05 July 2016

Tuesday Tidbits...
We managed to survive another year of personal pyrotechnic lunacy.
Now, all we have to deal with are the days (possibly weeks) of "leftovers" from the locals who always find some way to keep getting fireworks (and we're not talking sparklers here).
Hopefully, we'll get back to normal soon enough.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us with a warm-up, and I can say the air outside has changed significantly since last night. It's a lot more humid out there. Our high today will top out around 83 degrees, with partly sunny skies.
So, let's pour ourselves a nice refreshing drink to get that body hydrated, as we see what has been going on in all the old, familiar places...
*** First out oi the fire-pit is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 5 -
(eat 'em if 'ya got 'em)
(not to be confused with BBC's Graham Norton)
(huh, who...wha??? Yowzah! Works for me!)
*** Next, it's time for ALL the shots fired and armed robbery calls that we're not supposed to know about (because they could all be fireworks...yeah, right).
JUNE 27 -
16F085968 02:35:06 113 SHOTS FIRED 8500 BRIDGEWAY DR
16F086283 17:03:13 113 SHOTS FIRED 4000 WARSAW ST
16F086421 21:58:15 113 SHOTS FIRED 3600 BOWSER AVE
16F086441 22:31:53 113 SHOTS FIRED 3900 HESSEN CASSEL RD & DIPLOMAT D
16F085933 00:00:08 53 ARMED ROB 600 LEWIS ST E
16F086304 17:44:16 53 ARMED ROB 3900 PARKSIDE DR
16F086423 22:02:36 58 SHOOTING 11700 BETHEL RD
JUNE 28 -
16F086608 10:29:56 113 SHOTS FIRED 3700 WENTWORTH DR
16F086645 12:12:49 113 SHOTS FIRED 4300 BUELL DR
16F086692 14:05:10 113 SHOTS FIRED 1600 COLERICK ST & LILLIE ST
16F086866 19:34:57 113 SHOTS FIRED 100 ESMOND ST
16F086946 22:09:00 113 SHOTS FIRED 2000 TILLMAN RD E
((NO armed robberies))
JUNE 29 -
16F087515 23:18:07 113 SHOTS FIRED 2100 EDEN ST & GREENE ST
16F087070 05:18:48 53 ARMED ROB 2800 STATE BLVD E
16F087225 13:20:50 53 ARMED ROB 2000 ONTARIO CIR
16F087000 00:05:40 58 SHOOTING 4000 SMITH ST
JUNE 30 -
16F087543 00:37:17 113 SHOTS FIRED 4200 CENTRAL DR
16F087585 02:25:23 113 SHOTS FIRED 800 SPRING ST & SHERMAN BLVD
((NO armed robberies))
JULY 1 -
16F088155 00:03:48 113 SHOTS FIRED 1700 PETTIT AVE E & ANTHONY BLVD S
16F088167 00:28:09 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 PLAZA DR
16F088184 01:04:23 113 SHOTS FIRED 7700 TENDALL CT
16F088496 17:53:04 113 SHOTS FIRED 1400 PARK AVE
16F088634 22:16:12 113 SHOTS FIRED 400 BERRY ST W & FAIRFIELD AVE
16F088174 00:54:00 53 ARMED ROB BAKER ST W & EWING
16F088228 06:56:01 53 ARMED ROB 3700 WASHINGTON BLVD E
JULY 2 - 
16F088719 00:35:18 113 SHOTS FIRED 4500 GAYWOOD DR
16F088734 01:01:38 113 SHOTS FIRED 5800 TURTLE CREEK DR & PAULDING RD
16F088815 06:30:29 113 SHOTS FIRED 2900 GOSHEN RD
16F089142 21:57:49 113 SHOTS FIRED 2700 MANFORD ST
16F089194 23:22:21 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 OLIVER ST
16F089210 23:46:22 113 SHOTS FIRED 3500 ABBOTT ST & OXFORD ST
((NO armed robberies))
JULY 3 -
16F089225 00:12:27 113 SHOTS FIRED 2900 KNODE CT & MANFORD ST
16F089246 00:53:44 113 SHOTS FIRED 2100 HOBSON RD
16F089248 01:00:44 113 SHOTS FIRED 2000 HOBSON RD
16F089258 01:32:04 113 SHOTS FIRED 2900 WARSAW ST
16F089260 01:33:31 113 SHOTS FIRED 3800 CALHOUN ST S & RUDISILL BLVD
16F089263 01:35:53 113 SHOTS FIRED 3500 WINTER ST
16F089291 02:34:14 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 PONTIAC ST E & HANNA ST S
16F089312 03:51:26 113 SHOTS FIRED 700 PONTIAC ST E & WEISSER PARK AV
16F089317 04:39:16 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 HOAGLAND AVE & WILDWOOD AVW
16F089452 15:00:25 113 SHOTS FIRED 1500 SINCLAIR ST & SCHILLING AVE
