23 August 2016

Tuesday Tidbits...
We've got another really nice day today...just like yesterday (almost).
And yesterday was a real keeper in my book (and not because I became another year older).
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us with mostly sunny skies, temps creeping up a bit into the low 80s (the A/C is coming back on later), and no chance of rain. You just have to love that.
Now, let's get that refreshing drink poured and take a look at what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the kitchen is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(There's a song in there someplace)
(sorry, got me a mess of chocolate fudge iced cake I'm working on)
*** Next up, and because it's a Tuesday, time to offer up ALL the local police calls pertaining to shots fired and armed robberies (because the media won't mention them).
SHOTS FIRED ((113)) / ARMED ROBBERY((53)) CALLS - 8/15 - 8/21
((23,113 - vandalism by gunfire))
AUG 15 -
16F111865 20:38:57 113 SHOTS FIRED 3500 ARDMORE AVE & NUTTMAN AVE
16F111878 21:06:08 53 ARMED ROB 1000 COLISEUM BLVD N
AUG 16 -
16F111928 00:18:06 113 SHOTS FIRED 900 COLUMBIA AVE
16F111969 04:45:14 113 SHOTS FIRED 3200 CLINTON ST S
16F112104 13:01:02 113 SHOTS FIRED 1300 ORCHARD ST
16F112360 21:09:41 113 SHOTS FIRED 1300 LYNN AVE
16F112399 22:33:38 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 PONTIAC ST W
16F112379 21:51:42 53 ARMED ROB 2700 COLISEUM BLVD W
AUG 17 -
16F112451 00:50:54 113 SHOTS FIRED 1500 CREIGHTON AVE E & WALLACE ST
16F112481 03:28:53 113 SHOTS FIRED 4800 BUELL DR
16F112482 03:38:44 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 BROOKLYN AVE
16F112495 05:16:35 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 BROOKLYN AVE
16F112949 22:11:21 113 SHOTS FIRED 3300 LILLIE ST
16F112445 00:33:33 53 ARMED ROB 3900 STATE BLVD E
16F112945 22:05:32 58 SHOOTING 2800 LAFAYETTE ST S
16F112780 16:41:46 23,113 9200 STELLHORN CROSSING BLVD
AUG 18 -
16F113173 13:06:27 113 SHOTS FIRED 11200 ROBINAIR DR
16F112998 00:54:10 53 ARMED ROB 10200 ILLINOIS RD
16F113059 08:08:02 58 SHOOTING 2200 PAUL ST & ONTARIO ST
AUG 19 - 
16F113899 19:25:00 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 WARSAW ST
16F113904 19:41:38 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 COVINGTON RD
16F114020 23:45:06 113 SHOTS FIRED 2500 STARDALE DR & RADCLIFFE DR
16F114026 23:51:47 113 SHOTS FIRED 1300 VENTURA LN
16F113986 22:43:42 53 ARMED ROB 3500 HANNA ST S
16F113625 09:58:39 23,113 900 OXFORD ST 
AUG 20 -
16F114061 01:06:09 113 SHOTS FIRED 4600 SMITH ST & CAPITOL AVE
16F114080 01:38:29 113 SHOTS FIRED 3600 BARR ST S & OAKDALE DR E
16F114098 02:27:16 113 SHOTS FIRED 3300 LAFAYETTE ST S & WIEBKE ST
16F114144 06:39:12 113 SHOTS FIRED 2900 WEISSER PARK AVE
16F114152 07:32:16 113 SHOTS FIRED 500 BUCHANAN ST
16F114518 22:40:23 113 SHOTS FIRED 2100 BROWN ST
16F114503 22:20:12 53 ARMED ROB 2900 GOSHEN RD
16F114215 11:18:51 58 SHOOTING 3800 ICE WAY
16F114049 00:28:24 23,113 1400 VENTURA LN
16F114168 08:51:47 23,113 400 DALMAN AVE
16F114347 16:49:33 23,113 400 DALMAN AVE
AUG 21 -
16F114561 00:07:26 113 SHOTS FIRED 10900 COVINGTON RD & SYCAMORE HILL
16F114641 03:58:40 113 SHOTS FIRED 200 CREIGHTON AVE W
16F114745 12:50:45 113 SHOTS FIRED 700 WAYNE ST E
16F115028 22:34:49 113 SHOTS FIRED 1300 VENTURA LN
16F114746 12:54:06 23,113 900 FRANCIS ST
16F114845 16:07:04 23,113 900 FRANCIS ST
16F114636 03:48:17 53 ARMED ROB 400 WILDWOOD AVE W
I think it's very odd that all the vandalism BY gunfire happens in places NOT directly associated with those having JUST gunfire, and why doesn't the media mention those?
*** And yes, there are STILL some morons who just have to play with fireworks LONG after the times allotted for them legally.
AUG 20 -
16F114459 20:37:22 44FW 4700 QUEENSBURY DR & IMPERIAL PLAZ
16F114468 20:41:42 44FW 1600 COLISEUM BLVD E
16F114506 22:23:34 44FW 2700 CHARLOTTE AVE & BEACON ST
16F114515 22:39:30 44FW 3600 CALHOUN ST S & OAKDALE DR E
16F114535 22:42:42 44FW 1700 TYLER AVE & EMMA AVE
16F114524 22:44:51 44FW 3100 TRIER RD & HOBSON RD
16F114521 22:45:05 44FW 2200 RANDALLIA DR
Wonder why they were only going off on SATURDAY? That's kinda odd.
Another sobering statistic I've noticed on the activity logs is a high number of suicide threats.
We're seeing close to TEN per day. That's not a good thing
*** Next up, we officially have our TWENTY-FIFTH HOMICIDE of the year in Fort Wayne.
(please update your work or home deadpool, folks)
Here's the story update:
The cause of death appears to have been a stabbing (we have several of them each week on the police blotter)
If you take a moment to look back at my FIRST post of this year, I said (then) that we'd make 25 homicides (easily).
Not that hard to predict such statistical data when you know the perpetrators behind such things.
Maybe next year, I'll have to UP my figures, and that is not be something I look forward to. No one should want to have more homicides in their city.
*** Next up, police have a BOLO for a 20-year old wanted in a recent murder.
Here's the story link:
Daquavion (who the f*ck NAMES these people???) "Pooder" Johnson is wanted for the shooting death of 19-year old Leon-Dre Kyles-Thomas. The shooting took place in the 1300 block of Greene St around 1215 hrs back on 13 August.
