26 August 2016

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the last weekend of this month...and it can never come soon enough, can it?
Be nice if we could make that happen when we need to.
Doesn't look like that bad a day ahead of us.
Our Hoosierland weather for today sees us with some early morning fog (must bein rural and outlying areas), mostly sunny skies with temps topping out around 83 degrees, and no precipitation to speak of. That sounds okay by me.
So, what say we pour ourselves a nice glass, cup, or mug of Friday Fortitude as we venture forth and see what's been going on elsewhere...and beyond, hmm?
*** First out the back door is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(don't think this has to do with Spiderwoman for some reason)
(Scrappy will LOVE this one, as will Momma Fargo's two canines)
(got no problem with that at all)
(red tongues of the world unite!)
*** Since we're at week's end, lets see what we can discover over the following 48 hours:
(gotta be a "French" custard thing)
(is that just because you don't have anything else going on in August?)
(what's with the cherry thing all of a sudden?)
---And it would be my late Father's birthday. He would have been 95 years old on this day.
Not one day passes that I don't think about him.
Well, there you go...plenty of things to keep you occupied (and not on Wall St.)
Just be sure to celebrate wisely.
*** Next up, I've been following this whole EPI-PEN clusterf*ck.
Now, although I don't use one, there are LOTS of people (and schools) who DO. I find what's going on with the sudden INCREASE in pricing (to the tune of about 400-500%) more than a little appalling. I find it CRIMINAL, in fact.
We only have ONE manufacturer of these devices in ALL the freaking world???
Where is the free market system? Where's the competition?
Sounds like a bloody MONOPOLY to me, and one that puts people over a financial barrel AND places then at serious risk.
But, the one company that makes them has a "solution"...discount (co-pay) cards.
((...rolls eyes...))
Another band-aid on a broken leg?
Yeah, like THAT will help people without all that disposable income to meet their needs, or the needs of their children. Sorry, too little too late to me.
There should be some sort of investigation into WHY the sudden spike in pricing.
(thanks Obamacare)
This is simple piracy...no other way to explain it.
Here's another story that sheds some interesting light on this debacle:
Why doesn't another company come along and produce something similar? This cannot be THAT proprietary that no one else is permitted to manufacture these, and at a cost similar to the former price (about $57 bucks per pen).
The Mylan (parent company) CEO says we should "blame the broken system" and not her...really?
Like father...like daughter?
What did I say yesterday? If it's BROKE...FIX it, right?
Leave it to the democrats to f*ck up a one-car parade.
*** Next up, we got us some crime in the Summit City (big surprise time, kids).
Here's someone who has to be in the running for DUMBASS OF THE WEEK:
The crash along Pasadena Drive I mentioned yesterday...well, here's the perp behind all of it.
This "free ride downtown" winner is Willie Amos (NEVER to be confused with the more FAMOUS AMOS and those fantastic cookies), who was already OUT ON BOND for felony dealing pot.
3 strikes, yer OUT!
This is after he spent time in jail for murder - served HALF the time due to good behavior and re-entry court, which seemed to do SO damn much to better this piece of crap (NOT!).
He chased a woman down Fairfield Ave. the other night, rammed her SUV, crashing both vehicles, then climbed out and shot her in the chest and knee with a .45 caliber handgun.
Guess some black lives DON'T matter that much.
Possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon is one of several charges against him. Police caught him soon after that and he gave up without a fight (damn). He could have used a "tune-up".
He's been in the penal system since he was 18 (back in 1995).
This time, an elevated bond was set at over $100K...(that's a good start).
Can we please lock this bastard up for a VERY long time...THIS time?
*** Next, a police-action shooting of a teen earlier this year exonerates the officer. Here's the story:
For once, the "blonde phantom" gets it right...that's just A-F*cking-Mazing!
Considering the jail phone calls were monitored, that led authorities to further look for a gun...which WAS found.