16F089483 16:06:50 113 SHOTS FIRED 6400 ST JOE RD
16F089589 20:24:12 113 SHOTS FIRED 1000 CAPITOL AVE
16F089591 20:35:31 113 SHOTS FIRED 1700 DUPONT RD W & LIMA RD
((NO armed robberies))
*** And speaking of fireworks, here's the "4-1-1" on all THOSE calls (which could have been gunshots) Warning: There are a lot.
(technically, after 29 June they are allowed during CERTAIN hours.) ============================
 JUNE 27 - 
16F085978 03:31:10 44FW 400 ARCHER AVE & WELLS ST 
16F086278 16:56:46 44FW 5300 AUTUMN WOODS TRL 
16F086394 21:18:01 44FW 200 COUNTRY FOREST DR 
16F086422 21:51:33 44FW 700 ARCHER AVE 
16F086444 22:11:03 44FW 2700 ALLEGANY AVE 
16F086470 23:24:27 44FW 2600 RIVER COVE TRL 
 JUNE 28 - 
16F086509 02:19:44 44FW 2000 CHARTWELL DR 
16F086784 15:44:06 44FW 5900 JEFFERSON BLVD W 
16F086834 18:20:03 44FW 3900 OLD MILL RD 
16F086893 20:15:16 44FW 3300 ABBOTT ST & DREXEL AVE 
16F086896 20:27:39 44FW 5900 STELLHORN RD & OAKHURST DR 
16F086941 20:38:31 44FW 3900 OLD MILL RD 
16F086910 20:56:19 44FW 4700 MANISTEE DR  (he's at it again)
16F086929 21:32:05 44FW 2800 ANTHONY BLVD N 
16F086952 22:01:35 44FW 1700 TRINITY BLVD & STANFORD AVE 
16F086961 22:15:56 44FW 2900 STANFORD AVE 
16F086967 22:42:58 44FW 2000 CARLTON AVE & BROOKLYN AVE 
16F086975 23:01:07 44FW 3900 OLD MILL RD 
16F086993 23:42:59 44FW 1900 PONTIAC ST E 
 JUNE 29 - 
16F087013 00:22:19 44FW 1900 PONTIAC ST E 
16F087215 12:59:35 44FW 1100 GOSHEN AVE & ST MARYS AVE 
16F087433 19:39:02 44FW 1300 FOSTER PKWY W 
16F087442 20:09:29 44FW 5400 RIVER RUN TRL 
16F087465 20:56:16 44FW 1300 FOSTER PKWY W 
16F087489 22:00:39 44FW 600 TILLMAN RD E 
16F087509 22:57:29 44FW 7900 SHAKER CT & PRESTON POINTE DR 
 JUNE 30 - 
16F088003 20:10:54 44FW 200 PUTNAM ST 
16F088012 20:19:45 44FW 6200 EVARD RD & MAPLECREST RD 
16F088078 22:04:05 44FW 6300 BIRCHDALE DR 
16F088096 22:38:49 44FW 6500 DRAKES BAY RUN & BITTER END C 
16F088134 23:25:44 44FW 3800 PLYMOUTH RD & WYANDOTTE DR 
 JULY 1 - 
16F088177 01:02:16 44FW 800 WAYNE ST W 
16F088570 19:55:22 44FW 1100 DEGROFF ST 
16F088615 21:48:24 44FW 3900 OLD MILL RD 
16F088659 23:02:47 44FW 1700 APPLE GLEN BLVD 
16F088666 23:11:05 44FW 3800 WAYNE TRACE 
16F088697 23:56:52 44FW 1700 TILDEN AVE 
16F088696 23:58:07 44FW 2600 EUCLID AVE & PONTIAC ST E 
16F088707 00:12:58 44FW 1300 ANTHONY BLVD N & TILDEN AVE 
16F088714 00:26:00 44FW 5100 TRUEMPER WAY 
16F088721 00:31:25 44FW 8800 LIMA RD & WALLEN RD W 
16F088755 00:36:12 44FW 3600 AUER DR 
16F088728 00:55:42 44FW 5200 ST JOE RD 
16F088742 01:02:29 44FW 2500 CLE ELUM DR 
16F088820 06:57:10 44FW 1100 HOME AVE & BROADWAY 
16F088821 07:02:05 44FW 1800 BLUFFTON RD 
16F088887 12:04:18 44FW 1400 BLUFFTON RD & BROADWAY 
16F088935 14:15:22 44FW 400 COLISEUM BLVD E 
16F088945 14:26:48 44FW 3500 STATE BLVD W 
16F088951 14:41:04 44FW 3500 BROADWAY & BLUFFTON RD 
16F088953 14:48:03 44FW 1900 BLUFFTON RD 
16F088963 15:06:39 44FW 1100 STOPHLET ST 
16F088995 16:29:20 44FW 1100 HADLEY RD S & ILLINOIS RD 
16F089125 21:09:59 44FW 300 CORNELL CIR S 
16F089156 22:04:07 44FW 2600 BELLE VISTA BLVD 
16F089167 22:10:01 44FW 200 MABRY CV 
16F089152 22:16:37 44FW 3100 STINSON DR & HESSEN CASSEL RD 
16F089175 22:45:31 44FW 3700 ARLINGTON AVE 
16F089177 22:51:16 44FW 6000 GOODFELLOW DR 
16F089193 23:20:18 44FW 5200 BROADMORE CT 
16F089196 23:25:45 44FW 4700 STELLHORN RD & REED RD 
16F089204 23:37:01 44FW 5800 ANDORRA DR 
16F089201 23:37:39 44FW 8200 ROANOKE DR 
16F089203 23:38:24 44FW 6600 AZALEA DR & BAYBERRY DR 
16F089211 23:46:31 44FW 7900 DURBAN DR 
16F089215 23:55:23 44FW 3500 SANDPOINT RD 
 JULY 3 - 
