21 July 2016

Thoughts on Thursday...
We're almost at the end of another week, and it is getting more like August than anything else.
Gonna be feeling some heat through Sunday around our neck o' the woods.
The Hoosierland weather forecast has little relief in sight until late weekend.
We can expect partly sunny skies, temps to hit the 90-degree mark, with a heat index that will make it feel like we're into TRIPLE digits. A great day to go jogging...NOT!
And we'll also have lots of humidity, too. Again, if you have anything to do outside, get it done early, then stay inside and take it easy.
So, what say we jump-start the hydration process and get ourselves a nice refreshing drink as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
 *** First out of the sauna is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Excellence, then, is a state concerned with choice, lying in a mean, relative to us, this being determined by reason and in the way in which the man of practical wisdom would determine it. "
This was spoken by our old (and still deceased) friend, ARISTOTLE (384-322 B.C.), and I apologize if I confused anyone (Chris) while commenting. I said A.D. and meant PRE A.D. (as in B.C.) Sorry about that, chief.
Ari was a Greek philosopher and scientist (damn fine at both, too) and here is his WIKI:
He taught Alexander the Great, so that carried some "cred" in the day.
Let's just say the WIKI is rather comprehensive about the works of his that survived time.
You will find out a lot about his take on logic and psychology.
It was he who coined the "four causes" or what we term as causality.
They are material, formal, efficient and final.
I will leave it up to all of you to delve further into his life and works, as it's a pretty interesting read.
(there may be a quiz later.,..lol)
Moving on...
*** Next, it's time for our  "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 21 -
(and I believe ALL of that is part of the WIC and SNAP programs for the welfare crowd)
(I should be so fortunate...and so would they. Sorry, I'm MY best customer)
*** Next up, I had to tune in to the RNC last evening, and was slightly bummed out by Ted Cruz, as I DID expect him to "endorse" the republican nominee for president.
The lame-stream media is making a BIG deal of this (like Melania's speech) and decrying Cruz for NOT endorsing Trump. I say let it go.
I said before last night's telecast that the "best" way to save face (in a lousy situation) was to admit that he signed a PLEDGE (as did all the nominees in the beginning) to SUPPORT whoever was the nominee, and that would be that.
Kinda like an unendorsed endorsement. There were times during his speech when you could hear a pin drop. He ran the gamut from cheers to jeers, but he DID stick to his principles. Nothing at all wrong with that.
Cruz did say to "vote your conscience", and to me, all those in attendance would appear to do so when the time comes...no "real" problem there. Another mountain being made from a mole hill (imho).
I DID enjoy Gov Pence's speech, as well as Gingrich's. Both were powerful in presentation.
Newt presented as many facts and figures as did Cruz.
Everyone rightly indicted Hillary Clinton for her lack of damn near everything...!
As well they should.
*** Next up, ANOTHER attempt at unification both within and without the black community on Fort Wayne.
Here's the story:
All I see these days is initiative after initiative.
I want to see the AVENGERS INITIATIVE put into place here.
(we could use that crew down HERE on the SE side...lol)
If it's not some committee, it's a task force, or program, or some other form of plan or initiative...
And nothing ever seems to change for the better.
We've seen this before with community plans, policing, business incentives...you name it.
Can't we try some common sense stuff for once?
The programs ALREADY in place are so similar to this "new" one, in fact.
You're not going to fix the criminals (or problems) that easy, and certainly not going to be able to hold black men to the level of accountability you WANT (or expect) to hold them to. That's the problem right there.
But, as long as you're not going to reach into our pockets to try this, give it a shot.
Toss enough crap at a wall and SOME of it is bound to stick, right?
*** Next,  I'll bet you're wondering "What the hell has Bob bought on eBay THIS month?"
(glad you asked...lol)
--I got myself a nice gold-plated challenge coin which depicts the movie Captain America - Civil War. Nice images on both sides of the coin (which came in a protective plastic holder).
Got it for UNDER $5 too (with shipping). They've been selling for $8 and up.
--I also manged to snag a Figma THOR action figure (same company as that Spider Man figure I got a while back). Got this one for UNDER $8 (they're trending close to $25!)
Looks a lot like Chris Hemsworth, too, and lots of articulation points.
The only problem was that damn (real cloth) cape. I could not manage to use the pegs provided to anchor the cape on the figure my (hands are too big and clumsy an the pegs are too damn small), so I pleated the cape (sewed the pleats in place) and then glued it under the chest and shoulder pieces.
Looks good and works fine.
Still awaiting a couple other things that the USPS has not managed to lose as of yet (crosses fingers).
And, I did get refunds for previous items NOT received...thanks, eBay. Wasn't my fault anyway.
*** Next, I went to put the trash-bins out this morning, and heard a cat meowing in a rather plaintive mood (you know this stuff after a while), so I looked all around the ground near our garage, not knowing what I would find (hope it wasn't mom giving birth). Well, I could NOT find that cat, so after placing the bins, I came back and still heard the meows.
But, there was NO cat around the garage or in the flower beds.
Then, I looked UP for some reason...
On the ROOF of the garage was a cute little mixed color cat who was meowing at me like it wanted to get down.
My thought was how the hell did you get UP there?
I held up a thick branch for it to climb down (nope, too scared), so as I thought of HOW to get the cat down, I went inside to get my camera (it was starting to get light outside).
When I came out, the cat was GONE. I checked the roof from the ground and no cat at all.
Hope the little bugger didn't burn up a life getting down. I figured it came down the tree alongside the garage (same way it must have gotten up), but it was nowhere to be found. Got away clean and no pictures (damn).
We have had some bunnies nearby, but none as "brave" as Clover, who used to frequent our patio daily, and eat some of the bird's seed. I miss that little guy lounging on the grass when it was hot last year.
But, at least a couple squirrels still have been coming by for eats (even in the heat).
A newbie I call "Tweak" (because he's so damn skittish) stops by and eats under the patio table. Can't get him any closer (yet). And he comes by around the time we have dinner (about 5 PM). He should be in a tree, grabbing some shade, considering he's wearing a damn fur coat in late JULY!
Squirt comes a little closer.
Patches also comes by, as does Squirt and Junior.
One of several of our titmouse pals.
And of course, we have our bird friends.
And one of a pair of nuthatches, too.
LOTS of 'em, too. They can empty the feeder in a couple hours...little piggies.
Yes, we're never at a loss for "patio pals".
*** Last back to the hothouse...I can understand why the wildlife roams about near the "Fortress".
What bothers me, is how people can allow cats and dogs to get out and become feral foragers.
Our pets touch our lives...even while they sleep.
There are those of us out there who love to have pets, and take damn fine care of them.
Others just look at their pets as something to toss out whenever they grow tired of them, and that's just not right.
But, it is a way to see how these people treat their children (not much better).
If you're going to take in an animal as a pet, you have a responsibility TO that pet (whatever it might be)  as it will look to YOU for it's food, water and shelter. That's ALL they ask for, and in return, provide something that is lacking in humankind - unconditional love.
Sure, they might act up and you have to chastise them, but that happens with all of us.
And, more importantly, the manner in which you bring up a pet, will determine how it acts when it gets older.
Wow, that's just like children in many ways, except I don't have to send my cat to school, buy him a car, or worry about him doing drugs and making a female pregnant through unprotected sex.
People treat pets in similar ways that they treat children, or even other adults.
Pets don't make such determinations as a rule.
We would all become wiser for paying attention to what animals can tell us...and without saying one single word.
That wouldn't be a bad thing for humanity to hang it's hat on, would it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Naw, you didn't confuse me on the date... Ari just does a lot of loops in one sentence, like Paul. My mind needs a while to unspaghetti it.

