10 August 2016

Humpday Happenings...
I trust you all are enjoying this hot weather as much as I am detesting it...lol.
Welcome to the mid-week crisis we call WEDNESDAY.
Our Hoosierland weather will be another day like yesterday...partly cloudy skies, temps back up around the 90+ degree mark and plenty of humidity. And, we might have a small chance of a shower later on...maybe.
All the makings of staying someplace where it's nice and cool.
But, we've plenty of ice and refrigeration, right? Time to get that cold drink poured and parked close-at-hand, as we see what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the desert is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."
I know we all can remember when we were in school, and attending to not only WHAT was being taught, but HOW we learned all that stuff. Then, we got into the REAL world and learned a lot more, right?
So, WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at "The Olympia Academy"...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
(hallelujah, someone got something right with this one!)
(Don't wanna build a fire in the pit for this one...sorry. Maybe in October...lol)
*** Next up, another major drug ring busted with multiple raids across the Summit City.
Here's the story link:
(and there are a lot of mug shots there, too).
With TWO exceptions, ALL of those being charged are...(wait for it)...LATINO!
And who are this area's fastest growing part of the population?
(all together boys and girls)... LATINO!
First thing I'd do with this crew is check their CITIZENSHIP STATUS. Bet a lot of them don't meet the requirements.
The one male black in the crowd was the one with the fancy-ass house and some expensive cars.
(every ring has to have some sort of "leader", right?
Eighteen people charged (with more coming, no doubt) and not one of the 5 houses (they now say 4) raided by local and federal agencies was on the SE side.
How the hell does that work? Oh wait...those charged HAVE to be dealing to the LOWER-level drug sellers and they in turn can be found down here. That's gotta be it.
After all, you usually don't work from the top down, but rather from the bottom up to catch these perps. You flip the low-level dealers to snare the "bigger fish" in the water.
Let's hope this puts a serious DENT in the street-pharm trade in this city.
*** Next,  I read where about 4700 students in the Allen County area are taking advantage of the school VOUCHER program.
And guess what? It's sapping funding FROM the public school system...imagine that.
Leave it to those politicians to screw up a damn one-car parade, too.
Now, I don't care WHAT side of the aisle they're on...this is wrong (imho).
Obummer then tosses fuel on this bonfire by saying that: "...We choose to UNDERFUND the EDUCATION SYSTEM"...excuse me???
WTF are YOU smoking, huh?
The last time I checked, the USA was somewhere around 27th as far as education LEVELS of our students...BUT, we're NUMBER ONE in SPENDING per student, per year.
Now, HOW the hell are we supposed to spend MORE than any other nation on the planet when we're ALREADY doing that, and getting crappy results FOR all that money, hmm?
Well, we could blame Jimmy Carter for creating the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION back in 1977.
Funny, we did very well BEFORE the creation of that department...look it up. Graduation rates were MUCH higher, and the USA was a lot farther UP that education level list (like at the TOP), and we spent a lot LESS per student.
So, WTH went so damn wrong, anyway?
Let's blame the progressives and their want of centralization of education (one small step away from socialism).
The statistics prove we've done NO better (and a lot worse) since the DoE was "born".
But, the leftards want to find ways to dump even MORE monies into public schools. And allowing vouchers helps that HOW, exactly?
The weird thing is that many (especially upper-class) dumbocrats send THEIR kids to private schools anyway, so they have no dog in this particular hunt, do they?
Just go back to how it was...BETTER!
*** Next, A rally was held last evening at City Hall for those loved ones killed (mostly on the SE side) and people are asking questions of our prosecutor, who no doubt has excuses...I mean reasons as to WHY hardly any of the cases involved have been solved.
Here's the story:
The families of the victims want justice.
Sounds reasonable, right?
Funny, I recall others wanting "justice" as well...like the BLM group.
Only their form of justice involves going after law-enforcement with a vengeance after officers have been cleared of wrong-doing, like in the Ferguson case, and yes, even the Freddy Gray case.
Justice is one of those odd things, in that it is often "open to interpretation" by individuals.
It should be a lot simpler...like truth, but one person's justice is another person's injustice.
*** Next up, more on "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"Thank you for caring about me."
Well, our little buddy was up and doing better yesterday...he was rubbing legs, getting back up on the patio table, and started meowing again.
Has to be the heat.
The garden spot for Hobo.
He does have a few spots around our garden that are shaded a large part of the day, so being in the sun isn't an issue.
If he plans to keep hanging around our place, then I should be considering some sort of "shelter" for those cold winter months.
This glass table top is cool to lay on.
That's only right.
Food and water won't be a problem (keeping the water from freezing will be).
*** Last back to the sweatbox...much of the problems people encounter can be easily dispensed with.
And, you've heard me say it comes down to choice often enough.
But what leads us to make the right choice?
Well, education is a large part of it. Knowing the difference between right and wrong goes a LONG way when it comes to choosing wisely.
Another thing is morality. Without that, it can difficult to determine the correct way to proceed in a given situation.
Common sense is another part of it. Some things in life just "feel" wrong, so you don't chase after them. Or, they "feel" right, and you know which way to go.
And our foolishness comes from being human.
Add these all up, mix in with some (past) experience and wisdom, and you'd be hard-pressed to make a bad call on almost anything. That's not to say you'll always succeed. There are always unknown factors that can work against you.
But, armed with that I just mentioned, it produces a better outcome even in bad times. It may not be the vicorty you wanted, but it's certainly not the defeat that could have transpired.
Would be be so fortunate that more people would wish to take the time to figure such things out for themselves.
The world WOULD be a lot better place...for everyone.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Damn it, Bob, you saved the universe and didn't CALL me? WTH...

Amen on that quote. I'm betting it wasn't John Kerry...

BTW, your wife's posting of that new bill about the school schedule started a discussion at work. We agreed that it was about time legislators stopped throwing "days in school" at these kids in an attempt to "improve grades". Now if they'll just start committing time (theirs, not the students), resources, and support for teachers INTO the equation, we might have something.

Yeah well, no lazy for me. I did a ton at work, and a ton of research for the upcoming M10 party.

"Let's hope this puts a serious DENT in the street-pharm trade in this city." Fraid that what it will actually do is cause a quick run of amateurs into the business, to be quickly and bloodily removed by professional out of towners. Next month or so oughtta be entertaining...

DOE... imagine that, Carter f'ing something up?

Bob G. said...

---You must be referring to my FUTURE self...LOL. Haven't done it yet.
---DEFINITERLY not Kerry...or anyone else of his ilk.
---I know...we talked about it also. I've seen square DANCES with much MORE appeal than THIS educational "TWO-STEP".
--Aa TON of work? Damn, your arms and legs MUST be beat! Go catch a break.
---In the shrot tterm, there might be a "pricfe war" thing wit6h the underlings, and there are ALWAYS perps willing to "move up" the street-corner ladder.
It's too easy to trans[port such contraband in to ANY state from any OTHER state.
---Yeah, Carter (like many of his progressive predecessors) has done nothing buts COST US MONEY with their "do-good" programs that have done nothing.

Thanks much for stopping by to comment today.
(glad someone did...lol)

Stay safe & keep cool up there, brother.