So, this punk-ass teen (whose parents are suing the FWPD for excessive force) got what he deserved. And, since the officer fired FOUR shots and only hit the teen ONCE, that kid should consider himself DAMN lucky to be alive and breathing!
Scene of the shooting
The FWPD officer acted in self-defense (when the gun was pointed at his by the fleeing teen)...end of subject.
*** Next, bet you're all wondering what's a good way to get arrested in this city?
Wonder no longer. Here's the story:
Yep, maintain a common nuisance, such as having a D/B in your house, due to an O/D.
Also, make sure to have plenty of drug paraphernalia about the house, that you're renting from your parents.
Helluva way to live for a 21-year old woman, isn't it?
And do keep a trash-bag full of used hypos in the fire pit...although it's just stupid as hell, that works well..
Police found heroin and marijuana in the basement and more heroin in the back yard.
Jessica L. Clark is the winner of the latest "free ride downtown" lottery.
Remember, your parents rented that home to YOU...and not for any "stay-over" friends who happen by with drug problems. You ask for trouble...sister, you WILL get it. Trouble LOVES people like her.
*** Next up, We have another person who really "gets it", and her name is Stephanie Malone (LaGrange).
Here you can find her letter to the editor (last one down the page):
She states that people need to stop lpaying the "victicrat" card, and she's correct. We all need to take responsibility for OUR actions. What others do...that's on them.
*** Next up, another chapter in "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"I really hate being wet."
After a morning shower, there was time to dry out...AGAIN.
And then eat some more...before lounging about.
"I hereby proclaim this as MY patio".
Sometimes, I envy their lifestyle.
*** Last back to the garage...The evidence of evolution in the human species seems to be missing.
Have we come "full circle"?
At least in most of the cases I've cited today, it IS M.I.A.
We look to the exceptions as proof that we, as humankind, ARE moving forward. The majority seems to be content to wallow in a quagmire of de-evolution, and for many reasons.
That lack of self-reliance I harp on is partially to blame. The willingness of people to "be taken care of" by whatever or whoever comes along, when they are perfectly able to do for themselves, is the major factor here.
And some folks LIKE being "trapped".
It doesn't take THAT much to do for oneself, but it DOES take SOME motivation, and like riding a bike, once you get used to it, you just don't forget.
The same is said for allowing a "third party" to do FOR you...when it is done often enough and long enough, people get "comfortable" in that aspect of their lives, and that's just wrong.
Without the desire...the "want" to do for ourselves, there will not be ANY sense of accomplishment...or achievement, and that is what MADE this nation the best in the free world, and kept it that way for so long.
Learn to depend on YOURSELF.
I see nothing wrong with having a return to those ways. And, it just might imbue more people with a true sense of WORTH. That's something too many people suffer from the lack of these days.
Again, nothing wrong with making a choice to do better, and become better, is there?
Something to think about.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

HAH! (Webmistress) I bet they coulda kept Peter and MJ married if they put THAT in the comics, lol!

Scrappy says let's celebrate tomorrow when Daddy isn't gone half the day...

I read that there were epi-pen clones, but the EP manufacturer used Congress and the FDA to drive them out of business. The EP CEO is a particularly soulless individual who is in for a rude shock when she dies and Jesus asks her about the whole "when I was hungry" thing.

Bob G. said...

---I haven't followed Spidey in SO long. I hear he's now LATINO??? I did like the Spider Girl they had, but Spiderwoman was SO hot!
---Scrappy wants CAKE!!!
(beef-flavored could work)
---Yep...another case of POLITICIZING the medical field. And WHO really suffers?
John and Jane Doe (and their kids).
Love to be watching THAT conversation go down in the great above!!! Good call on that.

So glad you took time to stop by today and comment You've been carrying the posting (here) most ALL week, my friend. Congrats are in order.

Have yourselves a fantastic weekend (except for when the rain comes).

Stay safe & stay cool up there, brother.