This was the bicycle shooting at Eden green Apartments that I posted on back then.
Like to see this piece of trash off our streets.
*** Next, just to (again) show the "quality" of what is passing for neighbors down here...you recall the fellow that hung his laundry on OUR fence, right?
Well, he's got another somewhat amusing "trait".
There was this LONG branch (we're talking 10 ft at least) that fell from the tree on HIS (rental) property (it stayed there for some time), and other people (NCE) who came by to mow placed it alongside the tree there.
Yesterday, he picks the branch up and tosses in...IN THE GUTTER...!?!
Forget about breaking it up, or mowing around it, or even putting it out for trash pickup...that would ((..ahem...)) MAKE TOO MUCH DAMN SENSE...wouldn't it?
And people wonder WHY we have slum areas and ghettos in America. It's NOT because of poverty or even the lack of jobs. It's because of plain old f*cking STUPIDITY...period.
Well, I suppose it is better than those double-parking drug deals we see...
Or the (empty) dump trucks that have no business rolling along our streets.
Never a dull moment down here...always some level of STUPID being practiced.
(but NOT within the walls of the "Fortress".)
*** Next, I had a decent b'day yesterday...plenty of Chinese food, and that marvelous chocolate cake. Hard to fins space for the leftovers, too, but we managed well enough.
Later that night, Wifey tells me out of the blue: "Oh, I got you something for your birthday...but I don't know WHERE I put it".
Huh...wha??? Come again?
You're married to a guy for close to 20 years, know his birth date by heart and get him something FOR that day, and can't recall WHERE you put it?
Must be pretty small...LOL.
I mean, I already got my action figures and the new sonic is on it's way here.
Check, too!
What else would I want (other than the seatbelts on the Batmobile to be permanently fixed , along with the A/C)? Oh, and to have decent neighbors once again. THAT I would want..
This will be fun to watch pan out.
*** Next, another chapter of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
Our furry buddy was hungry as usual (keep him well-fed, and he won't bring any critters he might kill back to you), and after feeding him, I spent some time outside in the nice morning air.
Because frolicking IS thirsty work!
He was drinking when I squatted down to pet him. He then surprised the crap outta me and jumped up ON MY SHOULDERS.
Okay, you try to get a "selfie" with THAT going on. I gave it a shot anyway.
Damn shame I couldn't zoom OUT.
Dunno why he does that, other than he CAN...lol.
I'm just glad this wasn't a full-grown St. Bernard. THAT would have been awkward (and painful).
*** Last back to the pantry...life does have it's amusing moments.
And thank God we have them to offset most of the crap that floats on by.
Most of the time, such amusement is rather spontaneous, and that's good.
Like a Gibbs head slap (and to quote Jethro himself from NCIS):
"It's no fun if you know it's coming".
I will admit that when something bad comes along, it too, is often spontaneous...like that asshole that cuts you off, or the shopper that rams a cart into you (get off the damn cell phone, moron!).
We can attempt to "plan" certain aspects of our lives...like what we'd like to pursue in the way of career or vocation, but as is often the case, we get sidetracked, interrupted, or otherwise engaged in something else that diverts our attention from what we were chasing after.
Sometimes, it works out...other times, not so much.
And yet, we manage to adapt...to "go with the flow", and make most things work out to our advantage.
In such situations, I think it wonderful that we have this indomitable spirit that drives us forward, instead of having us just "mark time".
I feel such spirit allows us to minimize the crap and appreciate the good stuff that much more.
Of course, one can always say that it's ONE "spirit" helping another...right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Alright, Bob, we need to have a chat. I think you need to explore the big Fort more and get out of the house. Empty trucks down your street? You know the riff raff is more interesting. LOL. And I need a nap. Not sleeping well, but your roll of shots fired sure wakes me up every morning. Stop already with those fireworks. :)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Hey, girl...it's the old CAUSE AND EFFECT gig I pushing here.
We get all those damn HEAVY-ASS trucks down the (narrow) streets and then we NEED all that repair work done.
Simple, right?
OR...if the city WANTS to have such trucks on our streets, then designate it a PRIMARY ROAD And plow it SOONER when it snows.
(I love logic)
---The riff-raff MIGHT be more interesting, but I can easily do WITHOUT them, believe me!
---Anyone who can get a good night sleep in OUR neck o' the woods, is simply DESENSITIZED...
The rest of us learn to get what sleep we can WHEN we can.
---Yep, all the shots fired, vandalism and fireworks...you'd think it was another TET offensive (or Friday night in MOSUL)...lol.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there, Kiddo.

