06 July 2016

Humpday Happenings...
If any of you spent some time either in the deep south, or perhaps in some southeast Asian country (*cough* - the Nam) then you know what to expect from today's weather conditions.
It's going to have a bit of a "tropical" feel outside (I call it muggy, but not in a personal assault manner that takes place where we live daily) as the day goes on.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with temps starting out already in the upper 60s, heading to an expected high of around 88 degrees. Expect mostly cloudy skies and rising humidity (gonna feel uncomfortable during the heat of the day). Take the proper precautions if outside.
Now, what say we get ourselves that thirst-quenching drink and take a look at what is going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First off of the LZ is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence." 
I think that recent events dictate that we take heed to such words, because we're staring at a possibly scary future in our country. So, WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the College of William and Mary...
*** Next up we have our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 6 -
(good time to drop by KFC or Chik-Fil-A)
And that's all we have, but it still is NATIONAL NUDE RECREATION WEEK, so if you feel the need, remember that descretion is paramount.
*** Next up, we have our 18TH HOMICIDE in Fort Wayne!
(for those of you keeping a "deadpool" at work or home).
Here's the story (so far):
Another "in-vehicle" fatal shooting.
This took place around 0130 hrs in the 3400 block of McKinnie Ave (near the golf course).
After officers arrived on scene for responding to a personal injury call,  they found a man and woman sitting in a vehicle in the 3500 block. The man was found to have been shot and was pronounced dead. The woman was unharmed.
Police were told a man walked up to the vehicle and fired inside. Shell casings were found in the street. The man managed to drive one block before hitting a tree. The victim was most likely a black male.
(who else parks along a ghettohood street after 1 AM?)
---Important safety tip: DON'T park along the SE side streets after DARK. The life you save just may be YOUR OWN.
*** Next up, yes, ANOTHER fire at another VACANT house.
Here's the story link:
This took place around 0311 hrs at a house located at 7330 Blackhawk Lane in the NE quadrant of the city.
The odd thing about THIS fire is that the same house caught fire before.
Enough damage was sustained to the structure that it was unsafe for firefighters to enter to put the fire out.
Even the FWFD is looking at this fire as "suspicious".
Yeah, it's gotta be arson.
*** Next up, whatever credibility I placed in our own F.B.I. director, James Comey, took a severe blow yesterday at the presser he gave in lieu of the Hillary investigation dealing with her personal "server" and emails after Benghazi.
Here's his statement:
Now, I used to think there was a certain level of INTEGRITY attached to the FBI, and I'm sure there are MANY agents and other employees in the department who still ascribe to such things.
Sorry, I don't want THIS running MY country.
But when I hear THIS kinda stuff from the director, I also have to wonder if "the fix is in" here.
If any of US were culpable in a like manner such as Clinton, we'd be before a grand jury and probably convicted as a result of OUR actions.
Clinton must be the new "Teflon Don" as it were. Makes John Gotti look pale by comparison.
People have been charged AND convicted for a lot less boht in and out of our government.
Judge Jeanine Pirro had a marvelous take on this:
She can be MY judge ANY day, and she's CORRECT!
And she should know...she DOES know the law (and how they were blatantly disregarded and openly broken in this instance..
Trump called this one right, too.
Okay, she DID get this one right.
Much as I dislike admitting it, HE is correct and if push came to shove, I'd rather have him in the White House than Clinton (lesser of two evils, but at least Trump is up front a lot more).
I feel bad for those deluded people that are still backing "Crooked Hillary".
*** Next, we bring you some of the fallout from our 4th of July festivities.
I went outside with Wifey yesterday and we "policed" the area around our "Fortress" for the refuse caused by the aerial pyrotechnics. And we didn't come away empty-handed.
I actually found one of the long-rockets sticking out of our front rain gutter!
Nice to pick up OTHER peoples' crap, but, you get used to that stuff living down here.
---Oh, and if you think that was it for the aftermath,...think again.
Here's a story that spells things out for those who have no "voice":
I'll come out when the booms stop.
Damn near 100 family pets ran away when confronted with ALL the noise from fireworks over the 4th weekend.
Let's call it a RESCUE of those pets, shall we?
How FAIR is that to all the owners who have to trek out and get those animals back?
(they also have to pay a damn fee to do so).
Charge those who shot off those loudass pyrotechnics.
And, this wasn't JUST in Fort Wayne:
Thanks to inconsiderate people, animals have to suffer. Sounds about right.
Sorry, but more of a curfew on such fireworks COULD alleviate a lot of those runaways.
We all didn't mean to run away.
After all, THEY can't tell you you're being an idiot, or that morons are causing them undue anxiety.
Back in Philly, our German Shepherd (Heidi) was such a dog...great pet, but let there be some loud noise outside, and she'd want IN the damn closet...she'd claw at the door to get in.
A shame to see that.
*** Last back to the hangar...People are the problem in our world, and people are also the solution.
Now, that sounds rather academic, does it not?
It's true, but in order to SOLVE such a problem, there HAS to be people of good repute and character to fight that good fight. Finding them isn't as easy as you would think.
We often create our OWN problems, no matter how large or small they may be.
And, just as often, we find ways to overcome our problems and move forward in our lives.
But, when a certain mindset or misplaced set of values that benefit few and hurt the many, which permeates deep enough so as to affect everyone along the way comes along, something MUST be done to eradicate or at least neutralize it.
This is where such things like that character, and integrity, and wisdom rise to the occasion.
It's where GOOD values and solid morally-based principles take their proper place in our society, to oust the EVIL intent of those with an agenda that runs counter to what THIS nation stands for.
And, if enough people do small things to aid in such an endeavor, there will be a change for the better for everyone.
Railing against corruptive influences, seeking TRUE justice when and where it's needed, and taking to heart that upon which our nation was created can all serve to make that happen.
I think many of you would agree on this, because it's the truth...and we live as free people.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"Meanwhile, back at the College of William and Mary..." I know this is meant as a clue, but being a football fan, all I can say is GO TRIBE!

National nude rec week? I wish I'd have known about that one back in my strip-bar days...

Do you ever get the idea that these people WANT to get shot and killed? Only thing I can think of that explains the way they live their lives.

We are going to be so sick of Hillary and her elitist antics... by the time the 8 years our fellow idiots are about to foist on us all are done...

The Clintons somehow have the ability to leave a string of willing foils with shattered careers in their wake... and the victims seem happy to do it. Well, except for Vincent Foster, Chris Stephens..

I have to wonder where the 100 owners of these pets were. I bet a good deal of them were out on the back porch with a mixed drink in one hand and an explosive in the other. A shame that any loyal, loving pet has to be so carelessly disregarded. Loyalty is a precious thing...

Bob G. said...

---LOL - no, I don't think our "quotist" ever played football.
---I don't even know if "they" knew about it back then, either...so, no hit - no foul.
---Sure is looking that way.
Set yourself up AS a target down here, plenty of illegal gun-toting morons willing to "help'.
---Hell, I was sick of her when Billy-boy was da prez. But I got me a TON of memes to toss out.
---They would appear to be the quintessential payoff artists. They've had DECADES to perfect their craft in that regard.
But they're not AS perfect as they think they are. That's been PROVEN time and again.
---Loyalty is INDEED THAT, my friend.
And our pets have that unconditional love gig going on, too.
Humankind could learn a LOT from them.
Damn shame they won't.

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe & stay cool up there, brother.