14 July 2016

Thoughts For Thursday...
We actually got some RAIN yesterday evening and overnight...about time, too.
I could hear it on the roof when I woke up during the night. That helped get me back to sleep in no time.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us with some drying out, mostly cloudy skies, with perhaps a pop-up shower, and temps again reaching into the upper 80s. And yes, with all the moisture about, there WILL be humidity. (oh, joy, more sinus-hell)
In the meantime, let's get that refreshing drink in front of us, as we see what is going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out of the rain gutter is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"A woman who demands further gun control is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders."
This is attributed to one of my favorite contemporary authors, and a very good person to listen to (because he makes sense)...Larry Elder (born Apil 27, 1952), an American lawyer, writer, and radio and television personality, who refers to himself as "The Sage of South Central". And here is his WIKI:
Larry is one of those folks who speaks the truth, and is not afraid to do so. As a result, the usual people tend to dismiss him (that would be the libtards).
Nothing like getting the proper perspective from someone born the same year as myself...lol.
Larry did indeed grow up in the South Central area of L.A., and didn't become a thug in the process, but instead earned a B.A. in political science from Brown University. He refers to himself as a "Repulictarian", citing both libertarian and republican views on many aspects of society.
He has also coined the term "victicrat" when referring to the blacks who are always playing the victim card in America - a combination of victim and democrat.
(seems reasonable and correct to me).
I have one of his books (The Ten Things You Can't Say In America) and this is a marvelous read for a book going back over a decade.
Here is his website:
THIS is the kind of person I wish I had living alongside us. He represents the black men I grew up with, and doesn't play the race card.
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 14 -
(no, it's NOT an old Mercury...it's an orange-flavored brand of cognac)
(where would we be without those?)
(face it, we ALL have baby pictures - incriminating as they may be - of us in this state of undress...somewhere)
(I tend to go with those all BEEF franks...sorry.)
*** Next up, still no cause of death to that man found dead and burned on the SW side.
Here's what's known:
Scene of the crime.
The victim is listed as Peter Kowal III, age 35.
I would tend to think that this man was not black (the name Kowal leans to a Slavic root), but you never know.
Obviously, that area seems nicer than ours (we used to have better neighbors who gave a damn, too).
Sure doesn't seem like a suicide...people tend to scream when they're on fire, and no reports of screams were heard. Like to know if he was from that area.
*** Next up, any of you who drive on a regular basis must have known that the stupidity level of other drivers has risen markedly of late.
Get yer brain outta neutral, dumbass!
Doesn't take a genius to figure out that ROAD RAGE is ALSO on the rise. Here's the story:
Now, I wonder WHY this is?
About 8 MILLION drivers took part in some sort of road rage (2014), and this includes getting out of their vehicle or bumping and ramming another vehicle.
Uh oh, Grammy be packin'
Sorry, I just tend to shout a bit or give the offender the old "middle finger salute", and let it go at that.
I believe that fate or karma WILL catch up to them faster than they realize.
As could be expected, the major players in this are MALE, ages 19-39 ,but no breakdown by race...wonder why not?
Just curious to see if black males are more prone to road rage than say...rednecks, or Asians, or Latinos.
I will admit that Americans (in general) seem to be a LOT more PO'ed these days, and perhaps with good reason.
I figure some people don't like be "disturbed" when they're on their smartphones as they drive, and will lash out at anyone without much provocation, just so they can get back to being stupid.
Turn that DAMN music DOWN, moron!!!
But I doubt if the black males figure that much into this, as the VOLUME of their damn car stereos is SO freaking high that they're OBLIVIOUS to the rest of us on the road, and their seats are reclined SO far back, the rear view mirrors are all but useless to them...lol.
Plus, I'd wager that most of these numb-nuts are carrying an illegal pistol with them (for "negotiations" when purchasing or selling street pharmaceuticals).
If it were up to me, I'd mount some TOW missiles or a "Ma-Deuce" and put them to good use on the highways...heh.
*** Next, here is a story with some interesting statistics out of St. Paul, MN:
What part of LAW AND ORDER don't they get?
HALF of the arrests? Interesting.
And, just because the black populations is SMALL, don't discount the FACT that the majority of crimes tend to lead us back to the black communities in cities across this country.
Hell, we've PROVEN such facts here in Fort Wayne...MANY times.
So, the story states that 38% of arrests have been blacks in St. Paul...and what's their point? It's STILL under 50%.
That would tell me that the MAJORITY of arrests are for other-raced people.
Maybe if the black male shot and killed by police there had NOT fit a description of a bank robber, things may have ended much better.
No, this goes in MY police cruiser!
The police STILL do not carry tarot cards, crystal balls, or Ouija boards in their cruisers to know WELL IN ADVANCE who and what is going on in their patrol areas. They STILL chase the radio with every single call, and do not know how any encounter will turn out.
*** Next, here's a brief about today's "youts":
The paragraph is about halfway down the page, so be ready to scroll a bit.
This is the GenForward poll of young adults.
Being a youth once (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...) I have to admit that my generation was a lot more SAVVY when it came to politics (for the most part).
"DUH" just took on a whole new meaning.
All one needs do (today) is watch Jesse Watters on O'Reilly (or his own show Saturday nights) to see that the MAJORITY of young people don't have clue-one as to what's going on in this country, except with what the lame-stream media shoves down their throats.
These young adults don't even know WHO we fought in our own war for independence, for God's sake.
And they, like many of their adult counterparts, gravitate to anyone who "promises free stuff". They will sell out to "the highest bidder", as it were, rather than learn what the truth is, and fight for THAT.
About HALF of the youth polled believe that getting ahead economically, is reserved for a select few at the top. That tells you where THEIR priorities lie...scary stuff, huh?
Maybe we should raise the voting age BACK to 21? Just a thought.
*** Last back to the rain barrel...some day (and sooner than we think) today's young WILL be running the show in this country.
Will it be a MAX HEADROOM future???
I can only imagine how our parents thought with a similar premise when WE were young.
I tend to believe that they thought things would be "in good hands" with us.
Well, not ALL of my generation followed the right path in that regard. Many glommed onto this counter-culture tripe and decided it was better to fall down the rabbit hole, than to work at making this nation better (as our parents had done).
We're not leaving much of that legacy for our children, who have now grown up and had children of their own.
Too many who are at least 2 generations out from us never bothered to challenge themselves, and instead allowed themselves to have their attention diverted, never fully taking to heart the principles and values their grandparents used to cling to, and teach to their children. A sad state of affairs to be sure.
Now, we're hip-deep in apathy, and mediocrity, and many young people are not even fazed by any of it. Pokemon-Go is the fad of the day, and citizens of all ages are bemused with looking to "get them all", instead of looking in which direction our COUNTRY is headed.
Better to let our government raise today's children, teach them whatever indoctrination is warranted by whoever is in power. Force feed them destructive rhetoric instead of the truth.
We do NOT want this.
Keep the masses docile, and malleable, and by all means, keep them headed in a socialist direction, and by the time some of them realize this, it'll be too damn late to change course.
See it for what it REALLY is.
If we don't find a way to reverse this trend soon, we may well lose much, if not all of what generations past have fought and died for when it comes to this country.
And if any of us are to be damned for what we attempt, let us be damned for what we've done to make things better, instead of being damned for doing nothing.
I think that kinda says it all...for every generation.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