CWMartin said...

Jeez, this damn keyboard! wrong button bumped, a long comment goes into oblivion. Can't they just HIDE those buttons? I'd really love if someone developed a user friendly keyboard that gets things like the windows button the HELL out of the way!

That said...

- Y'know, I heard fireworks Saturday night too, right after I returned from the debauche- er, the pool games.

- "Pooder's" mom: so WHAT if the bullet was meant for someone else? Murder of "someone else" is still murder.

- That ain't stupidity. It's the other side of the coin- laziness. You should have tucked it underneath his vehicle. That way, he could have broken it up.

And maybe a fuel line or something...

B-day present: it'll turn up when the same spot is used for your Christmas present, lol!

Try getting that selfie with a 40-pound beagle...

Bob G. said...

That's why I TRY to type REAL SLOW...and even that doesn't work. Someone keeps shifting the damn keys!
(yanking them out will not solve the problem...I TRIED THAT)
---Dunno what was up w/ the fireworks...those locations aren't ALL around Parkview Field.
---That is something such "low-information" people FAIL to understand. In this case, black lives didn't matter ALL that much, hmm?
---Agreed on the LAZINESS! He parks in the driveway alongside the house. Whoever DOES run over it might need some work afterwards. Maybe a call to NCE?
---LMAO...let's hope NOT. I've enough on the plate some days.
---No thanks on that selfie, but I AM glad it wasn't a rabid raccoon...or the Missus.

Thanks a lot for dropping by today and bringing a few smiles along with your comment.
(it never goes to waste)

Stay safe up there, brother.