11 August 2016

Thoughts On Thursday...
Happy Birthday to Chris Hemsworth as well.
Yes, I promise that the weekend IS almost here...can;t make any promises that the weather will become LESS hot and humid (they don't pay me enough).
I will make a prediction that by OCTOBER, it won;t be AS hot...lol.
Our Hoosierland weather today has a close repeat of yesterday - temps again reaching into the low 90s (heat index will approach the century mark), humid conditions, partly to mostly cloudy skies (perhaps a chance of a pop-up shower later on?), so it will be another good day to limit one's activity outdoors.
Plan your day appropriately, and stay hydrated.
*** First out of Death Valley is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
 "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."
This was spoken by our buddy Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955), who was a German-born theoretical physicist, most noted for his theory of relativity.
And here is his WIKI:
Albert was one of those who managed to escape the Nazi regime and came to America. He happened to be visiting America when Hitler came to power in 1933, and being Jewish,  chose not to return to Germany (where he had been a professor at the Berlin Academy of Science). Instead, he applied for citizenship and became a U.S. citizen by 1940.
He was instrumental in the creation of the Manhattan Project (via a warning letter to FDR about the possibility of a "new type" of extremely powerful bombs). He recommended that the U.S begin similar research.
With British philosopher, Bertrand Russell, Einstein signed what would be known as The Russell-Einstein Manifesto, which highlighted the danger of nuclear weapons.
Einstein was also affiliated with the The Institute For Advanced Research in Princeton, New Jersey until his death in 1955.
The WIKI is a really good read, and while rather long, is worth your time if you're interested in the study of science and someone who had a profound effect on it's advances.
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
Julienne Fries? I think I went to school with her...lol)
(one of my personal favorites, as I own a good size stack of them, AND have a turntable to spin 'em on)
(don't have to worry about this when you're an ONLY child)
*** Next, and update to the major drug ring bust in Fort Wayne.
Here's the story link:
The feds have ADDED some places on the list of raids they (and local law-enforcement) have targeted, and there ARE houses on the SE side (a blind man could see that coming).
They even raided one house in Elkhart and one in South Bend.
(some good photos in the story, too)
The federal attorney, David Capp held a presser yesterday and explained a LOT more about this particular "OP" and how the case against the 18 people named and charged (17 are cooling their heels in jail as we speak - one is still in the wind)
He'd make a good Klingon.
The first person named was one Jose C. Razo, 43, who was listed as the "coordinator" for the drugs coming into Fort Wayne, and passing through to SW Ohio and Southern Michigan as well.
He told the magistrate (through an INTERPRETER) that he WAS NOT A U.S. CITIZEN (what did I say yesterday? Damn illegals shipped up here under our noses).
Jose Razo-Rodriguez
Add to this his son, an 18-year old senior at South Side High School, who was found shot to death, slumped over in a car in November of 2015, so the whole "family" must have been flying under the radar of immigration, right?
His son was listed as the 28th homicide of 2015, and no one has been arrested for that killing.
This is what you get when undocumented immigrants are allowed through our borders, and come to our cities, bringing the bile of crime in their wake. Makes you wonder how many MORE of those charged are actually citizens of the USA.
*** Next up, and in keeping with the crime we have...a woman was shot on the (where else?) SOUTHEAST side.
Here we go again...
Here's the story:
This took place around 2252 hrs at a house located at 2349 Gay St (deep in the ghettohood).
Police were told a woman was shot in the street, and when they arrived, had her transported to hospital in critical condition.
It's unclear if the woman was the target of the shooting. Police were talking with neighbors and seeking witnesses to the shooting (good luck - old habits die hard with these people).
Shell casings were found ion a yard across the street, but police aren't sure if it's related to this shooting (or another one). This may have been a drive-by, as well.
(( UPDATE - 1200 hrs - the woman has died , so I expect her to become HOMICIDE NUMBER 21 ))
*** Next, from the "Where do people learn this shit?" Department:
Last evening, we were out on the patio with Hobo and Wifey caught a picture of THIS:
Yeah, OUR fence (and a $1900 dollar one at that) was being used by a new "neighbor" as someplace to dry his CLOTHES!
Well, Wifey went next door and politely asked he take the clothes off, to which he actually apologized and took them down.
Now THAT is simply A--F*CKING--MAZING!
What I found "odd" was that several days prior, an RAC (Rent-A-Center) truck delivered a small washer-dryer stack unit to the house, so why use our fence?
RAC - it's where government-sponsored locals get their ghettohood "stuff"...LOL.
*** And speaking of shopping...Wifey and I headed out to Wal-Mart (Southtown area) to get some odds and ends, not the least of which was a dish for Hobo, as well as a tote-bin and Styrofoam cooler to make a winter shelter for his. We slo got some bath linens and such.
And we were having a really GOOD shopping experience, too. Helpful staff on the floor eager to assist.
It's when we got the checkout that that experience tanked (badly).
The woman in front of us split her stuff into THREE SEPARATE ORDERS...(WTF???)
And, she was price-matching every damn item (she had a fair amount of items, too).
Add to that, the checkout woman was cordially carrying on a conversation with her...
Cripes, it took us TWICE as long to check out as it did to bloody SHOP, and we were all over the store, too).
Wifey spoke up, (good for her), and said something to the checkout woman, to which we started moving things along, and the woman with the multiple orders even said she was sorry.
Wifey told her "It's not just me, there are other people behind US being held up as well" ( there were only TWO lanes open out of close to twenty). I just read where Wal-Mart was trying to address backed up lines with the chip-cards, so I expected a quicker checkout.
I KNOW this would never happen where Laurie works, so it isn't a slight to the overall performance of the stores.
AT least THAT store had two MORE open than ours...lol.
It had to be an isolated incident (and always on the south side), but I will remember that woman in front of us and never get behind her again.
BTW, the store DID open another lane pronto...
*** Next, onto the next installment of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
Well, we DID get him a proper "dish". I even out his "name" on it.
"I really LIKE these people. They got me my OWN dish."
And we got him some "party-mix" treats, which he REALLY likes (aside from the Meow-Mix stuff. He does disappear for a spell each day, but always returns (he knows which side of his bread is buttered, no doubt).
"Thank you so much".
As long as he stays "close to home" (quasi-adoptive as it might be), both he and I will make out okay. We do our bit for the "homeless" around the "Fortress"...lol.
*** Next, Wifey heads out to "school" for two (wasted) days of teacher workshops.
She officially starts back Monday (as do the urchins).
You could eliminate such things as (stupid-ass) workshops if we all went back to teaching basics.
And, if we hadn't allowed the progressive agenda to blur our vision for teaching our youth, we wouldn't be in the educational mess we find ourselves, and (might) still be at the top of the heap when it came to student achievement,
*** Last back to the Gobi...what makes people choose to do the wrong things in life?
Now, I KNOW that has got to be one of the most loaded questions I could ask, but as k it I will.
I suppose there is that "promise" of ill-gotten gain, financial success (however illegal it may be), and a basic sens of taking an "EASY" way out when it comes to life.
So, where is the sense of accomplishment? Well, much of it can be found wearing orange jumpsuits in any jail
I know in such circles, living to the "ripe old age" of 30 is a MAJOR achievement for these people, especially the minority males of the groups involved.
When you all but destroy the family unit, have role models that are dubious at best, and give these people anything and everything in the hope of diverting their attention (which is too easily done these days) from their ongoing generational plight, it's little wonder we have the problems on our streets, is it?
Then again, it all comes down to the INDIVIDUAL - those who say "enough is enough" and lift THEMSELVES out of the quagmire of despair, and mediocrity and make the CHOICE to better THEMSELVES, as many in such communities already have...and done very well in the process.
Such things are able to be accomplished by absolutely ANYONE, as long as the desire to make such changes fuels the soul to make that happen. Without that, it's just business as usual...with the usual results.
Be well, make  difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Goodness. Lots of political uprising and crime. BUT...I do love the pants on the fence. That is priceless. LMAO.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah..now tell that is NOT ghetto...
I dare 'ya...LMAO!

