12 August 2016

Friday Follies...
Told 'ya the weekend was coming...and now here it is.
Seems to take longer when it's this hot out.
But, the weekend will bring less of the heat and humidity (until the middle of next week, anyway), so that's a plus.
Our Hoosierland weather will see partly cloudy skies, temps again reaching to around 90 degrees, and more humidity. It's already in the mid-70s and it's barely past 0600 hrs.
Maybe some iced tea or coffee might be in store, but you get your favorite drink poured as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the perspiration factory is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
I have to apologize as I posted today's days yesterday, so I will post yesterday's TODAY...got it. Sorry about that, even I screw up now and then.
AUGUST 12  (actually AUGUST 11)-
(hope they're all not pissed at me for the goof)
(well, we HAVE had one for the last 8 years, right?)
(only explosive if it gives you gas...lol)
*** Also, since it's the weekend and I'm done with brain-farts, let's see what the next 48 hours holds in store:
(another day, another wine)
(medium well for me, thanks)
---And, it's LEFT-HANDER'S DAY
(and yet they shake hands in the traditional manner)
(never was good at it, but it was fun anyway)
(folks around us think it's every day...how ghetto)
(a commemoration to th victory over Japan no doubt)
(how our tongues used to stick to them, too)
There you have it, plenty of things to keep you from making mistakes like I did with these calendar days...LOL.
*** Next up, we do have the ID of our 21st homicide victim.
Here's the story link:
Looks like black males would rather cause chaos than get a damn job.
(seriously, who ELSE would be roaming the SE side streets with handguns to all hours?)
Dominique M. Mitchell, 21 was the victim, and she didn't even LIVE on that street.
But she WAS "socializing" with several others IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET (how ghetto is that?) You don't socialize in the damn street...idiots!
That's what sidewalks and porches are for.
If anything, police should have been rolling through, getting them OUT of the street. Guess this is what happens when you DON'T have enough officers on the streets to take care of the small things like this.
And neighbors there DON'T feel threatened?
How effin desensitized ARE you people?
Just because the houses are new (government-subsidized, no doubt) and the neighborhood is "tidy" (less trash than other areas nearby) does not necessarily translate to being SAFE, especially on the SE side of town...wake the hell up and smell the cordite, you fools.
*** Next, such things come in multiples, so we have another shooting on the SE side.
Here's THAT story:
This took place in the 700 block of Philley Ave around 1940 hrs last evening.
The unidentified male was found in critical condition in the 4600 block of S. Hanna (a block from the ASPCA and a spit and a slide from the "Fortress", after he tried to drive himself to hospital (cheaper than the ambulance, but does present it's own set of problems - like bleeding out).
Apparently, this was a robbery attempt by two other males who were seen fleeing east on Philley.
A cousin carried the victim to his car where he tried to get to a hospital...and failed.
No suspects, no arrests and not much else is known at this time. Could easily become homicide #22 if things go downhill.
If it's not black males in cars with guns, it's black males on foot with guns.
Betcha "deydinseenuffin"
Yet, I cannot and will not blame the guns themselves. It's those (with intent) who choose to come by them illegally, carry them illegally and create nothing but havoc in their wake.
THAT is the REAL problem here, make no mistake..
*** Next up, a pretty good OP-ED column in the J-G. Here's the link:
And the best part...no spin (that I noticed). That is astounding.
The writer is correct. The effects of such large-scale drug operations (in ANY city) should cause us all to take notice and at least want to do something other than legalize this poison.
Well, those who dwell (on the taxpayer dollar) in the inner city ghettohoods don't seem that bothered, do they?
Must be too busy spending everyone else's money.
*** Next up, another chapter of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"In your heart, you know I'm cute".
I know this heat must be bothering him, but he's not been listless at all like he was a few days back, and that's good.
I change the water in the dish several times a day (trying to keep it cool), because no one like warm drinking water, right? Last evening, I was sitting out there with him, and he comes up and crawls onto my lap, and started to nod off.
"Later on, your lap is MINE."
And since the Perseid meteor shower didn't materialize like we were told, sooner or alter I would have to go back inside. I had to put him back on the patio and disturb his calm...sorry about that.
This morning, he's waiting for me right outside the back door, so I go out the patio door, and he comes running around to meet me and get his eats.
"And a roll in the grass to freshen up."
After that, he takes to the garden, or near our Black-Eyed Susans alongside the house and catches some sleep. Can't blame him there. In some ways, such a life is to be envied.
*** Last back to the patio table...there are many people out there who don't know how damn GOOD they have it.
Think about it.
We are still a pretty prosperous country (in spite of Obama and his cronies ideological PCBS), and what the liberals consider "poor" here is NOWHERE close to the REAL poor in so many other nations (and that includes the industrialized ones as well).
Here, we concern ourselves with Pokemon-Go! while others scrounge for some scraps of food. Hell, a stray cat HERE has it better when it comes to getting by in life. We are THAT blessed, it would seem.
And yet, we have a small section of the population who live for anarchistic behavior...those who drive by and shoot people, or walk the streets, seeking who they can prey upon next.
That is the type of thing you'd expect in other countries that don't come close to the prosperity we enjoy here.
This is REAL poverty
Our poor outshine and outlive the poor in every other nation...because we choose to care.
But, there is a catch, and that comes with a lack of appreciation OF such charity.
NOT real poverty here
Our poor come to EXPECT things to come to them, and our country accedes to their wishes. That;'s why $40K is considered "poverty level" here.
We don't ask our poor to rely on themselves, and that is a great trap.
Maybe, it's time we should seek to change that mindset, before we run out of other people's money to fund them and their desires.
Just a thought...
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((Almost forgot - today and tomorrow on BBC America is the Doctor Who "Christmas in August" who-a-thon.))


CWMartin said...

Ah HAH! THat's why the morning dj thought today was Middle Child Day...

Like you, getting tired of Presidential jokes. Remind me to tell you the one about Nixon and his gardener George (if I haven't yet)...

Filet Mingon- I ordered the med-rare... a good steak should moo...

On the shooting... like you said, it ain't the neighborhood that makes the crime, it's the losers therein.

"The effects of such large-scale drug operations (in ANY city) should cause us all to take notice and at least want to do something other than legalize this poison." My own thoughts.

First line of closing homily: I tell myself that about three mornings out of every week.

$40K is poverty? Man, I AM bumming...

Bob G. said...

--At my age, it's okay to screw up once in a while...keeps me on my own toes (although that position is bad for the instep).
---I will remind myself to remind you tell me...if I remember...lol.
---And BLEED as you're being BLED when paying for it, right?
---Oh, yes, and unfortunately, our society has been growing them for a couple generations now.
We got what we've paid for, it seems.
---This "great minds moment" was brought to you by the LETTER "B" (for brainpower)...HA!
---My friend, with me...it's part of my "daily affirmation", lest I go bonkers!

Thanks much for taking the time to stop by and comment.
Have yourselves a great weekend.

Stay safe and do keep cool up there, brother.