22 August 2016

Monday Musings - Birthday Edition...
Yes, time to turn the page on another year in the life of me.
How the time does fly on past.
I will admit that I couldn't ask for a better day as far as the outside conditions go.
Our Hoosierland weather for today sees us with wonderful sunshine with temps reaching into the upper 70s (that's right). And it's been in the upper FIFTIES overnight.
Nice to not have to hear the A/C running.
So what say we get this show started by pouring ourselves a nice glass or cup of our favorite morning beverage and set about seeing what has been and is going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the fire house is our "What the hell happens today, birthday-boy?" feature:
(got a feeling any teeth I lose at my age aren't gonna be met with money under my pillow, but money OUT OF MY POCKET,,,lol)
(well, it's no birthday cake, but it's better than artichokes or broccoli)
Cripes, can't they have one really cool thing happen today? Just for once?
(maybe NEXT year?)
*** And speaking of next, looks like we could have the next member of our (homicide) "deadpool". Here's the story so far:
A D/B was found by a homeowner in their back yard over the weekend. This took place in the 1400 block of Schilling Ave around 0900 hrs yesterday morning.
Now, I've found a dead rabbit, dead mouse, and dead birds, but not a dead body (human). And if there ever WOULD be one, it would be by my own hand, because whoever tried to break in when we were home didn't succeed.
This could be the next homicide, and would take the total for the year to 25 (adding in the ones that happened LAST week).
*** Next up, I read where SIX football players at Notre Dame got BUSTED (couldn't happen to a better bunch of felons, IMHO).
Here's the story link:
We are the CHUMPions, my friend...
They look so good in their mug shots (much better than those team photos), right?
Helluva way to piss away a career they might have enjoyed, but, when you consider the "nature of the beast", it's not hard to figure out, is it?
And punching a LEO...definitely NOT the smartest thing to do.
*** Next, and changing gears away from the vicissitudes of this crazy world...yes, today is my birthday, and we've some musicality involved.

After all this time, I think myself very fortunate for making it this far.
Guess the Guardian Angel Brigade had a lot to do with that one (plenty of overtime over the decades).
It's a real blessing to make it seven years past the last two generations of men in my immediate family, too.
Talk about your "milestones", hmm?
Wifey and I got that chocolate fudge iced cake this Saturday (and it happened to be the LAST one on the chiller shelves.
Another reason to be thankful.
As I made roast beef yesterday (and have leftovers for later in the week), we will be dining today on Chinese food, as is customary on my birthday).
It's what I enjoy, and we don't do Chinese more than a couple times a year, anyway. Here's hoping for a good fortune in that cookie, too.
SO, exactly HOW old am I now?
(one could conclude that I'm in that "socially-secure" area...lol)
Well, I have to admit that (in the best CWM-TM manner) there is a song attached to THIS particular birthday...

(I personally love these guys)
I figured a little levity never hurts anyone...does it?
Besides, being in the school choir MANY moons ago, I can appreciate the fact that these guys can sing and harmonize so very well.
*** Next up, we have the next installment of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
Well, our little friend has a penchant for TREE-CLIMBING...(yikes).
He showed off this skill yesterday, and was (earlier) following me around the yard as I had the string-trimmer out doing some edging and such.
He found the orange power cord especially "fun" to play with, but fortunately, didn't find it "shocking" by biting through it.
Lucky for all in attendance there.
He also liked chasing laser pointer beams.
Naturally, we spent some time on the patio with him, as the weather was so nice yesterday early on. Later in the day, we did likewise. And Hobo just loved the attention (can'cha tell?).
I mean, after all that eating and frolicking, you do require some "down time".
He had us both laughing with that cord, though.
*** Last back to the birthday party...
"...Chocolate fudge iced cake, mind you."
Well, there is no REAL party to speak of. Got over that a long time ago (thank God).
But there does come that time when, as you get older, you look back at a great many things.
You remember all the fun times as well as some bad ones, and you place them all in their proper context.
You recall with clarity certain "pivotal" events in your life, and the people behind them.
Christmases, birthdays, a graduation (from both elementary and high schools), your first car, and all the friends that have passed through your life and have become etched in your memory.
Tunes from years long past that are still played on radio stations recall the people, places and things you have come to associate with those songs. Same for TV shows, movies, sporting events and other live venues.
All of this (and more) serves to make complete the mosaic of your life.
And until that last tile is set in place, you never stop the process of that creation.
A shame the finished product is something we can only imagine. But that personal mosaic is something that will hopefully continue for others to see, and perhaps even learn from.
It's not really a legacy in the strictest sense, but it is something worthwhile that surpasses our all-too-short time on this Earth. And, none of us could get from "there to here" without the help of a MUCH higher authority.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

A very happy birthday to you, Bob! Even if you had no real party, we hope your reflection was a positive one.

Also, I love that barbershop quartet sound. That's the first I'd ever heard of those guys, but they do harmonize really well. It's cool to see that that art form isn't lost on my generation.

Bob G. said...

Why, thank you very much, my friends...
The BEST reflections are always the ones that DON'T require a MIRROR...lol.
(and yes, you may quote me)

Yeah, check them out on YouTube and ALL their videos. They do a LOT of various songs...pretty cool.
I hope that genre NEVER does out...it's simply...FANTASTIC.

Thanks again for taking time to stop on by and comment.

Stay safe (and ALWAYS classy) out there, guys!

CWMartin said...

Happy Birthday to you... (In breathy, Marilyn style voice)...

KC told me just this weekend of a friend who found a dead guy on his porch once. Seems the dead dude was the brother of the guy two downstairs neighbors ago...

Notre Dame players: Hey, you left out the white guy! Oh, wait...

I can always remember how old you are... me +10!

The Matt Smith birthday meme: Good thing you didn't use Peter Capaldi. Doesn't look like 4 1/2 billion would fit on the picture...

Honestly, the theme of my birthdays anymore is, "I'm getting too old for this crap." As I get up.

Happy Chinese and chocolate!

Bob G. said...

---LMAO...just the visual of YOU doing Marilyn in her voice is worth the price of ANY admission!!!
(reminds me of the Willem Dafoe Snickers commercial)
---What IS it with this city and D/Bs winding up in yards and porches? Cripes!
---Ah, you were saying...heh.
NO Irish to be found.
---And me MINUS ten = YOU.
Got it!
--- It most certainly WOULD NOT.
Thank you for mentioning that.
---Me too...these days, I'm just ECSTATIC to WAKE UP...(and then count today's assorted aches)...lol.

Hope you found he "musical diversion" fun.
(could never take your thunder though, and will never try).
The MUSIC time machine is always with you.
It's optional gear on my TARDIS.
(wink, wink...nudge, nudge...say no more).

---Chocolate, Chinese...got Bowie's CHANGES going through my head now, with a few lyrical "substitutions".
(move over Weird Al)

Thanks for stopping on by to comment today.

Stay safe up there, brother.