSE), which apparently was THE popular spot for the LBGT'ers in that area, so you can easily do the math here as to why it was chosen.
He was able to procure a license to carry a firearm (and recently bought a Glock 17 and an AR-style rifle).
Now, call me silly, but we often talk about people "falling through the cracks" in our society for a number of reasons.
In THIS case (and not all that different from the Sarneyev brothers in Boston, or even the attackers on the WTC back in 2001) this "crack" was wide enough to pilot a Boeing 767 through.
So WHY does this happen?
I'm sure we all have our perspectives on this, but those in government don't seem as keen to follow up on good intel, nor act upon it as strongly as they should.
Plenty of blame to go around here, and you can start at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
---And that brings me to another "sticking point" with me. As SOON as I heard about this on the news, I wold Wifey "You watch...the political asswipes will turn this NOT into a terrorist thing, but a GUN thing."
((Damn, can't blame anyone ELSE for this one.))
Didn't have to wait long to be proven right (again) on that at all.
Every friggin' libtard from "da prez" to the candidates on down were crying out for MORE GUN CONTROL or a BAN ON ASSAULT WEAPONS. Sorry, that didn't solve problems in the past and it won't in the future.
Let's make a rather ludicrous analogy, shall we?
A man, who works as a carpenter, decides to bludgeon to death a few dozen people with a tool of his trade - a HAMMER. And, after the incident, the cry goes out for BANNING hammers across the land.
It's NOT the "tool" that inflicts the damage per se, it's the person WIELDING it who does.
Swords do not jump out of scabbards and slit peoples' throats, nor do guns hop off of shelves and shoot people to death. A shame I'll not live long enough to see the liberal mentality embrace the TRUTH in this matter, as I have described it. It would seem to take the lifetime of Methuselah (which was over 900 years, if memory serves).
---Another aspect to look at in the aftermath of this radical Islamic terrorist event, is how WE, as a nation react.
Already, you can be sure there are knees jerking all over the country, and it will be to no or little avail, because those doing the jerking are acting NOT out of logic, but of emotion.
And let's face it,. this WAS a very emotional happening for many.
People WILL be clamoring for MORE SECURITY...you wait and see.
BUT, and this is very important to any real America, AT WHAT PRICE will such security come?
We've already seen the aftermath of 9-11, and that's changed our lives in ways we could never imagine has it not?
Hell, such changes began as early as the late 60s when hijacking airliners to Cuba was "in vogue".
There is a famous quote that I wish to share, and it's from our good friend, Benjamin Franklin.
And despite the many "versions" of the quote over time, THIS is the original version:
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Sounds a bit OMINOUS, doesn't it?
Well, you get "what you pay for", as they say.
What is needed is better intel between federal agencies and LOCAL agencies, in order to weed out these home-grown radicalized terrorists. Major cities have such capabilities, but small cities and town don't (right now).
Being vigilant is the key,
We should not relax our guard, OR have our attention diverted (how often have I spoken to that?) by frivolous stuff.
Our safety rests in the hands of everyone, believe it or not.
Moving on...
*** Next up and shifting gears here, , Wifey and I advanced to PHASE 3 of our gardening acquisitions this weekend. We got the plants we had been looking for over the past month, and I got the pleasure of planting them Saturday. We got another "big purple" (Strobianthes).
Phase -3 - Pre-planting
A new home at last.
Looks pretty good, and fills out the planting beds nicely (better than the roses we bought that gave up the ghost in less than a week).
Got some dynamite petunias, too.
And a monster celosia.
After that, we hunkered down INSIDE, as the temps crept up into the low 90s
---I did have a newbie squirrel come by, and after a bit, decided to name him "Junior".
"Junior" - a welcome addition to the buffet.
He was about the same size as "Squirt", but as friendly as "Mr Wrinkles".
He came right up and took a peanut from my hand on the first shot...and did it several more times, in fact. Wifey captured this on video and posted it to her Facebook thingy.
Can you hold it...a bit LOWER?
I was almost beside myself, and tickled to death at his friendliness.
He didn't come by yesterday, but I'm hopeful he will return. Patches and Bashful were MIA .
Squirt is still a bit on the shy side.
Sunday gave us the chance to sit out on the patio for some of the morning. I made Wifey breakfast and had likewise, before sitting out with her and enjoying what little QUIET we manage to get.
It's just that you have to know WHEN the "locals" sleep (between 0400 hrs and 1100 hrs), then they get up and we start the "noise-fest" all over again.
Plenty of different birds singing, and you often don't notice it, except when you're outside listening.
Apparently, birds like Ted Nugent, as I was playing some of his music on Wifey's TABLET.
Later on, I made some tomato sauce with meatballs and Italian sausage and penne rigati pasta for dinner.
I had homemade smoothies for dessert - banana and strawberry. You'd be surprised what I've learned over the years.
Sometimes, (as Han Solo would say) "I even amaze myself!"...LOL
*** Last back to the light...once again, we see a (dangerous) person responsible for another heinous act in our country.
Thankfully, he WAS neutralized by law-enforcement (aka, he be dead), but that doesn't solve the problem, and certainly does not make the pain and grief diminish for those who lost loved ones.
What it DOES do, is make us more aware...or it should.
It SHOULD galvanize us into taking the proper actions to ensure we remain SAFE, and yet, allow us the Constitutional and God-given RIGHT to secure the LIBERTY this nation was founded upon.
If we abrogate ONE for the other, we shall have neither. Franklin is correct.
We must learn how to maintain that balance between liberty and security, because we can have both, and to the levels we, as Americans can enjoy.
That is something we all should be able to understand.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Serious. Monday. Right.

All I am going to say on the Orlando subject is out there on FB- and for the FB-challenged like yourself, summarized on Monday's post.

I was wondering which of your little friends that was yesterday. BTW, I tagged the Missus on a post that's a job for YOU...

Yeah, birds can handle the Non-African beats, unlike the monkeys, lol...

Man, I thought you were about to talk about an Italian meatball and pasta sauce smoothie! I was getting hungry...

Bob G. said...

---I will say that the "nightclub" scene has GREATLY changed since MY days, straight, gay or otherwise...sheesh!
---"Facebook-challenged". That's ME!
Thank you. I will wear that mantle with pride...lol.
I will also be sure to read your Monday post.
---ANOTHER "job" for me?
Aw, c'mon...gimme a day off...ROFL!
---Yeah, it's like living in AFRICA some days (the interior, mind you).
---Italian tomato sauce smoothie?
WHOA, there...I'm not THAT adventurous, but I admit to it being a bit "intriguing".

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe up there, brother.