08 August 2016

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the start of a rather HOT week and we are talking forecast here.
I think the high every day this week will reach into the nineties.
(I know...we'll be bitchin' about the cold soon enough)
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us hitting the upper 80s today as far as the temperature is concerned, partly cloudy skies (don't see any rain around) and an increase in humidity starting tomorrow.
So, let's pour ourselves a nice refreshing drink to get things started as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the hot-plate is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(really? Coulda fooled me on many a day.)
(won't stay frozen for long later this afternoon)
(are you effin serious? THIS is a "national" day?)
(no matter how HARD you toss it, it just doesn't go far these days)
*** Next up, Alyssa Ivanson has had a series of spots on WANE that concerned an interview with the new FWPD chief., Steven Reed.
Here's the link to the entire interview:
There are several videos in the story, and one of them answers viewer questions.
The question from "Robert" happens to be MY question. I made the cut! Wow!
One thing I do like about Chief Reed, he has ANSWERS that make sense, rather than the standard "tripe" we've heard for too long around here, and I feel a greater sense of sincerity in his tone. He seems a LOT more focused.
I think we may have found ourselves a really GOOD chief, who understands a lot more about what goes on out in the "badlands" around the city. The questions Alyssa asked were very good, hitting all the right topics I would ask of Reed.
I hope the implementation of what is needed here for law-enforcement manages to go without a hitch.
*** Next up, yeah, I've watched some of the Olympics, such as they are. Was not impressed with the opening ceremonies (London and Beijing were MUCH better), but I guess you do get what "you pay for".
At least the water in the competition events was CLEAR and didn't have anything floating in them that was NOT supposed to be there. The archery event was kinda cool. Those are some THIN arrows, too. And the bows made me laugh...all that balancing crap on them. Just use a standard bow. Same with the pistol matches. All these "tricked-out" rigs. Just get one standard pistol and use THAT...no gimmicks. Let the USER determine how well it shoots.
BTW, they only shoot .22 caliber rounds...lol.
*** Next up,  another chapter in "The Hobo Chronicles"...
This was early Saturday - still wanting to "pose".
So, Saturday afternoon, I find a dead (young) rabbit in our garden (wasn't dead long and not "eaten" up in any way, just some fur missing on it's hind quarters (abrasion perhaps). I get some plastic bags and dispose of it without touching it.
Yesterday, curling up OUTSIDE the fenced yard.
Now, what has this got to do with "Hobo"?
Well, the little guy, who is USUALLY so ebullient in nature (loves to rub against your leg and follow you anywhere), has become a lot more listless. He spends most all day alongside the house (near that tall grass) napping. Yesterday, he was out front in the flower beds also sleeping a lot. And when I put his food out...didn't touch any of it.
That rabbit didn't walk to our garden to die, so you know who mist have brought it to us.
The (DOA) rabbit and Hobo's change of countenance coincide too well.
Last night Hobo must have eaten his food, for it was all gone this morning, but he didn't touch the food I took out (yet).
I picked him up a couple times - didn't feel anything out of place or a bloated stomach. And he didn't complain once about being held.
He also didn't show any evidence of injury (externally, anyway).
He's just acting weird compared to last week...our old cat seems to have more spunk now.
Today - his new "favorite" spot.
The problem is what to do? Do we let whatever it is "run it's course", or call Animal Care and Control and let them take care of it? I'd hate to let ACC take him only to put him down, rather than get him healthy again.
Or, maybe this is just a temporary thing.
He is (at least) looking up whenever I pass by - that's a positive. a sign of improvement.
Maybe (worse case) it's a UTI (urinary tract infection) problem. I have no idea, but it does bother me a lot. I do know male cats are prone to FUS (feline urinary syndrome), and I lost a cat (in Philly) after a couple days of it (didn't know what it was - he passed on Thanksgiving Day, too). Hate to replay that scenario.
In the short time Hobo's been around, Wifey and I have grown to really like having him about, but I don't want to be part of his demise...not when we've spent time offering him a place to hang out where he could feel cared for and safe.
*** Last back to the greenhouse...life has a weird-ass way of tossing us curve balls, and usually when we're not expecting them.
You don't have to swing at EVERY pitch.
Where's the "fun" in THAT, hmm?
And there is also no way of telling whether we will be able to get out of the way, or get hit by that errant sphere.
We can't read the "pitcher" all that well, or maybe we're not supposed to.
I should TRY this one.
I always hear that "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"., and I try to roll with that whenever feasible, as long as life ALSO provides the WATER and the SUGAR.
Things come at us from every quarter these days, and from places we would least think.
You wind up with too many lemons and not enough time or strength to squeeze all of them, right?
I like THIS one better.
It's much like some of the people we encounter in life - there are those who only have one purpose...pissing us off.
I just don't time for them (go bother someone else).
Just because there is a "battle" going on somewhere...doesn't mean YOU have to show up for EVERY single one, every single time, right?
We have to learn to become "selective" and choose which battles that come our way, are worthy of our time, our effort, and yes, even a victory.
We don't fight to lose, yet if that does occur, we learn from it and don't let that happen again.
Lemonade does have it's place...just try not to allow it to become something you clean out your wounds with.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Your comment on Happiness Happens day... yeah, me too.

I wouldn't try the zucchini thing... I know people that would pick it up and beat you with it... and I MAY be one....

Good job on temporarily getting on the good side of the new chief. I am sure I can count on it not lasting long, lol!

I watched ALL the women's Rugby on streaming. Past the rugby, I don't care much. Glad I missed the french gymnast, and wish I'd have seen the kayaker who capsized after hitting the couch.

Poor Hobo. Usually they're smart enough to avoid tainted "food." Hope he makes it through. Wanna see if there's a bed up at Parkview North with KC?

Bob G. said...

---Happiness doesn't seem to "happen...shit does, however.
---Not a big zucchini fan here.
---You never know. if anything it would be a FIRST...
(can't imagine it being any worse than the last two)
---LOL..yeah, hitting a bloody COUCH??? WTH?
---The little guy is not getting worse...more on that tomorrow. Hope KC won't be laid up and Parkview too long. I already know what the ER is like (from several years ago)...I STILL can't get the smell of the cleaner they use out of my memory...

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment today.
Stay safe up there, brother.
(...and NO couch-kayaking for you.)

gadfly said...


Hobo's problem is the heat. I have a mess of feral cats who hang out for food but their pattern has changed to late night feedings. If Hobo doesn't have a good water source, put some H2O out as well.

The cat's health appears to be much better than Hillary's these days.

Bob G. said...

Hey there...long time, no see. Glad to know you're still stopping on by.

I do believe you're onto something with the heat.
Seems to track with the later feedings.

And I ALWAYS have water out there, change it often and from the tap (it's cooler). Whenever the birds get into it, I'll change it our frequently.
(who wants to drink bird droppings, hmm?)

Thanks much for the information AND for dropping by to comment.'

Stay safe out there.