I have been fighting the Cruz fight on FB all day. I'll just say, he could have put that in a different way- God knows, Newt cleaned up after Cruz by the seat of his pants- and it would have all went away. Personally, I guess he's decided he'd rather be President in 4-8 years with one or two MORE liberal SCOTUS judges to shoot him down than support his party.

If this nation had any sense, Newt woulda been running for re-election this year, so I guess we are still on that sorry "getting the government you deserve" trajectory. After what he did to Carson, I fail to see why HE should be so big on principles, and for me principles left the room when Rubio dropped out.

Pence gave a great speech- one that will turn half the country definitely against him. Cruz should take courage lessons from him.

"Toss enough crap at a wall and SOME of it is bound to stick, right?" Nail, head. I said almost this same thing to Laurie on another subject yesterday- to paraphrase to the new subject, "It's cheaper to make more laws for show and not enforce them than to put feet on the street to enforce the ones we got."

I was just gonna ask about the lost items... sorry to hear. Hope whoever decided to pilfer it out there really enjoys it.

Again, nail/head on pets. Abuse of animals on the rise these days is a very telling symptom.

Bob G. said...

--Well, I just wanted to clear the record just in case...heh.
---I will say one thing about Cruz besides "faux meet pas" - he said what he meant and meant what he said. Personal attacks (against his father and wife) really had no place in the primary process, unlike with the Clintons, who have more guilt in THEIR corner than you can shake a stick at.
---We did lose a couple candidates that (to me) had some REAL traction. Like I said at the start, seemed EACH candidate had something worthwhile to consider Toss 'em all in a blender, and the result would be perfect president. But it would be messy...ewwww.
---I will say that Pence NAILED it. Damn shame he won't have another term (here) as "guv".
---Your nails and my nails must be the SAME nails...LOL. Agreed.
---The "lost items (so far) have been refunded to my CC, so not foul there. One was sent BACK to China for illegible address and zip code.
---It's a very telling symptom, and producing a generation of malcontents the likes of which we haven't seen for a LONG time. Psychological Misfits of Society. Talk about your "P.M.S."...HA!

Hey, thanks for braving the rain showers and heat to drop by and comment.

stay safe & keep cool up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

Hey, Bob! Have a great weekend. Keep cool and be hydrated. I love your pics. Your house is full of little critter adventures.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I will Roger THAT!

And, you're always welcome to stop by up here (got coffee AND central A/C).
Kinda hard to beat THAT combo, huh?

Thanks for rolling up to comment.

Stay safe, keep cool and take it easy down there, Kiddo.