12 July 2016

Tuesday Tidbits...
Get ready for another one of those days - hazy, hot, and humid.
Why is it when we were young, this kinda stuff didn't seem to bother us as much?
No matter. We shall soldier on in our best fashion, right?
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us seeing mostly sunny skies, with temps reaching upwards to the ninety-degree mark. Did I mention that humidity?
A good day to get any yard or lawn work done...EARLY!
Now, let's get that morning drink poured and parked close by, as we see what is going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the sidewalk is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 12 -
(And to think I shaved with Occam's Razor this morning...lol)
(Minion Bob has Heterochromia, as did David Bowie)
(Best method I've found when you need something SWEET)
(so many uses, so little time)
(sorry, not planning a hospital stay...lol)
*** Next up, and since it's a TUESDAY, we bring you all those wonderful shots fired and armed robbery calls (and some others) which the media never wants to tell US about, because they want us to think crime is going DOWN.
JULY 4 - 
16F089676 00:02:31 113 SHOTS FIRED 3100 WELLS ST  
16F089678 00:05:36 113 SHOTS FIRED 4000 HANNA ST S  
16F089699 00:58:43 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 SUTTENFIELD AVE E  
16F089869 14:40:44 113 SHOTS FIRED 3100 WELLS ST  
16F089958 18:28:13 113 SHOTS FIRED 2900 HANNA ST S  
16F090012 20:35:31 113 SHOTS FIRED 2900 HANNA ST S & COLERICK ST  
16F090031 21:15:33 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 OLIVER ST & MCKEE ST  
((NO armed robberies - 1 stabbing))
JULY 5 -
16F090127 00:14:34 113 SHOTS FIRED 800 PONTIAC ST E & JOHN ST  
16F090128 00:16:58 113 SHOTS FIRED 1200 CAPITOL AVE & BOWSER AVE  
16F090193 03:21:57 113 SHOTS FIRED 3900 OLD MILL RD  
16F090632 21:45:34 113 SHOTS FIRED 3200 HANNA ST S  
16F090161 01:26:10 53 ARMED ROB  1800 BROADWAY 
JULY 6 -
16F090741 02:27:21 113 SHOTS FIRED 1200 CALHOUN ST S & DOUGLAS AVE E  
16F090898 12:03:08 113 SHOTS FIRED 2900 WESTBROOK DR  
16F090721 01:20:25 53 ARMED ROB  300 KINNAIRD AVE  
JULY 7 -
16F091231 00:11:19 113 SHOTS FIRED 4300 HOLTON AVE & SENATE AVE  
16F091587 18:05:46 113 SHOTS FIRED 1100 DELAWARE AVE  
16F091275 02:27:31 58 SHOOTING  2100 HOBSON RD  
JULY 8 - 
16F091769 03:23:57 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 EUCLID AVE  
16F092146 20:25:23 113 SHOTS FIRED 4300 STANDISH DR  
((NO aermed robberies))
JULY 9 -
16F092275 00:02:01 113 SHOTS FIRED 6300 REED RD  
16F092322 02:12:51 113 SHOTS FIRED 2700 MARCY LN  
16F092724 21:23:46 113 SHOTS FIRED 3400 ROSEWOOD DR  
16F092731 21:42:43 113 SHOTS FIRED 3900 SOUTHPARK DR  
16F092733 21:43:50 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 GAYWOOD DR  
16F092738 22:05:33 113 SHOTS FIRED 3500 MONO GENE DR  
16F092776 23:07:24 113 SHOTS FIRED 1000 FAYETTE DR  
16F092659 18:36:40 53 ARMED ROB  5200 LAWFORD LN  
16F092703 20:30:08 53 ARMED ROB  6400 ALVAREZ DR  
16F092357 04:17:02 58 SHOOTING  7900 JEFFERSON BLVD W  
((three stabbings))
JULY 10 -
16F092845 01:16:32 113 SHOTS FIRED 5100 COVENTRY LN  
16F092867 01:55:41 113 SHOTS FIRED 700 LEWIS ST E  
16F092878 02:14:55 113 SHOTS FIRED 6300 ROXANNE DR & FAYETTE DR  
16F092898 03:17:29 113 SHOTS FIRED 3200 FAIRFIELD AVE  
16F093280 23:21:04 113 SHOTS FIRED 1000 BAXTER ST & SMITH ST  
16F092949 09:03:04 58 SHOOTING  2200 RANDALLIA DR  
((NO arm,ed robberies))
Oh, and we can't forget all the buttwipes who play with pyrotechnics as a way to bolster their manhood, right?
JULY 4 -
16F089675 00:01:26 44FW  8200 ROANOKE DR  
16F089691 00:11:27 44FW  2700 BUTLER RD  
16F089687 00:13:52 44FW  7200 BAER RD  
16F089689 00:27:39 44FW  2900 MAPLECREST RD  
16F089694 00:44:14 44FW  3000 WARSAW ST & WILDWOOD AVE E  
16F089709 01:17:07 44FW  600 COLISEUM BLVD W  
16F089798 10:47:07 44FW  12600 COLDWATER RD & UNION CHAPEL  
16F089935 17:23:51 44FW  1400 LAKE AVE  
16F090002 20:15:38 44FW  1800 KENWOOD AVE  
16F090008 20:21:16 44FW  1700 WELLS ST  
16F090026 21:06:09 44FW  4800 WINTER ST  
16F090035 21:24:24 44FW  5300 ARCHWOOD LN  
16F090037 21:28:14 44FW  500 WOODLAND AVE E  
16F090043 21:43:45 44FW  2900 KOONS ST  
16F090046 21:50:08 44FW  1300 FAY DR  
16F090072 22:01:14 44FW  900 PETTIT AVE E  
16F090059 22:01:29 44FW  11900 WILLOWIND CT  
16F090069 22:20:46 44FW  4700 PARKERDALE DR  
JULY 5 -
16F090129 00:26:06 44FW  1200 STOPHLET ST  
16F090159 01:12:35 44FW  4100 REED ST  
16F090158 01:21:08 44FW  900 WASHINGTON BLVD W  
16F090168 01:30:34 44FW  3700 SMITH ST  
16F090674 23:08:47 44FW  2600 CLINTON ST N  
16F090677 23:12:33 44FW  3800 NEWPORT AVE  
16F090685 23:36:11 44FW  1200 GAY ST & HUGH ST  
16F090692 23:51:45 44FW  1500 CASS ST & FIFTH ST 
JULY 6 -
16F090706 00:16:42 44FW  200 SOUTHRIDGE RD  
16F090701 00:20:22 44FW  4700 WEISSER PARK AVE  
16F090722 01:27:34 44FW  5400 KEYSTONE DR  
16F090944 13:36:22 44FW  1300 LYNN AVE  
16F091200 22:43:03 44FW  4400 GAYWOOD DR  
16F091209 22:59:21 44FW  1200 COLLEGE ST & JONES ST  
