15 August 2016

Monday Musings...
Well, there's something we haven't seen in a while...a SOGGY MORNING.
And the much-needed rain will be around for a bit this week.
So much for LOW humidity, right?
Our Hoosierland weather for this back-to-school day will find us with cloudy skies, rain continuing throughout the day (could be heavy at times later on this evening), with temps reaching to the upper 70s. Might even get a thunderstorm out of this, too.
So, let's get a soothing drink to start the week off as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the driveway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(didn't we JUST have a "lazy" day?)
(any day is better with pie - I'm working on a pumpkin one)
*** Next up, as usual, more shootings over the weekend in our "fair" city, and it looks like we notched HOMICIDE NUMBERS 22 and 23 (if you're keeping track in your deadpool).
Here's the link to the first story:
This took place last night around 2130 hrs at the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant on Washington Center Rd.
This was again a fight that got way out of hand and led to the shooting.
The first victim (unidentified)  was shot and taken to hospital in critical condition (if he dies, it's #24). The second victim (also not ID'ed) was shot (as a retaliation, no doubt) and died at the scene.
*** Next, a north-side apartment complex was next on the list. This happened minutes after the restaurant shooting, and not that far away.
Here's that story link:
Woodbridge Apartments was the scene of this shooting that took place around 2200 hrs in the 1900 block of River Run Trail (gee, wonder why THAT particular area seems SO damn familiar?).
Sounds like it was very close to "Fortress Martin".
This victim was listed as critical and transported to hospital (could also be #24, or #25, depending on the outcome). Police were talking to a group of people found a short distance away.
*** Next, the previous two shootings come on the heels of THIS story:
A could be expected, this took place around 1225 hrs in the 1300 block of Greene St at the Eden Green Apartments (now referred to as The Villages At Hanna).
A man was found outside one of the buildings suffering gunshot wounds near Greene and Bowser.
(BTW, changing the name of the place does NOT change the behavior of the people infesting it - Lipstick on a pig time there.)
He was taken to hospital in critical condition but died there shortly afterward.
So, that brings us up to TWENTY THREE homicides (and waiting), if the math is correct.
Any bets as to how many blacks, at least at Eden Green, (whose lives didn't seem to matter all that much) are involved? We now know the Texas Roadhouse was biker gang-related.
*** Next, and speaking of blacks getting out of control (again), there's this story from Milwaukee:
Yes, once again, we're seeing anarchistic behavior rear it's ugly primate head.
This time, a BLACK police officer shot a BLACK man (who WAS armed), but apparently didn't faze those wanting to wreak havoc in that city. Can't wait to see the body cam video.
People like this don't want order, break the law, and expect police to look the other way....sorry, not gonna happen.
Start owning up to your own community's behavior, chase out the damn riff-raff and take responsibility for what happens around you by working WITH law-enforcement, rather than tossing bricks at them.
(Cripes, I could do a month of posts JUST on this topic)
*** Next up, yes, it IS back-to-school time for FWCS.
Wifey's ready for the student onslaught.
And, of course, we have the obligatory messages for drivers about not passing school buses when the STOP arm is extended...like the idiots will pay attention no matter how many years the media promotes such safety.
But, there are the kids that HAVE to walk in the streets (when a sidewalk is a step or two away).
And the kids who will miss the bus, be tardy for class, and have parents that look to schools as babysitting services.
(they're not, contrary to the populist belief)
Gonna be fun to ask Wifey if she picked out the "trouble" kids already (after just one day).
*** Next up, more of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"Is that a squirrel near that tree?"
There was no shortage of cuteness around the "Fortress" this weekend.
We got to see lots of hummingbirds, too.
"Hey, I'm only here for the nectar. Leave me outta this."
And even fed "Squirt" (who was later chased up a tree by our "community cat".
"I KNOW there's a cat around, Bob".
I'm sure that's gonna endear me to my squirrel buddies for months!
Just what I need - more "social drama"...LOL.
*** Last back to the garage...God, I sure miss the days when I was in school.
Never drop that desk lid on your fingers!
And, at my age, I believe I can look back with a much more OBJECTIVE viewpoint.
When I see the state of the educational system today, compared with "my day", there is such a huge difference, and not a good one, mind you.
Public education USED to be damn fine for the masses. We even had dress codes from grades 1-12.
Kindergarten was NOT a "requirement" or mandate, and to even think of PRE-kindergarten was to invite laughter.
Teachers were looked upon as a sort of "God-On-Earth", and woe to any student who didn't obey the rules.
Color did not matter...if you misbehaved, you got punished...simple as that.
But we also  had fewer incidents of such things, and we DID have more graduates, AND with higher grades overall.
Also, we came to school PREPARED...none of the free-stuff giveaways, even for the poor among us. Everyone could afford a pencil and eraser.
The basics of school preparedness was something Mom and Dad were very keen on...had to have a pencil box, pens, compass, ruler, pencils, eraser, protractor, notebooks...the "essentials" for higher grades.
And it was "Yes, Mrs Smith, No, Mrs Smith, Please, Mrs Smith, Thank you, Mrs Smith" from every student in every class. Words had power back THEN, too...
So did something called MANNERS.
Now, it's "come as you are", here's your yearly backpack full of free shit, oh, and do feel free to "express yourself", and if that means calling an educator whatever, playing with your damn smartphone (while you get dumber by the minute), well...you're entitled to do so.
Somehow, such things greatly detract from learning, rather than fostering it. But, you know me...I'm just  so damn old-fashioned.
And I miss days of better behaved individuals.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