 16F089217 00:02:29 44FW 10800 LIBERTY MILLS RD 
16F089219 00:05:38 44FW 6600 DELL LOCH WAY 
16F089222 00:09:25 44FW 10300 GLEN ARBOR PASS 
16F089232 00:18:16 44FW 7800 TANBARK LN 
16F089238 00:33:20 44FW 900 HIGH ST 
16F089243 00:42:54 44FW 1500 FIELDSTONE DR 
16F089277 01:44:37 44FW 1400 MARGARET AVE 
16F089339 06:43:28 44FW 5600 SMITH ST & SOUTHVIEW DR 
16F089397 12:31:58 44FW 1800 BLUFFTON RD 
16F089427 13:47:04 44FW 6100 SOUTHAMPTON CT 
16F089460 15:03:44 44FW 600 WINDRIFT LN 
16F089494 16:18:17 44FW 1200 BRANNING AVE W 
16F089609 21:24:46 44FW 1600 WELLS ST 
16F089630 22:12:58 44FW 4500 WALKERS RIDGE 
16F089634 22:30:57 44FW 00 COUNTRY FOREST DR 
16F089658 23:21:32 44FW 3600 FERNDALE DR 
16F089662 23:23:33 44FW 2200 CANDLEWICK DR 
16F089659 23:24:02 44FW 3000 COPPER HILL RUN & COBBLESTONE 
16F089664 23:29:37 44FW 1800 BLUFFTON RD 
16F089666 23:36:40 44FW 2400 DEERWOOD DR 
16F089671 23:53:50 44FW 3600 FERNDALE DR 
 ((Note: MOST of the calls DO NOT come under the "specified hours" usage))
*** Next up, yes, it wouldn't be the 4th of July in the Summit City WITHOUT another shooting. Here's what's known so far:
This took place just before midnight in the 4100 block of Euclid Avenue.
Apparently, a fight escalated at the front door to a house in that block and a man fired shots into the house, hitting another man.
The victim was taken to hospital in serious condition, but was downgraded to critical.
Police were investigating what led to the fight, and whether the victim was the intended target.
No arrests have been made and no suspect information was forthcoming.
*** Next, a man holds police off for 3 hours during a hostage situation.
Here's the link:
This took place around 2315 hrs in the 5300 block of Stony Run Lane (up between Coldwater and N. Clinton).
A 2-year old was inside the house with the perp, who finally surrendered to police after 3 hours of negotiations.
The child was unharmed.
Obviously a domestic dispute gone sideways.
*** Next, another vacant house goes up in flames. Here's the story:
This happened at an occupied house located at 2720 Alexander St (this is right off of Pontiac near the "dogbone" at Wayne Trace) around 0237 hrs. yesterday morning.
An attic fire burned through the roof and even melted the (vinyl) siding on a neighboring house.
Firefighters got there in only 3 minutes, too. Another house in the ghettohood torched by an arsonist?
Sure is looking that way, isn't it?
*** Next up, Wifey and I did okay yesterday, in spite of the locals. We had ourselves a bit of a cookout (burgers and hotdogs) and while I quaffed down a Smithwick's ale, while Wifey opted for a Sam Adams "Downtime Pilsner".
The ONLY house with an
Oh yes, we DO practice diversity at the "Fortress"...lol.
Currently, three of the four sides of our house are bordered by VACANT properties (never lasts that long, unfortunately), but people living in houses next to THOSE houses had their share of fireworks.
We did some small ones (no aerials)...that was kinda cool.
The Latinos 2 doors down had a crapload of aerials, but most all of them WORK a job, so they must save up all damn year for this. The blacks down and across the street have newer cars, so they could be working as well. You never know around this crowd. They also had a lot of fireworks.
And, we had some others one street over, both east and west of us, so we were not lacking for some free "entertainment".
You have to realize that we live on a "forested" street, as in a lot of trees and some places with lots of overgrown foliage (that NCE can't seem to get the people to cut back), and (to me), that is not the BEST place to be setting off all this aerial ordnance.