16F091206 23:04:03 44FW  1900 FOX POINT TRL  
16F091223 23:35:55 44FW  3200 WATER WHEEL RUN  
16F091226 23:49:10 44FW  6200 ST JOE CENTER RD & MAPLECREST 
JULY 7 -
16F091239 00:29:23 44FW  2000 FOX POINT TRL  
JULY 8 -
16F092195 21:42:23 44FW  2000 ALABAMA AVE  
JULY 9 -
16F092306 01:24:30 44FW  1300 ASHLEY AVE  
16F092781 23:22:56 44FW  7500 BLUFFTON RD  
16F092782 23:23:22 44FW  7900 DURBAN DR  
16F092808 23:48:53 44FW  2200 DALE DR  
JULY 10 -
16F092826 00:20:57 44FW  1600 ROY ST & REYNOLDS ST  
16F092833 00:28:15 44FW  3800 THREE OAKS DR  
16F092827 00:31:37 44FW  5100 WINDY KNOLL CT  
16F092864 01:49:08 44FW  3400 ADDISON AVE  
16F093057 14:52:31 44FW  7100 SHADY LN  
16F093193 19:58:06 44FW  2400 ENGLE RD & HIAWATHA BLVD  
16F093197 20:40:56 44FW  1800 DUPONT RD W  
16F093230 21:42:34 44FW  2600 CAMBRIDGE BLVD & TRINITY BLVD 
16F093235 21:56:46 44FW  500 MILDRED AVE  
16F093241 22:03:36 44FW  3500 SMITH RD & GLENDALE RD  
16F093242 22:04:09 44FW  400 COLISEUM BLVD W & LIMA RD  
16F093243 22:06:31 44FW  600 CEDAR GLEN DR  
16F093249 22:18:39 44FW  4300 LIMA RD & COLISEUM BLVD W  
16F093256 22:19:41 44FW  3900 PETTIT AVE E  
16F093262 22:41:05 44FW  6300 BAY TREE DR  
16F093278 22:54:40 44FW  800 LARCH LN  
16F093277 22:54:58 44FW  6000 BEAUMONT DR  
16F093281 23:06:48 44FW  6000 MILLHOLLOW LN 
((these calls are past the window of legality)) 
*** Next up, can you believe that the Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, has received death threats? WTH is wrong with people???
I didn't know that wanting peace and calling for an end to violence pissed people off.
Here's the story link:
It's a damn shame when a police chief states that "the police are asked to do too much".
I always said that it's damn hard to be both a "diplomat" AND a "soldier" on the streets.
This whole community-oriented policing thing isn't living up to the reputation we're expected to believe.
Maybe it's due to all the broken communities?
Better to try some PROBLEM-oriented policing first?
And to make things worse, "da prez" is set to go to Dallas today, and you can just imagine all the BS we're going to hear from HIS piehole.
Funny thing, Rudy Giuliani caught several types of crap for saying the BLM group is inherently racist.
He'll spew out some campaign-like rhetoric, calling for gun control, and standing by the Black Lives Matter movement (that means he also condones the Nation of Islam (Calypso Louie's posse)as well as the New Black Panther Party...both of which can and should be considered HATE GROUPS in this country just like the KKK.
(well, it does seem exclusionary, so I'm with Rudy, as I said yesterday) ALL lives (should) matter.
*** Next, Evan Bayh makes it clear he SO wants to be a "career politician". Like father, like son? Here's the story link:
The FARCE is strong with this one...
Why is that people like him NEVER seem to really go away?
He wasn't that great a governor of Indiana, in spite of being elected twice.
Check his political barometer here:
Yeah, he's a LIBERAL (of the first order)...spend the hell out of everything to fix that which needs less money tossed at it in the first place. But he does the "two-step" with a few things to make one think he's a moderate.
Just something about this guy reminds me of something "greasy", and not in a good way.
Do we really want or need the dumbocrats to take back the U.S. senate?
Anyone remember this last clusterf*ck with Pelosi and Reid running things?
How'd THAT work out for America? (not well at all).
*** Next up, and shifting gears,...As you know, Wifey recently got a 2015 Impala (the rolling computer...lol). Still learning the "nuances" on this one.
And, after a 20-year run, the Wifeymobile (1996 Caprice) was sent off to who-knows-where (probably some black thug who will ghetto the hell out of it), so when I saw rthe following article, it got me to thinking (and you know how scary a premise THAT can be).
This story talks about WHEN we should replace certain items about the house.
Now, I have to admit that WE, here at the "Fortress of Reason" have tossed such conventionality off the ramparts.
Them's some HIGH ramparts, too!
For example (and this is what the article states):
---REFRIGERATOR - Over 15 years old, needs replacing (average cost about $500+ dollars). Trust me on THIS one.
We just did that...after having a fridge that had to be close to THIRTY+ years old.
---MICROWAVE - Should last about 10-12 years. We had one (that still works fine) that has NO push-buttons, but a DIAL to set the time. We got a newer one from Wifey's mom after she passed. Might be at least several years old.
---TOASTER - These last about 6-8 years. Again, we blew this away, as ours is close to TWENTY (we got it before we married), and aside from one slice getting darker than the other three (it's a 4-slice model), it still works fine.
---VACUUM - They say about 5-8 years (according to the EPA, which should be ABOLISHED). Screw them.
Our Eureka Victory model (LOVE that name) is another "close to 20" item we have that STILL works fine, so why change it out? When it gives up the ghost, THEN we get a new one.
