22 July 2016

Friday Follies...
And it will be a very muggy day out there in the Heartland.
One might call it "oppressive" in nature (can I get some reparations for being oppressed?)
At least we DID get some (much needed) rain yesterday.
Welcome to the end of the week, and all the "hazy, hot and humid" that goes along with it.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see temps reaching into the low-to-mid 90s, with a heat index that will make it feel like it's over 100 out there. like I said...oppressive, right?
Now, we've a lot of ground to cover today (and under these conditions, it will test the best of us), so let's get that cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured as we look to this day and this weekend by seeing what's going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the sweatshop is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 22 - 
(all they had to say was fudge - go fudge yourselves...lol))
(if you rig one INDOORS today, that'll work)
(to catch one, you have to think like one)
*** And since this IS the end of our week, let's see what the following 48 hours has in store for us:
JULY 23 -
(as hot as it is, be nice to SOAK in some...lol)
(and, we're NOT talking Brokeback Mountain here, right?
JULY 24 -
(let's engineer some COOL around here)
(alcohol and hot weather - NOT a good mix)
(s'okay as long as they're not driving through HOUSES )
(let's leave the kissin' cousins out of this)
(which will be confusing as hell down where WE live)
There you have it, plenty of things to do INSIDE rather than outside (where you might spontaneously combust).
*** Next up, the RNC is finally over (hallelujah!).
Trump's speech was pretty average. He had a few good bullet points, a couple noteworthy phrases, but not much in the way of REAL substance. Wonder what he's saving THAT for?
And the tempo of the speech was a bit off, as he meandered now and then.
The manner in which the speech "flowed" was a tad on the disjointed side. Usually a person moves from one topic to another in a progression and then brings a summation at the end. That was just plain lacking last night.
But, as did many others, Trump did make a great case for NOT having Clinton become our next socialist-in-chief.
God, I miss the days when we had better statesmen who knew how to give a proper speech and provide a lot more hope for America (like Kennedy and Reagan).
*** Next, a major FUBAR down in Miami with one of their police officers.
Here's the story:
A therapist for an autistic male adult was shot by Miami police AFTER he repeatedly told them he WAS NOT armed and was holding his hands up. I see NO reason why ANY shots had to be fired.
Here's a followup article that asks many of the same questions I would ask:
This is making less sense as we go along. There HAS to be some training issues here for the police.
If one man is perceived to be holding a weapon, then why shoot the OTHER man, who is obviously NOT armed?
I smell lawsuit all over this one (and it could be a slamdunk, too).
The therapist NEVER had to have been shot...period.
*** In a somewhat similar story here in Ft. Wayne, there's this:
There are SOME differences in this case. The men FLED immediately when they saw the officer approach, rather than stand their ground and comply with the officer when told to halt.
The officer was already investigating a shooting in the area the previous day.
No weapon was found in the area or on the man who was shot.
Guess that new recruit class will be put on HOLD for lack of funds?
*** Next up, and as is typical for CERTAIN parts of this city...another drug bust.
A TRAFFIC STOP leads to a drug arrest...who'da thunk THAT?
Marlon Devon Cole, 39 of Ft. Wayne was busted just BEFORE a warrant was served at his house in the 600 block of Third St.
At the house, officers found a large amount of cash, 5g of cocaine, 40g of heroin, and two firearms (with ammo).
Street value of the "horse" is about $9000.
Sounds like someone (Cole) had plans for that, and it wasn't for personal use.
Now, how about closing some of the places down HERE?
*** Next, crime is spreading...to New Haven. Here's this story:
This took place in the 6000 block of Moeller Rd around 1440 hrs.
About a dozen shell casings were recovered from this drive-by shooting, that injured a 12-year old inside the house at a trailer park.
Bullet holes pock-marked the front of the house, too.
The driver was described as BLACK (holding a small handgun) and driving a "rust" or orange colored vehicle (metallic orange is popular with these people) with a black stripe.
Should be easy to find.
*** While were talking about the SE side, I've been trying to get the city to trim some of the overgrown foliage around our area. Asplundh came through yesterday and did a nice HACK-JOB to the tree alongside our garage (as I predicted they would).
A little HIGHER than those lines, Bub.
Oh, and they did take down SOME other foliage at a neighboring house.
Too much taken off.
They didn't quite get all the foliage off of the POWER LINES (as they should have), and no doubt, THAT will grow back a lot faster than ALL the branches they took off our tree.
From THIS...
To THIS...Really???
Funny thing, the city was "supposed" to notify residents about the trimming.
Never got a mailer, or a phone call, or even a knock at the front door.
They just showed the hell up and had at it, but they knew I was watching them the whole time.
We used to call this TRESPASSING.
They trimmed WAY more than they should have (imho), and it looks like shit, but then again, THAT is what I expect from most of the city departments (with very few exceptions). these days.
*** Next, plans are moving FORWARD with this downtown arena, in spite of the cost (to us) and any push-back...more typical behavior, right?
There's even a Facebook page.
Here's the story:
What? No jar of VASELINE?
Yep, nothing is set in stone yet , but a CONTRACT has been approved for spending about $283K for designs, schematics, etc. for this downtown arena. the word RAMROD comes to mind for some strange reason.
And, it's not even a LOCAL firm heading this, but a group in DENVER.
You watch, the city will keep shoving this down ALL our throats because they can get away with it,. and in the end, we WILL all be paying for this, and for a long time.
*** Last back to the garage...there used to be a time when what the PEOPLE said mattered in America.
When did all that go away...and WHY?
We are a nation founded on WE, THE PEOPLE, and what WE want...not a bunch of bureaucrats and their wants.
But, it looks like we've allowed all these civil SERVANTS to run and own the manor, and not give any attention to us, until it becomes time for these jerks to get elected (again).
I thought THEY worked for US, and not the other way around?
Our society has seemingly done all the wrong things of late and for all the wrong reasons, and the politicos running this dog-and-pony show are telling us not to worry, they're looking out for us.
Are you idiots SERIOUS?
We've allowed do-nothing programs for damn near everything from education to  "environmental protection" to housing and urban development to thrive and produce nothing short of waste in their wake, and we're all OKAY with this crap? Tell me, I'm not dreaming.
This country needs to get it's collective shit together, and by that, I mean rid ourselves of ALL the destructive forces that seek to undermine what our nation USED to stand for and start making ALL people accountable, especially those who are elected AND appointed at EVERY governmental level.
There is simply NO other way out for all of us.
We need to reclaim our position on the global stage, but we have to first address the issues we have facing us HERE in our own "backyard", as it were. We need to get our OWN house in order, and that starts with making sure our government fears US, rather than having us fear them.
This is OUR country.
WE have the say here, and WE hold the power to create and recapture that which this nation used to cherish for being able to embrace liberty HERE.
It's not impossible to achieve (or to get back), but we have to WANT it bad enough to overcome the evil that faces us daily.
Therein lies the lesson for the week.
DO have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Yeah, that therapist that got shot - nothing about that makes any sense. Like you said, if the other guy is supposedly armed, why would they shoot the damn therapist? I can see why so much of my generation fears the police. The media would have you believe that we hate them. We don't (the majority of us, anyway). But even as a white guy, the first feeling I get when being near any kind of police officer is nervous, and it really shouldn't be like that.

