01 July 2016

Friday Follies...
End of the week and the beginning of a brand new month.
Don'cha love when that happens?
I think we ended June rather well.
We're starting this month off a bit on the damp side.
Our Hoosierland weather will see our skies clearing this morning from this light rain, and temps will top out around the 77-degree range. Hopefully, the sun will make an appearance to usher us into the weekend.
So, let's all get that cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured as we see what is going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the front page is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
It is indeed JULY and here are some of the monthly and weekly observances:
National Anti-Boredom Month
National Baked Bean Month
National Blueberry Month
National Cell Phone Courtesy Month
National Culinary Arts Month
National Grilling Month
National Horseradish Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Independent Retailer Month
National Picnic Month
Unlucky Month for Weddings
National Unassisted Homebirth Week  – July 1 – 7
 Be Nice to Jersey Week – July 3- 9
 Nude Recreation Week – July 4-10
Creative Maladjustment Week - July7-14
 National Farriers Week – July 10 – 16
 Everybody Deserves A Massage Week – July 10 – 16
 Captive Nations Week  – 3rd week in July
 National Zoo Keeper Week – 3rd week in July
And now, onto the DAILY events
July 1 -
Where's my damn STUFF???
(got something to say about this in a bit)
(not exactly going down in price, are they?)
(please, no "bacon-flavored" ice cream)
(okay, now you have my attention)
*** And since it is week's end, lets take a look at all the other things we can acknowledge over the other 48 hours...
July 2 -
(anyone remember anisette toast?)
(somehow, that doesn't sound as fun as it should be)
July 3 -
(took care of that LAST month)
(that might be a "musical" event)
(once again, the magic word is chocolate)
And there you have it...plenty of things to keep you busy and out of trouble.
*** Next up, as mentioned I have a bone to pick with the USPS and it's "workers".
We screw up, so YOU
don't have to.
I had purchased an item on eBay (from China) back on 11 June, and it ONLY took FIVE days to get from China to the USA. From there, things have been, shall we say, "less than stellar".
The package SAT in the Chicago sorting facility for THREE days, and then was released to the KANSAS CITY, KS facility. Now, it only took TWO days to get there, where it sat for ANOTHER two days. After THAT, it was released and wound up in SPRINGFIELD, MO. It sat there for only ONE day, but after it's release, the package is in "limbo"?. No word for THREE DAYS as to it's actual location. No closer to Indiana.
Sorry, but the USPS is another federal clusterf*ck that loses TENS of MILLIONS of OUR dollars every year, and we're still okay with this? Well, I do have until 6 July before I have to file ANOTHER claim for non-receipts of something from China (that will make three this year).
Not enjoying that customer service, people. Why do you think THAT is?
*** Next up, there was a very good "op-ed" in today's J-G, and here's the link to it:
This is about how fireworks can affect our combat veterans, and it makes a strong argument for not having as big a "window" for such personal pyrotechnics and their availability to insensitive people.
Hell, any pet owner knows the effects of loud fireworks, right?
And to allow everyday people to purchase those mortar rounds that can easily reach a hundred or more feet, as they explode with a report equal to a grenade going off just makes no sense to me, and I used to love the PUBLIC displays as a kid (still do...they're wonderful).
But the end of the op-ed makes the best case here, sadly as said : "When it comes to regulations, fireworks retailers clearly hold more influence with lawmakers than the veterans whose service allows us the opportunity to celebrate."
Yeah, that alone speaks volumes.
Here is the News-Sentinel story behind the op-ed. And they talk with one veteran who suffers from PTSD:
It doesn't take much to be considerate, especially to those who fight for the freedom we all enjoy.
*** Next, Kevin Leininger has a very good column about Roderick Parker and the shooting death of his 18-year old nephew this week.
Here's the link to the article:
There is a lot of wisdom in the words of Roderick...words that still carry meaning, and power.
He speaks to doing something more than having another community gabfest or another "stop the madness" march.
And he's been fighting the GOOD fight for those years since he turned HIS life around.
But, it's like I said the other day...getting people to LISTEN to the "good news" you have to tell them can often fall on (selectively) deaf ears. THAT is the real tragedy in all of this.
Seems there were other men in Biblical times who suffered the ignorance of their fellow man as well. I hope that Rod continues his fight against such evil even harder in this regard.
*** Next, I found this story interesting when I saw it last evening:
Now, it IS nice to be made aware that we have between 15 to 20 active gangs in our city.
But, it bothers me that the FWPD gang unit is ONLY concentrating on EIGHT of those.
Guess the rest don't count?
Funny, I recall our gang unit consisting of ONLY TWO officers a few years back...no wonder crime has risen.
Local gangs have one thing that makes tracking it's members easy...they're LOCAL.
It's those gangs that come INTO our city from everywhere else - the LARGER and better organized gangs that have a national membership and go to other cities to recruit and establish a "chapter".
I would focus my resources on THOSE first, and see if in fact, they are actively recruiting the youth here. You might also uncover some older gang members in that process who are taking these kids under their wing.
The local gangs SHOULD be easier to monitor and surveil, but those outside gangs will be more of a challenge. And, to be honest, the majority of the organized gangs are either Latino or black.
Try a tactic that might net you more of the perps responsible for these homicides.
You just might be surprised at the outcome.
*** Next up, we had a bit of a minor accident along our street yesterday.
Don't know who was in the wrong, but that Cadillac (2015 SRX?) in the foreground has been seen rolling through yield signs around here. The older 90s era Taurus doesn't even look that familiar.
Well, the Caddy (black woman) managed to drive away (down the street to a house of dubious residency), and the older white guy walked up the street (must also live close by).
No injuries to people...just vehicles and pride, no doubt. Hope that's not a boyfriend's Caddy...heh.
*** Next, another chapter in (what is seeming becoming a saga) Bob's journey into the 21st century world of automotive technology.
This is the "Cliff's Notes"
I was reading through the manual for the Wifeymobile 2.0, and when I got to the part about "vehicle personalization", my jaw hit the floor (there was an audible thud).
In my day, being able to "personalize" your vehicle meant something as easy as PIN-STRIPING, or a new set of moon hubcaps, or even a CB radio.
It would amaze the crap out of you to find out ALL the stuff you can do to make your vehicle more "user-friendly"...(yeah, sounding MORE like a damn computer every day, right?).
I don't ever recall my Dad personalizing HIS cars. He thought OWNING it was personal enough, I suppose.
Mind you, all this fol-de-rol pertains to INSIDE the car, and not anything external.
But that would explain why certain people HAVE to get those damnable huge RIMS and ear-bleeding stereos...(must be the lack of other man-traits driving that...lol).
No wonder I can't sleep as well...too much information overload.
*** Last back to the comics page...if there is a way to fix something that's NOT broke, you can rest assured that someone will embrace it.
Now if THIS isn't the truth...
This is an aside from those who take it upon themselves to over-complicate the obvious, overthink the mundane, and over-engineer things that work well without such intervention.
Almost every facet of our lives is replete with such "tokens of appreciation".
And, there is no real way around most of it, so you learn to adapt as best you can.
This is what we've created and pretty much what we're stuck with.
Yet, I have to ask WHY we allowed this to happen in the first place?
I suppose if I could answer that question, I'd be in a much higher level of authority, or at least, be a lot richer. (why not both? LOL)
Being able to adapt to a gradual change is achievable, and serves to benefit us.
When we're forced to adapt to change for change sake, and in almost the blink of an eye, THAT can be troublesome (at best, and devastating at worst.
Some battles in life we CAN choose, while others we're seemingly drafted into.
I guess our best recourse under those conditions is to fight the best we can, and never settle for anything less than victory on our part.
That's the way it was done a long time ago by individual patriots within our fledgling nation..and by God, it worked.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Yeah, USPS and customer service have never gone together hand in hand. I hope your package gets out of limbo soon. It's always frustrating having a tracking number so you can watch your package get misrouted or sit on its butt in real time.

