15 July 2016

Friday Follies...
I, for one, am glad to see the end of this week. Can't really put a finger ALL on the specifics, but in general, I'm happy to see it over and done with. Perhaps next week will be better? Not holding my breath on that one.
Our Hoosierland weather will see a slight change in the weather rut we've been "enjoying", with mostly sunny skies, and temps only reaching into the low-to-mid 80s (that's a cool down? Maybe in Death Valley).
What say we get ourselves a nice tall glass (or big cup) of that Friday Fortitude poured, because, if for no other reason, I think we all will be needing it, as we see what is going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the bed is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 15 -
(haven't we in this country done that ALREADY with our liberties?)
(yes, I admit to an affinity for horses, too)
(wish they'd figure a way to make an INSTANT version...lol)
(our pets deserve as much from us, because they're family too)
*** And, since we are at week's end, let's see what takes place over the following 48 hours...
July 16 -
(not a fan of rhubarb, so please pass me by on this one)
(wow, two in a row for me. Not interested)
(they don't come much more personal that I do...lol)
(so we must be talking regrets here maybe???)
JULY 17 -
(not a personal favorite...sorry)
(I could give a rat's backside on this one)
(at least he thought he was going the right way)
(does that mean the bacon went bad?)
(finally, something that will give me brain-freeze...heh)
So there you have it. Plenty of things to wrap your synapses around and have fun with
And remember to always enjoy responsibly.
*** Next up, a black man who fired several shots into a white Indy officer's house (when his wife an son were inside)days after the Dallas police killings, gets busted and charged.
Funny we didn't hear about this in Ft. Wayne before. Here's the story:
This piece of crap is OFF the streets down there and is being held WITHOUT BOND (fantastic).
The perp, March E. Ratney, 27 is facing one count of criminal recklessness, and a felon in possession of a handgun.
He has a LENGTHY rap sheet to boot, with former charges of handgun violence.
Only took police a half hour to find and arrest his sorry ass, too.
Nice job.
He just got out of jail (on parole) last month for doing a 6 (of 12) year stint for prior possession of firearms by a violent felon conviction. Bet he didn't BUY this last pistol LEGALLY.
Even though Ratney was wearing a t-shirt with police obscenities on the front (and black lives matter on the back) the police chief stated that Ratney's actions should not reflect in nay way on the BLM movement.
Nice "two-step", chief. Covering your ass, I see. Can't call it for what it is. I understand completely.
*** Next up, it appears that Trump is calling on our Governor, Mike Pence as his VP running mate.
The presser for today was put off due to the terrorist attack in Nice, France that has killed over 80 people (so far), and that's understandable, but (and in my best Rod Serling voice) "..allow me to postulate a scenario that could, in fact turn Indiana from a republican state into a dumbocratic state"...something I hope does not happen.
Sure feels like we've already arrived.
Okay, so Pence becomes Trump's running mate.
That means we need an "interim" governor until election time. That also means that the Rep. candidate for governor might be weak enough to lose to John Gregg (dem), who brings along a few skeletons in his closet (as would any democrat these days).
Evan Bayh is also seeking the U.S. senate seat, and with the "name recognition" might just get it.
Too many voters are so damn stupid, they run with whoever sounds familiar (or gives away the most free stuff).
Now, since Pence is running with Trump, he HAS to drop out of the governor spot for re-election...fair enough.
But, what if Trump does NOT win the presidency?
Then everyone gets boned.
Indiana become a democrat run state, with a dem governor, and dem senators, and all but assures another state behind whoever runs for any higher level political office. Got that?
And, just suppose that ALL of this potential scenario was purposely orchestrated by one Donald J. Trump to ensure democrats in the White House (for another 4-8 years)? It does have all the makings of some TV show, and we'll all be biting our nails waiting for the "season finale" to unveil itself.
All you Hoosiers (as well as the rest of America) get screwed, blued, and tattooed, and the libtards run the show.
It's just a possibility that I've batted about, and one that no one in the news seems to have thought about.
Let's all hope for a better outcome. Wouldn't mind being wrong in this case.
*** Next up, Bill O'Reilly had a fantastic take on Obama and race this week with his column.
Here's the link:
Now, I know many of you (including me) have never heard of professor Roland Fryer, Jr. who teaches economics at Harvard.
Apparently, neither has our president.
Fryer (who is black, BTW) did a study (and a damn good one) about police brutality, found no disparity when it came to police shootings.
There is also Heather MacDonald (of the Manhattan Institute), who states that the BLM movement is a fiction created after the lies in Ferguson.
She also says that 40% of cop-killers are black (a fact I mentioned earlier this week).
What all this boils down to is simple. Obummer deals in fiction and EMOTION - he plays on the heart-strings of people (like any decent community organizer and activist), whereas Fryer and MacDonald deal with FACTS.
This is a good read, and I encourage all of you to give it a look-see.
*** Last back to the sofa...people will believe anything if told often enough and long enough.
Germany in the 1930s showed us that much. Didn't work out well for THEM in the end, did it?
What WE choose to believe these days is probably more important than anything that's come down the pike in generations past.
That's why it's paramount that we "learn to discern".
(Wow, I'm sounding like Rev. Bill McGill now...lol)
If we are becoming too "busy" having our attention, which SHOULD be focused on important matters, diverted in ways we've yet to discover, then we could well find ourselves on the road to perdition.
(and that road hasn't seen repairs for a LONG time, given the number of those who travel it)
I cannot understand WHY people choose to make those bad choices. You'd think it would be easy enough to know right from wrong...unless those wrongs are all fancied up to appear seemingly better than all the rights, which I think is the case today. People seek the easier path, the leisurely path...the wider path (that others are on), rather than a path that may have some brambles, a few rocks, and a rut or two along the way.
Perhaps some people think that whatever lies they're being told "don't matter much"...well, they DO and they WILL, make no mistake about that.
We all need to get curious (about things that matter) once again...ask questions, demand answers (and truthful ones for a change), and when we don't get those, brush aside the liars, the cheats and the thieves in our government and our lives.
That just might get some attention and steer this nation back on the course that divine providence had set for us many, many years ago. We'll never know unless we all try, as the alternative will surely take us places we dare not think about. Therein lies the lesson for today.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

You forgot "Chris and Laurie start vacation Day". That is very important!

I for one am glad I am not bound to "keep from telling it like it is." I should put "not for the ideologically sensitive" at the top of my blog...

What you said in your Twilight Zone voice is what I'm afraid of, as well.

". Obummer deals in fiction and EMOTION - he plays on the heart-strings of people..." pretty much the new definition of "politician".

Bob G. said...

---I had forgotten it was coming up...my bad.
(I haven't had a REAL one in I can't remember when - not a good thing to leave the "Fortress" devoid of inhabitants in OUR neighborhood...heh)
---I like that notion. You should put that in your blog header - kinda like that "politically-incorrect Zone" picture on the right side of mine.
---Truth be told (as usual), as SOON as Pence was on the short-list for the "Donald", I went over that scenario...didn't like the way it could turn out at all.
I suppose one might say "it could be worse".
HOW, exactly?
---Those are Bill's words...NOT mine, but yes, it DOES indeed appear to be the true meaning of a liberal politician (conservatives are not AS blatant...yet).

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Have yourselves a great weekend...AND vacation (all you ever needed...had to get away, right?...lol)

Stay safe up there, and wherever else you go, brother.