05 August 2016

Friday Follies...
Well, we made it...the weekend is HERE, not that we're all wilting from the heat, right?
How did we manage to stand it when we were young and only had fans to use? Never thought I'd come to appreciate air-conditioning so damn much.
Our Hoosierland weather for today finds us with a bit of a doppelganger day. Skies will be partly sunny (with increasing clouds, however), temps will again rise to the 90-degree range, and the humidity will be ever-present.
The "good" news, is that we may have some rain moving in later on and into tonight.
That's suppose to usher in a cool-down (maybe 10 degrees...some cooling), but it's better than nothing, right?
So, let's put some more ice in that morning drink, as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the sauna is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
(with this heat, I could understand ANYONE who wishes to "go commando"...LOL)
(don't like 'em raw...but Oyster Stew is fantastic)
*** Also, since it's week's end, we just have to see what will be going on over the following 48 hours, right?
(did the word FRISBEE become politically-incorrect?)
(kinda like a turnover thing)
(had one earlier in the week - fantastic!)
(no salami or onions, right? Nah, pass the Wrigleys)
(all I need are a bag of Philly soft-pretzels...)
---And, it's MEAD DAY
(the FIRST fermented drink on the planet - water, honey and yeast...who'da thunk?)
(for those wounded during military service)
(not near as many still around today...damn shame)
(we did have the pie day, so there had to be leftovers...lol)
(Something we need to rekindle in certain communities)
(and to me, you all KNOW who you are)
(doesn't apply in our house - we're both ONLY children)
And there you are...plenty of things to take notice of, and keep oneself out of jail .
Commemorate responsibly.
*** Next up, I hear that Fort Wayne is at the top of yet another list.
Here's the story:
Yep, Fort Wayne has the LOWEST cost-of-living in the entire USA (sound the car alarms and loose the sparrows)...
Now THAT is simply A-f*cking-mazing!
But, I view this with a cautious demeanor.
The cost of living is ALSO low in places like say...APPPALACHIA.
(( this survey bases it's finding on certain criteria such as the ratios of median home values, rents and total housing cost to income; the level of property taxes on homes over the median; median home values; median rents; and indexes of gasoline and grocery prices. )) 
That's all well and good...sorta.
When you stop to see what OTHER Indiana cities ranked in the top 25, you have to stop and wonder, though (at least I do). Evansville ranked 2nd, South Bend ranked 6th and Indianapolis ranked 24th.
Guess these SAME cities could be ranked just as high when you factor in the amount of CRIME all of them experience, as well as the number of minorities and assorted ethnics IN those cities (including ours).
Funny, nothing mentioned about THOSE stats...wonder why?
The survey also didn't mention the costs for DIFFERENT age groups. Like having seniors paying MORE for healthcare (thanks Obummer), or young parents with high child-care costs.
It's not mentioned that we're not one of the "healthiest" cities, either...or smartest.
(( Other cities in the top 10 of the rankings: 3. Odessa, Texas; 4. Huntsville, Alabama; 5. Wichita, Kansas; 7. Montgomery, Alabama; 8. Rochester, Minnesota; 9. Topeka, Kansas; 10. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. ))
Maybe if we check the demographics and crime in THOSE cities, we'll see another similarity between them.
I say if you're going to do ANY sort of survey, then present ALL the parameters to which you can make a more comprehensive conclusion.
*** Next up, yes, ANOTHER shooting death in the Summit City.
Here's the lowdown (so far):
This took place in the 7900 block of Winston Drive (Preston Pointe at Inverness Apartments) around 0600 hrs today.
Two suspects were attempting a robbery at the location, and the victim of the shooting has died, so that makes homicide number 20, depending on how the coroner rules. Getting hard to keep track, isn't it?
At least this one was on the NW side (for a change).
*** Next, an update on yesterday's shooting on the SE side
So, someone owed someone else some money...surely a reason to walk up and shoot them in their vehicle, right? Hell, even the mafia wasn't so damn impatient (in it's heyday).
Heather Jackson, 31 was the victim and is still in serious condition.
Word to the wise...if you don't have to stop along a street on the SE side at night...DON'T!
Maybe they should figure THIS into the "cost-of-living" in our city?
Obviously, it's costing SOME people more than they bargained for.
*** Next, a noble gesture by one black male designed to help others.
Yes, having a father DOES mean a lot to the upbringing of young males (not just blacks), and when that component of what we USED to call a FAMILY is absent (for whatever reason), the CHILDREN are the ones who siffer the most.
The Commission of African-American Males (est by city ordinance in 2013) works to enhance the lives of black males in all areas. Like I said...a noble cause.
And Andre Patterson (featured in the story by Kevin Leininger) makes a lot of sense when he speaks to how things USED to be in the community. Settling arguments with fists and then back to being friends the next day was pretty much typical back in the day.
This meeting will take place at the McMillen Park Center from 10-12 tomorrow, and those men who take the "Fatherhood Initiative Pledge" will get a free backpack full of school supplies for their children.
That type of "bribe" tends to bother me, however...more free stuff for signing something many will not even follow through on...just to get something for nothing. Yeah, I'm such a cynic...sorry.
*** Next, and speaking of cynicism, Obummer TRIED (and failed wonderfully, imho) to defuse the Iran "ransom" payment in a presser yesterday.
Charles Krauthammer had a good take on this:
And then there's this story:
Get this jerk "off-script" and he's TOTALLY lost...stutterer-in-chief.
Blame ANYONE but you and your cronies, you liar. We see you for what you are.
*** Next up, "The Hobo Chronicles" continue...
"Wake me when you're done, or when it's time to eat."
We actually got to feed "Squirt" yesterday, too...
"Stealth-mode. Gotta be quick...and quiet."
Hobo gets to napping and then the critters come to get THEIR turn at some food. Maybe we can strike a happy union here with everyone. In many ways, they behave BETTER than some people.
*** Last back to the sweatshop...I don't like being lied to.
There, I said it. So sue me.
Whenever any of us are lied to, it should make us all think that whoever told us that lie doesn't feel us worthy to handle the truth (shades of All Good Men, hmm?), and that we're more comfortable with that lie.
Sorry, I've got my grown-up pants on and I would rather have truthful people around than false ones who can't even keep their own lies straight.
And that certainly applies to those we elect.
America faces some serious challenges, and to assure us that "all is well", when we damn well know it's NOT, portrays all of us as idiots (we know only the libtards fit that category, right? LOL).
There has to come a time when the TRUTH wins out, and it's better to have it at the start, rather than at the end of any situation.
To delay or omit truths when they (as a founding document stated) "become self-evident", is a finger in the eye of every real American, and we cannot have that.
We should all work to be better than that, if not for ourselves, then for those who follow in our footsteps. And we'd best not be tracking through a societal "minefield" along the way. Tread with assurance, and with a sense of morality, for you never know when someone may want to follow.
Therein lies the lesson for this week.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Disc golf day: I used to know a girl in HS named Cheryl Frisbee. I asked her once if they called her Wham-o. Maybe she complained.