At least they weren't SAGGIN'...just HANGAIN'...HA!
(and not for long after Wifey stopped over there...heh)

As my "Padawan", she has learned well when it comes to the ways of the FORCE!
Ain't easy being a JEDI in "da hood"...

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe & stay cool down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Okay, I've been trying to read this, but Laurie got a new phone and I've also been trying to figure out her voice mail. Anyway...

Middle Child day: or the LAST one...

Nice that your wife handled the fence thing a lot nicer than I would have. They'd have found their clothes on the ground were it me.

No, that checkout thing is not isolated. Wal-Mart has a real love for dropping the lanes open as low as possible at times where any idiot would know they need more. I have no idea why they do this, which describes my take on most WM policies.

Now, does SHE think the workshops are wasted? She always seems excited about the new ideas she gathers- of course, those aren't the "on-site" events, I guess...

Bob G. said...

---Never knew any MIDDLE children who were the LAST one...lol.
(you got me there)
---Believe me, we once again THINK ALIKE...lol.
---Glad to know it's NOT a "BOB" thing at WM...the floor-walkers and stock people AAR outnumber those needed at checkout...but that's just me. I got this "logic" thing...heh.
---These are AT Snider, and she said it wasn't a waste...she got lots of classwork stuff done (so I said "you were otherwise occupied"? LOL!
We need teachers back in classrooms...not babysitters or societal ambassadors or police personnel (and Wifey agrees).
I'm SO Draconian, I know.

Hey, thanks for rolling on by today.

Stay safe and keep cool up there, brother.