29 August 2016

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the last Monday of "summer"...such as it has been this year.
(can't come soon enough for me these days)
Still, aside from the heat and humidity, it's not a bad season.
Our Hoosierland weather fo today brings us mostly sunny skies, temps up around the mid-80s and no rain around.
Not the worst way to start a week, right?
So what say we get ourselves nice soothing morning drink, as we see what's going on elsewhere?
*** First out of the wardrobe is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(what, no pork lo mein day?)
And that's all she wrote, kids.
*** Next up, we somehow managed to get through a weekend in Fort Wayne WITHOUT anyone getting shot (that was reported anyway). Astounding!
Maybe there is hope for this burg yet.
But, that doesn't mean that other cities had the weekend off when it comes to crime and death.
---They caught the perp that killed two nuns in Mississippi an here's the story:
Okay, so Rodney Earl Sanders, 46 confessed to the stabbing deaths, but is not telling police WHY he did it?
No surprise that he's black...well, not really given the propensity of such people to always become violent at the drop of a hat. Also no surprise that Sanders is a felon with priors and was on probation at the time of the murders.
(he could easily be someone from Fort Wayne with that record). Interesting that he's from KOSCIUSKO, MS, too.
The nuns ran a clinic in the poverty-stricken area and devoted themselves to helping those truly in need.
I'm sure THEIR place with the Almighty is secure...as for Sanders?
Not so much. Hell already has a spot "reserved" for him.
*** Next up, and closer to home, three males have been arrested in connection of the shooting death of Alonna Allison. Here's what's known so far:
Someone must have come forward (we can hope anyway), and it would be nice to have the names of the perps available to the public.
Somehow, I don't think those in custody WERE the shooters, but they could provide details as to who was, and that's why the names aren't released...just a wild guess. But, maybe they were.
*** Next , in spite of our governor's best efforts to suspend the migration, we (in Indiana) are STILL getting Syrian refugees.
Here's the story:
Amazing that ANYONE who manages to get into our country, and is not a citizen gets to file LAWSUITS to overturn mandates designed to keep potential terrorists and criminals OUT, isn't it?
It's like they (140 so far with more coming) have the exact same rights (as regular citizens) BEFORE they even get here, Guess they already have voter ID cards and drivers licenses too? Blame the leftards for this...they need to increase their voter block.
Here's a more "humane" way to deal with such illegalities against OUR country...DON'T BRING THEM HERE!
Why send people tens of thousands of miles away from THEIR homeland, put them in OUR states, cities and town, only to have them dictate how WE (Americans) need to treat them, as if OUR country was suddenly a mirror igmae of the one they left? I mean someone has to ask the hard questions, right?
We are not a 3rd world nation...nor should we ever become one JUST to satisfy the desires of those dropped into our laps. Same goes for all the illegals coming across our territorial borders OTHER than those airlifted here.
*** Next up, I usually don;t put anything in here regarding sports (we leave that to those that take an interest in them), but since I like to deal with facts and the laws we have, I thought I'd toss this out there.
Snider H.S. won their 2nd game this past weekend, and that's really good. Money Woods even ran for 113 yds and scored 2 TDs along the way.
But, he also had an unexcused absence from school the SAME day, and according to policy, whenever that occurs, the individual cannot participate in any sporting event ON that day...kinda odd, don'cha think?
Such a breach of regulations by allowing a person to participate (in any sporting event) COULD result in a forfeiture of the game where the participation happened, so that would harm Snider's record, right?
I'm just saying, if it WAS an UNEXCUSED absence, then Money should have sat it out, but if the absence was legally EXCUSED, then it would be okay to play that night.
You can't have it BOTH ways, folks, and I find it odd that this has gone unnoticed, if in fact, it has.
Maybe the state high school associations changed the rules and didn't tell anyone? I have no idea, but fair IS fair.
((It's said he returned to school for 7th period, so all is forgiven, I guess.))
*** Next up, Another installment of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"The view is better up here."
I went out to mow the side and front lawns yesterday, and as could be expected, had some supervisory help along the way. You KNOW who that was already.
"You're doing fine. Keep the mower moving."
Now, he doesn't like the mower all that much, and stayed well enough away from it (thankfully), but he DID find the cord enticing (as usual). A couple times he even dashed across the street, which gave Wifey and I a bit of angst.
But she resorted to subterfuge (shaking a container of kibbles) and he came back to our yard posthaste!
We're BOTH pooped out.
After that was all done (for me), we both took some time out to recoup our strength (because watching others IS hard work, too...lol).
Sometimes, you just cannot get the least bit angry with all that "cute".
*** Next, I had a pleasant surprise in the post Friday - the new Doctor Who "sonic" arrived.
The new addition.
Talk about a fine finish to a good week around here.
It's every bit as cool as you would think (if you were a tried and true Whovian, that is).
It comes with 3 button batteries already in it, and yes, it does have FOUR distinct sounds and light effects.
Depending on which way you move the external button, you get either blue or green light with a sound effect. Move it one way TWICE (up or down) and you get another sound and light effect.
Does everything they say it would...spot on!
There are a couple reviews on YouTube to look at to get an idea on it's function.
Even the sounds themselves are a bit LOUDER than previous models.
The overall look (great paint job/detailing) and feel of it is excellent, and is a really decent representation of the 12th doctor's new sonic screwdriver. Not too shabby at all.
*** Last back to the dresser...I am so glad to have hobbies.
Without them, I know I would wind up in very different circumstances.
A hobby has that calming effect on people, and why more people don't engage in positive types of them eludes me.
A hobby can suit ANY age bracket and any financial state.
Hell, you can collect autumn leaves, because I have yet to see any TWO that were the same. And, it doesn't cost anything along the way.
I love the fact that I have been fortunate enough to take a liking to the hobbies I have. perhaps, I can thank my Dad for those, because he had his hobbies. He used to build (and fly) model airplanes, and we're not talking small one, either. He built planes with wingspans over 4 ft (and that was before the advent of radio-controlled flight).
And he always encouraged me to try different things, and when I found something I liked, to hang onto it, and pursue it. I built plastic models, collected comic books, played guitar, read voraciously, did my share of rail-fanning (pictures of trains), and collected other things that I liked (Trek, Who, Garfield, etc).
Hobbies serve to take up all that "empty time" that others use to do things they shouldn't do.
No idle minds around here, so the devil's gotta look for another playground, hmm?
Fellow bloggers also share their passions for their hobbies, and I find that as interesting as my own pursuits.
Face it, we're not all destined for greatness, or stardom, or wealth, or fame, but we can "shape" destiny a bit now and then, to suit our liking with whatever hobby we choose to participate in.
Such things teach us a lot about ourselves...and others along the way. Not a bad "side-benefit" from doing something we like, is sit? And perhaps we can help others to find what hobby they're looking for in that regard.
Sounds like the start of a plan for humanity, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