---WASHER/DRYER - We're supposed to swap these every 10 (or so) years...ROFLMAO...yeah, right!!!
We have the WHITE model of this one.
We have a washer that has to be at least 30+ years old, and aside from the hot water inlet leaking (we only use cold water), it agitates and cycles okay. We could get the bugger fixed (and if I could figure out how to get the OLD inlet out, I could swap that out and be good for another 30 years).
Our dryer has to be close to the same age, and it works well enough. I even repaired the  thermostats year ago, and we never run it at "high", but on the permanent-press setting, which dries everything real well.
---MATTRESS - Okay, we kinda fail here (the story says change it every 8 years), as ours is close to 20 years old, and still has retained it's shape and "spring". We flip it over every couple years, and that helps extend the life (Mom taught me that one). Considering the COST of a mattress today (and box spring), it's being smart and frugal.
---PILLOWS - Again we beat the average (which says change them every 8 years also). They talk about fungus and such building up (that's why we have that old WASHER, people)...!
Now, why THESE items were specifically selected for this article eludes me, as there are other things that get MORE use, but there is ONE common element you can assign to ALL these things...
(there, I said it...sue me).
And what about COFFEE-MAKERS? The average coffee drinker uses that bugger at least several times PER WEEK.
Hell, our old Mr. Coffee machine dates back to 1976 and works PERFECTLY.
Proper radio sets (tuners, tape decks, CD players, etc) are on their way out, with the advent of Internet everything...same goes for your television sets. They are now smart monitors that just "happen" to also be a TV.
Those things are used DAILY (and for hours at a time).
There is ANOTHER commonality most ALL of these items have...can you guess what that is?
You just toss 'em out and get a new one. What the hell has gone wrong with the world?
The reason many of us (and our parents) kept appliances (both brown and white goods) SO damn long, was that:
a) They didn't break down as much as today's craptastic items
b) There was always someone able to FIX them if they did.
Not any longer. with changes in technologies, there have come changes in the methodology OF repairs.
It has become cheaper to change something out, rather than to fix it.
In the case of small appliances, that's fine, but when you start getting into the MULTI-HUNDRED DOLLAR range (or in some cases into the THOUSANDS of dollars), that can damage the old "hip-national bank".
I neither need nor want a refrigerator that has THREE cameras inside it so I can view what's there on my smartphone app (I have a nicely dumb flip-phone, thank you very much).
You have to wonder WHERE will it all end?
*** Last back to the driveway...we have become a society of DISPOSABLES.
Think about that for a minute.
I guess this all began with the "instant revolution" as I like to call it.
Instant COFFEE...whatta godsend, right? That was just the FIRST snowball down the mountain.
Then, it was disposable lighters, and then disposable diapers, and with all this "disposability" at our fingertips, we were supposed to think this would free our lives up so we could do BETTER things.
Didn't quite work out that way, did it?
The obvious impact was the exponential increase to trash sites (soon to be called LAND-FILLS)
And we couldn't just BURN the stuff (thanks to the assholes at the EPA). God forbid we toss particular matter into the atmosphere so that we cause a global COOLING effect (as has been done in the past). We need an Utopian planet (replete with perfect everything)...sorry, not gonna happen in our lifetimes, or ANY time after that.
Now, we find that not only are THINGS disposable...PEOPLE are as well.
The most blatant example of this is the whole ABORTION issue...well over 20 MILLION lives snuffed out since Roe v. Wade...and counting. Such barbarism.
Toss in the callous manner in which individuals kill off their fellow man...quite disposable.
Human life has become as easy to change out as a common household appliance.
What on earth has happened to the SANCTITY of life we seemed to revere with humankind?
Granted, there are evil people in the world, and they need to be erased from the living, but we're not talking about them. We're talking about the victims of crime throughout our country (and around the world), who are all but at the mercy of these uncaring and mentally-unstable people.
This is a case where we really DO need to return to bygone days when we USED to fix things when they didn't work as designed. Only this time, we need to fix OURSELVES.
And, in that regard, finding a repairman might be easier than many think.
You won't find one in our nation's capital, so don't bother searching THERE.
Such fixing begins from within.
Think on that for a spell.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