(By the way, just wanted to clarify as a little afternote that our blog post about guns last week was entirely a joke, and neither of us believe those things. It was about showing the ridiculous extremes of both sides, and neither of us want to disarm the entire population (that's a slap in the face of the constitution) or arm the entire population unwillingly. We're both responsible gun owners and just can't believe how many people think the answer is one extreme or another.)

Bob G. said...

I can totally see your POV.

I come from a police family (from back in the Philly days) and even I am more "wary" of the atmosphere when dealing with police, with the exception of when I call THEM.

It pays to be educated and aware...AND, most importantly...to FOLLOW the directions of any LEO when or if the situation arises.
That's good old common sense.

I'll have to re-read you gun post again.
I figured you fellas would be of the RESPONSIBLE nature w/ firearms.
You can tell a lot by the cartoons people draw...LOL.
(see what being an art major does to 'ya?)

Hey, thanks for taking time to stop by and comment today.

Have a great weekend & stay safe out there, guys!

CWMartin said...

Okay, for a change I didn't have the comment balloon follow me along, so let's see if I can remember all.

-the shooting: That article makes me think one thing- Hispanic officer, below-neccessary command of English, no real training and no experience. Sound about right? This is going to be a big "How do you let cops with no training out on the street" thing. The cop-haters are licking their chops.

-Ashplundh: Did you complain to the COMPANY itself? I'd do that, record the response, and send it ALL into the city. And maybe the BBB.

-New Haven- that's where we were for a year before coming to the great ethnically-mixed north. It IS a dump, it is NO surprise, and shouldn't be blamed on New Haven proper. It's a FW/NH "not ours" border area under the Sheriff and ISP jurisdiction copwise.

Oh, and when you call ATS, you might mention to the butchers of Seville your "close personal relationship" with King Henry. Never know...

Bob G. said...

---Oh, make no mistake - there IS blood in the water and the sharks ARE circling.
---We might send the pics into NCE and then the company itself and let them know of our "displeasure".
(and there is ALWAYS the MEDIA, for what they're worth)
---Had a feeling you might know that area. no surprise that the "bleedover" (no pun intended) of OUR crime hits THERE now.
---LOL - The butchers of Seville...good one.
Yeah, me and the "king" are SO close...LMAO!
Any closer and we'd be on OPPOSITE side of the globe...heh.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by and commenting today.
Have yourselves a good weekend, stay safe and keep cool up there, brother.
(me and the cat are doing another "bachelor gig" over the next few days - Wife'sy taking the "Silver Streak" to visit her Dad)