13 July 2016

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week once again, and another day of the "triple H's", as in Hazy, Hot, and Humid.
I told Wifey yesterday that "days like this make winter VERY tolerable".
Our Hoosierland weather for today is going to feel a lot like yesterday, with mostly sunny skies (where the hell was that rain we were supposed to get last evening?), and temps again going up to the 90-degree range.
If you have activities planned outside today, take the proper precautions and get any garden or lawn work done early. Word to the wise time.
Now, let's get ourselves a tall glass or large cup of whatever suits your mood, as we see what is going on elsewhere.
*** First out of the sauna is our "Who said that?" quote of the week:
"A woman who demands further gun control is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders."
I wonder if the name Hillary Clinton came up when this was first spoken, because it sure sounds like it.
(we already know she can bark like a poodle...LOL)
So, WHO said that, anyway? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the "Moral Court"...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 13 -
(now, I'm in the mood for some Penguin Point fries)
(don't forget to add that "secret ingredient" - aka bourbon)
*** Next, seems I called the Obummer Memorial Speech in Dallas yesterday "right down the line". (Gerry Rafferty, where for art thou?)
Il Duce speaks to the peons.
While the first few minutes of his yammering were the sort of thing you SHOULD hear at any memorial for the fallen, the REMAINDER just HAD to do with political rhetoric, and had to focus on a racial component.
(Now THAT was too damn typical for this socialist Saul Alinsky follower)
Here's another take which also shared my observations and sentiments:
Not AS DIVIDED as "we" seem???
I was watching the officers behind him, and they looked like they'd rather be getting root canal work.
It ALWAYS has to be about GUN control (as well as his support of the BLM movement) with this delusional narcissist. He's become too predictable for me.
If he stayed on topic (memorial), this could have been one of his better speeches, but nah, better to lecture US about HIS vision of Utopia (which is something we should never want). What a waste of time and solemnity.
*** Next up, a very suspicious death that COULD be our 20th HOMICIDE for Fort Wayne.
Here's the story link (so far):
Okay, so police are called to an alley in the 1000 block of Kinsmoor Ave (west of Fairfield) around 0210 hrs for reports of a burning trash can. Police found a badly burned BODY near the can, and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
An autopsy (today) will determine the C.O.D.
All that's known is that the victim was male, and the investigation is (of course) ongoing.
No mention of gunshots, screaming, or fleeing vehicles were reported prior to the fire.
Someone didn't want someone else to survive, that's for sure.
One officer on scene said it was the worst thing he's seen in 27 years.
*** Next, a decent editorial about our soon-to-be FWPD chief, Steve Reed. Here's the link:
Reed is looking for ways to lessen the chance of something like the recent shootings of black men by police from occurring, and he's right to be concerned, as this low-information crowd LOVES to castigate law-enforcement for whatever reason...until they NEED the police, then they're "angelic" and compliant as all get out.
There is also a brief about body cams, and while a few officers have them here, the roll out on another hundred cameras is going slowly, and there's a good reason...
The availability of the video to families is a concern, as is the obvious storage of archived data...it's gotta go someplace, right? And doing so requires the ability to do this in a manner in which retrieval of the data is not a convoluted affair.
Then, there's the COST of all that, and it's not cheap for ALL the data that needs keeping.
*** Next, and in the wake of recent shootings of both civilians AND Dallas officers, the Washington (com) Post just HAD to stick THEIR two cents into the never-ending debate about guns.
Here's the link to the OP-ED:
Making guns LESS ubiquitous? Seriously???
It's a RIGHT as GUARANTEED by our own CONSTITUTION for God's sake!
There needs to be a call for a surgeon at this newspaper.
Someone needs to have their head extricated from their ass.
*** Next up, and talking (more) about guns, here's a case where safety might not be found even in the courtroom:
A man facing multiple felony sex charges, managed to get a deputy's gun (while handcuffed) and killed two bailiffs, as well as injuring another deputy and civilian, before he was shot to death by other officers..
There was no prior warning that the inmate would become violent.
(he sure as hell won't become violent any longer NOW, will he?)
*** Last back to the ranch...do we need to remain a "gun-toting" society?
Considering in times past, most ALL people in this fledgling country were, since our own colonial days.
It was those firearms that helped begin (and win) a revolution from tyranny in order to establish our UNITED STATES (all 13 of them at the time)
As our nation grew, the dependence upon firearms kept people safe. Most everyone could pack a derringer when they became practical, and many people openly carried six-shooters on their hips.
But, since those times (and even after a civil war) has the NEED for guns been justified?
I believe so, and the simplest answer is because WE, the people, need protection from those who would prey upon us.
We DO have our police, but they can't be everywhere at once all the time, can they?
We no longer have to worry about using guns to obtain sustenance, or to protect us from wild animals trying to devour us. We do need to protect ourselves from those "wild people" aka, the law-breakers seeking to take FROM us.
Some folks are scared of firearms, and that's fine. There are plenty of us who are NOT afraid of owning OR using them in the defense of that which we have, as well as those we love.
And, considering the bad guys out there will always find ways to get guns (through theft mainly), any further laws to make it more difficult for THEM will never work...at all.
The best we can do is to ENFORCE the current laws, not allow those with mental problems access to guns, and make sure the background checks we already perform are sufficient in and of themselves.
Will this cure our dilemma with guns in the hands of the wrong people?
Not totally. Nothing will solve that completely, but, it will lessen the chances, and putting the odds in favor of the LAW-ABIDING should always be preferred to the alternative of the law-breaking among us.
It's not a perfect solution (and there never will be), but then again, none of us have ever been perfect to begin with, have we? That's reserved for a much higher authority.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Excuse me, sir. I'm from the Poodle Anti-Defamation League...

"I was watching the officers behind him, and they looked like they'd rather be getting root canal work." Except the black chick behind the white guy on the right who nodded agreement to everything that rolled from POSUS's silvery tongue.

"If he stayed on topic (memorial), this could have been one of his better speeches..." Exactly what Laurie said. Of course, I missed the promising parts on the way home...

What's so suspicious? The guy obviously spontaneously combusted taking an otherwise pleasant walk through an alley in the middle of the night, and briefly leaned on the trash can, catching it alight as well. Mystery solved!

Michigan: All I can say is, why is ANYBODY cuffed in front?

Bob G. said...

---ROFL - figures someone from a fringe group would show up. Now, if you were from the ASPCA, that would mean something!
---She was the obligatory "POTUS_agreement bobble-head" - Obummer plants them at EVERY speech.
---Laurie - ahh, another "great minds" moment.
---LMAO - that HAS to be it...what was I thinking?
That explains all the HOUSE fires, too!
Well done, Sherlock! I want to sign on as your WATSON.

Thanks for stopping by today a to comment (and to provide some smiles).

Stay safe up there, brother.