If you were never right before, you were dead on on the POSUS' little funeral oration. The first thing I heard as I walked in the door today was, "We have made great strides against prejudice in my lifetime." To which I responded, "Duh, I wuz borned yesterday..."

The problem with arguing/discussing this with BLM supporters, is they are VERY clear eyed on the dead, but selectively myopic towards the hand on the gun. And it is hard to convince them that as long as you put the qualifier "black" on "lives matter", you are only perpetuating the problem.

Ah, Evan Bayh... the first vote I ever regretted, lol...

The only thing on that replacable tech that seems to hold true for us is the vacuum- only because the older ones failed at last and the new ones can't keep up. A new washer every ten years? Must be nice to be that well-to-do...

Bob G. said...

---While it can be disquieting with such things, it NEVER gets that old...heh.
---The libtards think everyday is TODAY and yes, ALL our birth certificates do have YESTERDAY'S date on them.
Very presumptuous, don'cha think?
---THAT is a VERY good way of expressing the core of the situation w/ the BLMers.
---I wish Bayh would just go "bye". His politics just SUCK...period.
---Yeah, I can see new vacuums, because they're not made to last.
As for ALL the other brown & white goods?
Yes, it MUST be nice, but we wouldn't know, because we appreciate WHAT WE HAVE that still WORKS!
(at my age, that applies to most body parts for me, too...LOL)

Thanks much for dropping by to comment today.

Stay safe & keep cool up there, brother.