Something "could" catch fire, and that would not be fun for anyone.
This would work out well for fireworks.
There is an "alternative" that goes un-utilized every damn year - the VACANT Scotts parking lot along Decatur Rd.
It's NOT far away at all, and has plenty of room to set off ALL kinds of stuff without endangering any house nearby.
But, that solution makes TOO damn much sense, because no one is ever over there. I'm sure the police wouldn't mind and actually encourage that over detonating this stuff too close to houses, cars, and such.
Hell, you could have a mini-block party over at that lot...the locals LOVE that sorta thing (trust me).
As Trump would say..."It could be HUGE!"
Maybe NEXT year? I doubt that. People around here won't get THAT smart THAT fast...lol.
*** Last back to the burn-pile...What is it with people doing stupid shit?
And Obi-Wan's seen a LOT.
Now THERE is a loaded question, right?
I mean, it would be nice if there were just ONE level of stupid.
But people have taken to create a HIERARCHY of stupid, and it can be based on a great many things, such as age, race, religion (or the lack of it), social class...you name it.
And while we ALL are guilty of performing a stupid act here or there, none of us seem to make it a life's "calling".
Others see things differently.
Like the 18-yr old who stole grandma's car (a Chevy Cavalier of all vehicles), and led police on a high speed chase down I-469 before he ran out of gas and bailed (into a brier patch) where he was caught.
Hell, I was surprised a Cavalier could even do 108 MPH (as the police mentioned in the report)...
Now, just HOW many instances of stupid can you find in such a story?
Quite a few, that's for sure.
I only hit that speed (once) back in 1977 with my  '75 Ford Torino that had a big 351 C.I.D. V8 engine! You could see the gas gauge drop, too...heh.
Read the paper, or watch the news, and you can see all the stupid out there. Chris Martin does a great job of pointing out some of it in his "Martin World News", and I have to say that the type of stupid he posts about simply cannot "just happen". It takes time to master such an "art-form" as those people manage to do.
And stupid ALWAYS has consequences...more so that anything else in life, so why chase after it, when the result will not be any sort of happy ending? Beats the hell outta me.
I chide myself whenever I pull something that I think is stupid and mutter something like "Damn, Bob, you should know better", and I rarely make the same screw-up again...I've plenty of NEW ones I've yet to discover...ROFL.
But, it's something that you keep well under control, unlike those to whom stupid is their life.
I never thought of THIS nation as having so many stupid people in it (certainly not in generations past), but these days, it's getting kinda scary out there, don'cha think?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Unless they burning things down, let the fireworks commence! Ray! 'Merica. I never liked those complaints. They were a waste of resources. I don't care if they are illegal or not. We could not possibly patrol for that during this time of year. After a while, our department would get rid of those complaints and told citizens not to bother unless there was a fire or a fight. And in Wyoming...fireworks were even illegal to possess in my county. You got a pass on July 4.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---If you're out in "the sticks", yeah, go right ahead and shoot off ANYTHING, but in such a populated residential area, not the "best" idea there.