It's not Monday again. There I told you. I can't believe you made me lie to you. On another note, you didn't think Pence actually had any control over his state, right? I mean...feds trump state. No puns intended. Is the election over yet? Sigh. I don't know what is in store. I am afraid it will only get worse before it gets better.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
LOL...I stand lied to!
---Seems unless you're a DEMOCRAT governor, anything you TRY to do gets overridden by the big, bad FEDERAL liberals...amazing.
---I think I have to agree with you on your call about things getting worse.
Not enough people are engaged to CARE at this point, so, it may HAVE to worsen before they wake the f*ck up and see what's being done.
(even then, some folks will refuse to "get it"...damn shame)

I hope we're wrong, though...really.
I could use a little BETTER about now.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Crime: The nun killer is still breathing, which means he STILL has a chance to repent... though it gets harder and harder to pray for such people.

Crime II: Names are out now- and it looks like a slap on the hands since they don't know who pulled the trigger. A good long stay behind bars would be more appropriate- and effective.

Same goes to the two a-hole brothers who killed Dwayne Wade's cousin in Chi-town. One of them was "on break from his ankle monitor"? So let's do the math, between the attack in France and this, how many in the last three months have been killed by animals on break from their monitors? WHY do you get a break from monitors? Have we lost track of the reason WHY their being monitored in the FIRST place?

Yeah, if you are a money school like Snider or anyone with a "Bishop" in front, the rules are different- and have been for years. I hope somebody pays for this- and I wouldn't cry a bit if they forfeit.

Hobbies as crime prevention- good idea, but you know that's just "the Man" trying to impose his culture on us.

Bob G. said...

--In cases like THESE, I just pray that GOD'S will be done...and then let it go.
--I know. I doing a follow-up tomorrow.
--LOL..."on-break" from the ankle monitor...that's a new one to me. And NOTHING from the BLM movement.
--Since Woods showed up for 7th period, guess that wipes the slate "clean"? I thought you had to attend the FULL day, or at least provide evidence that the absence WAS indeed, excused.
--Heh..."the man imposing his culture".
I like that - made me smile
Funny, that worked for CENTURIES before. Time for a revisit?

(and you really, REALLY need to get the new sonic...trust me!)

Thanks for taking the time to "transmat" over here and comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there, brother.