Oh, before I forget, your "wrong material" question. Easy. We have two fabrics that get curtains made of them. We HAD been told (erroneously) that one was getting phased out and the other was getting bunches of orders. She picked the wrong one by force of habit and never bothered to check the ORDER. So it shouldn't happen, but it can. But the fact that she cut 90 of them, the sewers sewed most of them, and the inspectors packed and sent some of them out the door- that's where you scratch your head.

Lowest c-o-l? Yeah, tell that to my landlords...

Uh, Bobby? I know you said that Pointe Inverness was NW, and Wane said SW, but I'm thinking looking at a map, it's straight west, near the Boonie borders.

All we can do is hope Patterson's work is blessed. At least he's setting the example of trying... good first step.

But Charlie, that's just good ol' Chicago politics- the kind you pay for when you voted Obama! Nothing to see here, folks, lol!

Unfortunately, our politicians have found it expedient to consider "truth" in the same light Pontius Pilate did. And with much the same results. Don't look at it as " 'truth' got a good Man crucified, look at it as 'truth' saved my ass."

BTW breaking news this afternoon- KC is in the hospital being treated for "colonitis". Apparently he hasn't been able to keep anything down all week, and finally gave in for a trip to the ER this afternoon. Waiting on further news, as Jess's phone had to take a break.

Bob G. said...

---LOL...good one. You remembered the manufacturer of them...head o' the class time for YOU!
---Okay, I'll bow top your geographical expertise...WEST SIEEEDE it is.
---Like any good "missionary", he's GOT to get out into the "wilderness" to make a real go of it.
Definitely worthy of prayer!
---We all know Charlie "gets it"...but I'd still listen to HIM rather than ANY leftist any day.
---That's a wonderful BIBLICAL analogy. Glad you caught that one, fellow "fisher of men".
---Good LORD...we'll be saying prayers for KC. Colonitis isn't fun (and neither is a spastic colon -0 had that ONCE).
Hope all goes well and that he's back out in no time.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Have yourselves a good weekend (in keeping with the present situations).
Stay safe and stay cool up there, brother.