I can easily understand ALLOWING such fireworks in WY, but they never did in Philly, and would arrest those using them (and confiscate those big boomers).
Here in Indiana, sooner or later they'll have to do likewise, as long as the population (and the numbnut level) keeps rising...just an eventuality.
Those out in the "boonies"...they will be the fortunate ones.
But hey, that's just what I come to know through experience.

Thanks much for rolling up to comment today, "Wonder Woman".
(not gonna call you "muscles" just yet...lol)
Stay strong & safe down there, Kiddo.

CWMartin said...

Living outside the "mortar zone" I can honestly say that we had only ONE loud enough and close enough to be a pain- made Scrappy sit up in bed, and come over for some Daddy comfort me. After that, it was only an occasional sigh.

On your block party- you should have about five or six posters run off, put them up strategically, and see if your neighborhood quiets down a bit. Worth a shot...

Hey! I was going to get a MWN post done after dinner! The surprise is gone, lol!

Bob G. said...

---Back when we FIRST moved here (1997), I could count the LOUD and CLOSE fireworks on ONE hand. As more rentals popped up and the government=sponsored residents increased, so did the NOISE...has to be a connection there...lol.
---You know how it works down here...we "whiteys" can't advise, urge, convince, suggest, or tell anything to the rest of the "locals"...we don't know how their "struggle" goes.
Same goes for following LAWS down here - 2 sets of standards. A real shame.
---Having a get-together over at the old SCOTTS would be a blessing and a way for more community unity.
Heaven forbid ANYONE BUT the black community comes up with a good idea for blacks (or even Latinos) down here.
Oh, and I think it's against the law to post anything on utility poles around here...heh.
---Had a feeling a MWN report was on the immediate horizon...HA!

Thanks for dropping by today to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (and keep cool) up there, brother.