The road rage around here is insane. I've been followed multiple times, guys have jumped out of their cars in the middle of an intersection looking to fight me, and all over things that were THEIR fault, mind you. I was just the a-hole that had the nerve to honk at them for almost slamming into me. I can't imagine how angry someone is in their day-to-day life to reach that level of idiotic rage.

Usually, all I have to do is take a nice big picture of their face and license plate and tell them that this is all the info I need for the cops and they'll run off in a hurry. Though in the future I might just prefer one of those TOW missiles if you can find a good place to get me a roof-mounted version...

Bob G. said...

---Road Rage is getting worse all over the damn place.
And yes, because of THEIR dumbassery, YOU are the one "at fault"...sorry, that dog don't hunt for me.
(got a kinda liberal "theme" to it)

People these days get bat-shit CRAZY angry over the most trivial crap...that THEY commit!

Roof mounts are a snap...those luggage carriers work quite well and adapt with ease.
Mounting that heavy-ass .50 Cal is the bugger.
(passenger door side-mount is good)
Plus, I hate dumping all that expended shell casings along the highways and street (better to "recycle"...lol)
Gotta work on a BRASS-CATCHER for that.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You guys stay safe (and classy) out there.
(and keep those pix comin' to the cops...heh)

CWMartin said...

Show of hands, those who want me to celebrate Nude day... yeah, I figured as much!

I'm kinda like you on the road rage thing. I tell God what I would like to have happen to them for about fifteen seconds... then spend about five praying it doesn't, lol! On the other hand, we are all fortunate that Laurie's not a man... (but don't say I said that out loud...)

Frankly, when it comes to the voting thing, I'm starting to really admire Louis XIV...

BTW, I know the little woman is now a Gregg fan, and I respect why. But IMHO with having pissed off half his constituents by taking a stand and the other half by backing off of it, I think Pence has went from an unelectable Gubernatorial candidate to a unelectable VP candidate. I think Trump woulda done better with Christie or Sessions- especially Sessions. But whadda I know? I'm just one of those people who will cast a vain vote against Hillary, get cancelled out by a couple of dead guys from Chicago, and hope like heck that ISIS develops a thing about elderly snotty bisexual woman politicians.

Bob G. said...

---For the record, MY hand was NOT up.
---Laurie must be one HECK of a co-pilot!
(she gets to see those people when they're shopping - good grief!!!)
---I'm sure Voltaire had a few words about Louie and his reign...heh.
---That was a good summation about Pence. ANd, I pretty much feel the SAME way.
I might postulate a "possible" outcome tomorrow (if I can remember how complex it would become).
Just don't wanna see our state "change colors", if you get my drift.

Thanks for stopping over to comment.

stay safe up there, brother.