Our gripe with the USPS is packages showing up looking like they were thrown down a flight of stairs. Apparently it's difficult transporting a package without dropping it 400 times. Below is a picture that we posted to our Facebook page a year back, because you really can't make this stuff up.


Bob G. said...

---If anything, situations such as this just go to reinforce the fact that perhaps THIS part of the federal government DOES need to be privatized...ASAP.

---God, I can relate to that as well...I used to work in a mail room for a company AGES ago, and we learned what TYPE of boxes to use for shipping (burst-test data printed ON the boxes).
What amazed us then (and me now) is how often the USPS needs to revisit that test data (no doubt for accuracy)...LOL.

---I viewed your picture...GOD ALMIGHTY...someone use those boxes for a CHAISE LOUNGE???
"Boxes are for glasses, not for asses".

Hey, thanks for swinging on by early today & commenting.
(Nice way to welcome a new month)

Have a great weekend and stay safe out there, guys.

CWMartin said...

You should make a map of the package's travels, copy it to Trump so he can use it as an example WHY America needs to be made great again.

That said, if they can track it that far on the system, then there is NO excuse for it to be taking this long or the detour into limbo. And you can bet USPS will take NO responsibility for the problem.

Sometimes, when a thing wants to die that bad, you should just let it.

Bob G. said...

---The story of the USPS and how it's been FAILING this nation of late is a prime case as to WHY such things SHOULD be privatized...plain and simple.
You can attempt to file a claim with USPS, but they need the sender's NAME.
(sorry, my keyboard doesn't DO CHINESE CHARACTERS, you morons)...sheesh!

With that, maybe if enough claims are placed at the foot of EBAY, they might check into it,. After all, THEY lose money when they have to pay out, and if the USPS is screwing up, they need to be held accountable.
In other words, lose all the "dead wood".
(I am hopeful this gets corrected...and soon. Being "patient" is a whole other story...LOL)

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.