My cohort's wife is a teacher, and the things she encounters are really heartbreaking. Especially the lack of respect, and the lack of enthusiasm for learning. And I can understand why a child might get sent to school with a cellphone that only makes calls (for an emergency), but no 8 year old needs a smartphone.

Bob G. said...

I agree that some of it is heart-breaking, but with what my wife tells me, it seems a lot more frustrating to those trying to teach the children.
(and the children making bad choices along the way)

She also deals with the apathetic behaviors towards learning (like it's only a "privileged" thing...that's patently BS).

No, children do NOT need smartphones (to make them dumber). Many school systems already have laptops of some sort for each student.
ALL that money being spent...and the net result is mediocre (compared to nations that spend WAY less but expect way more)...that's not what America used to be, that's for sure.
But, we CAN change all that.

Thanks much for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and classy) out there, guys.

CWMartin said...

Keeping this succinct... had to do a 6-hr scan to try to rid myself of blue screening...

Both of those incidents were uncomfortably close to us. The TRH thing is a bunch of biker gang crap that I HOPE the FBI is going to sit on and put out of business. Vic's friend says that they were members "when it was a charitable organization". Gimme a break! And while yer at it, take yer biker horseshit out in a field somewhere where no one will give a crap if you measure your penis size with a bullet.

Our complex was ye olde drug deal gone wrong. Sure hope it was worth your life to stiff someone on a bag of weed. Again, go find a field somewhere. Scrappy and I didn't miss it by much- we went another direction where we convoed with his buddies Theo the Dalmatian and Macey the mutt. Got in about quarter of nine.

Note: I begin to believe everyone who lives in Wisconsin is a frippin' moron. Including the guy who just got whooped by Walker in the primary and now thinks he'll actually do better as an independant.

Oh joy, a tornado warning has just been issued as I type. Guess I better quit ranting...

...or at least go put some shorts on, in case.

"...God, I sure miss the days when I was in school." I recommend a sharp Gibbs slap. Should take care of the problem.

Okay, better move on before the cyclone hits. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, call Kansas.

Bob G. said...

---Ugh, that sounds like an unenviable task. I detest those damnable blue-screens!
---I know. That was the FIRST thing I thought about when I heard those stories.. I said crime was spreading and I hate being right if that means happening closer to people we care about.
I agree. There is a DISTINCT difference between a motorcycle organization (like the PATRIOT RIDERS) and a biker GANG (like the Warlocks)!
I'm glad you two got home before the "drama". NO bag of "MJ" is worth a life, but stupid IS stupid.
---Interesting to note that MILWAUKEE has NOT had anyone but DEMOCRATS running that city since 1908!!!
(and that's what you get when they run the show).
--- Don't sweat the twister just yet.
---I like giving a Gibbs Slap rather than getting one.
---I can think of other places to wind up in a tornado, but seriously...Kansas?
(have to admit that The Emerald City is looking better by the day, though).

Thanks for taking time out to drop by and comment.

Stay safe & secure up there, brother.